328 Episode 321 Team Sophie ① Westward

 Merle's mithril golem, the Tam Tam Tam "Mode Eagle," continues to fly westward.
 Underneath the tom tom, a pillar of light stretches horizontally in the direction it is traveling, but beyond it is far to the west, with no end in sight.
 It's been flying westward for hours now, but it stretches on forever.

 There are three of them and a few summonses in the slightly larger control room.

It's looking a bit lonely out there, but there's a lot more to come.

 Looking out, Sophie says.
 The continent where the Allies are located has a large mountain range and forests near the center, but this area seems to be a much drier land.
 The arid land, with a sparse number of trees, changes as it advances.

 I look beyond the pillar of light, wondering what lies beyond the fading green of nature.
 There won't be much hope left beyond that, and Sophie's face darkens.

"Yeah, at this rate, we'll be flying to the edge of the continent tomorrow morning.

 Sophie's words were close to a soliloquy, but there were few people to talk to here.
 Thinking he was being spoken to, Merle says, looking at the position of Tam Tam on the map for the continent of the Allies displayed on the front of the cockpit.

 Here are Merle, Sophie, Folmar, and the summonses of Bird A and Spirit A.
 The members of Team Allen and Team Keel are not in the middle of this allied continent to start their separate actions in the middle of the continent.
 Two of the three teams have gone out riding the summoner of bird B.

 In addition, outside of Tam Tam, the summonses of Bug A have spawned a parent hatch and a baby hatch and are following behind.
 This is because the beast A and spirit A summons that used to operate in the Elmar Church were put away to free up space for them to be summoned.
 Originally, I had allocated a good portion of my 30 summons quota to eradicate all the monsters in Elmar, but the situation has changed now that I have three new pillars of light.
 The parent hatch, child hatches, and emissaries of A-ranked monsters were given the task of eradicating the Elmar religion.

 The eradication process that was supposed to take a month or so might take close to half a year, if not a year.

 It's April, and this year's rice planting has just begun.
 We've already asked the Queen of Rosenheim for additional food aid.
 When I told her that three pillars of light have grown, and that more countries may need food aid, Allen was told by the queen that it's no problem at all.

 Already some of Insect A's summonses from the Elmar Kingdom in the northern part of the continent have begun to migrate toward the east and west, with the parent hatch and child hatch in tow.

 The summons are being dragged by Tam Tam and will soon be joined by the summons.
 And due to the fact that it is flying at the speed of the baby hatch, it is moving somewhat slowly.
 I don't know how far this pillar of light extends, but it will reach the western edge of the continent around tomorrow morning.
 Unlike the situation when we rushed into Elmar's country, each team doesn't have enough slots for summons, so we need as many Bug A summons as possible to perform their special skill of "spawning".
 We should be as well prepared as possible, including the summons.

Oh, Sophie, Team Leader! I will continue my pilgrimage!

 Merle replies and then is shocked to remember something.
 He rushes to the center of the cockpit and gives Sophie a booming Baukis military-style salute.
 This is the kind of salute he was giving to his superiors when the Baukis Empire was attacked by the Demon King's army last year.

"Meh Merle. You don't call me that, do you? We're buddies.

"Yeah, okay. ......

 Sophie hurriedly restrained the call.
 Just as Krena was envious of Kiel's appointment as team leader, Merle looked at Sophie's appointment as team leader with respect.
 He thought it was great that Sophie felt some sort of approval from Allen.

 However, Sophie hurriedly tells him not to call her that kind of flirtatious name.
 This is because they will start to be called by the same name.
 You'll be able to get a good idea of what to call them.

But Merle did a great job this time, too.

 Shocked, Sophie hurriedly follows up with Merle.

'Oh, yeah? Hehehe.

Yes. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow, so let's have lunch. Formal.

"Yes. Dear Mr. Sophia Lorne.

 Then we sit down in a circle.
 We've been watching the outside for hours now, so we're going to take a break.

 Even when Merle and the others aren't looking, Spirit A summons are checking out the front window, and Bug A summons are also keeping an eye out for any oversight or changes.

 Allen is able to separate teams based on the shared vision and is able to recognize everything at the same time.
 He is intelligent enough to recognize all of the more than ten shared views at the same time.

