338-Episode 331 Team Allen (1) East

 Two days have passed since Allen and his party split into three.
 Allen and the others are riding a larger bird B summoner.

 This larger bird B summoner is a commanded summoner, and thanks to it, Allen, Dogora, and Cecil are able to ride together.

 Allen can also fly with the help of the summoner of bird A, but it consumes magic power when he activates flight, and he has to do things while moving.
 They sit and ride in a triangle, with the soil of the recovery potion generation set in the middle of the three, and Allen keeps generating savory vegetables from the summoner of Grass C all along the way.

 There were four pillars of light in total, including the Elmar cult.
 In the oasis city of Lucoach, which was near the dark elf village of Fabulase that Sophie dealt with, the Demon Lord's army was trying to gather people and turn them into infidels.

 They wanted to create an oasis from which people would naturally gather to form a city. This is a plan that will take decades, if not a decade.

 The members of Team Keel have not yet reached the Pillar of Light to the south, but it seems that the Demon Lord's army has started a civil war and divided the country.

 I don't know what they're planning, but it's clear that there's a lot going on in the United States.
 One big possibility is that the Pillars of Light plan may not stop at four.
 There are still more pillars to come, and we're running out of savory vegetables.

 Cecil and Dogora threw the spiced vegetables into the grimoire storage beside them while Allen instructed them to generate, synthesize, and activate their skills using high-speed summoning.

"It's getting pretty dark now. Should we set up camp?"

 Dogora looks at the setting sun and decides to call it a day.


 Cecil agreed, and Allen lowered the altitude of Bird B's summoner.
 There's a swampy area with a lot of water nearby.

 Apparently, there are many water sources in this area, and the area is more of a swamp than a dense forest.

"It's still decent around here."

 Allen stepped on the ground to see if the ground around here was dry and suitable for camping.
 When he finds that the ground is not muddy, he pulls more firewood out of the storage.

 As this is a marshy area, there are many insects that crawl on the ground or fly in the air, so put out an insect repellent spell along with the fire-making spell.
 This insect repellant is small enough to fit in a compartment, and when you attach a magic stone to it, it emits smoke like incense to keep away various insects.
 Since it is only an insect repellent, it will attract magical beasts, but you can also use golden beans to keep them away.
 The three of us are going to sleep without night watch.

 A large pile of firewood is burning brightly like a campfire.
 We will use the fire to roast the meat on the branches.

"It's good!"


 No matter what Dogora eats, he gobbles it up. and devour it.
 We had been in the Middle East all day, so we hadn't done much physical work, but we were hungry.
 He was biting into a piece of meat on the bone that Allen had taken out of storage.
 Dogora's body was growing in length and breadth, as if it was in a growth spurt, and it was getting thicker and thicker.

 Rather than being agile and agile, Dogora is growing into a heavy warrior with a strong physique.

"I wonder what the other teams are like. Is Kiel's team just moving today?"

 Cecil is checking on the status of the other teams.

"Yeah. Kiel's team is just moving."

 Kiel's team is on the move towards the southern tip of the Confederacy.
 Crenna is happy to catch a horned rabbit.
 The southern end of the Confederacy is a divided nation, and there are fears that the Demon Lord's army is on the move.

"Crenna's still the same."

You too.

 Allen looks at Dogora, who is looking around the darkened area to see if there are any horned rabbits around her.

"Sophie's team out west is starting to save the oasis city.

 He also shares information about Sophie's team.
 He tells Cecil and Dogora about the situation of Sophie, who was able to start the action before Allen and Kiel's team.
 I didn't hear or see the conversation between Sophie and King Olbers, but I was told about it later through Spirit A's summoner.

 With the help of the dark elf village of Fabulase, Sophie had a shelter set up near her village, and went to the nearby city of Oasis to rescue her.

 The other day, when Sophie and her friends returned to check on the shelter, they were told by a Dark Elf elder that he had formed a select team to hunt down the evildoers and that they would help.

 The task is to hunt down the infidels, save the oasis city, and rescue the refugees who have fled.
 This relief effort will be led by the Elven Princess Sophie, and the Dark Elves will only provide shelter outside their village.
 The Dark Elves decided that it would be uncool to leave such a fact behind.

 They said that they would form the strongest troop in the Dark Elves' village and participate in the defeat of the infidels.
 Sophie smiled and agreed, "That would be very helpful.
 About a hundred of us can get on the Tam-Tam (Mode Eagle).
 It seems that today was the first day of the joint front, and together they had rescued the city of Oasis from being attacked by the infidels.

"Looks like Sophie's still the same."

 Cecil listens to Allen's story and frowns, letting out a single thought.
 Cecil seemed to understand the reason behind Sophie's agreement.

"Hmm. Unlike me, Sophie is very calculating.

"Yeah. So is Allen."

 Allen replaced the word "black-hearted" with "calculating".
 Cecil agreed and let it slide, but sighed, "So are you.

 Sophie's acceptance of the dark elves was probably to show them the difference in power.
 The summoner of Spirit A shows Sophie and Merle's tam-tam showing their overwhelming power to the dark elves.

 There were a few scenes where I wondered if it was necessary to give all the magic power to the spirits.

(That said, King Olbers is no ordinary person. If he foresaw this and showed his support from the beginning, what will happen to the battle of wits between Sophie and Olbers in the future? (They've been fighting for thousands of years, after all.)

 In the first appearance, King Olbers showed a map and an attitude of help to the shelter.
 Allen suspects that this was not simply a charitable gesture, but a stepping stone for the future of the Dark Elves, so as not to put them in a bad position.

