316 CHAPTER 309 NEIL 2

 Allen summoned five insect A summonses in the shape of a giant bee.

Okay. Hatch, use your troll king.


 The troll king is an A-ranked monster, and is the upper body of a B-ranked monster troll.
 Although he swings his spiky club in a big way, the insect A summoner ducks with a swiftness that strengthens it to 12,000.

 Then he plunges a needle from his butt into the troll king's neck.


 The Troll King slackly grasps the golden rod he was wielding and is now in a stick-up position.

"Good, good, this continent's giant strains seem to be in good shape.

"Is it working?

The Bug Summonses have taken on the Troll King

 The grimoire shows a log of the troll king's use of the grimoire.

Yeah, it seems to be working. Don't destroy A-rated hexenbiests. I'd rather have one of ours.

 Tell Cecil that it's going well, as he asks from behind to peer in.
 In addition, ordinary orc kings and ogre kings have the skill of "regeneration", so if you don't kill them, most of their wounds will heal on their own.
 So I add to Cecil that if you don't kill them, you don't have to be shy.

Now, we're short on manpower, and I'm going to let Hatch do his thing. In the meantime, we should make Neil's town one of our defense positions.

"Hatch . Spawn and give birth to a hatchling. Instruct the hatchlings to use the messenger needle to activate an A-grade hexenbiest.


 Each of the five summonses of Bug A activates its special skill "Spawn".
 A hundred huge eggs instantly appear on the ground, and a white caterpillar-like thing emerges from inside.
 The caterpillar-like larva crawls out of the eggs and instantly turns into a chrysalis, which then hatches and is half the size of Bug A. The summoner of Bug A has the same shape as Bug A.

 This summoner's special skill, spawning, is half the size of Bug A, so it is called a baby hatch.

 For some reason, only Bug A's summoner has more complex abilities and characteristics, so it took me a long time to find out what it was.
 I've been examining its effects while sweeping Rosenheim's magical beasts.
 After examining its features, I found out that it is fully compatible with Bug B's summoner.

 The stabbed magical beast will listen to the summoner of insect A. As a result, Allen can't direct them. The usage period is up to one month.
 It can be used by any rank, but the needles also seem to have attack power and damage, so magical beasts of B rank or lower cannot withstand it and often die.
 The most effective monsters are those of the insect, beast and giant strains.
 Dragon strains are sometimes effective against dragons, while non-living monsters such as plants, spirits, armor and materials are not affected at all.

 100 children hatch born. Each child is born and inherits half the status of the one born.
 Only the utility needle is taken over as a special skill.
 If you card an insect A summoner or return to the card after a month of consecutive summons, it disappears. The cool time is 1 day.

 You can spawn one that has exactly the same stats and specialties as Bug A's summoner.
 I named it the parent hatch to separate it from Bug A's summoner.
 The creature can spawn from the moment it is born. The cool time is one day.

A Hexenbiest
 An empowered hexenbiest.
 Experience is gained upon successful activation. Successful engagements will be shown in the grimoire log, so you can check the success of the engagements.
 When the hatch, the parent hatch, or the child hatch dies, the emissary is released and the animal dies.
 Even if you take a certain amount of damage, you will die.

The hatchlings born from Insect A's Summoner's special skill "Spawn" will die.
 Name] Child hatch
 Body strength] 4500
 Magical power] 2000
 Attack Power] 4450
 Endurance] 6000 (enhanced)
 Quickness] 6000 (enhanced)
 Intelligence] 3350
 Fortune 2750
 Special Skill] The conjugating needle

The parent hatch created by the summoner's awakening skill "Wangtai" of Insect A
 Name】 Parent Hatch
 Body strength] 9000
 Magical power] 4000
 Attack Power] 8900
 Endurance] 12000 (enhanced)
 Quickness] 12,000 (enhanced)
 Intelligence] 6700
 Fortune] 5500
 Skill: Working needle, spawning

 When Bug A's summoner is killed, the parent and child hatches it spawned will disappear.

 Together with the 500 baby hatches that were spawned, you will start to eradicate the monsters that are attached to the outer walls of the city of Neal.

 Apparently, there are quite a few monsters lurking around the city, and there are also pagans and giant monsters that will be coming to Neil's city.

 While eradicating them, the A-ranked monsters are being used to plant golden beans around the city.

What does this mean?

Are you saved?

 The soldiers, who were desperately clutching their spears on the outer wall, did not know what happened.
 A huge insect monster that looked like a flying dragon appeared and crushed the monsters on the wall with its needles and jaws.

 The new monsters that have arrived are no longer accessible as the golden beanstalk planted inside the outer wall grows.

