For the first time in a year and a few months, a dwarven officer announced the invasion by the demon king's army, and the audience room was once again abuzz with excitement.

 You will be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

"A demon king's army in this situation? How large is the army under these circumstances?

 Helmios reacts to the words of the officer of the Baucis Empire and decides to ask: "Isn't it the same as every year?

I hear that it is the same as in previous years, so it must be about two million people in total?

That's a number that can't be ignored.

 As the audience with the emperor was followed by a distress call from the Elmarian nation and news of the invasion of the demon king's army, the natural course of events turned into a military congress.

 The war with the demon king's army started from the central continent.
 This is because it is closest to the 'forgotten continent' where the demon king's army is located, and part of the central continent's territory is in the demon king's army territory.

 As soon as the monsters gather in the territory of the Ghiamut Empire, I expect the war to start.
 If it's as large as usual, there will be about a million monsters gathering in the northern part of the territory of the Ghiamut Empire, so they can easily detect it if they have a scouting party.

 When the movement of the Demon King's Army invasion is detected, a mechanism is already in place to announce the start of the war by using a magic tool of communication.

 Furthermore, the Demon King's army that invades the Baucis Empire or Rosenheim will come directly from the Forgotten Continent on magical beasts that are used to carry the oceans.
 Therefore, at this point in time, based on the movements in the central continent, it is not beyond the scope of my prediction that the Demon King's army will also invade the Bauchis Empire and Rosenheim.
 However, this prediction is rarely out of line.
 I heard that the demon king's army also has a desire to strike three continents at the same time to make it difficult for them to cooperate.

 In the central continent, the magic ships and scouts are always monitoring the situation of the demon king's army, and I heard that this is the most targeted and dangerous role of the demon king's army.
 When the demon king's army sees a scout, they will attack him as soon as they see him, making the job of scouting a very dangerous one.

I suppose it had to be now.

"Hm? And now?

 At Allen's words, Prince Zeus questioned.

The Demon King's army must really want to succeed in what's happening in the Elmar Church. That's why the Demon King's army will invade.

I see. You want to do something with the artifacts. Besides, if you attack now, you'll interfere with your new job offer that starts next month.

"Yes. It's also reasonable to assume that this was the time of the invasion.

 Even the distraught Prince Zeu, initially worried and distraught about Princess Shea, understands the situation.
 Next month, the job change dungeon will be operational.

 The Demon King's army wants to strike before the enemy is strengthened.
 But last year's war has depleted the army greatly.
 This is because Aren and his party thoroughly beat the demon king's army and reduced its numbers.
 If we were to attack with a sufficient number of troops, now might be the best time to do it.

It's a problem. There's a demon king's army! Can't we just ignore them and go help them?

 Helmios says he's in a tough spot too.

"Hmmm, yes,

 So does Admiral Galala.

 Both Helmios and Admiral Galala have always fought best in war.

 Helmios destroys the enemy best on the front lines.
 Admiral Galala is in the front lines himself, but as the highest ranking military officer, he also commands his forces.

 This time too, if the army is as large as it has been in the past, the alliance will suffer heavy casualties from the loss of these two men.

(And so, I'm Rosenheim's chief of staff too. (That said, I'm also the chief of staff at Rosenheim.

 Allen is in the position of "chief strategist" as a major player in Rosenheim.
 There is no choice but to ignore Rosenheim and bail out the Elmaar State in a situation helped by this position.

 Anticipate the situation in Elmar.
 Unlike Rosenheim, which can be attacked by the Demon King's army for decades and can draw a defensive battle in a fortress, Elmaar Church will not be like that.
 There are fears that Elmar is on the verge of extinction right now.
 The crisis could spread to the entire confederacy and beyond the continent.

 Allen can be instantly transported by the Summoner of Bird A.
 Use the summoner's nest to find a way to save Rosenheim and the two Elmaar countries.

We can do it. Now we should be able to overwhelm the beasts. We've been working on a battlefield that's been easy to fight for three months.

 There are A-ranked summons that can overwhelm A-ranked monsters, let alone B-ranked ones.
 There are 50 of them in Rosenheim daring to carry out a mission to destroy monsters.
 The Dragon A summons have super regeneration and won't be affected by the attack of A-ranked monsters in the monster king's army.
 Day and night, they continue to expand the safe zone in Rosenheim while annihilating the remnants of the Demon King's army.

 And he currently has ten Insect A summonses active that will give him an overwhelming advantage in the war.
 Allen is convinced that Bug A summons were created for the war against the Demon King's army.

 Now that I'm at summon level 8, I can't say that I've wiped out all the monsters from Rosenheim, but I think I've reduced the number considerably.
 The northernmost fortress that protected Rosenheim from the Demon King's army for many years fell during the last war and is currently under reconstruction, but it should be enough for war.
 For the parts that were destroyed and haven't been repaired yet, you can use gold and silver beans to keep magical beasts away.

 I tell myself it's all right.

(Are you sure you're okay?)

 Since the pillar of fire was raised in the Elmar Church, there was a high possibility that Freya's sacred weapon of fire was used.
 And from the priests who were turned into demonic beasts and the people in the city, the Demon King's army is about to do something big in the Elmar Church or the Confederation.

 The faith in Freya, the god of fire, has been diminishing, and has been trying to steal the sacred artifacts for decades.
 Evil guru has been spreading his evil religion in the united nations for decades.

 If this case was something involving the fire god Freya's artifacts, then how much time and energy the demon king's army had invested in this case.
 Because they could not fail, the demon king's army also launched an invasion of the Ghiamut Empire at the same time.

