313 Art. 306. Prediction

 Just as we were about to discuss the battle against the Demon King's army with Prince Zeus, the Ten English Beasts, and an army of elves, the rage of Dogora resounded among the elven queens.

 Dogora's roar rang through the Elven Queen.

What's going on here, Allen? Dogora doesn't go?

 As Dogora stared at Allen, Krsna didn't seem to understand the meaning of Allen's words.

'Temi-san's fortune telling told me that the Elmar State is in the southeast of the dungeon we were in.

"Yes, but what about it?

(You know what I mean.)

 From Dogora's current expression and statement, I understood that Allen knew what he was worried about.

Dogora is going to die if we continue to go to the Elmar State together?

 Keel also seemed to notice right away.
 Allen nodded at Keel's words and replied.

 Allen asked the astrologer Temi to predict whether Dogora would be able to use her extra skill.
 Then he told her to go to the southeast, and together they continued with the bad luck.

If you seek that power, you will lose your life. Such is the ordeal in Dogora.

 Allen has always wondered what a life-altering ordeal could be.
 Since it's in the southeast of an S-class dungeon, Allen had expected something to happen in a career change quest dungeon that will start next month in the school town of Latash Kingdom.

(I thought it was a theory that a demon god would come to the job change quest, but I was wrong. No, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but the scale was too big.

 It turns out that Dogora is in danger if he goes to the southeast and tries to activate the extra skill.
 So, Allen has all of his friends, including Allen, divined to see if Dogora is really in danger.

 It seems that it's dangerous for all of them to go to the southeast.
 The result of the fortune-telling is that it's also very dangerous.
 Dogora is the most dangerous, but they all seem to be in danger.

 If the reason for the danger in the southeast, then the demon king's army will move to stop the job-change dungeon from starting.
 I thought that the demon gods would come to interfere with me at a pinpoint.

 But Allen's prediction was wrong.

 The demon king's army used their artifacts and took the most effective way to hinder the changeover dungeon.

I know you're in danger too. Then let's do it together.

 Why are you laying me out to dry, Dogora complains.

 The astrologer Temi listens to Dogora's words without saying a word.
 He seems to be watching to see what happens to his seer.

No, you're almost dead, I tell you.

 It doesn't matter how many questions and answers you have, Allen will try to convince you.

(You don't have to go through such an unreliable safety margin to get your extra skill open)

 Allen has always had a safety margin.
 A safety margin is the leeway we make to ensure safety.
 It means to be strong while avoiding death or undue danger.
 I have thought of my comrades in the school dungeon and in the war at Rosenheim.

 The same is true in S-class dungeons, of course.
 It's the same when they change jobs, and the same when they take on the lowest boss.
 I've gathered four parties to prevent my friends from dying.

 Keel can only be revived once.
 Asking the Spirit God for the Spirit King's blessing will only bring you back twice.

 After attacking the bottom level boss, I worked hard to kill the Iron Golem because I was thinking of my friends.

 I've already come up with several ways to fight the bottom boss alone with Gordino and Allen's party.
 The reason why they don't do it is because their safety is not guaranteed.

 Allen, acting boldly, has always acted to keep his friends away from danger.
 He has never done anything recklessly and without collateral.
 I believe that Allen himself has taken a method of dealing with the least amount of risk, with a certain amount of foresight.

That doesn't matter.

 Dogora does not want to change his mind.

...... No.

"I'm not your piece. Don't decide my future! I decide what's important! I'm going to join with my friends to save the Elmarian nation. That's what I've decided to do!

 To Allen, who tried to persuade him further, Dogora shouted as if to let it all out.


 Those words took the breath away from Allen and the others.
 It's not just Allen, it's everyone here, including Prince Zeus.

 A similar thing was said by Prince Zeus just now.

So this is growth. Am I the only one who hasn't grown up?

 It could be said that Dogora's words were just a dare from the Zeu Beast Prince just now to express his thoughts.

 But Allen doesn't think Dogora's screaming words are just a child's ape.

 Dogora was with the world's favorite hero, Hermios, and Admiral Galala of the Baukis Empire.
 Whether in the S-class dungeons or in Rosenheim, Dogora had many opportunities to come into contact with famous heroes and was always looking for a model for his ideas and way of life in them.
 The most influential of these heroes was the Swordsman Doberg.
 Dogora recalls that the taciturn Doberg used to talk to him in his stronghold.

