Ride the Tam-Tam "Mode Eagle" of the Mithril Golem, descended by Merle, to the Elmaar Church.

 The Elmar State is located on the southern continent from Rosenheim and is one of the allied nations that make up the southern continent.
 Among the countless united nations, the Elmaar Church is located in the central north of the continent.

"We don't want to run into a hexenbiest, so we wanted to raise it higher. So I guess that's about as high as it gets. Okay! I just looked at the map and it looks like we'll be there tomorrow morning!

 From the pilot's seat, Merle comes to Allen and the others, who had been watching at a little distance.
 The front of the cockpit has a view of the outside and a map of the world is displayed in the air.
 Even if Merle is not in the cockpit, the aircraft will still fly at the same altitude and direction.

 The location information is also on the map, so you can see how fast Tam-Tam is flying and where he is going.

"Thanks, Merle. Keep this on because you're running out of magic.


 Looking at the grimoire, you can see that Merle's magic power is decreasing at an alarming rate even after leaving the cockpit.
 It seems that Tam-Tam is flying by absorbing Merle's magic power via the grimoire.

(Is it because it's flying with a super-sized golem that it's not very fuel-efficient? Merle's magic power is decreasing at a pretty fast pace.

 Since Sophie has gotten used to the spirits, the magic recovery ring that was returned to me to raise Allen's skill level, I'm going to give it to Merle.

 I've only ever ridden Merle's golem a few times.
 The schedule repeated itself with two days off out of five in S-class dungeons, and Merle himself had been piloting Tam-Tam on his days off.
 Especially this year, the Iron Golem hunting began, and the number of stone plates that needed to be tested for usability increased.
 Whenever a new stone plate was available, he would actively work on it on his days off.
 He piloted the ship with a familiar hand, and I think he was very helpful in dealing with this situation.

 I have obtained almost all the mithril golem tablets from hunting iron golems.
 I also have enough stone plates for the baboon golems to have no trouble fighting and moving.

 This is the shape of the stone tablet Merle currently wears on his grimoire board.
 Since the Elmar Church is in crisis, it is specialized for movement.
The stone tablet for the main body (for the whole body) 5
Stone plate 2 for large
Stone plate 3 for extra-large
Moving stone plate (empty) 5
Stone tablet for map (world) 2
Strengthening stone plate (quickness) 3 in 3 pieces

 The map tablet is not only for the whole world, but also for continents, with all six of the five continents and the "forgotten continent" where the Demon King is located.

(It would be useful if you could also show the cities and fortresses on the map. (It would be useful to show cities and fortresses on the map, though it seems to be able to mark them.

 The map shows the locations of mountains, rivers and lakes, but not man-made towns, fortresses and bridges.
 It seems that if Merle holds the grimoire and is aware of it, he can make as many marks as he wants, so we'll be adding more in the future.

Do you think we don't need to equip the Vulcan gun?

 Merle asks Allen.

"No, let's just get moving.

Stone plate for long-range attack (Vulcan cannon small) 1
Stone plate for long-range attack (Vulcan artillery) 2
Stone plate for long-range attacks (Vulcan cannon large) 5

 In the moving stone slab, there is no means of attacking from a distance.
 Merle asked me if you can't attack while moving, so I said to move with speed as the priority.
 This is because movement speed depends on the speed of the golem.
 You can equip the Vulcan gun on its wings to attack from a distance while moving.
 Using the Vulcan cannon also requires Merle's magic.

Merle's power will still be available when you leave the dungeon.

 Merle's role in the hunt for the Iron Golem was also significant.

 The Tam Tam Tam "Mode Eagle" is nearly 100 meters from one end of each wing to the other, so this cockpit is large enough for all eight of us.
 And there is a private room for each member of the party to rest in.

Merle amazing!

 Crenna also looks at Merle, sparkling.


 Everyone is coming to Merle.

"...... tomorrow morning. I'll get some rest.

 In the meantime, Dogora, perhaps awkwardly dared to speak so loudly, said he would go ahead and rest in the private room.

Are you sure, Aren't you sure?

 I'm not going to let it go, Cecil says.

"Hmmm. For now, we can't let Merle fly alone, so we'll take turns resting.

I know. I mean, you don't have to be in a dungeon to work the night shift.

 Merle himself will be in the cockpit in case something goes wrong.
 Cecil agrees to take a break and switch places with the others, too.

 Dogora's thoughts kept coming back to him while he was trudging through an S-class dungeon.
 What we value in life is different, even among friends.

 Today, I think Dogora has made a great choice.

 Dogora did not give up on his future as a hero.
 But he also worried about his friends.

 I'm not sure if I made the right decision.
 I think she left the room to calm herself and collect her thoughts.
 Allen tells everyone it's better to let them think alone.

 Then they begin to move before noon, and as night falls, the sun rises over the eastern horizon.
 And you can see the silhouette of the water rising under the sun.

It's a continent!

 Crenna to discover the continent in the distance.

"Where do we go first?

It's Neil.

 On his way to Elmar, Allen used Bird A's Summoner's special skill "Nesting" to return to Forthenia and receive the necessary items on his way to Elmar.