 Folmar starts peeling the skin of the mole fruit that Allen left behind with a fruit knife.
 Allen also left behind about ten days' worth of food, including Hucaman.

 There's enough food and drink in Allen's stash to keep his party members occupied for a year while attending an S-class dungeon.

''You were able to match up your attacks from a distance without any practice during this battle against the Demon God.

 Sophie talks to Merle while Folmar silently prepares a simple meal for Sophie and Merle.
 Merle's success is remarkable.

 The first player in Allen's party was Krsna.
 She has a rare 3-star kensho talent and was able to use extra skills in the academy city stage.

 In the War of Rosenheim, Cecil played a major role with his powerful magic.
 He has a ring of intelligence and magic power by capturing A-class dungeons and buying them at auctions, and he also has many opportunities to unilaterally attack on the summoned beasts of Allen's Bird B. He was able to abandon his defense and specialize in attack.

 Sophie was probably the first one to start seeing success in S-class dungeons.
 Even young spirits can instantly kill A-ranked monsters.
 This is partly due to the strength of spirits and juvenile spirits, but the main reason has to do with their magical power consumption.

 The more magic power you consume at one time, the more powerful your attack will be.
 Unlike Krsna's skills and Cecil's magic, which have a fixed magic consumption, Sophie's magic can be consumed by a spirit at a time if asked to do so.
 As a result, she was able to play well in attacking demons and the lowest level bosses of S-class dungeons.

 In the middle to end of the S-class dungeon attack, Merle shines.
 The mage board began to be filled with stone tablets and played an important role as a tank, an attacker, a party mover, and an important role in defeating demons.

 It's also in the latter half of the game that Keel began to shine, as he began to understand how to get around.

Thanks, Formal.

 While moving his mouth to mug, Sophie's words and also thanked Folmar for preparing the meal.

"So don't worry about what Master Merus said. Merle.


 As Folmar silently sips his meal, Sophie says abruptly.

It's true that Elmair has brought many gems to Master Allen's homeland to become his companions. But that has nothing to do with the fact that Merle has become Master Allen's companion.

"Yeah, I guess so. Huh? Did I say that?

 Merle raised his gaze to the top and remembered the last few days.

"I had it written all over my face.

 These words were inspired by Merle's cheerful and energetic personality, but he was unsure of himself.

 Dogora has a special extra skill given to him by Elmea.
 Hence, the explanation was that it had great limitations on its activation and could not be activated successfully.

 And this is the story of how Allen led his gifted children to the same place at the same time, because he wouldn't want them to go to fight the demon king alone.

 This time, Merus never mentioned who he was leading.
 Allen didn't question him either, and that's the end of the story.

 Meanwhile, Merle's face became grim.
 The thought crossed his mind that he was out of place here.

 Merle was born far away in the faraway land of the Baucis Empire and attended the Baucis Imperial Academy until the first grade.
 At the end of that first year, there was talk of a government-funded study abroad program that would allow you to live on your own expenses.

 In the school run by the Five Continents Alliance, each country pays the tuition and living expenses for the students to create a sense of solidarity between the different continents and races, and recruits them to study abroad.

 With his help, Merle came to the school in the kingdom of Latash.
 Born to a lowly soldier father and the youngest of a family of five siblings, Merle's family was not wealthy.
 The Baukis Empire didn't give out money because of Merle's talent as a demon rock general.
 Merle raised his hand to recruit government-sponsored students to help his family save a little money.

 He joined Allen's group because his homeroom teacher, Karlova, said so.
 It just so happens that I'm with Allen and his friends now.

 Sophie saw the look on his face, so she says not to worry about it.
 Sophie was guided by the genie god to come here, but she doesn't think she needs any more reason than the genie gods to be with you.

 Somehow this made Merle understand why Sophie was chosen as their leader.


No, no. It's a lot of work for a small group of people, but let's do our best.


 With a smile Merle replied.

 Then overnight, Tam Tam "Maud Eagle" kept moving.
 Yesterday she thought there was less vegetation, but overnight it was a complete desert outside.

 And then.

"Ah! We're finally at the end of the line!

 Merle spotted a pillar of light changing angles and heading toward the ground.
 It was followed by a huge, eerily colored swamp.