 Anxiety flashed through Aren's mind.
 If it was left to the summons to help the Elmar Empire.
 But what if he was forced to fight harder than expected, and he had to put away the summons he had placed in Rosenheim.

 Unlike the Ghiamut Empire with its brave Helmios or the Imperial Army with its golem troops led by Admiral Galala, Rosenheim has only three stars, even the strongest spirit user, Gatluga, has only three talents.

 The invasion from the Demon King's army last year had cost the elves a lot of lives, and their numbers are still far from restored.

 Which should be sacrificed, Allen goes into a whirlwind of thoughts.

"Hmm, Lepe. What did you say you came out of the Beast Kingdom for?

 Prince Zeu kept staring at Allen as he tried to figure out what was best for him.
 Then he closed his eyes and made a decision.
 He opens his eyes and asks Lepe the magician.

(Hmm? (What are you talking about?)

 Allen also returned to his thoughts and listened to Prince Zeus.

"Huh? That's...? Hey, hey, no way!

 Lepe realizes something.
 The musician Lepe was forcibly brought here by Marshal Sigur of Rosenheim.
 But this is the Baukis Empire, not the land we were originally told about.

"Your Highness Prince Zeus, may it be us?

 General Hova, who was trying to remonstrate with Lepe's language, also realizes something important.

That's right. A little late, but it seems a hexenbiest has appeared in Rosenheim. It's time to make good on our promise to Rosenheim. I'll take the lead. Follow me.

 The ten English beasts supposedly came to Rosenheim asking for help because there was a monster beast that the elves couldn't defeat in Rosenheim.
 The Beast King already knows that he lied about it.

 Nevertheless, Prince Zeus looked at all ten British beasts and declared to go to Rosenheim.

''Um, it would be a great help, sir.

"May I? What are you talking about?

No, isn't His Majesty the Beast King calling you?

 It would be a relief for Allen, but the Beast Prince Zeu has been summoned by the Beast King.
 And I'm worried about Princess Shea's safety too.
 I never thought you'd suggest this.

I asked His Majesty the Beast King how I could become the next Beast King. The result is this S-class dungeon test.

"Huh? Yes,

 For a moment I don't know what you're talking about.
 But Prince Zeus goes on and on.

"Royalty is about making decisions. I made my own decision, and I was put through the gauntlet. Of course, I will decide where to go next. I was never a pawn of His Majesty the Beast King.

 The Beast Prince assures us that instructions don't matter.
 Allen, his friends, and everyone around them gasp.

 With such force, the ten English beasts straighten up.

I'm sorry about that. We're sorry about that.

 Allen bows his head and thanks you.

"Huh. Which is more dangerous?


"Elmar or Rosenheim. Which is more dangerous, Lord Allen guesses.

"It's definitely Elmar. We don't even know what's going to happen in the current situation.

 The demon king's army is trying to pull something off that they've been preparing for this time.
 If the invasion of Rosenheim will be a normal one, the clear danger is Elmar.
 It will be more than just a simple war.

Then we'll fight the demon king's army at Rosenheim where it's easier. Can you take care of the hard Elmaar State?

"...... yes

 As expected, even Allen choked up for a moment.
 Prince Zeus appreciated Aren's power to the fullest and tried to help both Elmar and Rosenheim so that Aren could focus on Elmar.

 But that's not all.
 Many noblemen of the Baukis Empire are here to overhear the conversation between Allen and Prince Zeu.
 It can't be good for the royalty of a great nation to speak now that he has declared himself weaker than Allen.

 Prince Zeus looks at Allen as if it doesn't matter.

Be sure to help me.

"Yes . . at all costs.

 The word "help me" contains the word Princess Shea, sister of Prince Zeu.
 But he never said it.
 As the Beast Prince, he killed his personal feelings to save his country.

It looks like we're going to get caught up in Prince Zeu's foolish regiment.

 This could not be divined and the astrologer Temi grinned.

Next stop, Rosenheim.

"You have no attitude!

 Sighing, the musician Lepe says, and the General Hova becomes indignant.
 Seeing this, the other ten English beasts burst out laughing.
 No one seems to be afraid of the demon king's army.
 The blood rushes through the ten English beasts.

"Therefore, Your Majesty the Emperor. We would like to leave here to go save Rosenheim.

Yeah, well, go ahead. Go on your way.

 The whole time, the emperor Pupun III, who was frozen in the throne, suddenly shook his head and shook his story.

"Mister Allen. Where shall we begin?

Right. Well, I didn't see it coming, so let's go back to the base of an S-class dungeon and pack our bags. What do we do about Admiral Helmios and Admiral Galala?

 There's still a lot of stuff in the base.
 I was planning to go back to the S-class dungeon when this audience was over.
 We're going to transition, but I ask what Admiral Galala and Helmios are going to do.

"We'll do the same.

No, we're good. With this grimoire, we can take care of the rest.

 Admiral Galala and his party say that they do not need to go to an S-class dungeon, as they have not put much stuff there.

Then I've designated the room I mentioned earlier as the transfer point, I'll send you some relief supplies later.

I don't know how long you've been making this. But you'll be glad you did.

 I tell Admiral Galala that I'll be sending support supplies, such as magic seeds and heavenly blessings, to your room later.
 Admiral Galala sighs and thanks you for being such a shrewd fellow, as you have taken the liberty of building a transitional nest in a room in the royal castle of the Baucis Empire.

"Now, Your Majesty, if you'll excuse me.

"Nuh! Eh.

 The three parties of Allen, Helmios, and Prince Zeus disappeared from the hall of audience.
 Rolling their eyes, they left behind the emperor and the nobles standing side by side.
 Allen and his men had received the demon king's army's invasion and Elmar's distress call and had sprung into action.