334-Episode 327 Team Keel (2) Borders (1)

 It's been three days since Team Keel and I left Allen and the others, and we're still moving south.

"There are more and more cities.

 As Crenna, astride Bird B's summoner, peered down, she noticed a change in the scenery.
 They had gone straight south, but there were hardly any villages.

 After three days, the pillar of light that Kiel and the others were aiming for still continued south.
 According to Sophie, the pagans were rampaging around the western side of the Confederacy, where the pillar of light stretched to the sky.
 Kiel also straddled Bird B's summoner with Crenna, and checked the villages, bridges, and other artifacts that had begun to appear in the grasslands.
 There is no sign of any burning or destroyed houses, so it is likely that the evildoers are still in the south.

"Yeah, right. So this is the royal castle. This is the royal castle, which means it's the royal capital of the Kingdom of Karbarna.

 We pass over a large castle town with a few small and large towns and villages, and a building in the middle that appears to be the royal castle.

 It seems to be the Kingdom of Karbarna, one of the two countries we heard about yesterday.

 The first angel, Merus, is about 100,000 years old, but he is not omniscient, omnipotent, all-seeing, and all-memorizing.
 He spent most of his time carrying out the instructions he received from Ermea, the creator god in the divine realm, and working with the Church of Ermea.

 What Merus is aware of is that there are two countries to the south of the Confederacy, the Kingdom of Karbarna and the Republic of Karronea.
 The Kingdom of Karbarna is to the north and the Republic of Karlinea is to the south, and the two countries are adjacent to each other.
 The two countries were originally one, but the people of the southern part of the kingdom rebelled against the Kingdom of Carballna and established the Republic of Carlinea as an independent country 10 or 20 years ago.
 They don't seem to remember the year of independence in detail.

 It is said that the two countries do not get along with each other surprisingly well, because there was a lot of bloodshed during the independence.

 I could see the royal capital, the most populous city in the Kingdom of Karbarna, but the pillar of light continued to grow beyond it.
 I don't know what the purpose of the Demon King's army is, but it seems that their goal is to give birth to many evil people.
 Kiel wondered if they were heading for the Republic of Carronea, which was beyond the Kingdom of Carvarna.
 The situation in the capital is calm and peaceful.

 He continued on his way, aiming for the end of the pillar of light.


 Then, with a shocking sound, flames rose up.
 There seemed to be more than one or two of them.

"They're fighting!

"Evildoers! Hmm? Is this a fortress? Does that mean we're on the border?"

 Kiel looked around to see what was going on and to get a full picture of the situation.
 The first thing he sees is a large river flowing east-west, perpendicular to Keir and the others who were heading south.
 Over the years, the river has carved the ground and created a slope around the river.
 The surface of the river is many meters below the ground, and the banks are not easy to cross.

 There is a large bridge in the river, which has already been destroyed, and it is sinking.
 Across the bridge, at regular intervals, there are fortresses that protect each other.

 Kiel and the others recognized the border between the Kingdom of Karbarna and the Republic of Karronea from the fortresses that flanked a large river.

 It is common for borders to be drawn with mountains and rivers, and it is also standard practice in national defense to build fortresses on the border to protect against invasion by other nations.

 Even in the Kingdom of Latash, there were fortified cities in the north that were set up to defend against the Ghiamut Empire.

 Kiel gritted his teeth.
 If his prediction was correct, then it wasn't the Republic of Carronea, the southernmost of the allied nations, that they were fighting.
 It's the Kingdom of Carballona, to the north of where you flew over, where you just saw the royal capital.

 It seems that fire is coming from the fortress on the side of the Republic of Carronea.
 There's no sign of a fight.
 It seems that the fortress on the side of the Republic of Carronea has fallen into the hands of the infidels.

 This means that the Republic of Carnernair has already fallen into the hands of the infidels.

 The infidels are different from the Elmarites in appearance, and have the appearance of a goat with a large lower body.
 Such infidels are crossing the river, nimbly climbing up the poorly foothold slope of the bank carved by the river, and coming towards the outer wall of the fortress.
 More than 10,000 of them are encircling the fortress like a wriggling mass.
 This may mean that the defensive battle for the Kingdom of Karbarna has just begun.

 They desperately aim at the large magical beasts, casting spells and shooting arrows, but they seem to be outnumbered.
 The fortress is getting thicker and thicker, surrounded by wriggling, deformed infidels and magical beasts.
 I don't even know if we can last the day if we are attacked like this.

