312 Art. 305. Loyalty

 Allen and his friends have returned to the base where they had been for about a year to attack the S-class dungeon.

 They quickly put their belongings into the stowage and their friends are getting ready to go.
 I probably won't be able to return here for a while.

 Originally, Prince Zeu and the Ten-Ying Beasts were going to stay in the palace for a few days after their audience with Emperor Pupun III before returning to the Albahar Beast Kingdom.
 They said there was no need to return to the base of an S-class dungeon.

 He said that Helmios' servants will stay here and finish cleaning up.
 It's a good base and I would like to come back after this.

 That's why I asked the servants to renew the contract for this base, which is almost a year old.
 The kingship skill has not been released yet.
 You haven't completed your rounds to defeat the lowest boss Gordino or challenged Dungeon Master DiGragni.

 There's a lot of unfinished business in this S-class dungeon, but what you have to do now is your priority.

 Shortly after, both Aren and Helmios are ready to move to Helmios' villa in the imperial capital of the Ghiamut Empire.
 We'll say goodbye to Helmios and his party here.

We'll talk about the elven elixir and, yes, the summons later. I think I can give you about 10 summons as well, but don't expect them here.

 Allen's quota of summons is 80.
 It's a critical situation, but he says he can't afford to send 10 of them to the northern fortress of the Empire of Giamut.

No, ten of those summons would be a great help. Take care of yourself.

 In last year's war with the Demon King's army, Allen sent a summoner to the northern part of the Ghiamut Empire to support the summoner.
 Last time it was a B-ranked summoner, but this time it's an A-ranked summoner.

 I think we have enough blessings, but I'll give you an extra thousand or so.
 Unlike the Baukis imperial army, which is housed in a sturdy golem, the northern part of the Ghiamut Empire, where flesh-and-blood soldiers fight, I'll give you more to keep you from dying.

 You'll also give them 100 gold and silver beans, so that they can survive if the fortress falls.
 With this, you can create a safe zone to keep out the B-rank and A-rank monsters that make up the Demon King's army.
 I'm going to send a bird A summoner to accompany Helmios to build a "nest" in the northern fortress of Giamut.

(I'd like to think that if we do all this, it won't be a problem, but you never know what might happen.

 How many Demon King's troops will invade which continent and how many of them will invade the continent, we don't know for sure since we've only received a report at present.
 For now, it doesn't seem to be a crazy number of ten million magical beasts from last year, but we can't let our guard down.

 Allen and Prince Zeus exchanged farewells with Helmios and then moved on.
 The next stop is Rosenheim.

"Your Majesty. Excuse my unexpected visit.

 Aren and his men and Prince Zeu moved to Forthenia, the capital of Rosenheim.

 With the invasion of the Demon King's army at the beginning of last year and the subsequent battle with the Demon Goddess Razel, the capital city of Fortenia was largely destroyed.

 In preparation for the new demon king's army, they rushed to rebuild the fortress and other buildings, but there were also quite a few refugees who lost their home city.
 The refugees, numbering in the millions, have been rebuilding around the capital, Fortenia, and other major cities in an effort to find a place to return to.

 From the beginning of this year, Fortenia began accepting refugees, and with it, the Elven Queen also returned.

 Starting the settlement of Forthenia means giving hope to the elves who were deprived of their homes.

 Furthermore, the reconstruction support is centered on the central continent's Ghiamut Empire, which is funded by elven elixirs and a large amount of magical beast materials.
 Even if we rebuild every city and fortress in Rosenheim, there's still enough change to spare.

The only thing missing is time. Water for the reconstruction.

 The light leaks from the ceiling, which is still broken because of the reconstruction around the city, swearing in the queen's room.

'No, I've already heard the story,'

 The Elf Queen, Marshal Sigur and the generals beside her are not surprised by the sudden movement of Allen and the others.

Thank you, Okiosan.

"No, no, Master Allen's orders. Keke.

 A woman in her late teens, dressed in white, with two candles strapped to her head in a bowl, replies with a characteristic smile.

 This pale, unhappy-looking woman is a Spirit A summoner.
 She changed from looking like a B-ranked western-style doll to a Japanese style at once.

 Apparently, the first angel, Merus, did not design it.
 We had a rough idea of what an A-ranked summoner looks like, but as for the Spirit A summoner, it is said to have been designed by Lupt, the second angel.
 Furthermore, Lupt has now been promoted to the first angel in place of Merus.

