306 CHAPTER 300 S-Rank Adventurer

"Hm? You don't want to be an S-rated adventurer? Why is it?

 In spite of the celebratory mode of those around you, when Allen, the man himself, offered to decline the nomination of an S-rank adventurer, Chief McCarran was not particularly surprised to hear the reason.

"I'm simply not interested. It's like drawing attention to a useless title, isn't it?

(Isn't it crazy to be an S-ranked adventurer that even the brave Helmios can't be in these times of acclaimed war with the Demon King's army?

 I can't see the benefit, so I'll say no.

"Hmm. But will you be convinced if I tell you that I need the title of S-ranked adventurer?

"Huh? What does that mean?

The man I appointed as S-rank adventurer 20 years ago also said he was not interested. Well, he was convinced when I explained it to him. I heard that everyone reacts the same way when I suggest it.

 While everyone is appalled that Allen would turn down an S-ranked adventurer, Macallan doesn't raise an eyebrow.
 This means that he's offering the offer with the assumption that he'll say no.

"An S-ranked adventurer is worth it.

That's right. As you may have noticed, I came to recommend S-ranked adventurers to you today, Allen. First of all, what is an S-ranked adventurer?

 He clearly says that the reason why the commissioner came is because of Allen's recommendation to S-ranked adventurers.

 Macallan talks about what an S-ranked adventurer is.
 The S-ranked adventurer is a system that honors the skills and achievements of the best of the best in the world once every ten years.

I'm not sure if the achievement is conquering S-class dungeons and providing information to the adventurer's guild. But is it still a functioning system?

 Allen ponders why he is recommended to S-ranked adventurers this time.

"That sounds like a lot less. How many people in the world are there now?

Maybe two. If you count Mr. Allen, there are three.

 Allen's presence in the crowd.


"S-rated adventurers are often uninhibited. I haven't seen Basque in about 10 years.

"Mr. Bask?

"The one who made you an S-ranked adventurer 20 years ago.

(S-ranked adventurers who can't even figure out the Adventurer's Guild? No, can you say that they allow you to operate that freely? (By the way, I've never heard of Basque or any other S-ranked adventurer in a time when he was about to be destroyed by a demon king's army.

 Allen thinks about the relationship between the Adventurer's Guild and S-rank adventurers.

 And the name Basque, which he has never heard of before, seems strange to him.
 Nowadays, we are attacked by the demon king's army, and no matter how many powerful ones we have, they are not enough.
 Twenty years ago, Hermios would not have been active yet, and that was more than ten years before he became active.

 I have learned many stories of generals and heroes who fought in the war against the Demon King's army in the school, but I have never heard of the S-ranked adventurer Basque.

''So, I take it that Helmios does not fall into that category?

 Rosetta the Phantom Thief enters the middle of the conversation.
 This time, four talented parties participated in the competition.
 Of the four party leaders, Rosetta is convinced that Allen is the only one with both ability and accomplishments.
 Taking an active role in the war against the demon king's army does not seem to count as an adventurer's achievement.

 Macallan nodded at Rosetta's words, and everyone who was listening with her seemed to agree.

"And of. . title and, as you said, authority.

 There is more to the honor, says McCarran.

Authority? Is the authority to adventurers?

 Allen believes that adventurer and authority are incompatible, and that doesn't sound right.
 I became an A-ranked adventurer, but it didn't seem to give me any special privileges.

 I heard from the Adventurer's Guild that there is an advantage to entering other countries for ease of entry.
 With the exception of some countries such as Rosenheim, ease of entry is taken for the reason that it would be helpful to have skilled adventurers in their country.

That's right. An S-ranked adventurer will be given the same authority as the deputy commissioner.


 Everyone in the room yells in surprise and commotion.
 "Deputy Commissioner! The room is filled with the words "S-ranked adventurer.
 S-ranked adventurer wasn't just a title.

(The equivalent of a deputy general manager, which is higher than the one general manager in each country? That's quite an authority.)

 Allen knows that the Adventurer's Guild, a global organization, has built a pyramidal organization with General Manager McCarran at the top.

The head of the Adventurer's Guild. He is the head of the Adventurer's Guild.
He is assisted by several deputy general managers, some of whom are also deputy general managers.
The head of the Adventurer's Guild Administration Department in each country. There is only one in each of the major countries.
The assistant general manager and several assistant general managers. This is the position of Prof. Karlova.
The head of the adventurer's guild in the capital, the city or the dungeon city. Branch Chief is in this position.

(When you think about it, Dr. Karlovac is a brainiac, but he's pretty great.

 Think about being rude to your former homeroom teacher.

 McCarran explains that once Allen becomes an S-ranked adventurer, he will be given the authority to lead the heads of each country's headquarters, branch managers, etc.

I will assure you that the rank of S-ranked adventurer is a more useful position than Rosenheim's chief of staff. Rosenheim does not have much diplomatic relations with other countries.

