326 Art. 319. Beyond the Light

 The day after defeating the demon god Lycaoron in Theomenia, Allen and his friends are among the queens of Rosenheim.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you responded in such a short period of time.

"No. . The salvation of the Kingdom of Elmar is something that Rosenheim needs to deal with as well. Thanks to Master Allen, the land has been restored to this country.

Thank you. Well, I'll be in touch if I need anything else.

 Allen was in conversation with the queen in the temple at Forthenia in Rosenheim.
 Then, an elven soldier leads them to the temple.

 After a short walk through the temple, they arrived at a huge warehouse.
 It's a fairly large and deep warehouse.
 Open the door so high that you can look up and you'll find food piled up in bags.

"There's enough food for Forthenia to last the winter. Make yourself at home.

 The elves are proud to tell us.

 What you are doing now is giving food aid to Neil of Elmar.
 I asked Rosenheim for some food, and he said of course, and he gave me all the food in his pantry in the capital, Fortenia.

 Hundreds of thousands of elves have already returned, and they have no problem giving you all the food in Forthenia.

 I learned in school class that the Ghiamut Empire is the largest exporter of food in the world.
 The Ghiamut Empire has vast land and is said to have several granaries.
 They need large amounts of food for their wars, and they also sell food to the Baukis Empire to buy their magic tools.

 Rosenheim, with a population of only a few tenths of the Ghiamut Empire, exports very little food because it only produces enough for its own consumption.

 There is a difference between not making food and not being able to make it.

 In Rosenheim, where there are many spirit wizards, there are also many users of wood, earth and water spirit magic.
 Sophie can also manifest a wood spirit.
 It seems to work very well with spirits.

 With their spirit magic, if you want to produce food, you can produce as much food as the Giumut Empire.

 And they have only increased food production last year in anticipation of the recovery from the war.

 And so, in April, at the end of winter and the time of year when we need to increase our food supply, a large amount of food was given to me.

 The queen has told me that even if the Fortenia pantry is empty, the food can be adjusted from the neighboring cities.

Then. Thank you. Now, let's fly.


 Along with the elven soldiers who were guiding him, Allen and his companions made the transition.


 As soon as the transition occurs, the cheers go up.

This is ......

 Wannabe priest Nikolai comes up to you.

 This is near the city of Neil in Elmar.
 Allen and his friends told them they would bring food here, so the priests were waiting for them.

 Then they flew in with a pile of food.

"Thank you, sir.

I also asked the soldier in charge of the elves to come and see what kind of food we have. You'll hear the explanation later.

 The mountain of food is mostly grain, but there's a lot going on, so I had one of the elven soldiers come in to explain what's available.

(He's quite pleased, but food production will be desperate this year.)

 Small villages and towns suffered greatly from the attacks of the pagans.
 A city surrounded by a large wall like Neil could have prevented the invasion of the evildoers.
 However, it was impossible to prevent an invasion if the village was only fenced off with a wooden fence.

 Villages and towns that were responsible for food production in Elmar's country were attacked, and even now there are restrictions on movement.

 Assistance from neighboring countries has also been suspended, and magic ships are not operating.

 After a day of being bitten by an evildoer, you become an evildoer.
 The number may explode, but it will take time to destroy them.
 The solution to this problem is food aid.

 I will minimize the chance of going outside the city, and in the meantime, I will use my summons to wipe out the evildoers in Elmar.

 Bowing deeply, the priests thank you.
 It was a move that Allen had originally made because he thought it was necessary, and he hadn't asked for it.

That should take care of most of it. As for the summons, there may be fewer of them in the future, but rest assured that we will deal with them thoroughly.

 The summons of Bug A continues to give birth to the parent hatch and child hatch every day.
 They can fly and have great mobility.
 There are more than a thousand troll kings and ogre kings in service.
 They will also serve as guards to carry food from city to city.
 As you would expect, carrying food is a job for the Elmar Empire.

Thank you for everything.

 For a moment, I was going to say that I wanted to thank you slowly, but Merle has already sent down Tam-Tam.
 It looks like he's already moved on to the next one.

