315 CHAPTER 308 NEIL ①

 Merus has rushed to the Church City of Theomenia, where it will be tough to find survivors.
 His mission is to secure the survivors and check the situation in Theomenia.
 Merus can fly to the nest that Allen built with Bird A's summoner, and he can also fly to the nest Merus built.

 The morning after Allen and his team received the distress call, they arrived in the skies above Neil to find a giant monster and something in human form surrounding the city of Neil.

 According to the priest of the Elmere Church who sent the distress call, the disembodied beings are thought to be those who have been transformed into magical beasts.
 They're probably the enemy on the monster side, since they're attacking Neil along with other monsters of the giant lineage.

 The outer gate of Neil's city, which has been repeatedly struck by trolls and ogres, has been heavily deformed and is slowly falling inward under the blows of the club that the trolls slammed down with all their might.

 Despair opens its mouth .
 Hundreds of magical beasts are entering the city.

 The city's soldiers, who would have fought all night long, seem to fight to the end, even to the point of exhaustion.
 The priest says his last prayer to the gods.
 They may have already run out of magic, or they have their wands, but they can't use magic.

 A troll over five meters long is drooling at you as if he's been holding out for a meal all night.

 The soldiers line up against this B-ranked monster and desperately hold their swords, but a shivering sensation runs through your body.

Don't be afraid! Protect the city!

 I have no power left.
 But we must buy some time and get those who are too weak to fight away from the city at least.
 Just then, the captain of the army was about to announce to his men who were ready and frightened to take the lead.

 A man wearing a golden cloak that not even the Pope could wear and carrying a staff with a jewel in its tip comes over the city's outer wall.
 The jewel at the tip of the staff shines brightly as the man, mounted on an unseen creature, points his staff at the monster beasts.

"Turn undead!

 It was a young man's voice that resonated well.

 A flash of light poured down from the sky on the monster beasts approaching inside through the destroyed outer gate.
 Before you can raise your last breath, something in human form turned into glowing ashes and dozens of them disappeared at once.

 Even trolls and ogres were in flames, unable to move forward.
 I used the so-called sacred cleansing magic, a cleansing skill that had become available since Kiel became a saint.
 It's extremely effective against undead and zombie-type monsters.

Some of them are still alive!

The troll is approaching, smoke billowing out of his body as he receives the sacred purification magic, and Krsna holds his great sword.

I'm sorry. Krena, Dogora, kick the living shit out of me.

 Keel asks Krsna and Dogora to eradicate the monsters he couldn't kill.



 The three of them eradicated the monsters inside the gate.

Oh, oh, oh, oh! This is the light of purification of the saint. Elmea hasn't abandoned us. ......

 The old priest wrinkles his face as he gives thanks to God.

 It is common knowledge that the highest-ranking recovering position in this world is that of a saint (3 talent stars) for women and a great saint (3 talent stars) for men.
 I didn't know that Kiel was a Saint King with four talent stars.

''Hey, old man! Just step back a little bit. We're all three of us.

 The priests who come up to Keel riding the summoned beast of bird B, shivering, tell the priests to back off.
 The young man riding the bird B summoner, with his blond hair blowing in the wind, seemed to have a pretty bad mouth.

 Kiel also showered the hexenbiest with cleansing magic.
 The reason why he doesn't care if Krsna or Dogora are around is because their sacred attributes are ineffective against humans.
 Keel is more concerned about the large number of monsters that will come through the breached gate than recovering from Kurena and Dogora.

 Kiel makes a bitter face.
 The cleansing magic is a sacred attribute and has no effect when exposed to Krsna or Dogora, but something in human form is turning to ashes.

 Allen also checks out what Keel is seeing from outside the city of Neil, from above it.
 At Keel's words, I summoned four Spirit B summons and sent them to support me.

''I've killed an evildoer. I've got 2,400 experience.

(Something human-like is a Hexenbiest. There's an experience factor. I guess that's what paganism is all about, isn't it? Is that the equivalent of a C-ranked hexenbiest in terms of experience?

