307 Chapter 301 Gold Room ①

It's about time. Come here.

Uh, yes. I'll be right there. Our deal is about to be done.

 Helmios tells the summoner of the bird G in the form of a parrot to come soon.

 Helmios is in the royal castle in the imperial capital of the Baucis Empire.
 Now you will have an audience with the Baucis emperor, Pupun III.

 Aren and his friends are in the Adventurer's Guild's trading room, and they are using Bird A's Summoner's Awakening Skill "Nest Instinct" to move.

 Just now, they were trading items and magic stones obtained from hunting iron in an S-class dungeon the day before.

 It's been about 10 days since Superintendent McCarran recommended you to become an S-rank adventurer.
 Not long after the chief arrived, a messenger from the Baukis Empire arrived to greet him.

 When Aren confirmed the upcoming schedule, the messenger told him that when he arrived in the imperial capital, he wouldn't be able to have an audience with them right away, but it would take a few days.

(This is about the matter that he said a few days, but it turned out to be 10 days. It's a good thing I dared to go back and forth.

 The strategy was to waste the time of the hunt, so Aren and his friends moved to key locations, such as boarding a magic ship, entering the imperial capital, and entering the waiting room of the royal castle.
 They left a record of their travels and returned to the S-class dungeon by using the special skills and awakening skills of Bird A's summoner.

 Allen wants to unseal the seal of the kingmaking skill as soon as possible.
 Therefore, he spends his time hunting iron golems and trading in the Adventurer's Guild, except for keeping track of his movements.

 Helmios said, "That's just like you, Allen," but he went along with Allen's actions.

'Oh, you're here,'

Admiral Galala is very much like an admiral. He doesn't look like a rag-tag at all.

 Speaking to Admiral Galala, surrounded by the dwarves of the golem-using dwarves with whom he had adventured.

"Huh? Shut up.

 Admiral Galala adjusts to Allen's sarcasm.
 Admiral Galala has returned to the admiral's outfit from his usual pirate hat and rogue-like appearance.
 On his chest is a medal for his war record, I guess.
 As expected, you will have an audience with the emperor, so there seems to be a certain dress code.

"Prince Zeu, have you heard back from His Majesty the Beast King yet?

 I also talk to Prince Zeus who is with the Ten Brutes.
 Prince Zeu is also dressed more properly than usual as a royalty.
 The fur-based outfit is wilder than Admiral Galala's, so I guess that's how the Beast King's family is dressed.

No, I was told to come back. Master Allen has done a great job.

That's good to hear. You're a Zeuschwein prince. Has he said anything about the Ten Brutes?

 It's been years since I've been home.
 He is happy to see his wife after a long time.
 I thought he had a lion's face and a stern expression, but he's quite happy to see her.

"Ha-ha. His Majesty the Beast King wants to talk to me about it. I just hope it goes away.

That's a lot of work.

 I've heard that the Beast King is quite short-tempered.
 Allen wonders if the Beast King is half joking, half serious.

"What about you? Why don't you come to the Beast Kingdom with me? I would like to introduce you to His Majesty the Beast King.

"Huh? Are you sure?

 I have heard that it is difficult for a man to enter the beast kingdom, even for the brave Helmios.
 Can I accept the invitation?

Of course. I'm sure Lord Allen has seen the beastmen in this dungeon. To begin with, it happened a thousand years ago. It's time we started walking.

 The folly of holding on to hatred was also realized during this dungeon attack, says Prince Zeu.
 It's clear that the party of Allen and Helmios was necessary for this attack.

I guess so. The Beast Kingdom is nice too. I haven't been there yet, and for now, once Merle's job change is complete, I'd like to go there next time.

(I might be able to get some information that could lead to an enhancement. And if you can solve the secret of the Beast King family's beastification, you might be able to get closer to extra mode.)

 Soon the operation of the job change dungeon will start.
 When that happens, I want Merle to be the first one to change jobs in order to control the baboon kane golem.

 Then he says he'll show his face once.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have an audience with His Majesty the Emperor.

 In a rather large room with nearly 50 people, an official from the castle comes to tell you that the audience is ready to begin.

 Guided by several officials, the party of Admiral Galala, Prince Zeu, Hermios, and Allen head up one floor to the hall where the audience is held on the upper floor.

(A door made of gold.)

 The door to the hall is made of gold and is sprinkled with red and blue gems.
 You are waiting in front of the door to see how many magic stones you can exchange for this one, and you are counting your money.

"Now I have an audience with His Majesty Emperor Bhupun III of the Baucis Empire!

 You can also hear loud voices from the mages mounted next to the door.
 I wonder if the volume is wrong, or if it's rumbling in my ears, and I think I'm going deaf.

 The golden door is opened.
 And then suddenly a flash of light leaks out.

 It was a hall made of gold all over the floor.

 In front, the Emperor of the Baucis Empire is already sitting.
 A small, over-40-year-old man is curious and watches the party of nearly 50 people from afar.
 And at both ends of the hall, probably gathered from all over the Baucis Empire, are the nobles.