 You knew Allen's current position as a matter of course.

(Well, I was aware of that. I guess only diplomatic countries and major powers can be deterred by titles.)

 Rosenheim has diplomatic relations with only a few other countries.
 For countries that have diplomatic relations or even the Giamut Empire or Baukis Empire, it's a valid position, but for countries that don't have diplomatic relations with them, it's the only position that matters if they say they don't give a shit about 'General Staff'.

If you want to remain free to operate in the world in the future, the status of an S-ranked adventurer is valid?

That's not what I'm talking about. If you want to have more adventures in the future, you should have it.

 Hearing that much, Allen thinks.

(Hmm, so it's not so bad. It sounds more like a system designed for people like me who want to have an adventure. It's an adventurer's guild and that's that too.

 After hearing what Superintendent Macallan said up to this point, I understand.

If only Popocka and Karlovac had reported earlier, I wouldn't have been in such a hurry to beat my old bones.

 I'm sure he was just asking Branch Chief Popocka and Dr. Karlovac about Allen.

That being said, you can't force ...... no ......, it's nothing ......

Oh man.

 Karlova is about to tell you that she means it, but she is forced to speak respectfully when she is stared at by headmaster McCarran.

It's a good thing that you've got a good idea of what you're talking about. For example, do you want me to go to a meeting once a month?

(You can't go that way with the Iron Golem.)

 I'll ask General Manager McCarran about the quota thing.

"There's nothing. It's just a system that gives titles and rights to those in power. The man I appointed twenty years ago hasn't been heard from again. Mr. Allen, do you want to make sure he doesn't disappear?

 There are no restrictions on behavior.
 They will have a voice in the League of 5 Continents.
 They will be in a position to reach out to other countries for guidance and strategy in the defeat of magical beasts.
 They are not to disappear and are asked to cooperate with the Adventurer's Guild if they are asked to help in any way.

 Hearing this far, Helmios laughs as Allen starts to discount the value of an "S-ranked adventurer".

(I see, to give those who go beyond the bounds of common sense the rights they deserve.

 I finally understand what it means to have S-ranked adventurers.
 Perhaps Hermios the Brave, Admiral Galala, and other noblemen of great powers, or if you want to join the military, they won't suggest S-rank adventurers.

 I want power but I want to live free.
 I don't care about nobility, royalty, or state.
 I understood that S-ranked adventurer was the title to use when such a thing gained overwhelming power.

 Those without power would probably be brought to their knees by the great power of the world even if they thought this.
 Even in a world where the power is several to dozens of times greater than a person's, a difference in power of that magnitude can be managed by the power of the state, the power of royalty or the power of numbers.

 But if you gain hundreds or thousands of times more power than a man.
 Surely those with power would clash with the common sense and discipline of the world.

 The title of S-ranked adventurer gives such an insane being a minimal relationship with the world.

 After conquering S-class dungeons, I understand why Superintendent McCarran came so soon.

 I'm going to meet the Emperor of the Baukis Empire.
 I'll have more opportunities to meet royalty and aristocracy in the future.

 The title of an S-ranked adventurer has a lot of power when it comes to fraying with the powers that be.
 If you have the right to be the deputy general manager, even a large country would pay a fair price for treating an S-rank adventurer carelessly.
 If it was a small or medium-sized country, a simple "We're going to pull your guild out of your country" would save you from unnecessary trouble.

(Is it more convenient for you to be one of the last of the four parties to conquer an S-class dungeon than to be in contact with the world from now on? (As one of the last four parties to conquer an S-class dungeon, is it more convenient than dealing with the world from now on?

 Allen starts to price out the gains and losses.
 I think I have an answer for you.

Hey, hey! It's time to decide!

 Allen is thinking and Cecil speaks up.

Hmm? What's up, Cecil?

"I feel better if my party leader, Allen, is an S-ranked adventurer!

Yes, of course.

"Mm-hm. S-rated adventurers are cool!

 Sophie and Crenna agree with Cecil's words.

 The answer is so clear that Allen wonders what the conversation with General Manager McCarran was all about.

...... right. It's not a bad story. Thank you for your concern.

 Allen decides to take on an S-ranked adventurer.

Mm. Well, take it away.

 It seems there was already an adventurer's certificate for S-rank adventurers.
 The gold-colored adventurer's certificate brought by the Adventurer's Guild representative was simply marked with an "S" on it.


 You'll see Allen's friends gazing at the shiny S-rank adventurer's certificate as if they were peering into it.

"Alright. We should celebrate Allen's inauguration as an S-ranked adventurer.

No, thank you.

 Admiral Galala's congratulations are rejected by Allen.
 It's just going to be the usual drink and fuss.

"Oh, well, don't say that. Ha-ha!

 Saying that, Admiral Galala grabbed Allen by the shoulders to keep him from escaping.
 Allen sighed, wondering if the title of "S-ranked adventurer" was not valid at a time like this.