 The grimoire is filled with the experience of a human-like something buried by Kiel's purification magic.
 The tattered priest's clothes and something with pale skin dressed as the city's people seem to have become a Hexenbiest called an "evildoer".
 We don't know what or how it did this, but it seems to have already been recognized as a Hexenbiest.

 Outside the gates, thousands to tens of thousands of monsters, including ogres, trolls, and evildoers, are all over the place.
 These monsters are being fought back by Neil's soldiers from the outer walls with bows and arrows and long spears.

It looks like there's no problem inside the gate with just the three of us. Let's annihilate the outside of the city! Cecil, me, Sophie, Formal and Merle, you will eradicate it from the other side of the city.

 Allen is a little far away with Cecil, Sophie, Folmar, and Merle on Tam-Tam (Mode Eagle).

 Then Allen instructs them to split up into two groups and eradicate the demonic beasts that cling to the outer walls.

"Yes, but not to save these people?

"No blessings, no flavored vegetables had any effect . If you use golden beans, you'll move like a demonic beast.


 Allen responded to Cecil's words by saying that it is tough to help those who have been transformed and become pagans.
 I thought that if it was just a change of state, the spiced vegetables would help, but this is not going to help.
 The same is true with the blessings of heaven.

 I wonder if Keel's cleansing magic has already identified him as an enemy, or he'll be cleansed and turned to ashes.

 I threw the golden beans at the gate to prevent any more demonic beasts from coming inside the gate.

 Maybe I can turn back the demon beast that is called an evildoer in some way.

 But while you are looking for a way to save these evildoers who have been transformed, you may be sacrificing more and more.
 There may be nothing to help them in the first place.

 Cecil looks gloomy, but he doesn't want to be unreasonable.
 The grim situation in the city has made Cecil and everyone else understand.

 Allen has led the way in making decisions that his friends find hard to make.

 During last year's war at Rosenheim, Allen preferred to go to the city of Tiamo, where the queen is said to be located, rather than saving the wounded flooding the city of Nest.

Neil isn't the only one under attack.


 There were many cities around the Church City of Theomenia.
 The city of Neil was the closest to the Church Capital Theomenia, and it was large enough to deploy magical equipment that could send out distress signals to the entire world.
 It's hard to believe that the magical beasts only attacked Neal's city.

 Even if you save this place, other cities might still be attacked.

(Neil was lucky because it was a large city, but a small village or city might not be possible.

 It might not be possible to eradicate the monster that came to Neal in a hurry to save him in time.

 Cecil agreed with Allen's words.
 Cecil points his hand at the hexenbiest crowding the outer wall.

Shining Vanish!

 The light converges in the palm of your hand.
 And then, for a moment, the light in the palm of your hand disappears, appearing in the center of the swarm of monsters and then spreading out like a flash.
 Trolls, ogres, and evildoers also disappear like vapor.

Thank you. It seems that the light and sacred attributes are completely weak.

 Allen thanks Cecil for his decision.
 The trolls and ogres didn't seem to be able to withstand the light magic used by Cecil, the attacker, unlike Keel, the healer, the Magic King.

''Oh my, there are a few of them left!

Just like a troll king or an ogre king. Hmmm, we'll take these guys.

 There seems to be some A-ranked hexenbiest outside the city.

 There seems to be around 100 A-ranked monsters outside the city.
 It looks like they've been using B-ranked hexenbiests and pagans to attack the city.

We need a force now. Hatch and the others.


 With the sound of fast-moving wings, summoned beasts in the form of giant bees appear.

 Sort] Bug
 [Rank] A
 Name] Hatch
 Body strength] 9000
 Magical power] 4000
 Attack Power] 8900
 Endurance] 10000
 Quickness] 10000
 Intelligence] 6700
 Fortune] 5500
 Protection: Endurance 200, speed 200, poison disabled
 Skill: Working needle, spawning
 Awakening Odaiba


Okay, use the big A-rated guy. Otherwise, it's annihilation.

 Under Allen's direction, the summoned beasts of Bug A were heading towards the swarm of demonic beasts.