309 Introduction up to Chapter 5

Allen (Talent: Summoner ★★★★★★★★)
 The protagonist . From the village of Krena. In a previous life his name was Kenichi Yamada, and in a previous life he was 35 years old. He uses the world's only rare skill summoning technique.
 He was born a peasant and became a servant of the Baron Granvelle before becoming a guest of the Baron Granvelle. Sweet tooth. He was named after a magical beast named Albaheron.
 He has dark eyes and dark hair, and he's good-looking. He thinks about all the wrong things.
 He doesn't like to drink, and his credo is "gamers don't drink".
 He became Rosenheim's chief of staff at the beginning of chapter 5 and an S-ranked adventurer at the end of the game.

Aren's Companions
Krsna (talent: Sword Emperor ★★★★★)
 Allen's childhood friend in the house next door . Same age as Allen. Pink hair and blue eyes. He was born a serf, but was rewarded by his lord for becoming a commoner. He played an active role in Rosenheim's war and is an honorary baronet.
 He is innocent and has trouble moving his head.

Dogora (Talent: King of Destruction ★★★★)
 The son of a weapons dealer in the village of Krena. Same age as Allen. Potato face. Brown hair. Large in stature.
 A man who becomes much quieter and more of a warrior-like character in Chapter 3.
 He admires heroes, works with Allen, and is influenced by Doberg and other heroes of the world.
 For some reason, he has a hard time activating the extra skill "All Souls".

Cecil Granvelle (Talent: Magus King ★★★★)
 The eldest daughter of the Granvelle family. The eldest daughter of the Granvelle family. Same age as Allen. Light purple hair. Winning eyes. Deep red eyes. Her opponent's kumite level is rising. He's one of the party's few comedians.
 The extra skill "micrometeorite" is powerful and excellent.

Keel (Talent: The Holy King ★★★★)
 The heir of the Karnell family. Skinny and blond. He is a little taller than Allen. He has twisted hair and bad eyes. He took in his sister Nina and six servants who were displaced when the Charnel family was taken down.
 After five years of service on the battlefield, the royal family has promised to allow you to re-establish the House of Karnell. A money-loving man nicknamed "The Golden Sage" (named Cecil).
 He fulfills his promise to the previous king and becomes Keel-von-Carnel, the head of the Baron de Carnelle family.
 Recently, he has changed his name to "The Golden Saint" as a result of a series of job changes.
 In chapter 5, he shook up the restorers of the Ten English Beasts as he became better at timing his moves and recovery.

Sophia Lorne (nicknamed "Sophie") (Talent: great genie user ★★★★)
 Princess of Rosenheim. An elf with translucent white skin, long pure white hair and golden eyes. He is the only one besides the summons to call him "Master Allen.
 Although it is labeled "Great", it can only manifest spirits.
 Occasionally, a spirit will run amok and attack Dogora's ass.

Folmar (Talent: The Bow King ★★★★)
 Sophie's guards elves. Bowman. The mob. His gender is misunderstood, but he has been a man since he appeared.
 He has no interest in anyone other than Sophie, and had no place in chapter 5 when there were many hard golem enemies.

Merle (Talent: Devil Rock General ★★★★)
 From the Baukis Empire . He has brown skin with droopy eyes and light green hair with a bun. I'm about a head shorter than Allen. First person is me, but I'm a girl. I have a rare skill called "demon rock general" that only one in ten million people have.
 Because I couldn't do the quest to change jobs in chapter 4, I'm currently the only one with three stars.
 However, you can now get a grimoire board in an S-class dungeon and descend a mithril golem.
 The Iron Golem hunt has given you a large number of stone tablets, and you've grown into an active player in your future adventures.
 You can now strike bright and cool poses.

