323 Howling.

"Wind, we did it! How do you think we can beat it?

You don't need to peek so much, I'll show you.

 Cecil lurks behind me as I try to see if there is a log of Lycaoron's defeat in Allen's grimoire.

Merle, we're about to find out if we beat him. (Merle, we'll find out if you were able to defeat him soon, so fire the Vulcan cannon if you didn't.)

"Got it!

 Only one Merle, waiting outside Theomenia, responds.
 Merle is still on top of the hill in the open air, riding his Tam-Tam, with his Vulcan gun at the ready.
 If this blow doesn't bring them down, they intend to give them a follow-up attack.
 Allen has transferred Lycaolon to a position where Merle can chase him down.
 And now the chunk of rock from the micrometeorite that crushed Licaolon sits above like a tombstone, so Merle can see exactly where to aim.

 But it seems to be unnecessary.
 The demon god Lycaolon did not come out from under the huge rock Cecil had released.

''A demon god is down. Your level has increased to 83. Your strength has been increased by 100. Your magic power has been increased by 160. Attack power has been increased by 56. Endurance has been increased by 56. Speed has been increased to 104. Knowledge has been increased to 160. Good luck has been increased by 104.

 Allen could feel his status had increased.

That's right, we've defeated the demon gods!

(Woohoo! Levels are up. (Tête-à-tête)

 This grimoire does not have a sound effect function, so you can't help but play the level-up sound effect in your mind.


 Crenna jumps to answer.

That's working pretty well, Allen.

Well, thanks to Merus' research on fighting techniques. Keel made a great recovery.

How many times have you died because of it?

 I asked Merus to rematch several times over the past three days to get to know the characteristics of Lycaolon's fighting style.
 Allen offers words of praise to everyone.

 Again, Keel's recovery has helped me a lot.
 Basically, he was able to use the vanguard as a shield while recovering at the right time so that the front line did not collapse.

The homing instinct worked. (Okay, okay, the homing instinct worked.) The enemy-recognized state limits your transition, but it depends on how you use it.

 Allen sums up this battle as an almost flawlessly executed operation.

 Although I used Bird A's summoner's nesting instincts, you can move your friends and supplies fairly freely, but enemy-recognized monsters and hexenbiests are restricted in their transferability.
 You can move your companions and supplies anywhere within a one-kilometer radius without touching them.
 For now, they're only restricted as long as they're not stuck in the ground.
 However, if you try to transfer an enemy to the enemy by the homing instinct, there are two restrictions.

You have to stay in direct contact with it.
Only a range of 1 km can be transferred

 It wasn't that useful when fighting huge bottom-level bosses and golems, where a large number of friends were crowded in between them.
 And under these conditions, Allen has to touch them, so the maximum number of opponents he can fly is one or two.

 The summoner's specialties and awakening skills seem to balance out the whole by setting these restrictions.

 Despite the constraints, they can still catch you off guard and make it easier for you to apply magic and attacks.
 And you can displace the micrometeorite that turned Cecil evil.
 Now that the strategy is working, I'm going to record my findings in my grimoire later to see if I can continue to use it in the future.

Thank you Temi and Lepe for this time. It helps that the war has already formed a raiding party and the battle has already begun.

"Yeah, yeah. So, I'm sorry, but we're on a mission. If you think you're okay, you're welcome to come back.

"Oh? I'm tired, and I need a break. Allen, give me another Mormo nut.

"Yes, Mr. Repe. Dried meat as well.

Thank you.

 After the battle, Lepe comes to Allen and asks for something, I give him a couple of Mormo berries, but it looks like he didn't get enough.
 He interrupted Temi and gave her some more Mormo berries and dried meat from the grimoire.
 Temi is on a mission beside Lepe and wants him to return to Rosenheim, but Lepe complains that it's too early.

 At a meeting after Aren and his friends have flown to Elmar, Prince Zeus tells the elves that he doesn't want to fight on a fortress.
 He continued, "Defending against attack is not the way of the beastmen. We will organize our troops and attack the demon king's army".

 The assembled elven generals did not understand what he said at first.
 But Marshal Sigur realized that the strategy made a lot of sense.

 The elves specialize in two long-range attacks, spirit magic and the bow, and are more specialized in defending the fortress.
 With Allen's summons, the less the demon king's army reaches the fortress, the less the elven soldiers will be killed.