 Since we split up into two groups, it took us less than an hour to eradicate the area around the outer wall.
 We even took out the evil-doers who were not sure if they could be saved.

We ended up beating them.

I don't know what the right answer is. I don't know what the right answer is.

 I tell Cecil that there was no way to defeat it.
 Just to be sure, I tried several times to use the blessings of heaven and savory vegetables to see if I could turn him from a pagan to a human, but to no avail.

What are you going to do now? Going to Keel's place?

 Cecil is going to ask me about the future.
 We split up the outer wall into two groups and destroyed the monsters, so we're all here, leaving Keel, Krsna, and Dogora.

No, wait a minute. I'll give the summonses new instructions. And I'm sure this city isn't the only one that can help.

 The city of Neal, which had arrived where the gates were destroyed, could be said to have been saved just in time.
 However, I predicted that there were many cities and villages that were still in danger of being destroyed.

 Now that I know the strength of these monsters, I'll leave the used monsters and send all the summons, parent hatches and child hatches to search and destroy them.
 There was a bird A summoner and an A-ranked monster beast for transfer, so I let the spirit A summoner take the golden beans.

Okay, we don't have much time. You're up. Hayate.

(With an enemy of this strength and number of enemies, I think the strategy I had in mind last night should be fine.

 Allen summons 10 summons of Beast A.
 Then Fenrir appears.
 A Norse mythical beast of silver and fifteen meters in height, with fierce eyes, long, sharp fangs, and muscular limbs with vicious claws.

"I guess it's my time at last, isn't it? Master Allen.

 Beast, fish, dragon, and spirit strains can basically speak.
 At A rank, the line of summons that can speak is also increased by the angelic line of Merus.

Yeah, we're running out of time right now. You know the priorities?

"Yes. You're rescuing villages and towns rather than destroying monsters. I already have a map in my head.

Yeah, yeah. If you don't know if he's a pagan or just a man on the run, you can ignore him. Also, the map only shows large towns. Help us with the neighboring villages and small towns if you can.

 I'm going to tell them the priority.
 The summoned beasts of Beast A will now run to the rescue.

 Sort] Beast
 [Rank] A
 Name] Hayate

 Physical strength] 10000
 Magic] 8000
 Attack Power] 10000
 Endurance] 7000
 Quickness] 9800
 Intelligence] 7500
 Fortune 6600
 Protection: Strength 200, Attack 200, increased heart rate
 Special Skill] Gale Attack, shrinkage
 Awakening: Instant Wolf Killer

 The Kago has increased strength and attack power, and its speed through the land surpasses that of any other flying summoner.
 Ten Beast A summons carry Spirit A and Bird A summons on their backs to rush to the rescue of cities and villages.
 Spirit A's summons carry multiple golden beans and heavenly blessings.

 At Allen's signal, Beast A's summoner runs across the sparsely wooded, lush land.
 The summons of Bug A, the parent hatch, and the child hatch are also moved in groups of about 50 animals.

I wonder if there are any cities that could be saved yet.

I heard something happened in the Church City of Theomenia four days ago. In the meantime, let's just hope the only thing that's out there is the magical beast that attacked Neil's city.

"So. What's going on in Theomenia now?

 Allen answers Cecil's concerns.
 Something happened in the Church City of Theomenia four days ago and the city is overrun with magical beasts and pagans.
 There are cities and villages of all sizes around the Church City of Theomenia.
 They must be rescued from the cities and towns that are within the distance of the monsters' ability to travel in four days.

 Beast A summonses that specialize in movement and speed will be able to catch up with the monsters' movements.
 Allen replies while looking at the trail of Beast A, which has already run away and disappeared.

 Cecil checks out Theomenia's situation.

"Maybe it's hopeless for survivors.

 In the vision shared with Merus, I can see the devastated Theomenia.
 A short time ago, Merus had also arrived in Theomenia, but there appeared to be no survivors.

 There is a scorched city.
 Evildoers are shown wandering about, and it is unlikely that any survivors will be found.

What's that? (There's something hovering at the back of the temple)

 I heard that a pillar of fire had gone up in the square in Theomenia.
 I go to the square, which may have been the center of the situation, the execution platform in the square and the fence between it and the bleachers have been extinguished, but the pillar of fire is already gone and there is no one there.

 However, in the vision I shared with Merus, at the back of the temple that seems to be enshrining the god of creation, Elmea, a pillar of pale blue-white light stands with a heavenly force.
 And the pillar of blue-white flame was changing angles in the sky and flying toward the horizon.

''Yeah, it's pretty tough. That's pretty tough.

"Yeah, well, let's just meet up with Keel and the others.

 It was Allen who said he was going to join up with Keel and the others to decide on the future course of action.