317 Chapter 310 Believers ①

 Together with his friends, Allen and his team destroyed the magical beasts that were approaching the city of Neal.
 Most of them turned into undead dressed in clothes and had logs in their grimoires and pagans.

 As for the monsters that come closer, I'll leave them to the Ogre King and Troll King, who are used by Bug A's summons.
 Dozens of them surround the city at equal intervals to fight off the new monsters that arrive.

 Send your summonses to rescue the people who are being attacked by these monsters.
 Meanwhile, I've sent Merus to investigate what's going on in Theomenia.

 Aren and the others ride Bird B's summons to the crowd of people in front of the city's gates.
 Merle has also returned Tam-Tam to his grimoire and is with Allen and the others.

Looks like it's settled.

"Yeah, I guess they're moving the conversation along, too.

 You can see that Kiel is talking to the priests and gathering them together.
 There's something very fierce about his face.
 Maybe he's thinking about what it means to have defeated the pagans.
 I think he knows what he has to do now.

 People look in amazement as they land in the crowd.
 Earlier, we were attacked by monster beasts as Bird B was summoned.

 However, it doesn't seem to make much of a fuss as most of the city's eyes are on Keel.
 Keel is being gazed at as if he were looking at something noble.

(As I recall, to the Elmerians, such restorative positions as monks are a miracle given by God to save people?

 Allen recalls his theology classes at the school.
 The restorative ministry, which heals people from their suffering, is the very teaching of Jermae.

 Therefore, it is said that children who are gifted in the recovery profession are invited to join the Church of Elmere as miracle children.
 I've heard that a child who was gifted as a monk at the same age as Allen underwent a ceremony of evaluation and was later admitted to the Elmere Church.

And this one, Master Keel?

 One of the priests asks Keel as Allen and his friends arrive.

(The Golden Holy King is called Lord Keel.)

 In Elmerianism, where clergy are worshipped, Keel is a miracle who saved people in a desperate situation.
 I'm not sure why I got a glare from Keel, as Allen and Cecil were looking at me like I was being called "Master Keel".

"You're all members of the party I'm in, and the guy with the dark hair is Allen. He's the leader of the party.

"Allen? S-ranked adventurer's?

(Oh?) You know who I am? (Hmm?)

 There is a priest who is aware of Allen's S-rank adventurer appointment, which has been reported in the last 10 days or so.

Could it be that you sent a distress signal to the world?

Yes. My name is Priest Nikolai. Is that why you're here?

(So he was a priest who was well versed in communication mages. So he was able to send a distress call.

 I wonder if he knew that Allen had become an S-ranked adventurer because he is usually in a position to send and receive information with his communication mages.

 Priest Nikolai showed a look of disbelief.
 It was yesterday before noon when he sent the distress call.

 Even if we send a distress call and get on a high-speed magic ship from another continent, it will take at least five days to get there.
 It would take time to prepare for the departure and also to decide to send a rescue when such a strange situation occurred in the first place.
 I was despairing that help would not come from sending a distress call.

 It's hard to believe, but the cleansing spell Keel created right in front of me is a miracle.
 Keel decided that the composition of the monsters made it almost impossible for them to attack from a distance, so he equipped two rings that increase intelligence by 5,000 and used a cleansing spell that increases the power of the increase in intelligence.
 Thanks to this, I continued to purify the magical beasts from the side of the inundation.

 If Allen, the first S-ranked adventurer born in 20 years with the title of "Summoner of the Beginnings," and his companions arrived, I was forcibly convinced that such a miraculously quick rescue was possible.
 Tam Tam also floats a bit away from the outer wall.

Yes, it is. So, could you tell me what happened a little more specifically?

 Allen asks what he wants to hear the most.
 If the man in front of you is the priest who sent the distress call after escaping from the Church City of Theomenia, I want to find out what happened then.

 I have no idea what's going on at the moment, or what the right thing to do is.

So, since we're not going to talk about it, come on over.

"No, there's no time for that. This isn't the only city that was attacked. I will be on my way as soon as I know what happened, so would you mind telling me what happened?

 You can't take your time checking the situation over tea and snacks, Allen assured her.
 If the situation is still being overrun by magical beasts, you need to know what happened first and decide how you should move forward.

That's right. The story is exactly as I told you on the distress call.

 Saying this, he explained the situation at that time.
 Some of the priests around me had also escaped from Theomenia, so I began to understand the situation more accurately.

 Three days ago, at noon, at exactly 12:00 noon, the execution of the evil guru Gushala-Servilor was to take place.
 The place is the main square of Theomenia, that's what we have heard so far.

 And on that day, the square was filled with pagan believers from Theomenia's square.

"Does this mean you want to stop the executions?

It is so. That's what happened as a result of the widespread communication within the country to teach us how much Oyasama Gushala has done and what the results of that have been.

 They say that the evil guru Gushala has spread throughout the Elmar religion to teach his followers how much evil he has done over the past few decades and will be burned at the stake that day.

 It took a long time to spread the word, as the magic of communication is not deployed in every city.
 As a result, the day of his execution was delayed by more than a month.

 On the day of the execution, a large number of believers, including those from neighboring countries, gathered in Theomenia to stop the execution of Patriarch Gushala.
 Even though the square was quite large, they had to build a fence to keep the believers from crowding in, and they even sent a lot of God's soldiers to deal with them.

 It is said that Oyasama Gushala was tied to the cross and was about to set fire to the firewood and straw at her feet when she shouted with a loud voice, "I have become one with God!

I have become one with God. I will be reborn from the fire!

 Then it was set on fire and Guru Gushala was engulfed in flames amidst the distressed cries of his followers.

 But something happened.
 The flames enveloping Gushala's body grew huge.

 The flames took on a human form and screamed loudly once more.

I have risen. Believers in me. I give you the power of salvation.

 Then the huge flame in the shape of a man became a pillar of fire.
 At that point, many people were consumed by the flames, and the priests and priestesses ran away.

 On that day, more than a million followers of the Hermetic and pagan religions gathered in Theomenia, as they called on their followers to witness the execution of the guru Gushala.
 They struggled to get away through the crowd, and that was the last time they saw Gushala.

 She then managed to escape outside the city of Theomenia, but from within the city, undead-like monsters were coming out to chase her.
 Trolls and ogres were among them, and those who were able to escape were more desperate to get away.
 Those who weren't strong enough to escape were quickly caught and killed by the monsters.

Oh, I see. Thank you very much.

 Allen thanks the priest for remembering and telling him with a sad face.

(Is it true that the guru turned his followers into pagans? Are trolls and ogres also the end of the believers? (Or that there are other forces at work that we do not yet know)?

"Allen, what do you do?

." "Well . No doubt we'll go to Theomenia, but first, we have to save the city and the village. But before that, I have one more thing to check.


 Maybe the Church City of Theomenia has all the answers.
 And the people of the suffering cities and villages must be saved.
 But first there is work to be done, says Allen.

(You should know what it takes for a believer in paganism to become a pagan.

 Allen believes that it is imperative for a believer in paganism to know the conditions that make him a pagan.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

 Allen asked the large crowd of people staring at them.
 Since Allen and his friends had said they would be here to listen to what he had to say, there was a large crowd here staring at them and the priest.

It's not paganism, then!

 Then a young woman, who would be in her twenties holding a baby, exclaimed, "Hmm?

Hmm? What about you?

"I am a follower of the Gushala Holy Church.

 What's that and Allen looks at Elmerian Priest Nikolai.

"The founder of the pagan religion preaches his own teachings as the 'Holy Gushala Sect'.

 To Allen's question, a follower of the "Gushala Holy Church" came forward.