 Beastmen and elves have different battle styles.
 For the mobile beastmen, it would be better to have them move from the fortress and surprise the advancing demon king's troops from the side, which would result in less damage to the army.

 While Aren and the others saved the people from the pagans in Elmar and prepared for the battle against the demon gods, the movement of the demon king's army attacking the Central Continent, Baukis Empire and Rosenheim has also become much more visible.

 I estimate the number to be around two million, as usual before last year.
 There are no reserves, and the attackers are scattered in three locations: one million on the Central Continent, half a million in the Baukis Empire, and half a million in Rosenheim.

 Already on the central continent, they are in a fierce battle with the Demon King's army and their fortress.

 In the Baucis Empire, it is looming a considerable distance over the ocean.
 In Rosenheim, the Demon King's army has landed in the north and continues its march.

 This time the chain of command of the demon king's army is back unlike last year, and I heard from Helmyos the other day that the strategy is not so good.
 They're attacking places where Helmios isn't, or so I heard.

 Rosenheim also seems to have sensed the presence of the beastman raiders and is changing the direction of their march as they advance.
 That's where the astrologer Temi has an effective skill.

 She has a cheat skill that allows her to divine the probability of the demon king's army marching in which direction.
 You can effectively use Allen's summons to defeat all the monsters in the Demon King's army.

 Lepe complains that it's making him tired.

 Therefore, the battle against the Demon King's army has begun in Rosenheim, and they couldn't call everyone together.
 For the same reason, I couldn't call Helmios, who I called during the last battle against the Demon Goddess Razel, either.
 I thought that Rosetta the Phantom Thief would be able to take away the demon's skills, but since Licaolon seemed to be using all of his physical skills, I decided that there was no need for her to come.

But thank you for the help. I'll send you some supplies later.

 Then Allen comes back, transferring Temi and Lepe.

 Then he says to Dogora, "Dogora, say a little more naturally.

Dogora, try saying it a little more naturally. Well, Likaolon didn't find out. Thank you.

 Cecil pretending to cast a spell and firing a Vulcan cannon from the very long range of Merle.
 That was the plan.

Oh, that's right.

"Hmm? What's the matter. Dogora.

 Merle, who has already joined the others, looks worried.
 Crena looks into Dogora's face to see if something is wrong.
 Without regard to the eyes of the others, Dogora grips his big axe tightly and closes his eyes as he reflects on today's battle.

'd*mn it! Why can't I just activate extra skills?

 Dogora screamed over the crumbling temple.
 With a roar, he swung his axe with all his might and fell to his knees.

So you were betting on today. I've been thinking long and hard about it since yesterday.

 I think Dogora nodded his head and listened desperately to yesterday's strategy instructions.
 The fact that he fought against Lycaolon with such a ferocious look on his face, I think that he did not fear death and attacked bravely against an opponent whose status was many times greater than his own.

 Attacking isn't the only way to fight, and Dogora's moves were not bad at all.
 The fact that the rearguard was rarely attacked this time is also thanks to Dogora's desperate efforts to block Lycaolon's progress with his great shield.

 However, unlike Krsna, Extra Skill doesn't work.
 After activating Extra Skill, Krsna is able to provide an effective attack against the transformed Lycaolon.

 Lepe's attack power increase skill and the attack power increase necklace obtained from the reward for defeating the lowest level boss of an S-class dungeon also contributed to this strike.

 However, Dogora's attack failed to deliver an effective attack on the transformed Licaolon.
 That's because Extra Skill hasn't been able to use it since he fought the demon god Razel in Rosenheim.

It's about time, Merus. You might as well tell me. I don't know why you're hiding it.

 Allen thought the situation was unusual.
 Dogora could not activate the extra skill that everyone else could use.
 There's always a reason for this, and Merus seems to know why.

 It's time for you to talk to him,'' says Allen, who remains mute.

"I can't tell you. There's no way I can.

 No," replies Merus.

Is there a reason you can't tell me?

 So why can't you tell me, Allen asks.

...... says there's nothing wrong with being reasonable. If that's what you want to do, then I don't blame you.

 After thinking about something for a moment, the heavy mouth of Merus was open.