335-Episode 328 Team Keel (3) Borders (2)

 Krena jumps off the summoned bird B that she and Kiel are straddling.
 She then cuts off the big ape's thick arm that was trying to crush Captain Muhan.

 It was too much for the soldiers to understand what had happened.
 To the surprise of the soldiers on the outer wall, they notice that all the wounds on his body disappear.
 Captain Muhan, who had been gripped by the great ape and was dying, is looking better and better.
 Those who can use magic, recovery magic, and skills can feel the recovery of magic power.

"What is this? What's going on? Is it a miracle?"

 Captain Muhan sees a pink-haired woman in front of him, facing a great ape with its head above the fortress.

 Captain Muhan and his men had recovered because Kiel had used the blessings of heaven.
 The fortress is about to fall, so restoring the soldiers' strength and magic is a top priority.

 Thanks to Merus' use of Insect A's summoner, the parent hatch, and the child hatch to spread out a wide battle line, the number of infidels and demonic beasts joining the fortress where Kiel and Crenna are fighting is small.
 Then, if we can defeat the large number of infidels swarming this fortress, the defense of the fortress will be accomplished.

 I will heal the soldiers who can use magic and skills and encourage them to return to the front.


 A great ape beast with one arm missing clutched the other hand and tried to crush Crenna.



 Crenna uses her greatsword to catch the great ape's fist.
 The cobblestones of the outer wall at Crenna's feet are shattered and caved in by the impact.
 But what does it matter?

 She then strikes the Oozaru, who has turned his upper body due to the impact of his fist being flicked away, with a blow that reaches from his shoulder to his chest.
 The skill "slash" left his chest wide open, and fresh blood sprayed out, staining the castle walls red.

"Crenna, the gate is about to be destroyed. Get down to the ground and fight!

 Kiel's shout can be heard as the great ape falls to the back of the fortress in an earth-shaking heap.
 The large steel front gate at the front of the fortress is closed to stop the monsters from invading.
 A large number of infidels in the form of goats are attacking the gate, and it looks like it will be destroyed at any moment.

"All right. Gentlemen, the top of the outer wall is yours!

 Crenna followed Kiel's instructions and loudly asked the soldiers to take charge of guarding the top of the outer wall.

"Oh, you... What the hell are you...? That's ridiculous!

 "What is it?" What?" Captain Muhan was about to say, but Crenna just jumped down to the ground.
 This fortress is now surrounded by tens of thousands of infidels and demonic beasts.
 Despite the situation, she jumped as if it was a matter of course, and Captain Muhan couldn't help but look under the outer wall.

 Krena was surrounded by a group of odd shapes.

"I am Crenna the Sword Emperor. Come and get me!

 Crenna said her name with a dignified expression.
 There was no playfulness of playing knight, but a serious expression.

 The great ape shouted and died, and Crenna herself shouted loudly, causing the evildoers and monsters to turn their attention to her.
 The evildoers who were desperately pounding on the gate noticed the noise behind her and turned their bodies towards her.

"Ghin, Ghin!

 You can find a lot more than just a few of them.
 Not only the lower half of her body, but also part of her upper body is losing its human form.
 They have goat horns and eyes like goats.
 She smiles as her prey arrives, and at once puts her strength into the lower half of the goat, which is two times larger than her body, and kicks the ground with her hooves.

"Burn! Phoenix break!


 Crenna's body is momentarily engulfed in flames.
 Then she slashes with her greatsword in a 360-degree horizontal slash, and flames erupt with the slash.
 It seemed as if a pillar of fire was born around Crenna, and she was slashed horizontally, and the demon beasts and evildoers died in the flames.

 The gate burned a bit, but it seemed to have wiped out the group of infidels attacking the gate.

 According to Allen's analysis, the evildoers were C-rank to B-rank hexenbiests, and while they were a threat to those without talent, they were no match for Krena.

 Because of the limitation on the number of summonses, she did not receive any buffs from the Fish Summoner, but her attack power is over 15,000.
 This is in addition to her weapon's attack power.
 And the effects of her skills are added to her attack power.

 The durability of a C-ranked hexenbiest is a few hundred, and that of a B-ranked hexenbiest is at most 2000.
 Due to the overwhelming difference in status and the power of the weapon, it would be an almost instant death blow.

