331 Article 324. Team Sophie ④ King and Princess (1)

 Sophie and her friends are led to a large shrine near a huge tree.
 Here, it's on stilts, and as you walk up the wooden stairs, your view expands.
 Outside, the huge tree is clearly visible, and at the base of the tree, a large number of people can be seen.
 The sight makes Sophie stop in her tracks.
 It's a familiar sight.
 It reminds her of what they used to do every day in Rothenheim's Fortenia.

"We'll be praying for you.

That's right. Everyone says their prayers, and that's the way it goes.

 What is he wishing for, what is he praying for?

 Sophie turns her gaze back to Elder Giamnir and he seems to be resuming his guidance.
 They go on and on through the shrine.
 And then I arrived in the big hall.

"I'm sure you'll be with me soon.

 You can't see the inside of the hall yet, but you can hear voices.
 Is it because they were fighting with the evildoers and monsters just a few minutes ago?
 Or is it because they've decided to let Sophie and the others in?

Of course. The king is already in the hall. We can't keep the genie god waiting.

 When you enter the hall, there are steps at the back, and a man sits on the higher level, pulling a rush mat like cushion.

 A dark elf sits on both sides of the hall as if staring at Sophie and the others as they enter the hall.
 The dark elves, most of them armed with protective gear, may be the general-grade dark elves who have been commanding on the outer wall just now.
 And the elders seem to be in attendance.

 There is even a silent but apparently hostile stare.
 They do not seem to be welcomed.

"We had no guests in our village.

 The man sitting in front of you is King Olbers, the ruler of this dark elf village.
 He is different from the dark elves with brown skin and gray hair, and has reddish-brown eyes.
 With jet-black skin and silver hair, and golden eyes, King Olbers is a high-dark elf.

 And on his thighs, where King Olbers sits hunched over, a beast is curled up.
 The jet-black, shiny-haired weasel is glaring at Sophie and the others-or rather, at the genie god.
 This jet-black beast is Spirit King Fabre.



 The hall fell silent at once as the Spirit King Faber and the Spirit God Rosen stared at each other.
 However, neither the Genie King nor the God of Spirits seems to say anything.
 Seeing this, Sophie slowly sits down where she is told to sit.

You have the law of the land. Thank you for your response. There's something I have to tell you.

 Sophie thanks the genie god Rosen on her knees.

 King Olbers' gaze shifts.
 He stares at the Spirit God, and then at the summoned bird A on Merle's head, staring at him, and then slowly returns his gaze to Sophie.

 Not to mention the Spirit God, the bird A summoner on top of Merle's head seems to be bothered by it as well.

 Furthermore, as Allen's liaison, the summoned beast of Spirit A that can speak is not here.
 This is because our priority is to eradicate the monsters outside the outer wall.
 We've already killed the monsters adjacent to the outer wall, but there are still more evildoers surrounding the wall.

 This means that, although the eradication of the monsters is a priority, as the princess of Rosenheim, Sophie is in charge of the matter with the dark elves.

"What's the rush. Is this about the magical beasts that have been in our village for a few days?

 Apparently, the pagans have been fighting these days.

"Yes, sir. We've come here to fight the wicked beasts. They are no longer around the village, but it's still not resolved. May I tell you what's happening now?

"Ho. Is it time for the elves to give our dark elves some advice?


 The dark elf generals are angry at Sophie for coming out of nowhere and offering to advise them.
 It seems that it was King Olbers who made the decision to let them in.
 Wordlessly, the dark elves seem to dispute King Olbers' decision.

"What you do with the story I've told you is up to you. But we do not wish to cause any problems for us.

 No matter how the conversation progressed, Sophie had decided to provide the information first.

Let's make an offer.

Then, this is a plot by the Demon King's Army. And ......

 As it is, Sophie will talk about the commotion.
 A distress call from Theomenia, the capital of the Elmar religion.
 The evil gods are distributing holy water to their followers, and those who drink it have turned into evildoers.
 If you are bitten, you will be transformed into an evildoer as well.
 There is a demon god in the temple of Theomenia, and he was doing this for some purpose.
 This confederacy was in a number of similar situations, and the city of Oasis was one of them, Sophie concluded.

 Then the dark elves in the hall began to buzz.

"My King. Do not be deceived!

 At last, one of the elders, who would be one of his closest aides, became indignant and told the king not to make a wrong decision.
 It seems that King Olbers was inspired by the story of the princess of Rosenheim and asked for advice.

 There is a feud between elves and dark elves that goes back thousands of years.
 It's a feud that goes back long before the demon king came along.

 The dark elves believe that the elves drove the dark elves out of Rosenheim.

As I said before, you are free to do with the story I told you.