Allen and his friends
 Allen Summoner★★★★★★★★
 Krena Sword Emperor ★★★★★
 Cecil the Mage King★★★★
 Dogora the Destroyer★★★★

 Kiel St. King★★★★
 Sophie the Great Spiritist★★★★
 Formal Bow King★★★★
 Merle the magician general ★ ★ ★ ★

~Introduce by Country
Ghiamut Empire
 A large empire that occupies the upper two-thirds of the central continent. The population is about 600 million.
 There are four great powers in this world, which are part of it.
 The other great powers are Rosenheim, the Baukis Empire, and the Albahar Beast Kingdom.
 A thousand years ago, an emperor known as the Fear Emperor conquered the central continent by suppressing the other races.
Helmios, a man with the gift of bravery. He is from the Ghiamut Empire.
       A young man with light blue hair who is always smiling.
       He is ten years older than Allen. He is a brave man turned hero-king.
Rosetta One of the members of Hermios' party, Sacred. Talent of thief.
      Former chieftain of the gang.
      Freed by joining Hermios after being captured.
Greta the saintly genius. She worships Allen.

Baukis Empire
 Located in the northwest of the central continent. The population is about 200 million.
 Originally the Baucis Kingdom, it grew in power after repelling an invasion by the demon king's army with the help of the dungeon master Dighragni.
 He absorbed other faithful dwarf nations such as the Kingdom of Mercia and established the Baukis Empire.
 They are a wealthy and powerful nation that wants to control the world with the power of magic tools.
 It uses huge golems and a large number of golem users, and has never before sent a demon king's army ashore, but has repelled them on the seas.
Pupun III-Van Baukis, emperor of the Baukis Empire.
                He is a 40-something year old, overweight man. His first name is "I," a fat man in his 40s.
Admiral Galala wears a pirate hat and is badly dressed. The top brass of the Baukis' imperial army.
       He lost his friends and was lost, but he was saved by Allen and his friends.
       He is the world's only Demon Rock King (★★★★).
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nukakai, the minister who wanted the magical seed (elven elixir).
Head of Popocka Branch Head of the S-class Dungeon Branch of the Adventurer's Guild
Havarak, a master craftsman who can forge orichalcon. He has many apprentices.
        This is how I learned that Freya, the god of fire, was robbed of her artifacts.

◎Albahar Beast Kingdom
 Located on the southern continent of the continent of the Baucis Empire. Southwest of the central continent. The population is about 300 million .
 Unlike the Baukis Empire and Rosenheim, it occupies about two-thirds of the entire continent, but there are also nations other than Albahar.
 Believes in the beast god Garum and hates the proselytizing of other gods. When the evil gods came to proselytize, the beast king gave the beast princess a trial to defeat them.
Muza-van al-Bahar, the current Beast King. Brainiac.
Crown Prince Beku, the current Beast King's firstborn son. And plans to invade the central continent.
Prince Zeu, the Beast Prince, a smart guy but loves his people. But he is beloved by the beastmen.
       You were given the Beast King's ordeal to capture an S-class dungeon, and you conquered it.
Princess of Shea Beast Brainy, but brave and strong. Captured the evil guru and delivered him to Elmar.
The Hova Hammer and Hammer Ten English Beasts. The Bear Beastman. A general. Loves Prince Zeus.
Lazo Halbert, a ten-herd of the spear department. Rhinoceros beastman.

Senu Ten English beasts of the dagger/dual sword division. Leopard Beastman.
Hui Ten English beasts in the healing magic category. Goat Beastman.
Rato The Ten-Beastmen of the Attack Magic category. Rat Beastmaster.
Lepe Ten Eisenbeasts in the Assault Magic category. Fox Beastmen. Lepe. A free-spirited character.
Temi. Ten-English beasts of the fortune-telling department. Beastmaster of the squirrel. Astrologer.
The Beastmaster helped by Ur Allen.
Sarah The Beastmaster rescued by Allen.
    Called by the Baucis Empire as a conqueror of S-class dungeons.

Rosenheim (some characters don't appear in chapter 5, but for now)
 It is located in the northeast of the central continent. The population is about 18 million.
 Three million people died in last year's war with the Demon King's army.
 Even after a year, it has not recovered.
 It is a land of elves, but it has a history of war with the dark elves for the world tree about 5,000 years ago.
Lenoirteer, Queen of the elves. Looks like she is in her 20s. She is Sophie's mother.
Sigur the Marshal.
General Rukidor.
Gatoruga the Spirit Master. The most powerful man in Rosenheim.