 And it's not just the infidels, there are also large beast-like demonic beasts scattered about.
 Compared to the outer walls of the fortress, the hexenbiests seem much larger.
 Although the hexenbiests are large, the fortress does not seem to be that high.
 It may have been originally built to defend against the divided Republic of Carronea, and it is tall enough to be used against humans, but it is no more than ten meters high.
 If it is to fight against the Demon King's army, it needs an outer wall at least twice as high as this one.

"Let's go join them.

"Yes, we should. This fortress won't hold much longer at this rate.

 It's obvious to everyone that we're outnumbered.
 Crenna's words made Kiel think of a plan for the future.

"Well, Crenna, Kiel, I'll take care of the center.


 As Crenna and Kiel went to help the fortress that was about to fall, Merus, who was right in front of them, pointed his finger in the distance.

"Apparently, there are three fortresses. It will take me and my summoners to build a defense line for the other two. I'll take care of that fortress.

"Seriously. I thought there was more than one. Okay.

 Since I told him not to speak in honorific yesterday, Kiel will speak in a shy tone.

 There were three fortresses, one on each side of the river.
 The one that Kiel was looking at was the largest of the three east-west fortresses on the Karbarna side.
 It looked much smaller, but there was one smaller fortress on each side.

 Merus instructed the summoner of Bug A, with whom he shared his vision, to spread out horizontally and came toward us.
 He grasps the situation with an overwhelmingly wide field of vision.

 Merus decimates the pagans and demonic beasts coming up the bank of the river in two fortresses.

 So I told them that the biggest fortress in the center should be defended by only two people, Crenna and Kiel.

 Kiel replied that he had no problem with it, and the decision was made.
 He was used to fighting with Merus and using short words and gestures, as he had been doing with Allen for a long time.
 Allen's instructions were very short.
 There were many times when I could understand what he was saying afterwards.
 During meals in dungeons and such, it became a time to study why Allen gave such orders and how he should have acted.

 Krena and Kiel straddled the summoner of Bird B and plunged straight and fast into the front line where there were the most masses of magical beasts.

 The outer wall was low, and an A-ranked hexenbiest would be too big to reach the soldiers above.
 There are many corpses on top of the not-so-high barrier that have been crushed or twisted into lumps of flesh.


"Captain Meehan."

"Get away from me! No!

 One of the soldiers, called the captain, was grabbed by a large ape beast that randomly reached out and grabbed him.
 He tried to shake it off, but it fell to the ground with a thud.

 He tried to shake it off, but the armor was easily shattered with a cracking sound.
 The soldiers desperately swung their swords to get the captain back, but they could not make a single scratch.
 It seems that the soldiers on the outer wall are not made up to fight the Demon Lord's army.

 The Alliance of the Five Continents has decided that the fight against the Demon Lord's army will be fought with talent, but this is just a fortress on the border line that has nothing to do with that.
 From the low exterior walls of the fortress, it's obvious that it's not a fortress built to fight the Demon King's army.
 And it seems that there are not that many talented soldiers guarding such a fortress.

"Let Captain Muhan go!

 The soldiers wielded their spears in desperation.

 The soldiers are waving their spears in desperation, trying to save the captain, but they can't even cut the bristles on their hands.
 A high-pitched sound rang out from the great ape's fur, as if a spear had been thrust into steel.

 The great ape beast seems to be an A-ranked beast, and there must be an overwhelming status difference.
 A world with talent and status differences has created a gap in ability that is too desperate.

 The status of those with no talent is only a few hundred even if they try hard.
 An A-ranked Hexenbiest can reach several thousand.
 Even if you hold a steel spear, the difference in status is not going to be filled.

 The great ape hexenbiest grinned and slowly put strength into the hand that grabbed Captain Muhan like a puppet.


 His armor is ripped off, his bones are shattered, and with a scream, Captain Muhan vomits blood.
 He doesn't pull his hand back from the outer wall even though he's under attack, probably to teach the soldiers to despair.
 By slowly grasping the captain's class, it will greatly lower the morale of the soldiers.
 Or maybe it's just because it's fun.
 The Great Ape Hexenbiest can't stop giggling.

 A woman with fluttering pink hair came down from the sky, and Captain Muhan couldn't even scream anymore.


"Agu! Gupiaaaaaa!

 He then swung his adamantite sword at the second arm of the great ape that was grasping Captain Muhan before he landed on the outer wall.

 No matter how many times the soldiers slashed at it, they couldn't even cut the hair, let alone the thin skin, of the great ape's arm, which was as tall as a human's. The sword sliced through it like butter.

 He didn't know what it was for a moment, but when he saw his own arm fall with a loud thud on the outer wall, he finally felt the pain.
 Clutching the cut off arm with his other hand, the great ape beast screamed out.