308 Art. 302 Gold Room ②

 The emperor of the Baucis Empire, Pupun III, called out to him, and Allen, who was kneeling, slowly raised his head.
 The vizier standing next to the emperor on his throne braced himself at the sight.
 Allen doesn't glare or make any particular expression.

"Well, aren't you still a child?
No, I'm talking about you being an adult now. Are you sure you're an S-ranked adventurer?
"You saw the Chief's notice, too. Keep your voice down. You don't know what to make of it.

Silence. You are in the presence of His Majesty the Emperor.

 Even though the emperor had just spoken to Allen, the place began to buzz, and the Prime Minister calmed the scene.
 However, the Prime Minister's remarks also seem to be reserved for Allen, who is kneeling in front of him.

(Isn't McCarran overstepping his bounds? Shouldn't it be this much?

 Allen sighed in his mind at this situation.

 On the day Allen became an S-ranked adventurer, a notice was sent out to all Adventurer's Guild Headquarters and branches using magic tools.

 Since Allen is now an S-ranked adventurer, they were told to take good care of him when he arrives.
 As soon as Allen becomes an S-ranked adventurer, he has the authority to lead all general managers and branch heads.

 It seems that many of the branch heads, such as branch chiefs, are brainiacs who have risen to the level of adventurer, so he says this is to prevent unnecessary conflicts from occurring.

 Allen's appearance is that of a 15-year-old youth still in the prime of his growth spurt.

 But Allen's S-rank adventurer's notice doesn't stop at the Adventurer's Guild.
 More than the Adventurer's Guild, it was the nation that needed to be notified.

 All the kingdoms and empires that the Adventurer's Guild could reach were notified that Allen had become an S-ranked adventurer.

 The world's reaction was great, since the notification was made using magic tools, which is not done without much effort, such as news of an open war with the Demon King's army.
 It seems that the only time the Adventurer's Guild had ever done a worldwide announcement was when an S-ranked monster appeared in the central continent.

 This global notification shook the world even more than that.
 It seems that the Adventurer's Guild had investigated a large portion of the information against Allen from the notice's content.
 Not only did they know about his achievements in S-class dungeons, they also knew that he had defeated more than a million hexenbiests during the war in Rosenheim last year.

 The announcement began by stating that Allen would be made an S-ranked adventurer based on his contribution to the conquest of S-class dungeons and the adventurers' guild.

 The details were to be sorted out and notified separately, so the countries were given the impression that they would check the details.
 However, the contents of the notice continued below.

"S-ranked adventurers will only be recognized by those who are overwhelmingly talented rather than by their titles.

"Allen's ability to outstrip the total strength of a medium-sized nation.
"A party led by Allen will rival the total strength of a great nation.

If you have a dispute with S-ranked Adventurer Allen in any way, the Adventurer's Guild will not be involved. You are responsible for your own actions.

 This is how the notice ended.

 It means that the Adventurer's Guild, with its global population of adventurers, will neither help nor cooperate, even if the conflict grows and destroys the country.
 And the absence of the word "cooperate with" to Allen, who belongs to the Adventurers' Guild, meant that cooperation from the Adventurers' Guild was unnecessary for Allen.

(That's how the audience was extended by days.)

 The day after the notice, Viscount Granvelle told me that he had received a pang of contact in the Kingdom of Latash, Allen's home country, through the mages and the foreign service officer stationed in the royal capital.

 Similar questions have come from all over the world about who Allen is, why he was hiding such a powerful man, and how the Latash Kingdom will respond in the future.

 The king replied that Allen was Rosenheim's chief of staff and that the kingdom of Latash was out of the loop.
 In fact, Allen himself is neither a noble nor a nobleman, but a mere adventurer in the kingdom of Latash.

 But his answer has aroused the suspicion of nations.
 The rumors of non-cooperation with the League of Five Continents against the king of Latash Kingdom also made things worse.

 The world strongly condemned this response as being outside the spirit of the League of Five Continents, which is to work together to fight the Demon King's Army.
 The King of Latash is under fire from the world.
 He has cancelled all events for the past few days and is said to be under pressure to respond.

 This notice especially upset the Baucis Empire.

 I promised to meet with Allen through my letter of intent.

 He immediately grabbed the relationship between Viscount Granville and Allen and used all his diplomatic immunity to question him in the diplomatic mansion near the royal castle of Latash.
 He repeatedly asked her questions about her story from her childhood when they first met.

 Furthermore, the Baucis empire will confirm the situation with Rosenheim, with whom they have diplomatic relations among the great powers.
 Then came an even more astonishing answer from Rosenheim.

''Rosenheim is frankly disappointed that the Adventurer's Guild was late in appointing our chief of staff 'Allen' as an S-rank adventurer.
 And they even underestimated Allen's ability to match the total strength of the great powers.
 I am in the process of requesting the Adventurer's Guild to correct the notice here.
 Rosenheim will be with Allen.

 Rosenheim could not give us any more answers.
 This should have been enough, so to speak.
 Now I have to have an audience with a hell of a man.
 But this kept me waiting for dozens of days so that I could be taken lightly by other countries.

They call you 'The Beginning Summoner'?

 The emperor asks Allen.