 More than a dozen evildoers died at once, but neither the evildoers nor the hexenbiests were intimidated at all by Klena's "Phoenix Strike" technique.
 They were coming for her.

 Crenna turned her back to the empty gate.
 She raised her greatsword high against the oncoming mass of demons and monsters.
 As she put her magic into the sword, she and the sword were enveloped in light.

 Seeing this, a large A-ranked bear beast dispelled the evildoers and came at her.

"High King Sword!

 And when the claws of the vicious bear beast were about to close in on her, she swung her sword down in one motion.


 The large bear beast didn't even allow her to speak.
 It was a direct hit to the abdomen, and all four limbs were blown away into pieces of meat.

 But the power didn't stop there.

 With a blinding light, a shockwave hit a wide area in front.
 While crushing the infidels and demonic beasts, it blew away the ground and reached the bridge over the river a few dozen meters away.

 The bridge was probably built to be destroyed in the event of a war between the Kingdom of Karbarna and the Republic of Karronea.
 The shockwave of the High King's Sword reached the bridge, which seemed to have been destroyed from the root by the soldiers of the Kingdom of Karbarna in order to protect themselves from the infidels.

 The bridge, which was still in its original form, was smashed to pieces, and the spray of water that swept up the smashed bridge reached dozens of meters.

 Krena has four specialties: Slash, Phoenix Break, Healing Sword, and Supreme Sword, each with different power, performance, attack range, and cool time.

 The slash is the most useful, and is usually used when wielding a sword.

 It can be activated by swinging the sword from above, sideways, or diagonally.
 It consumes 10 magic power and doubles the power of the sword strike. Non-attribute attack. There is no cool time.

 The Phoenix Strike can slash 360 degrees and can burn enemies within 10 meters.
 The skill can only be activated with a horizontal cut, and the power of the cut is higher than a slash.
 Magic power consumption is 30. Fire attack. Cool time is 10 seconds.

 The healing sword restores one-fourth of the damage done by the slash.
 Even if you overkill the enemy and deal more damage than you can kill, it will only heal up to a quarter of the enemy's health.
 It consumes 50 magic power and is about as powerful as a slash. Non-attribute attack. Cool time is 30 seconds.

 The High King's Sword deals a high-powered slash to a single target, causing a high-powered shockwave that extends several dozen meters in front of the target.
 Must be swung from the upper level to activate.
 It consumes 100 magic power and is several times more powerful than a slash. The shockwave it gives to the surrounding area is more than twice as powerful as a slash.
 A light attack. Cool time is 10 minutes.

 Krena will use different skills with different attributes, power and cool time to destroy the demons and monsters.
 Because of the different cool times, you can't use the same skill at the same time, so you have to change your position to activate different skills.
 Each time you swing your greatsword, you will kill dozens of demons and monsters.
 He is surrounded by an overwhelming number of them, but he doesn't care about that.

"Didn't Lord Elmere abandon us?
"What is that woman? Is she the reincarnation of the God of War?"

 They say from the top of the wall.

"The gods have not forsaken us. Everyone, let's leave this to the men who helped us and rearrange!

" "Yes!

 This fortress is quite large, though the outer wall is low.
 Captain Muhan rearranges his troops.
 It is already surrounded by tens of thousands of infidels and demonic beasts, so even if the front gate is protected, it will be useless if the rest of the fortress falls.
 The soldiers responded loudly, reducing the number of soldiers in the center and consolidating their position on the left and right.

 Kiel flew in circles above the city, using purification magic to vaporize the infidels in the areas that were overrun, and also heavily damaging the A rank hexenbiests.

 Now is not the time to have a bug A summoned by an A-ranked hexenbiest.

 Then, he changes the battle situation by judging the importance of recovery magic, blessings from heaven, and golden beans.

 Krena and I will fortify the fortress.



 As Captain Muhan watched the golden-robed young man riding the gryphon soaring above him, he knew he had to ask what was going on, when a blinding light appeared far ahead.

 Apparently, a mighty thunderbolt had struck a few kilometers away.
 What could be described as a huge column of water or pulverized earth rolled up.
 Then, a few seconds later, a sound like an earth tremor could be heard.

 It seems that Merus has activated the "Thunder of Judgment" awakening skill.
 With the full power of his magic power reaching 22,000, he activated this skill, and with the crushed earth and sand, the demons and monsters were helplessly burned and crushed.

 The battle at the borderline continued even after the sun had set.