322 315 Battle of the Devil Ricao Rong ②

 Merle's Vulcan blast blows away Lycaolon.

"Hmmm, that's the power of a Vulcan gun with an attack power of 30,000. I can only imagine how romantic this is.

Hey . Don't be impressed, we have to get away. This temple is going to collapse!

 Several of the main pillars are already ruined, and the magnificent temple begins to collapse in the middle.
 Allen is shaken with emotion, but Cecil's words bring him back to his senses, and he and his team climb out of the temple, which has begun to collapse from the ceiling.
 The walls and pillars, which collapsed along with the ceiling, fall like dominoes as they pass through the ceiling on Bird B's summoner, and they completely collapse.

'Hey, didn't Priest Nikolai say the temple was hundreds of years old?

 Keel is stunned as he looks at the collapsed temple.

"Sacrifices have to be made. It's important to defeat the demon first.

 To my friends, it's like it was all done by a demon god.


 Merus is silent, but he seems to remember Allen's actions so far.

"Well, it looks like this Lycaolon guy is still alive.

(The witnesses must be dealt with.)

 I look at the grimoire, but the log that says I defeated the genie is not flowing.
 When you think you need to put a stop to it, the collapsed roof is suddenly blown off, revealing a bloody Lycaolon.

 The right side of his body is badly burned and his feet are wobbly, it seems that a direct hit would not be enough to keep even a demon god safe.
 While it was fast, its durability might have been lower than other demon gods.

(Well, it's not a normal attack with 30,000 attack power.

 Merle's Tam-Tam didn't simply hit him.
 This is the power of a Vulcan cannon that consumes 1,000 magical power to fire a single shot.

"You! The altar! An altar to Lord Gushala! Kill! Definitely kill! Be prepared!

 He seems more furious that the altar has been blown away without a trace than that he almost died in the surprise attack.
 The pillar of light that reaches to the heavens has already disappeared.

 Licaolon's figure grows vicious and huge.
 Licaolon's anger was being brought to the fore and he seemed to be transforming.

(I see... so this altar is collecting power and carrying it somewhere?)

 The words of Demon God Licaolon, "To Lord Gushara," gave Allen a certain amount of analysis.

 What Licaolon calls an altar seems to be some kind of power gained by the demon king's army by turning people into evildoers.

 Even before Aren and the others fought, Merus did not answer any of his questions to Licaolon, even though he asked him several times.
 Therefore, he decided to destroy the altar in front of Licaolon and see what his reaction would be.
 It would be even better if Merle could defeat it with a Vulcan gun from Tam-Tam.

 I had Merus aim at the altar with his first attack to see how it would react.

 The original viciousness of Lycaolon's face just keeps getting more vicious.
 The horns grow uselessly, and the claws and fangs grow as well, making Licaolon's transformation seem all too common.
 It seems to grow about two sizes too.

"You're pretty pissed off.

 Cecil says, thinking that the enemies fighting Allen are always furious.
 And Cecil and his rearguard go up into the sky on the bird B summoned by Allen.
 The range of recovery and attack magic is quite wide, so you can safely recover and attack from the sky.
 Besides, now that you are out of the temple and can move around freely, there is no need to fight on the ground.

Right. Let's go finish up now. Krena, release the extra skill.


 Allen looks at Merus while watching Krsna refract his body like a shimmering fire.
 Merus falls backward and disappears intact.

 On the torn roof, the battle against the transformed Lycaolon resumes.

The Lieutenant!

 Krena has increased her entire status by 3,000, but with Licaolon's transformation, the power gap doesn't seem to have narrowed at all.
 Lycaolon swung down his greatsword and blasted Krena into the rear guard's area.

''This is stalling. Crenna and Dogora, you need to focus on guarding the rear guard.

 I tell Klarna and Dogora, who is very determined to do it, not to overdo it.
 I know that Lycaolon has transformed and grown stronger, so I tell him to form up and protect the rear guard.

Do you have a better plan than this? We won't get attacked like we did before.

 Lycaolon's transformation seems to have almost recovered the damage he has done.
 His movements are fluid and unobtrusive.
 It is also alert for Vulcan fire from ultra-long distances, and fights to stay too far away from Aren and the others.
 The Bird F Summoner's Awakening Skill "Transmission" has a one-day cool time, so I've already regenerated it into a new Bird F Summoner.
 And from outside the city, Tam Tam continues to watch the battle with Lycaolon with the muzzle of a Vulcan gun pointed at him.
 At this rate, a second Vulcan shot might be difficult.
 But Allen and his men's plan isn't to chase them down with Vulcan.

