336-Episode 329 Team Keel (4) Banquet Meeting (1)

 The battle that seemed to be on the border between the Kingdom of Karbarna and the Karronean Republic continued well into the night.
 The infidels, who were approaching in overwhelming numbers, crossed the river and continued to attack the fortress.

 It seems that both the Kingdom of Karbarna and the Republic of Karronea are small to medium sized nations.
 The two nations are not that large, as one medium-sized nation was divided into two equally-sized nations.
 However, even a small nation had a population of several million or more.
 Many of the people seemed to have become infidels.

 Krena continued to slaughter the oncoming infidels based on the light and presence of the bonfire.

 Finally, the onslaught of the infidels calmed down.
 Merus' Insect A summoner, the parent hatch, and the child hatch were completing the defense.

 Merus had wiped out the infidels and demonic beasts around the fortress he had claimed to be in charge of, but the A-rank demonic beasts coming across the river were being used by the summoners of Bug A.

"This way, sir. Master Krena, Master Kiel."

 While Merus was still working in the dark to build a formation to protect the fortress, Crenna and Kiel were led by the soldiers into the fortress that had been completely destroyed.


"I'm hungry."

 We arrived at the borderline in the early afternoon, so we haven't eaten anything since this morning.
 Krena had jumped down from the top of Bird B's summoner and was fighting, so she had no luggage.
 She whispered to Kiel that she wanted to share the leftover meat from yesterday's horned rabbit, since Kiel was carrying her luggage.

 Since Krena's efficiency drops drastically when she gets hungry, Allen seems to have adjusted his meal time to match Krena's hunger.
 In addition, when Dogora said she was hungry, Allen told her to be patient.

 Thanks to this, Klena had never been so hungry since the school days, unless something happened to her.

"Well... Maybe we can eat a little later. Maybe they'll serve us a meal, so why don't we treat ourselves?"

 They fought so hard that Kiel was exhausted.
 Kiel fought so hard that he was exhausted. He replied to Crenna, "I'm sure they'll serve food.


 Crenna holds her stomach, hoping for a soldier to walk in front of her.
 The soldier she was leading was startled when Crenna spoke, albeit in a whisper.

 Many of the soldiers on the outer wall were watching Crenna's valiant efforts like a demon or god of war.
 The A-ranked demonic beasts, nearly ten meters tall, that they had been unable to touch, were bisected vertically from their heads.
 They slaughtered them as easily as if they were slicing through bread or fruit.

 We were then led to a room in the fortress.

 When I opened the door, I found about ten senior officers, including Captain Muhan, gathered in the room.

"Well, thank you for coming. This way, please."

 Kiel was looking at the size of the hall, thinking it was quite large, when he was asked to come a little closer.

 Captain Muhan, who was showing him around, and the officers were quite intimidated.
 I think there is no doubt that they saved the fortress.
 But both Crenna and Kiel had powers beyond human comprehension.

 All right," said Crenna, approaching with her greatsword on her back.

 Because it was carried at an angle, the shiny black adamantite tip of the sword is visible.
 Blood, blackened by the torch fire, was stuck to the sword.
 Rather than offer to take care of the weapons that Crenna and Kiel were carrying, some of the officers stepped back when they felt the pressure.

 And then, "You go ahead," the officers looked at Captain Muhan.
 Captain Muhan spits and speaks to them with determination.
 From his manner, Kiel guessed that they were soldiers of the same rank.

"Thank you for saving me. My name is Rankopal-Muhan. You seem to be a noble man."

 Captain Muhan chooses the word "rescue" instead of "support" or "aid".

 He has conquered S-class dungeons, and most of his equipment is expensive equipment that came out of silver chests when he circled Iron Golem.
 He is equipped with weapons and armor that cost more than ten thousand gold coins, which cannot be bought by the royalty of a small country.
 Wearing a pure white cloak with golden patterns and holding a staff embedded with crimson jewels, Captain Muhan judged that Kiel was not a commoner or even a noble.

"'Not quite noble, sir. My name is Kiel von Karnel. And this is Crenna."

 When the other man included his family name, he included his own.
 "House Karnel?" said the officers who had forced Captain Muhan to deal with Kiel and the others.
 They seemed to be asking if I knew who they were.
 As expected, no one here seemed to know the name of the local noble family of the Kingdom of Latash, a small and distant country in the central continent.
 However, everyone seemed to be relieved to know that it was a noble family.
 Captain Muhan's face was clearly smiling, too.
 He was in a good position, had common sense, and was not some kind of monster.