The Allies
 Located in the southeast of the central continent. It is a jumble of small and medium-sized nations.
 It has a population of about 200 million and is home to the Elmaar Nation and the Dark Elves.
 It has been suffering from the propagation of paganism for the past few decades.

Latash Kingdom
 An inland nation located in the south-central part of the central continent. Small country with a population of about 20 million.
 It has a history of independence, absorption, and vassalage, having been the Ghiamut Empire in the past.
 Fearful of the Ghiamut Empire, it is most concerned with cooperation with other countries.
 King of the Kingdom of Latash. He is in his early 30s. A handsome man with an oval back and coiffed hair like you would see in a foreign drama from a previous life. His father, a royalist, lost a political battle and was never elected king. He garnered the support of the great nobles and became the Dauphin, and at the end of the third chapter he became the king. He is not on good terms with Allen or Viscount Granville.
 A man with the gift of the sword saint. The hero of the kingdom. From the serfs of Latash. One-Eyed. About 60 years old.
 He joined Helmios' party and they conquered S-class dungeons together.
 Even the grace of God hasn't cured the ship-eye.

 The head of the Granvelle family . Purple hair. Eagle eyes. From baron to baronet on the advice of Allen and with the offer of mithril mining rights. He made Allen a guest of the baronet family.
 The Butler of the House of Granville.
 Knight Commander. He is a gifted swordsman. I have fought the demon king's army for 10 years.

Barony of Charnel
 He was once crowned king because of the misdeeds of his predecessor, Viscount Charnel, but became a baronial lord thanks to Keel.

 The Blonde Girl . The old Karnell family. She adores her brother Keel. Return to the House of Karnell as a nobleman.

Pioneer Village (Rodin Village)
 Allen's summoner has been helping to settle the area for more than two years.
 It is twice the size of Krsna village. The village is bordered by a large river and has a water pond outside.
 Allen's father. Twenty years older than Allen. He had brown hair and a wild face. He is the leader of the serfs and worked his way up from boar hunting to commoner. He is now the village chief and is settling a new village.
 Allen's mother. 18 years older than Allen. Brown hair, green eyes.
 Allen's brother. Three years younger than Allen. Brown hair and green eyes. He is a gifted spearman. He is named after a magical beast named Maedergarsh.
 Allen's sister. Seven years younger than Allen. She has brown hair and green eyes. Never was born, but was given the gift of monkhood by the genie gods. Named for a precious herb, the mullase flower.
 Crenna's father . Gorilla-like appearance and build.

~And more.
God, etc.
 The creator god. Worshipped in this other world. Sometimes he responds to Allen's complaints.
Freya, god of fire, one of the four great gods. Fire god. She was robbed of her artifacts.
Gaia, god of the earth, one of the four gods. Earth/Goddess of Earth.
Nynryl, god of the wind, one of the four gods. Giver of the wind
Aqua, God of Water, one of the four gods. Governs water.
Rosen, god of spirits, god of elves in the form of mongoose. Governs spirits.
Garum, god of beasts. Believed in the Beast Kingdom. Gives some power to the Beast Kings.
The First Angel Merus was defeated by the demon king's army, and was killed by the higher demon god, Kyber. He is currently serving as Allen's summoner. He has become lazy after being worked too hard by Elmere, the god of creation.
Lupt, the second angel, was promoted to the first angel after Melus disappeared. Woman.

Dungeon Master
 Digragni adamantite golem in the form of a golem. Nice ride.

Adventurer's Guild
 An organization of adventurers from all over the world.
 They are contracted to investigate and defeat magical beasts.
 It is composed of headquarters, headquarters, branches, and sub-branches.
 The head office, deputy head, general manager, deputy general manager, deputy general manager, branch managers, deputy branch managers, and the head of the branch office are in order of importance.
McCarran, Director General. He made Allen an S-ranked adventurer.
Basque, who made Allen an S-ranked adventurer 20 years ago. Two of them were named "Shuraoh".

Demon King's Army (those currently known to be alive)

Cubel Superior Demon God. Leaders of the demon king's army. dressed as a clown. A mask, too.