 Allen told me that he defeated the demon gods of Theomenia the other day.
 He also told me that the pagans and demonic beasts that roam Theomenia have been eradicated.
 It's already warded and safe.
 Future discussions will include movement to Theomenia.

 As the priests waved and bowed, Allen and the others climbed into the Tam-Tam (Mode Eagle).

"So, do you have the right direction?

"No problem. It was just south.

 Merle takes control of Tam-Tam in the cockpit.
 The destination is the temple in the church city of Theomenia, ahead of the pillar of light extending from the altar.

 Indeed, when the pillar of light rose into the sky, it was heading directly south.
 You can get a general idea of what's to come south.

 I predict that Gushala, the founder of the pagan religion, will be there.

 The pillar of light does not extend because Tam Tam's Vulcan cannon wiped out the entire altar.
 Since the pillar of light was growing just south of us, we are going to move south from Neil to Theomenia.

 In front of the pilot's seat of the Tam Tam Tam "Mode Eagle", the continent of the Allied countries is displayed.
 And it is well equipped with windows, with a view of the sky over the Allies from the front window.

"Excuse me, can I go back to my room for a moment?

 Dogora says as soon as he starts to move.

"Yeah, no problem. We'll call you if we need you.

 Allen tells him no problem.

 Dogora goes to his assigned room to do some gestures and strength training.
 Merus told me that there is a special extra skill, but that doesn't mean you can't use it.
 I don't know what the right answer is, but I've found out that you can get it after training, so I'm going to train you to do it even if you're on Tam-Tam.
 Because of Merus' coaxing, my training fever is even higher than ever.

 After half a day of traveling, they finally arrived at the center of the continent.

Hey, what's that? Is it an island?

"There's an island. Allen, there's an island floating in the water!

 Cecil and Crenna yelp as they see something that shouldn't be in front of them.

 Everyone can see the land through the front window of the cockpit, but Tam-Tam is flying at a reasonable altitude.
 If you fly too low, you'll be attacked by the monsters.
 From the perspective of Tam Tam, who was flying high to prioritize movement and reduce the burden on the guards, there's an island floating in the sky.
 I don't know what's driving the rather large island, but it's bare and cut off from the earth.

 And something like a white film of light can be seen on the whole surface of the island.
 The island itself is too big to see the full extent, but this film of light, which is the same color as the pillar of light, seems to cover the entire island in a spherical shape.

What do we do now? Closer?

 When the film of light is right in front of me, I'll stop Tam-Tam and see what I can do for Allen.

"For now, I want the full extent of the island. I want you to go around the island and stay away from the membrane of light.

I get it!

 The tom-tom keeps its position a little away from the membrane of light and begins to rise.
 The purpose of this is to see the full extent of the island because the island is floating.

It's about ten kilometers long. It's pretty big. Is there anyone on it?

 It looks like an island, craggy and devoid of any living creatures.
 The companions split up and peered out the windows on either side of the Tam-Tam (Mode Eagle) to see if there was anything.

"Huh? There's something on the island. A castle.

 Crenna noticed something through the window.
 Let's see what's coming through the window.

Yes, there's a castle on the mountain in the middle of the island. Is this a temple?

 Allen doesn't even know what this is, but it seems more like a temple than a castle.

 Everyone discovers the first structure at once.
 You can see that a rather large castle or temple of some sort is sitting on a mountainous area in the middle of the island.
 And in the middle of the temple something seems to be burning brightly.

 Allen transcribes the entirety of the island into a grimoire.
 Now you can draw what Allen saw as it is in the grimoire.

"That's it for the island. Let's see if there's anything else. Is that...

 I went from one end of the island to the other in midair, but Merle said that there was only a temple in the middle of the island.
 I thought that was all I would notice about the island, but then I saw one more thing that looked familiar.

Isn't that a pillar of light?

 Kiel said on behalf of what all his friends think.

 They came from the north to an island floating in the air on Tam-Tam.
 And from the cockpit of Tam-Tam, Allen and his friends saw a pillar of light stretching to the south of the island.

Then go to ......

"Perhaps that's what you're saying. The problem is not solved. There were still countries like Elmaar that were attacked by the pagans.

 Having made some relief about the Elmar State, Allen and his friends saw that a pillar of light continued far south and knew that more battles were waiting for them.