 Allen looks at Spirit A's summoner and is about to say, "Merus, you've designed something amazing," before he says with a biting smile, "It wasn't me.

 It has a characteristic laugh, but there are no Japanese style spirit monsters in this world, so this is how it is accepted by the elves.

 Type] Spirit
 [Rank] A
 Name] Okiyo San
 Physical strength] 7500
 Magic] 8000
 Attack Power] 6800
 Endurance] 10000
 Quickness] 8700
 Intelligence] 10000
 Fortune] 3000

 Protection: Endurance 200, intelligence 200, physical resistance 200.
 Special skills] A five-inch nail, the spirit behind
 Awakening: Earthbound Spell

 His specialties and awakening skills are also very atmospheric.
 In S-class dungeons, they were not very active, but the physical resistance of the protection is quite useful for the less durable Allen, so I always generate one.

From now on, I intend to hold a war council and prepare for war.

 General Sigur speaks to Allen.

 The news of the invasion of the Demon King's army from the Empire of Ghiamut has already been heard through a magical instrument.

''Yes, sir. Then Prince Zeus and the Ten Eigenes will join us, so I hope you'll be able to help us.

"That's really helpful!

"I thank you as well. For doing such a thing for Rosenheim: ......

 Marshal Sigur as well as the queen choked up while thanking him.

 It was Allen's idea to bring the Ten English Beasts to the Baucis Empire this time, and it was a ploy to do so.
 But I asked the queen to write her letter of intent to make the method seem plausible.

 As a nation, we can't do more than be very rude to each other.
 Nevertheless, the royalty of the Al-Bahar beast kingdom and the ten most powerful beasts in the kingdom will participate.

 A lot of sacrifices were made during the invasion of the Demon King's army last year.
 This means that many talented soldiers who fought in the front line died.
 When fighting the Demon King's army requires talent, even among humans, the number of soldiers cannot be easily recovered.
 Elves would have fewer children, and it would take them 30 years to reach adulthood, twice as long as humans.
 We are talking about how many lives and time were lost.

 It would take fifty years to bring our men back to what they were before last year's invasion of Rosenheim.
 That fifty years would be if there was no more invasion from the Demon King's army in the future.

 In this war, we have the help of Aren's summoned beasts, heavenly blessings, and gold and silver beans, but we're still worried because the fortress has not completely recovered.
 It is in this situation that the help in the form of the best forces from the beast kingdom.

 The buff of Lepe the ritualist will strengthen the army of the elves at once.
 Astrologer Temi's buff would save many lives of the elven army.
 And the Beast Prince Zeu's "Beast King" would explode the ten English beasts and himself.

 At a loss for words, the Elf Queen bows her head and thanks Prince Zeu.

I promised you that I would fight with all my might. I promise to fight with all my might.

 Prince Zeus shows in word and manner that he need not be more grateful than necessary.

He's upright and righteous. Prince ZEW Beast seems to solidify his image as a beastman.

 Whether or not Prince Zeu would become the Beast King in the future has not been decided.
 However, the fact that he did not show his gratitude to Rosenheim this time will not be a negative for the Albahar beast kingdom.
 They are trying to clean up the bad image of the beastmen who only offered supplies and never appeared on the frontline with the demon king's army until now.

 The fact that the beast prince of Albahar's beast kingdom respected the loyalty he had with Rosenheim and personally went to the front line will remain in history.

Now, I would like to talk to you about the future.


 Marshal Sigur will take Prince Zeus and the Ten English Beasts to a room where they will have a war council.
 You can stand and talk, but now is the time to take time to strategize.

 A short time to direct the war between the queens is when it begins and is rushed to a conclusion.

 How many men and what kind of warfare they will fight must be shared.

 If things remain the same, the battle against the Demon King's army will begin in Rosenheim's northernmost fortress in about 10 days after the action in the Empire of Giamut.

 As the elven generals and ten British beasts are following him, Allen says: "Dogora, you have a military council.

"Dogora, you might want to join the war council.

"Hmm? What does that mean?

"You can stay here and fight in Rosenheim. We'll go to Elmar.

"What? What does that mean?

 Dogora's voice was echoing loudly among the elven queens.