 You've told me so much and then let me decide what to do with it.

I've heard you're the new Queen of Rosenheim.

 Through diplomacy, he had heard that Sofiarone was one step ahead as the next queen.
 That's what he had heard, but Olbers understood that when you have a genie god on your lap, it's not really about leading.

 What was the purpose of giving such advice, Olbers urged Sophie to find out what the purpose of her visit was.

"I would like to ask you to do me a favor.

 If this is the case, I wondered why he gave such valuable information, but it seems he wanted something in return.

"Hmmm. What do you want?

What we're asking for are three things. We want a map. The pagans are attacking towns and villages and increasing in number. So I would like to know where the cities and villages are in this vast desert.

 Sophie recalls that Allen had a map.
 Allen kept making maps in the school town, in Rosenheim's war, and in S-class dungeons.
 Allen is an analyst and researches everything, but he seems to put his life on the line to make maps.

Allen is made of maps.

 This is a recognition in Allen's circle of friends.
 He was generous enough to give the Adventurer's Guild a map of the S-class dungeons that he worked so hard to create.
 It was also what he asked the Queen of Rosenheim for when he came to Elmar.

 Even in this situation, Sophie thinks that she too has become imbued with Allen after all these years of being together.

"Ho. That we have the map.

"Yes. This city would be sustained by the power of the spirits, but it would be difficult to be completely independent. That's what the trading floor is for. Isn't that what the building in front of the village was for?

 Even if you use the power of the spirits to produce water and crops, there are some things, such as salt and minerals, that cannot be supplied by the spirits.
 To do this, they create trading floors and trade with the surrounding villages and cities.

 And I believe that there are dark elves who specialize in trade.
 They want to see a map for them to carry.

 This desert is so vast.
 It's ten days' walk from the desert city to our village.
 The oases themselves are few and far between, and the city-states are scattered.

 And there are tens of thousands of people living in one city-state.
 To reliably and without wasteful travel, you need a map.

I see. And the second?

Second, I wonder if there are people who have been fleeing from these pagan groups.

"To hide in the village? You know that my village is open to no one but dark elves, don't you?

"No. . I've found it difficult to do so so far. So, please allow us to shelter them in a trading post outside the village, or allow us to create a shelter for those fleeing the infidels to hide in.

 Sophie tells King Olbers what to do in person.
 Sophie thinks that not many people will come to take refuge.
 But she doesn't want them to be left alone if they come to her for help.

Helping the refugees. So the elves are more forgiving now than we are. So the half-human, half-beast fiendish creatures were from Rukoak. That's no coincidence.

 The city of the oasis that Sophie and her friends were looking at seems to be called Luocoaq.

"Huh? What's going on?

 King Olbers makes a meaningful remark about the men of the oasis city of Luocoaq who had come to the trading floor.

That's right. Yes, they are from the oasis city that used to negotiate with us to get us into their villages.

 King Olbers seems to be willing to talk to me about the situation.
 Maybe that means he is on equal footing with the elves.

 The elder said emotionally, "Don't be deceived," but the dark elves here seem to have something in mind.
 Is that the people of Rukoak?" they say.

 King Olbers looks to Elder Giamniel to explain the situation.

This village was built far from the source of water. Decades ago, there was nothing here.

 Elder Giamnir tells us about the oasis city of Lukoak.
 This village was built in a place where there is no water to keep it away from human habitation.
 The empty desert around it was convenient for the dark elves who wanted to live away from the world.

 Water could be made with spirit magic.
 There are many rivers in this village.

 But decades ago, an oasis was built where there was nothing before and people began to gather.
 They have some incomprehensible faith, like the Gushala holy religion, and they say that all this water is the power of Lord Gushala and is a miracle.
 When they heard about the flood, nomads and travelers began to move in, and a huge city was built.

It is at ......

 Hearing those words, Sophie fainted.
 It wasn't by chance that a pillar of light was rising from the oasis city of Rukoak.

 It seems that the pillar of light rose from the oasis city of Rukoaq not by chance. It seems that the pillar of light had spent decades touting its "precious water, miraculous water" to attract more pagans.

 And then they came to this dark elf village and asked him to believe.
 The dark elves were kept out of the village for decades.

So what's the last thing you want. Do you also want me to bail someone out?

 I explained the situation, so what is the third wish, says King Olbers.

 I understand that I have come to the rescue of the people, providing the dark elves with information about what is happening.
 The dark elves wonder if that's the story that leads to it.

The third is about Master Laisel.

"Hmm? What's wrong with my father?

 What's going on? All eyes of the dark elves are on Sophie.
 In the meantime, the story of Sophie and King Olbers was progressing.