 King Olbers thought that Sophie and her friends might be able to save the city of Oasis even without the Dark Elves.
 After they had succeeded, they were not qualified to help the Dark Elves.
 I said no, and now it's too late.
 The only thing that remained was the fact that the Dark Elves had left everything around the village to the Elves.
 They handed over all their salvation to the elven princess and did nothing.

 Even if the Dark Elves don't care what happens to the city or the people of Oasis, they still need the city and trade in Oasis in the future.
 The fact that they left everything to the elves and did nothing may cause them to lose their footing in the future.

 If the King of Olbers, the ruler of the Dark Elves' village, foresaw this, or if he sensed the possibility and showed his support from the beginning, then this is not to be underestimated, Allen analyzed.

 I'm not sure what the future holds for the elves and dark elves as Sophie and King Olbers compare wits.

"So it looks like we're going to end up in the far east too?"

 Dogora wanted to talk about her team as well.

 Both Sophie's team and Kiel's team had pillars of light extending to the west and south ends, respectively.
 So it seems that Allen's team also extends to the far east of this continent.

"This is the Kingdom of Clevure, right? I think."

 Cecil also seems to be curious about where they're going.
 "Cecil seems to be curious about where we're going.

"Ah, the Fish Kingdom of Crevelle. Apparently, that's where the she-beast princess is headed." 

 This place is already a marshy area, but they say they are heading to a water kingdom with many swamps and marshy areas.
 It's called the Kingdom of Culebule, and it seems that Princess Shea told the priests of Theomenia that she was heading there, so Priest Nicolai checked it out.

"I went there a long time ago. I wonder if she's still alive.

 If the pillar of light is extending, it can only mean that the city is currently overrun with infidels.

"I've heard that they're with an elite group of beastmen, so I think they're safe.

 According to Priest Nicolai, the entire beastman force led by the Princess Sheer Beast was moved nearly a month ago.
 If the pillar of light is overflowing with infidels, they could have collided with the infidels themselves.

 The infidels themselves are about the C to B rank of hexenbiest.
 Some of them are A-rank hexenbiests.
 If they were ordinary people without talent, they would be a threat, but since they are called warrior princesses and have troops with them, Allen thinks that they might still be alive.

 Of course, he's never met the she-beast princess and has no idea what she's capable of, so this is completely wishful thinking.

"I wonder what she's doing there. I guess she's a princess, so she must be the Sacred Pearl of Makris.

 I've often heard her name mentioned by my brother, Prince Zeu, even though I haven't asked him, but I haven't been able to meet her.
 I couldn't even meet her in Elmar Province.

 I feel that there was a game in my previous life where I kept looking for a character I could not meet.

"Well, she's a princess even if she's called a warrior princess.

 I think not, but I agree anyway.

"Yes! I thought that the Kingdom of Crevelle would have the Holy Pearl of Makris.

 Cecil says he's sure.

"Hey, tell me something I can understand."

 Dogora can't follow the conversation.
 I know some things about Allen because he was a servant in a noble family.

"There's a world out there that men are better off not knowing."

"What? What's that?

"I'll tell you next time we're alone. Or ask Kiel. Maybe Kiel will know."

(Never speak of the tale of Proustia or the tears of Makris in front of a woman.)


 Allen teaches Dogora that there are certain things in the world that are forbidden to touch.
 Men must not talk to women about the 'Empire of Prostia' or the 'Tears of Makris'.
 This is common knowledge in this world.

 In every noble family, there is a picture book called "Tales of the Proustian Empire", and women have been reading it to their mothers since childhood and dreaming about it.
 If my memory of my previous life is correct, I've never been there, but I've heard that the Proustian Empire is a concept like a mouse land that a girl would like to visit at least once.
 In the study of the Granvelle family, there were many books that were ambiguous as to whether they were based on historical fact, creation, or folklore.
 When Allen entered the school, he learned that the Proustian Empire was a real country.
 The tears of the holy fish Makris appeared on the last page of the book.
 It's a sad story of tears to hear and tears to tell.

"I heard that it costs millions of gold coins to buy the sacred pearl of Makris. You can't buy it."

 I've heard that it's so valuable that even the money that Allen and his friends saved up in the S-class dungeon can't buy it.
 Some countries gave up their lands and countries themselves in order to buy the Holy Pearl of Makris, and as a result, the fishermen took over the country and founded the Kingdom of Crevelle.
 The tears of Makris, the holy fish in the storybook, are actually traded among nations as the "Makris Pearl.

"Wait! What are you buying? I'm at least sensible! So there's nothing wrong with this country, Krebbur?"

Lie to me. You had a twinkle in your eye.

 (You were shining your eyes, weren't you?) Cecil turns red and gets angry, so I try to quiet him down.
 Cecil also says that there is a country that might be under attack right now, so let's get back to that.

 Cecil asks if there are any problems like the ones seen in the west and south, such as the city of Oasis and the division of the Kingdom of Karbarna.

"Isn't it bad here too? I've heard that the Kingdom of Clevure was a vassal state of the Proustian Empire and that there was a lot of dissatisfaction. There was even talk of a civil war breaking out."

 Priest Nikolai told me about the Kingdom of Clevure.

It smells fishy.

 Allen said that if a powerful man was seduced by sweet words in a country full of discontent.

"So you're saying that the Princess Sheer Beast went to the Kingdom of Creville for some reason?

 Dogora looked at him sternly, "That's not good.

"That's what we should think.

 Priest Nicolai said that he had taken his troops to the Kingdom of Culebure shortly after hearing about the situation there.
 I'll have to ask the She-beast Princess what she was thinking, Allen added.

"Well, then, it's possible that the Hexenbiest is also working there. We have to defeat them."

 Then Cecil looked at the fire with his crimson, fish-eyed eyes, and the expression of the girl who had longed for a picture book disappeared.
 As if she was thinking about something, Cecil drew herself and her heart into the battle.