330 Episode 323 Team Sophie ③ Satoshi (2)

 Team Sophie's companions are headed to the desert region on the western side of the continent where the Allies are located.
 Evildoers and hexenbiests in deformed forms are attacking the desert city surrounded by a huge outer wall.

 After defeating the evildoers and monsters that attacked the city, Sophie and her friends saved the people of Favrase, the village of the Dark Elves.

Oh, excuse me. Was she an elf princess?

 Sophie had been straddling for dozens of minutes and was wearing a hood.
 It took a moment for the dark elf soldier with brown skin, gray hair and long ears to realize who he was.

"Yes. My name is Sophia Lorne. Are you here to see King Olbers of the Dark Elves?

"And wait! No, it is this way.

 His clear white skin, long white hair, and golden eyes are the mark of elven royalty, the High Elves.
 He wears a hood, but his long ears are also hidden from view.
 Dark elf soldiers are confused as they stare into those golden eyes.

 Just when you think you've come to their rescue with an obscure golem or an equally worm-like hexenbiest, it's the royal princess of Rosenheim.

 It seems that they thought it was a problem to wait outside the gates any longer under the blazing midday sun with the strong sunlight pouring down on them.
 He led them through the service entrance attached to the outer wall.

 With Formar in the lead, you are told to wait in a waiting room inside the outer wall.

Oh, it's cooler here.

 Unlike Sophie, who wore a hood to beat the heat, Merle seemed to have endured being waited on in this hot sun.
 Merle with a bird A summoner on his head says while sitting on the sofa in the waiting room.

Yes. That's right. It was pretty hot in the Baukis Empire, but it's bearable here.

 Sophie sits down next to him, saying the same thing.
 Only Folmar seems to be standing at the entrance, cautious.

"So this is the home of the dark elves. Did I hear that Sophie hasn't been here before?

 Merle talked to Sophie, thinking she was still waiting, as she said please wait a while and ran out of the waiting room.

That's right. I've never been here before. I had heard from the elders and the Queen, but I didn't realize they kept outsiders at bay so tightly. Perhaps that's why our village was protected.

 Merle had heard from Sophie about how there is a dark elf village here.
 More than a thousand years ago, the Dark Elves lost the war against the elves in Rosenheim and live hidden in this vast desert.

 Favrase, home of the Dark Elves, is not a member of the United Nations and does not accept interference from other nations.

 Rosenheim and the Dark Elf Village Fablase have minimal diplomatic interaction.
 This means that the countries are still at war with each other, and diplomacy also plays a monitoring role.
 There are no diplomatic facilities, only the coming and going of elders in each other's diplomatic fields a few times a year.

Really. I thought you were surprised to hear that I was going west.

I didn't know that. Was I in your face too?

That's right. .

 Since there was no one who could summon a summoner, Team Sophie could probably expect to go to the west or east of the Confederacy.
 Outside of the south, the support of the northern bug A summoner squad will arrive soon.

 Merle, who was hit by the lack of energy after hearing Merus's alternative response to the defeated Eight Heroes Project, is proud to tell Sophie that I'm watching, too.

Now, I think I'll ask King Olbers to show you around, but it might get a little noisy.

 Don't be surprised, Sophie will tell Merle in advance.

"We're going to see the king. You're not the queen?

"Yes, because the dark elves are monarchs.

 Merle thought that the Dark Elves are also ruled by a queen like Rosenheim.

 Sophie doesn't know how long she will have to wait, so she explains to Merle about the Dark Elves.

 The Dark Elves are ruled by a king.
 Only men can be kings, but to become a king, you must be a child of the royal family or a son of the Presbyterian Church.

"Huh. Non-royal children can be kings too.

It's the same with Rosenheim. We elves and children of the elders can be queens. We are all equal under the World Tree.

 There are no serfs or slaves in Rosenheim.
 They have no family name, and they do not say "Rosenheim Country" in their country's name.
 The world of the elves under the World Tree is called Rosenheim.

 And the reason why children of elders can be kings and princesses is that it is difficult for elves and dark elves to have children.
 Therefore, if only children of kings and princesses, and only male or female, they may not be able to take over.
 That's why the children of elders are also eligible to be kings.

"Elves and dark elves are pretty much the same. Do dark elves have some kind of spirit god?

 Sophie and Formal's mouths twitch as Merle says, "Like".