 The summoner's special skill "nesting" and the awakening skill "nesting instinct" of the bird A summoner are quite flexible.
 Placing a "nest" on a moving mage ship will allow it to return to the ship even if it moves, as verified during the audience with the Emperor of the Baukis Empire.
 If you build a "nest" inside Merle's Tam-Tam, you can also come and go even if the Tam-Tam moves.

 Then, using one of the tools I was given to move around, I open a map with all the major cities throughout Elmar, and confirm Neil's location.
 Even the map on the continental tablet, which shows the United States even if it's for the world, is difficult to understand because it's too broad and doesn't show the location of the cities.


"Huh? What does that mean?

(Hmm? I knew it was these two. (Well, I thought Keel would definitely react.

 Krsna and Keel react to Allen's words.

Krsna, Keel. Maybe you can't save Theomenia anymore. It's been three days.

 Allen's words meant that Theomenia could no longer be saved. It meant that there were few people left alive.

 It was Neil's magical instrument that sent a distress signal to the Baukis Empire.
 We're talking about two days after fire was lit in the cult city of Theomenia.
 Three days have already passed since the distress call was sent.

 The officer who heard the distress call said that a monster dressed as a priest and the city's people was coming out of the city.
 It seems that Theomenia has fallen into the hands of a hexenbiest.

 Crenna was convinced, but Keel seemed to be incensed.

 Although he is called the Golden Saint and by his peers, Kiel has a strong sense of justice.
 He is probably the strongest of his companions.

 This is a story about a day off set up during an S-class dungeon attack in the Baukis Empire.
 Krena and Dogora were training with the swordsman Doggler.
 Merle was examining Tam-Tam.
 Allen was helping Cecil, Sophie, and Formal to produce magic seeds, gold and silver beans, etc.

 So what was Kiel doing? He was going to church in an S-class dungeon.
 He served soup kitchens and served recovery magic to the wounded and needy.

 As for why he does this, Keel was saved by the Church of Elmere when the Karnel family was being taken down by the work of Aren and others.
 Later, by giving alms of recovery magic to those in need at the Church of Elmere, the gifted monk Keel was paid a wage to support his sister Nina and her young servants.

 Kiel was then a member of the church of Elmere, where he was enrolled in the position of "apprentice priest".

 For Kiel, who tried to protect his family by committing crimes, the gratitude he received from the Church of Elmere is still fresh in his mind.
 As a token of his gratitude, it was his daily routine to visit the church to see if anyone was in need in the city.
 He even went to the church when he had free time during the vacations, even when he was at school.

 You're going to be able to find out what you can do with it.

...... then I'll go alone.

 If there is even one survivor in Theomenia, I plead with you passionately to help.

"Well. How about we split up the party?

 We don't have to go together.
 I will go to Theomenia, the source of this crisis, on my own.
 To this Cecil seems to agree.
 Cecil says he's going to split the party into smaller groups to help.

Cecil says, "No, we just got here, so I don't know what's going on. I'm going to send a summoner, or rather, a merus, to Theomenia, so you should be satisfied with that.

 That said, I'll share with my colleagues the strategy I organized last night during the night watch.

 The priest who sent the distress call had no idea what was going on.
 Allen decides that he doesn't want to split the party when he doesn't know exactly what's going on, and he doesn't know the strength of the enemy.

 If you split up your party, you might not be able to deal with a demon god or something.

 Merus has a strong status as an individual, and can use his special skill "Angel's Ring" to activate the same summoning skills as Allen.
 You can go to Theomenia and rescue survivors, check on the situation, and more in one body, and even if you are hit, you can re-summon it.

 Since Merus, who was the first angel, is now a summoned beast, there is no risk since he will only return to his grimoire if he is hit.

(Well, I don't know if that's the right answer, but there's no time to struggle now.

So, Theomenia is the intelligence-gathering priority and Neil is the rescue priority?

 Cecil understands the priorities from Allen's operation.

...... I see.

 Kiel also seemed to agree to send Merus to Theomenia.

"Merus, that's about it. Do you know where?

 As no other objection is raised, I will tell Merus.

'No problem. I've been there a lot in the past.

 The capital city of Theomenia is the headquarters of the church that believes in the God of Creation, Elmea.
 The first angel, Merus, also said he had been there several times.

 Not long after that, I arrived at Neil, who sent a distress call.

"We're being attacked by a monster!

I think it looks bad.

 Something in human form is snaking and swarming on the gates and outer walls of the city.

 Many men are holding the gates from within the city gates to prevent them from being opened.
 The gate is in tatters and is about to break down, as if this situation has been going on since yesterday.

 Along with something the size of a man, there's a hexenbiest several times the height of a human.
 There seems to be quite a few B-ranked monsters, orcs and ogres, too.

 The trolls and ogres are slamming their clubs against the gates with force from above the heads of the snakes.

 And the gate into the city of Neal has reached its limit.
 It was shattered by the troll's blow and the door was opened.

 Something in the form of a human being and a monster of the giant lineage was about to enter, as if rushing in.