"They're here. I guess this is it, huh?

 Merus came back using the summoner's homing instinct of bird A.

"Hey, hey, there's some serious fighting going on here.

That's right. This demon god did it all. That's inexcusable.

"I feel like the Ten Eigenes are getting cheaper, is it my imagination?


 Lycaolon flinches for a moment at the beastmen who came with Merus.

 I asked Merus to ask Lepe the musician and Temi the astrologer, who were already on maneuvers in Rosenheim, to bring me to the rear where Cecil and the others were.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that it was just the two of you. I'm still here.

"No problem . Mr. Lepe, Temi, I'm sorry. I need assistance.

Huh, well, that's what it was about. But something tells me the world is different, but it looks like it's just you. Allen.

 The musician Lepe is dumbfounded by the fact that he seems to be able to play an instrument to assist you.
 Although Lepe has been in the Beast Kingdom of Albahar all his life, I thought at first that the world's common sense is different from the Beast Kingdom.
 The more I talked with Hermios, the dwarves and the elves in Rosenheim, the closer I got to answering the question, the more I realized that Allen was the only one who was wrong.
 Temi also assists Lepe as he plays.

 The assistance will help Krsna move much better, but she is still no match for Licaolon.

"Well, Sophie. Now, Sophie.

 I'm going to give you instructions with a bang.
 For today's battle, I had a plan for today's defeat all laid out by last night.

"Ha-ha-ha. Good luck.

 After receiving Sophie's instruction, Rosen, the Spirit God, sways his hips and applies the "Spirit King's Blessing" to me.
 Lepe, Temi's buff and the Spirit King's Blessing will increase your status by 30%.

Krsna, your foot!

"Yeah, hey! High King Sword!


(Oh! (After all, like Razel, the attack finally got through)

 Krsna's Extra Skill 'Break the Limit' hasn't run out yet, so she uses Krsna's High King's Sword to deliver a powerful blow to Lycaoron's massive thigh.

 The great sword dives deep into the thigh, reaching more than halfway up the thickness of the leg, and Licaolon's expression of agony is evident even as he transforms.

"Merus, next.


 Saying that, Merus kicks with all his might.


"Aiming for the feet? What the hell are you doing?

 The same is true for Merus, whose status was increased.
 With his increased status, he kicks the other leg, snapping Lycaolon's leg, the one Krsna slashed at.

 Likaolon is hit in both legs, and he realizes that his legs were broken for some kind of mission.

"Cecil, are you ready?

It's okay.

 In response, Cecil began to rise on the bird B summoner.
 The body refracted and became like a shimmering fire.
 Allen runs straight to Licaolon.

''Haha! You thought if you lost both legs, the magic would happen! Fool!

 Destroy the two legs of the fast and highly mobile Lycaolon and defeat him with magic.
 I understood it was that simple.
 Licaolon clenches his fists and delivers a powerful blow to the oncoming Allen.

 You'll be able to duck at the last second.
 He's on the verge of ducking, and is bleeding from the side of his body, but he manages to reapproach.
 He then places his palm on Likaolon's belly.

 "What are you doing? What do you mean?" said Likaolon, about to say.

 Likaolon's vision changes at once.
 I don't know where it is, but I know it's outside the city.

"Hey! And bye!

 Taking a momentary break as Lycaolon tried to understand the situation, Allen delivered another blow to the belly, and then the figure of Allen disappeared before his eyes.
 And then Allen's figure disappeared in front of me.

''Gu! What?

 Allen's attack didn't do much damage, but you can see firsthand what was done to him and what the plan was.
 Both of his legs were destroyed and he was flung out of the city, and a huge burnt rock fell from the sky.
 Cecil released the extra skill "micrometeorite" into the exact position that Allen had planned.
 I'm not sure I'll be able to duck the rock, which is over 100 meters high, with my legs.

 Licaolon chooses to catch it with both hands.

Gunnohhhh! Hey, this can happen, blah, blah, blah, stupid! Allen, don't think it's over now!

 You resist desperately, burning your arms, but the massive body is beginning to bury itself.
 Still, it's not going to kill the power of the big rock.
 Lycaolon is being crushed.
 A brief smile of anger crosses his face, but Allen cannot see it.