327 Episode 320 Team

 The pillar of light was not the only one.
 And Elmar was not the only country attacked.
 From the ecclesiastical city of Ermenia the light was rising vertically.
 From the south, the pillar seemed to pour into a film of light that covered the island horizontally.

What are we going to do?

 Cecil asks me what I'm going to do now.

 Through a pillar of light from the altar, he was gathering something on an island in the middle of the continent where the Confederacy is located.
 To the south, the people are probably being attacked by the pagans again.

No, there may be other pillars of light that traverse the island from above. I want you to circle the coastline of the island. Merle.

 I still only know that a pillar of light extends from the south end of the island.


 I asked Merle to take the Tam-Tam "Maud Eagle" to travel to the island so that there might be a pillar of light leading somewhere else.

 The island is only 10 kilometers or so long, so the perimeter of the island was about 30 kilometers.
 They quickly circled around the island and came back in front of the south pillar.

Three pillars? I didn't know three places were in that condition.

 Kiel has a bitter look on his face.
 There were three pillars of light extending from the island in the east, west, and south directions.
 The north one was destroyed, so there were originally four pillars.

So there were three. What to do. I mean, why didn't you know. Are they in such bad shape that they couldn't even send a distress call? (No, did it start late?)

 It's only been six days since we received the distress signal from the Elmar State.
 What's more, the demon was defeated yesterday and the road to recovery started today.
 Since the Elmaar Church has sent out a distress signal to the whole world, it's hard to believe that the other three countries will send a distress signal to the Elmaar Church.
 You wouldn't want a country that was already likely to be attacked and destroyed in the same situation to help you.

 For example, a city with a magic tool communication facility would be the first to be dropped and is not in a position to be contacted.

 Or you may be asking for help from neighboring countries, but the information has not yet reached Elmar, which is far away.

 Or you are not on good terms with your neighbors and did not send a distress call.

(I can't think of any reason why we should do this. What we should do now)

 As Allen takes stock of the situation in his mind, he considers the best course of action.

 While the others ponder what to do, Allen approaches the window in the cockpit.

Hmm? I can't summon it.

"Huh? What does that mean?

No, there's a temple in the middle of the island. Probably whoever planned this one, because we might be able to take him down and solve the problem.

 So I tried to summon the summoner outside the window, inside the island covered by the film of light, but it was impossible.
 It doesn't seem to be able to summon inside the membrane of light.

Perhaps a ward or something. Mister Allen can't summon them if there's a barrier.

 You can summon anything you see, but it will be treated as a barrier and you can't summon it inside the membrane of light.
 So I summon Insect A to the outside of the membrane of light.

Hatch, destroy this film of light!


 Bug A's summoner tries to pierce the membrane of light that covers the entire island with a giant needle in its abdomen.
 If a human is stabbed by this thing, it won't just leave a hole in the wind.


Oops. Allen, look out!

 The moment the needle in the abdomen of Bug A's summoner hits the membrane of light, a flash of light occurs at the tip of the needle.
 Then Merle rushes to grab the stick as Bug A's summoner is blown away by the impact.
 An A-ranked summoner doesn't seem to be able to break the membrane of light.

 I'll give Merle a look to see if he can't destroy it, but the result will be the same.

"A ward. Hmmm, if you destroy all the pillars of light, these wards will disappear or something like that.

 Merle joins in, attacking again and again, but sorting out the situation while watching it bounce back and blow away.

(I guess we have our priorities now.)

Well, we need to split up into three.

 Deja vu words were uttered by Keel.
 When the kingdom of Elmar was attacked, there was a debate as to whether we should go to the church capital, Theomenia, or the city of Neal where we sent the distress call, or whether we should split up.

'No, perhaps, but isn't there a demon god in front of every pillar and altar?

 As was the case in the Church City of Theomenia, there is probably a demon god to protect the altar.
 It's not very much, but eight of us split up into three groups, and it's unlikely we'll be able to match them, Aren said.
 Together with Merus, there are nine of them.

We're still talking about splitting up. There was a demon god before the altar in Theomenia. I don't have to fight a Hexenbiest. We're helping people who are troubled by pagans and hexenbiests. Why don't we just focus on that?

 This time, Keel didn't break.

True. But it could bring out the genie in you.

 I think what Kiel says is reasonable .
 But the demon gods guarding the altar are not always waiting for you in front of the pillar of light, putting forward a sense of bossiness .

 Allen basically works with safety first.

"Allen, have a little faith in us. If there's a demon god, you can run away or use your summons to communicate with him.

 Allen hears those words and looks at his friends.
 They all seem to have the same idea, except for Allen.

 We will split up into three groups and prioritize saving the people from the evildoers.
 Except perhaps the demon gods, they are probably made up of evildoers below the A-rank and giant monsters.
 If you only have to deal with them, it doesn't matter if you divide your party into three.
 Everyone seems to think that the best thing to do now is to save the people and not fight against the demon gods.
 If you meet a strong enemy, you can have Allen come to your aid or use a summoner to escape.