"So many dwarves spending their hard earned money on this.

"Keel, I hear you.


 Allen admonishes Kiel for his frank opinion.
 Even in the S-class dungeons, many dwarves were scheming for money.
 The money that many adventurers and talented golem handlers have earned, literally risking their lives, is collected as a tax and spent on this glittering hall.

 Allen admonished Keel, but in truth, he thought he quite agreed with him.

 The four parties would walk down the hall to the emperor in four rows, each in one row.

 Here they were told to kneel, stop at the position where the jewels were set and get down on one knee.
 The stopping point was clear, and I thought it would be helpful for Allen, who would be walking at the front as well as Admiral Galala, Prince Zeu and Helmios.

''Now, His Majesty the Emperor wishes to congratulate the heroes who conquered the S-class dungeon!

 The voice of a nobleman standing beside you resounded so well that it was almost as if it was this volume, even without a magic tool.
 He is probably the second highest person in the Baucis Empire, probably the Prime Minister.

 The emperor opens his mouth as the Prime Minister begins his opening remarks.

"I am the Emperor of the Baucis Empire, Pupun III. Admiral Galala.

(You call first person "we"? I guess we are called "first person". So this man is one of the leaders of the League of Five Continents. I hear you're a selfish tycoon, and you're as selfish as you look.

 Up close it is a small, fat old man with an even less dignified look.
 He is staring at everyone here with childlike interest.


 Admiral Galala replies reverently.

I heard you made a casualty, but you did well in an S-class dungeon. I commend you.

"Thank you for ......

 Admiral Galala seemed to be momentarily very angry at the light tone in which he was touched by the loss of his dearest comrade, but he held it together and thanked him.
 The ministers, perhaps realizing that Admiral Galala does not think well of the emperor, proceeded with the audience with some impatience.

(After all, the Baukis Empire wants to give the impression that Admiral Galala was the most successful.

 That would be the audience room for that.
 Then, curiously, the emperor is asking questions of Admiral Galala.
 Admiral Galala represses his anger, but answers the emperor's question in a straightforward manner.

The emperor replies, "Your Majesty. We have heroes who have come from another continent. Please give them a word of thanks as well.

"Hm? Hmm. I suppose.

"Helmios the Brave. Are you well?


"You have successfully completed an S-class dungeon in cooperation with Admiral Galala. I praise you!

 The Emperor proudly praises Helmios.

"I am honored by your praise, Your Majesty.


 I've heard that the emperors of the previous generations united the countries on the continent to build a huge empire.
 The current emperor of the Baukis Empire has never had his continent invaded by the Demon King's army, and Allen thinks that he grew up without any tension.

 If you are asked if you have a distaste for the emperor of the Baukis Empire, it's not the same thing.
 Some emperors would be pampered and raised as mediocrities, while others would be called wise emperors.
 As the banter between Helmios and the emperor continues, Allen thinks about the royalty of this world.

(After all, I'm not cut out to be a royal or nobleman. So, I guess it's a good thing that I became an S-ranked adventurer and became more involved with the Adventurer's Guild.

"And Prince Xew Beast. I am amazed that you would call the Ten English Beasts to conquer us!

"Yes . Your Majesty.

 A slight tension enveloped this hall as the emperor spoke to Prince Zeu.
 This time Prince Zeu is with all the ten most powerful English beasts of the Beast Kingdom.

 There is also Lepe the musician who said he did not want to come.

 Except for the Beast Kingdom of Al-Bahar, never before have all ten English beasts been present at an official event like this.

 It's a bit of an exaggeration to call the beastmen outlaws, but they do have a crude image.
 This is not so much the Baukis Empire, but the world, including the beastmen themselves.

 It's not an exaggeration to say that Helmios and his party are the strongest party the Ghiamut Empire has ever assembled, but I've met them many times.
 There is a trustworthy and proven relationship that has been established, so you can talk to each other without any tension, but the Ten English Beasts are different.

 The pride of the beast kingdom is the best in the world right in front of the emperor.
 Honestly, they aren't all dressed nicely.
 Even the nobles and ministers around you seem to be nervous about the Ten English Beasts that are within life-hunting distance.

 Amidst the buzz, the conversation between the emperor and Prince Zeuschwein proceeds.

"Are you going to stay in the palace for a bit? I have heard of the Beast Kingdom. Martial arts competitions are great, right?

 With boyish eyes, the emperor stared at Prince Zeus, curious about both Prince Zeus and the Beast Kingdom.
 Apparently, the emperor's lack of tension was no different when dealing with the beastmen.

''I would be honored to stay in such a wonderful palace. I will return to the Beast Kingdom now, but in the meantime, if you don't mind.

 The emperor repeats the question without a trace of tension, and the zealous prince answers it proudly.

 After a certain amount of chatter, the Emperor's conversation with Prince Zeus ends.
 The emperor's gaze turns to Allen.
 It seems that he's going to address the fourth party, Allen.

"This is Allen. Rise up.


" "!

 When Allen raised his head, tensions among the nobles and ministers reached a climax.