Yes. Yes,

 Allen was asked by Macallan to have some sort of two names to call himself.
 Apparently, S-ranked adventurers basically have "two names".
 When I said how about "Summoner of the Beginnings," which I used to call myself when I fought Helmios at school, he said it sounded like a positive title.
 The world has been informed about this title as well.

 While the nobles and ministers are nervous, the conversation between Allen and the emperor continues.

 The reason for the tension is not only because of Aren's ability, but also because he has never been in the public eye and is worried about his behavior.

 Helmios is trusted for his mild-mannered attitude and his battle with the Demon King's army.
 Prince Zeu is a lesser prince than Helmios, but he is royalty of a great kingdom.
 You can rest assured that he won't do anything outrageous if you call him in for an audience.

 But not Allen.
 Is it safe to talk to him like this?
 Will he just attack me?

(Aren't you scared because Basque and the other S-ranked adventurers were quite rough around the edges? (Seriously, it's the fault of "Shuraoh")

 It is said that he became an S-ranked adventurer 20 years ago, swearing about Basque, who has two names: the boisterous "Shura King" and "Shura King".
 Basque saved many people from magical beasts and worked as an adventurer, but he didn't like being ruled by the Five Continents Alliance and the nobles who led the armies.
 He also had a big problem with the five continent alliance's army and disappeared.

 I wonder if he looked into the past S-ranked adventurers when he had an audience with Allen.

 It's a world where one's strength is dozens of times greater than an ordinary person's.
 Nothing is more frightening than someone whose safety has not been confirmed.

 But the head of the Imperial Control Department of the Adventurer's Guild Baukis, which has its headquarters in the imperial capital, is also attending the audience with his deputy.
 He is wondering what kind of person the new S-ranked adventurer who was born after 20 years is.

 Being weak-minded will not help your relationship with the Adventurer's Guild.
 To show the dignity of a great power, I've instructed all the nobles you can gather to come to your hall today.
 The percentage of commission income the Adventurer's Guild will pay to the Baucis Empire is subject to negotiation.

 The Baukis Empire, which believes in Digragni and has S-class dungeons in the empire, is quite dependent on the Adventurer's Guild.
 This can be said to be due to the influence of the Adventurers' Guild.

 The Baucis Empire has enlisted many nobles in its audience to show its great power.
 As part of the 5-continent alliance, it is also meant to show the nations that we are not afraid of anyone.

I want you to show me this summoner.

 The emperor is also curious about Allen.
 He asks to see the summoner.

And so on.

 Thinking for a moment Allen summons a bird F summoned in the form of a dove in front of him.
 Slowly swivel the ceiling of the hall.

Wonderful! Get closer! Oh!

 The fat old emperor looks very happy when I tell him to come closer and park the bird F summoner on his shoulder.
 He is flapping his feet on the throne.

The bird is a symbol of peace in my homeland. I would love to have peaceful relations with the Baukis Empire that owns such a wonderful dungeon.

(The dove is a symbol of peace in a prehistoric world.

Oh, that's right!

Thank you for granting us this audience. I must thank His Majesty for this audience.

"Hmm? You wish to thank us? What?

 The emperor nods his head.
 He doesn't seem to know what a thank you is.
 It's a look that neither the vizier nor the nobles beside it understand.

"Thank you for letting Merle join the Latash Kingdom School. Thanks to you, I have met a very important friend.

 The Baucis empire sends its best and brightest talents to schools in other countries.
 It's the same for other countries such as Rosenheim.
 Allen believes that the Bauquist Empire was concerned about Merle's placement in the small kingdom of Latash for fear of creating a bad relationship with the nobles of the Ghiamut Empire if he was placed in the Ghiamut Empire's academy.
 In fact, it is said that not many of the best talents from other countries go to study in the Ghiamut Empire.

Oh, that's right!

 The emperor is in a good mood with the bird F summoner on his shoulder as Allen bows deeply.


 A little later than the emperor's reply, the Prime Minister realizes the true meaning of Allen's words.
 This implies that Allen will continue to accompany Merle as his companion.

 It means, "You accept that he is now an ally.

 I have asked the emperor for his approval to accompany Merle in his future activities.
 Behind Allen, who looks down and has a bad look on his face, Cecil sighs, "Here we go again," he says.

As expected of a beginning summoner, he knows who to thank!

"Of course. No one else here.

"Hey, hey, Your Majesty ......

(Hey, get out of my way)

 The Prime Minister decided that it was more than just Merle, and that the current trend was not good.
 He never expected that he would put the emperor in a good mood and make a wish at his first audience like this.
 If you let Allen have this conversation, there's no telling what he might say.

 The Prime Minister hurriedly interrupted the conversation.

Excuse me!

 It was then.
 A dwarf in the guise of an officer came sweating into the hall while the prime minister was thinking about the future of the Baukis empire.
 You'll be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

What? What a time! You know where you are!

 All of a sudden, the Prime Minister reprimands the officer who came in trembling with anger .

I'm sorry, sir. I have something I have to tell you urgently: ......

"Hm? What? Let's say.

 The emperor does not blame the officers who come in during the important audience and asks what they need to tell him.

Yes, yes. We've received a distress call from the Elmar Church. Elmar's capital, Theomenia, is on fire. ......

 For a moment the aristocrats didn't understand what they were talking about, but then the hall was buzzing with excitement.
 Now, a new battle was about to begin.