That's right. This Fablase village is blessed by the Spirit King Fabre.

 They say he's lived thousands of years longer than Rosen, the Spirit God.
 Sophie warns Merle to be careful what he says to the Spirit King Fabre.

 Then she goes on to tell Merle why she came to the village and what she will say when she meets the king.

"Well, well, well... Why is an elf princess in this place?

 As he was chatting with Sophie, a dark elf soldier who had led her through the waiting room arrived with a rather elderly dark elf, dressed like a robe.

It pains me that an elder has taken the trouble to greet you, Master Giamnir.

 Sophie was a dark elf who had also seen the dark elves.

 Elder Giamniel has been entrusted with diplomacy and may also visit Rosenheim.

I do not want to be greeted by ....... I can't let you in just because you're a royal, so I can't let you in just because you're a royal. ......

 Even Sophie of the royal family is not allowed to enter the village without an appointment or anything else.

Is that a problem? I need to talk to King Olbers.

 Sophie continues with an unabashed grin.

"It seems that some unknown force has helped you, but I will now send a letter of intent to Rosenheim. I will send a letter of intent to Rosenheim regarding that matter.

 A firm, formal courtesy.

 It is more important to the dark elves that those they rescued from the beasts return to their homes.
 This is an exchange that shows the relationship between the elves and the dark elves.

 But Sophie wasn't going to back down at all.

"I'm sorry. We're working through it and will get you a meal right away.

 Saying that, Sophie took off the hood she was wearing even though she was in a room without direct sunlight.
 Then, she took the genie god hidden inside the hood and held him out to the elders' view.
 Sorry for locking you in the dark, and patted the sleepy genie god on the back.

Ha! Buh-ha!

"Mr. Giamniel!

 A dark elf soldier rushes to the hunched over elder Giamnir.

"Haha. Sophie is becoming more and more like Allen.

No, no. Please understand that this is necessary.

 Saying that, Sophie stroked the genie god's chin.


 Two dark elves are watching the exchange, frozen in place.

"So, let the spirit god Rosen-sama forever be in a place like this ......

 You know what I mean, says Sophie.

I will show you the way. Soon you'll go tell her that Princess Sophia Lorne has come with Rosen, the Spirit God!

I get it!

 Elder Giamniel says to the dark elf soldiers with a slight snap.
 If there's a spirit god, tell him there is one.
 The dark elf soldier ran into the crowd at a high rate of speed and ran into the crowd.

 Then I entered the dark elf village of Faburase through a waiting room inside the outer wall with Elder Giamniel.

Oh! Nature abounds in the desert.

"Woof woof, it's all thanks to the Spirit King Fabre.

 From the air above the Tam-Tam, Merle could see that the village was lush and green.
 This dark elf village is huge, covering an area of 100 square kilometers, but the strong sunlight is like sunlight filtering through the trees as the canopy of the trees overlap each other.

 It feels much cooler than outside the outer wall.

 And to avoid the sunlight coming in through the canopy, dark elves dressed in fluttering clothes are surprised to see Sophie and Merle.

 The expression on their faces says, "A stranger has come.

"It's a magnificent tree.

 As you walk, look at the huge trees visible through the canopy.
 In the center of the village grows a huge tree more than 10 times bigger than the huge trees around it.
 From the air above the tom-tom (Eagle Mode), the big trees in the village look like grass or moss when compared to the huge trees in the center of the village that provide shelter from the sun.

Hmm. Soon. Soon, this tree will be a world tree.

 As if muttering, the wistful Elder Giamniel murmured, "That's great.

That's great.

 Sophie naturally came out with her true feelings.


 Elder Giamniel looked silent and sad.

"No, I'm sorry. Indiscretion was a statement.

"It's fine. You can't blame the Princess Sophia Lorne. But I wish you don't talk that way in the village. Now everyone is surprised. This way. It's far enough. I need you to take this one.

 He told me that he would lead me to King Olbers, who has a company in the center of the village.

 But the center of the village is miles away, and I can't let the princess walk that far.
 From near the gate on the outer wall, soldiers are coming with a small bipedal dragon.
 Even though it's small, it must be more than two meters long.

 And since the two small dragons are equipped with something like a carriage, they seem to ride on it.
 You will be guided to ride from here, and all three of us will get in.

 Thus, we are on our way to King Olbers, who rules the dark elf village of Faburase.