333 Episode 326. Team keel ① To the south

 Kiel and his three companions are moving southward.
 They are getting off Merle's Tam-Tam (Mode Eagle) and riding a summoned beast.

 With Merus in the lead, Krsna and Keel are riding the Bird B summoner together in order to save their summoning slots.

 I have not sent out the summons of Spirit A, which can speak the language of the liaison and combatant, because of the presence of Merus.

 Unlike the east and west directions, the south direction is farther away from the Elmar State, so no backup will be coming here.
 We have been letting the summons of Bug A continue to grow in number, spawning with the king's table.

 It's already the second day since we started our migration, but the pillar of light continues to grow endlessly with no end in sight.

'It's not going to happen!

 Crenna says the same words every few hours.
 Behind him, Keel says the same answer, "Right.
 Then Merus, flying at the head of the pack, stops.

"Let's rest here.

 Merus tells the two men that they will camp here as the sun is beginning to set.


"I understand. Mr. Merus.

 Having moved for two days, today also did not find the end of the pillar of light.
 Krsna and her friends descended into the meadow as it began to get dark.
 This area is a good view of the grassland.

 Silently, Merus holds his palm out in front of him.
 Then a pitch-black mass of darkness appears in front of him, and firewood falls from there.

 This is Merus's special skill, the Angel's Circle, which is Allen's "storage" skill.
 Allen has granted Merus the maximum amount of power to manage the Angel's Wheel.

 Aren's grimoire and its contents are linked, allowing him to retrieve this and that from the stowage in the same way he did when he was there.
 Aren and Merus can also pass packages through the stowage.

 Using Bird A's Summoner's special skill, "Nest Protection," Allen and Merus can visit each other at any time, so passing items through the storage is not that convenient, and I don't see how it can be used.
 Allen is looking for some effective ways to pass items to and from each other.

 Put the bags of various healing potions from Allen's summons on the ground and prepare for the camp with Krena.
 I'll have several bags of recovery potions when Merus falls and disappears, even though Merus is there.
 Or in case Merus leaves Krsna or Keel and goes away.

 I don't think so, but since we are small, I have some of these insurance restorations, including one for Allen's team.

"Okay, I'll build the fire, what's up? Krena?



 I've been used to camping since I was at school.
 Living at the base was a collaborative effort, but even when staying in the dungeon, we would split up to prepare the camp.

 Krena, who was preparing a fire with a ragged 30-centimeter stone set out by Merus, reacted to something in the shade of the grass that was obscuring her vision.

 I tried to ask her what's going on, but she told me to be quiet.

 There are hexenbiests here, and Krsna and her friends came here to track down the pagans.
 As I was holding my breath to see what was wrong, Krsna put his hand on the knife on his hip.

 For a moment, the corners of his mouth seemed to rise, but Krsna pulled out the knife and ran at full speed.
 Then, she leaps up to where the soil of the meadow has risen and thrusts the knife into the air.


 A high-pitched scream echoes.

"Heh, gotcha! Tonight is the meat!

"Oh, oh.

 With a smile, Krena clutched the horn of the horned rabbit that had died, blood dripping from its neck.

 With a practiced hand, Krena disassembled the horn and began to sear the chunk of meat against a tree branch that she had pulled out of Merus's storage area, propping it up against the fire.

"Looks good. Mmmm.

 At fifteen years old, she was starting to become more feminine, but what she was doing was wild, and Keel decided to keep it in mind, not to say it out loud.

 Even with Sophie nearby, Krsna's wildness did not disappear.
 Incidentally, Cecil, who is holding Allen up, doesn't have much of a noble feel to him.

"So, Master Merus, I see you still haven't caught on.

Yes, you're right. Yeah, like I said before, I don't need a "sama". And I don't need a 'sama'.

 Sometimes Merus tells me to treat him as nothing more than a summoned beast, a first angel and nothing more.

You are a priest, though you are an apprentice. Okay, I'll stop.

 Melus gave him a difficult look, and Keel decided to stop it as well.
 He doesn't seem to really like it.
 I don't know if this is Merus's way of burying the hatchet or what.

 Kiel is an apprentice priest of the Church of Elmere.
 Usually, Allen, Krsna, and Dogora are the ones who talk to Merus for some reason.
 When I heard that Krsna and Dogora, former wild children of Krsna village, were former first angels, I didn't pay any attention to them.
 Merle and Sophie were next in line.
 Sophie calls her "Master Merus" as well as "Master Allen".
 She doesn't seem to mind when Merus tells her not to call him "Lord Merus.

 Sophie is too certain of herself to be stubborn.

 Keel stops using the "sama" when he's warned and decides to talk to her normally.

I suppose so. If we keep going, aren't we going to reach the southern tip tomorrow? It's not that big of a continent.

"Really. What's in the south end. It doesn't look like a desert like Sophie's place.

 Kiel talks about what's to come, while eating some fucaman or something warmed over the fire.
 I want to know what's in the south, since Allen has entrusted me with leading the team.

 In addition, I've heard from Merus that Team Keel, on its second day on the move, Team Sophie has already started working in the desert and the dark elf village of Fabrazy and the desert since yesterday.

 This is because the spirit A summoner accompanying Sophie is shared by Merus "too" as well as Allen.

 If you share a summoner, you can see and hear what you see and hear in the summons at the same time.
 However, the visual information of the summons that Allen shared with Merus is not automatically transmitted to Merus.
 Likewise, Merus shares the summoner and Allen cannot see it.

 Therefore, in order to share the summon's vision, both Allen and Merus must share it with each other.

 It takes 200 intellect to share one Merus, the same as Allen, so the maximum number of Merus with 22,000 intellects to share is 110.
 Merus has already shared with all the summons he has summoned.

You're right. There's a grassy plain that continues on from here. There's probably some kind of Karbarna or Karlonea country.

Munching, which one is it? Keel, the meat's burnt. Here.

 Whether it's "carvaluna" or "carroneer," Krsna joins the conversation, nibbling on a nice grilled rabbit horn, and thrusts in a carcass for Kiel.

 And then she holds out a piece of meat with a carcass for Keel.

Thank you, Krsna. Thank you, Krsna. Carvalhalla, Carlo Carlo Nea? There are two countries?

 Kiel has the same opinion as Krsna while eating the meat that Krsna gave him.

 In addition, although Kiel, a priest apprentice, eats meat, there is no commandment in the teachings of the Elmerian religion against eating meat.
 You may also drink alcohol.
 It's just that there is a looser kind of teaching that says to stop binge drinking.

 That's why priests drink and eat meat too.

Or both. I remember there were two countries, 'Karbarna' and 'Karlonea,' that did not get along.

 It is said that at the southern end of the Confederation there are two countries with very similar names that are not close to each other.


 Crenna decided to focus on eating.

I don't know if this is going to get any more complicated.

 Yesterday, I heard that Sophie and her friends had a dispute with the Dark Elf King Olbers to get a map to help the oasis cities scattered throughout the desert.

That's right. As I recall, the kingdom of Karbarna was split up into two kingdoms. It must have been split up in the last ten years or so.

 It seems that we are now headed to two recently divided countries.

 Keel wondered as he watched the campfire if there was something big wrong with the place they were going to.