 That's to be a hero.
 What is heroic, the man from the small village kept searching.

 The thoughts and words of Prince Zeu seem to have strongly influenced Dogora and he has decided on his own way of life.

 He will not abandon his friends to live in safety alone, no matter how dangerous the path may be.
 He shouted that he would get extra skills and save the Elmaar nation.

...... dogora. I value my friends' lives. If you are in any kind of danger, I will fly you to ...... and, yes, to your home village. Our adventure may end there, but is that okay?

 Even if it means stepping on the feelings of his friends, Allen says he'll fly Dogora to safety if the situation arises.
 In return, Allen is prepared to end his relationship with Dogora as well.
 Maybe this is the first time Allen has faced Dogora like this.

Yeah, that's right. Let's go.

 Dogora also replies proudly.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the trouble. We don't have much time, may I leave from here?

 Allen turns his gaze from Dogora to the queen and speaks

"Yes, yes. Of course you don't mind. If you have a little more time, the mage ship will be ready?

 He says he'll prepare a magic ship for Allen and the others who are about to leave.

"No... No...." "That's not necessary. We can't borrow your precious mageship when war is coming.

 There are many uses for mages in war.
 Especially if we have a high-speed mage ship for Allen and the others.

"Huh? That's not true.

"Watch out. We've got a ride. Merle, please.

 At Allen's words, Merle reinserted the tablet into the grimoire.
 As everyone watched, Merle raised the grimoire to the heavens and shouted, "Tam Tam descends!

"Tam-tam descends! Mode Eagle!

 Then Merle strikes a cool pose invented by Allen.
 This flapping eagle-like pose is called "Raging Eagle Pose," and it's a special pose for the descent of Tam-Tam "Maud Eagle".
 Merle, the cool pose researcher, is a big fan of this pose.


 It's still a little before noon.
 The ceiling had been largely destroyed during the battle with the demon god Razel, and the light of day was shining through, but now it was all dark.
 Something huge has appeared above the temple.

 Even from outside there were cries of the elves.
 In their haste, the elven generals assure them that everything is all right and calm the men down.

 This is a golem with Merle's flying tablet.
 The flying tablet is basically the size of five stone tablets.

 There are several types of flying tablets, depending on their use, such as land, sea, and air, but the flying tablet transforms the golem into a flying golem.

 As a reward from Dungeon Master DiGragni, you can now fit a total of 20 stone tablets on both sides.
 This allows you to transform and fly as a supersized golem that can reach 100 meters in length.

 Up in the sky floats a giant airplane-like vehicle with a single, streamlined wing, even larger than a jumbo jet.

 Merle is sucked into the crystal of the Tam Tam Tam "Mode Eagle". Then, as soon as Merle is sucked in, the lower part of the huge vehicle opens wide as if it were telling you to enter.

Okay, the gate is open. Let's get in! Your Majesty, I'm off now. If you need anything, I may ask through your brother-in-law later.

 Allen's companions climb aboard the Tam-Tam "Mode Eagle".

...... is yes.

 Allen flies through the air with the bird A summoner's blessing "flying" and summons his friends to summon the bird B summoner to get into Tam-Tam.
 Then he tells them what they need may be asked for later.
 The Elf Queen is wide-eyed and can only reply.

 Allen will also climb aboard the Tam-Tam "Mode Eagle" and head for the cockpit.

"Good, do you know which way to Elmaar?

"Of course. . of course .

 Go inside, and further in, there is a cockpit-like room.
 This is the room where Merle will pilot Tam-Tam.

 It seems that Merle is controlling the plane as if he is heading the way he needs to go, with his hand on the pitch-black magic tool attached to the cockpit where he sits.
 Then Tam-Tam turns wide and turns south.

 The grimoire shows the world's continents, and like a GPS, it shows you Tam-Tam's position and direction.

"Okay, we're running out of time. Let's go in one fell swoop.

"Yeah! Let's go!

 With Merle's reply, Tam-Tam is accelerating at full speed.
 It was going far faster than a high-speed mage ship.

 As if to leave the temple behind, Aren and the others rushed to Elmar's country.