 Despite the thoughts of the other side, Kiel first thanked them for inviting him here as a team leader.
 It was true that he had saved the fortress, but there was a chance that he might not have been called here.
 Even if you are overwhelmingly powerful, there is nothing you can do if the gate is closed in suspicion.
 He was not here to be violent, so he had to back down.

 Kiel remembered what Allen had said when they were divided into three teams.

 We can do this because we're summoned.
 What we can do because we are.
 What we can do because we're the locals.

 I think I understood the meaning of his words from Sophie's response.
 What happened this time can't be solved by just sending a bunch of summoned beasts.

 From there, Kiel thinks about what he should do in this situation.
 Perhaps Allen has chosen a team leader who can do that.

"No, thank you so much. I promise you that the Kingdom of Karvarna will always be grateful to you."

 Captain Muhan, the leader of thousands of soldiers, did not speak respectfully to Kiel, who was only half as old as he was, but he did express his utmost gratitude and respect.
 Captain Muhan was also a legitimate son of a count who was entrusted with the command of the army at the age of 30 or so.

"No, I don't want to talk about gratitude.

 As the conversation was about to go in a different direction, Kiel tried to correct the course.


 The sound was loud enough to be heard from anywhere in this large hall.
 All eyes were drawn to the owner of the sound.


 The owner of the sound, Kurena, was in despair at the situation.
 She looked more like the end of the world than the soldiers who were surrounded by tens of thousands of evildoers.
 I don't care if it's a thank you or a greeting, I just want the meat in the bag that Kiel is clutching.

"I'm sorry. It's an emergency and I haven't eaten since yesterday.

 I came here in a hurry.
 In fact, he just skipped lunch, but thinking about Crenna's dignity and how to proceed, Kiel lied.

"I see. I'm sorry. I'll prepare a meal for you!


 Crenna thanked her stomach.
 The high ranking soldiers hurried away.

"Actually, I'd like to pay my respects to the men who fought here.

 As Krena looked at the departing soldiers with sparkling eyes, Captain Muhan asked if they could have their meal here.
 Then, as if they'd been waiting for a long time, people with plates and serving utensils began to arrive.
 They were obviously preparing for a banquet.
 I skipped the part about thanking them, but it seems that they were originally planning to have a banquet.

"Oh, you don't mind if we have dinner with them?

"Sure! Let's all eat together!

 Kiel thought that it was also a celebration of the victory of the defensive battle.
 It seems that Kiel and Crenna were invited to it.

 As the banquet was being prepared, they were ushered upstairs to wait here.
 And then, one by one, those who seemed to have distinguished themselves in this battle came in.

"Oh, it's true. It's the Kensei-sama. He's holding a huge sword. Hey, can I talk to him?"
"Hey, stop being stupid!
"Can we have a match? Or at least some kumite.
"Really, stop it! I'll get you out of here!

 It seems many of the soldiers are quite brainy.
 They come into the hall and immediately tell their superiors that they want a match.
 If you can get one, you'll be a hero among the soldiers tomorrow, that's for sure.

 Perhaps it was the miraculous victory in the defense of the fortress, but she seemed to be in a very high mood.
 The senior officers who had seen Crenna's skill of "High King Sword" many times were desperately trying to stop her.

 And they seemed to have mistaken Crenna for a sword saint as she continued to wield the great sword.
 It's not every day that a sword king is born, and a sword emperor is as much a miracle as a hero.

 Kiel also remembers a few people with good moves.
 It is Kiel's way of fighting that he learns the movements of others, and there are many who left a lasting impression on him.

 When Captain Muhan sat down beside him, he gave a short victory speech.
 This is because Crenna is like a dog that has been told to wait and sit in front of the meat.
 Then he introduced Crenna and Kiel, and the feast began.

 There was a lot going on, but I was thankful to the bug in Crenna's stomach that this was just fine.
 The frightened expressions on the faces of Captain Muhan and the others, who had clearly been scared at first, were now gone.

 This was probably due to the fact that Crenna was desperately devouring the meat in her hands.

"I really appreciate it. The main army hasn't even arrived yet, so I thought it would be impossible.

 Captain Muhan, who was about to be grabbed by the great ape beast, seemed to remember the shock of that moment.
 His voice choked for a moment.

"The main army? It wasn't the whole army after all?"

 This fortress can hold 10,000 men.
 If we pushed ourselves a little, we could defend it with 20,000, but from the air it looked like there were only a few thousand.

"Yes. It was truly a miracle that the day after tomorrow the entire army would be here."

 The story of the Kingdom of Karbarna comes up.

"Actually, we're not here by chance."

"No? What do you mean?

"Yes. We've been following a pillar of light in the sky. There's a situation I'd like to confirm with you.

 Kiel then tried to find out what was going on here, so that he could deal with it in the future.