"...... Really. You're right. I was too worried about safety. We'll split the party. I'll think about it for a minute and make a bag of 100 savory vegetables, blessings of heaven, golden beans, and silver beans. And get Dogora over here.

 With that said, he takes them out of storage and into the cockpit in units of 100, giving instructions for this and that.

(Even if it's divided into three parts, it's still not a problem. If you want to take them all, I'd say the limit is about 200 each. If it's still not enough, you need to replenish the stock.

 Allen continued to distribute his own recovery pills to the warring nations of the Gearmut Empire, the Baukis Empire, Rosenheim, and now the Elmal Kingdom in this turmoil.
 However, while attacking the dungeon, he has been increasing his stock while also generating them for a disgusted Merus.
 We still have enough stock and it's not going to run out anytime soon.

 Each stock
Gold beans 6800
Silver beans 6800
Heavenly blessings 30,000
Savory Vegetables 15,000
Seeds of magic 50,000
Leaves of Life 1000000

 Inventory of magical stones
S-Rank 6895
A-rated 10,000
B-rated 2.4 million
C-rated 1 million
D-Rank 70,000
E-rated 10 million

"Summons also call from Elmarian countries?

"Yeah. We also need to sort out the summonses that have been operating in different parts of the world.

 Considering how to divide the party, we will also organize the 80 summoner slots.
10 in the northern part of the Ghiamut Empire
20 bodies north of Rosenheim
15 Elmarian bodies (10 of which will be moved to the West East)
Rodin Village and 5 others
10 summonses of birds A for transfer

 Allen removed the beast A and all the summonses of the Elmar Church, which had nearly 30 of them active.
 He also deleted the Spirit A summons, leaving one summoned beast for contact.
 We already have enough insect A summons and the A-ranked demon beasts that we've used.

 Now we can send ten summons to the east, west and south.
 Once you put the A-ranked summons back on the card, the parent and child hatches disappear and the beast you used dies.
 This seems to be the weakness of the seemingly all-powerful summoner of Bug A.

 I'll fly them to the east and west of the confederacy.

Then let's announce the teams.

 I've been thinking about this and that at the same time, but now that we have a team, I'm going to announce the team members.

Team. Oh! It's a team.

 Allen's companions are aware of a different concept than the organization registered with the Adventurer's Guild led by Allen: the Party.

 It's called a team, and there are currently eight of us, but it's not always more efficient to have all eight of us working together.
 Kreena and the others have changed jobs and become much stronger.
 Allen believes that this was proven by their battle with Lycaolon.

"That's right. Krena, I'd like to announce three teams and their leader.

 A "team" is a small group within a party, each with its own team leader.
 I've talked to everyone about the concept, but I didn't expect it to work out this way, but it's inevitable.
 This time, Allen felt that Keel's opinion was the right one.


"I'll go east first. Allen, Cecil, Dogora.

Yeah, I wonder if the leader is Allen.

"Yes. Cecil. I'll be team leader of three.

"In the south, that's Kiel, Merus, and Krena.

"Yeah, I get it. Who is the team leader?

 The Kurrena gives the team leader a look that says he's good.
 Kurrena's eyes sparkle brighter than ever.

"Yeah. I think I'd like to take Melus.

"No, Mister Allen. Can the humans do this?

 Merus, who has already given up on the destruction of the light membrane and is in the cockpit, says he won't be the leader.

"I see. That's true. Then I'll take the keel.

"Yeah, okay. That's what I said.

 And the sparkle is fading from Klarna's eyes.
 Klarena is clearly unhappy, but if Merus won't do it, then Kiel is the one to choose.
 I'll follow up with Klarena to make sure she's ready to lead.

Finally, going west are Sophie, Formal and Merle. Sophie, Formar, and Merle will be the team leader.


 For a moment, Sophie's face tensed up.

'Yes. Sophie. Keel, listen to me.


"My sparrow and my brother will be with you, so you can listen to me. But whatever happens, you'll have to make your own decision. That's what leaders are for.

 You can accompany the bird A summoner so he can help in transition or advise on the spirit A summoner.
 But since I've entrusted you with the leader, I'm basically telling you to make your own decisions.

You're right. I understand.

I understand.

Sophie. I'll tell you again, I'll leave it all up to you to set your own priorities.


 Sophie replied, this time with clarity and confidence.

(I guess it goes something like this. What a perfect balance.

 Allen and Merus, who can summon, are naturally divided, and team "Sophie" is less able to cope.
 Team "Sophie" balances out by placing Sophie, who can manifest spirits, and Merle, who pilots Tam-Tam.
 It's just right, since Sophie and Merle are now the only ones with a head start, except for Allen and Merle.
 We've also taken into account the vanguard and rear guard.

 This is how we decided on the destination, team members, and team leader.

 East: Allen (leader), Cecil, Dogora
 South: Kiel (leader), Klarna, Merus
 West: Sophie (leader), Folmar, Merle

Okay, I'll say goodbye now. Take care of everyone.


 Thus, for those seeking help at the end of the pillar of light, the party was divided into three teams of Allen and his friends.