339-Episode 332 Team Allen (2) Letter

 Allen's friends are united under his leadership.
 They have been together since their school days and have eaten and slept together.

 They have fought together for a long time and have the same goal of fighting the Demon King's army, but their goals and values are not completely in line with each other.

 Sophie is trying to fulfill her position as a princess.
 She gives hope to the elves and believes in the prophecies of the spirit gods.

 Kiel has a strong sense of justice, but his most important thing is his family.
 He cares most for the well-being of his sister, his servants who have followed him, and his young servants whom he has decided to take care of until the end.

 If we are talking about the importance of family, then Merle is no different.
 Her father was a low-ranking soldier.
 Her brothers and sisters are in the army one after another.
 She has many brothers and sisters, and her father and brothers are fighting on the battlefield.
 That alone is a reason for Meruru to fight the Demon Lord's army.

 When it comes to justice, both Kurena and Dogora have a passion for it.
 And they both like to fight, just like Allen.

 Dogora is the first one who wants to be a hero, and Crenna is the second.
 Her childhood longing to be a knight has turned into a hero.

 Each of us has our own position, sense of justice, and what is important to us.
 Each of them respects what's important to them and makes one party.
 Allen is fine with this, and believes that the values of his friends should be respected.

 So why does Cecil fight?
 It's revenge for the loss of his brother Mihai, who was his favorite and ideal existence.
 Cecil is the one who is most ready to fight for his life against the Demon King's army.

 Cecil stops eating and stares at the fire, lost in thought.
 He asked Allen about the situation in the east, where he was going, but he fell silent and a silence ensued.
 There was something fishy going on in the east, and the presence of the demon god seemed to remind him of his brother.

(That's what the letter said. Well...)

 Allen remembered the letter that Viscount Granvel had shown him.
 It's the last letter Cecil's brother Mihai left.
 The Viscount had told him not to tell Cecil, but to read it, so Allen read the letter.

 The letter tells him that the fortress he was given has become a battleground.
 His gratitude to his father and mother for raising him.
 He wants Thomas to lead the Granvelle family well.
 He apologizes to Cecil for worrying about him and for not being able to return.
 The letter ended with a renewed request for Allen to protect Cecil.

"It seems that the Granvelle family will become a count family this year. Do you want to go back to the Granvelle family once this is over?"

 As if he remembered, Allen talked about the aftermath of this battle.

"Of all places."

 Cecil's face turned difficult as he heard those words.
 Apparently, he was able to come back from the depths of thought.

 Dogora never says anything in these situations.
 She has no idea how a noblewoman feels.

 The Granvelle family has only increased its presence in Latash.
 Mithril mining is at its peak.
 As for her daughter Cecile, the Queen of Rosenheim, the leader of the Alliance of the Five Continents, has sent a formal letter of thanks to the Kingdom of Latash for her participation in the war.
 The letter stated that Kiel was the greatest contributor to the war, and Cecil was the one who put an end to the enemy generals.

 Also, the Kingdom of Latash has established diplomatic relations with the great nation of Rosenheim, and the point of contact is Viscount Granvel.

 His contribution to the Kingdom of Latash is endlessly great.
 The Granvelle family will soon be promoted from Viscount to Count.

 This was not only because of the Granvelle family's contribution to the royal family up to now.
 This is not only because of the contribution of the Granver family to the royal family, but also because of Cecile's position as a noblewoman.

 That's why Cecile makes a difficult face due to her position as a noblewoman.

"I heard that the king said the same thing. Ouch! It hurts! Master Cecil!"

 Allen jokingly implied that Cecil's words were the same as the King of Latash's words, and got hit with an iron claw. Very painful.

"Is that for real? No, it's nothing."

 Cecil glared at Dogora, so Dogora decided to turn into a shell.

"Oh, my God! You don't even know how I feel. You're my brother too, Thomas!

 Cecil snorted, wondering who he was messing with, and started to eat more meat.
 It looks like his appetite has returned.

"No, well, I heard that the king can't touch the princess.

"But still!

(There are princesses in this world, too, aren't there?)

 In fact, Cecil's older brother, Tomas, seems to be in love with the king's daughter, Princess Leilana.
 Perhaps because of the difference in family status between Cecil and Princess Leilana, there is a proposal for the promotion of the Granvelle family.

 It was the dauphin's daughter, Her Royal Highness, who gave Kiel, who was a talented monk, a five-year term of service and wanted him to accompany her in the battle against the Demon King's army.
 Now, the Dauphin is the King, and the Princess is the Princess.

 I wondered if a princess of a country and the son of a lowly nobleman had a history, but it seems to have been a natural process.
 When Thomas was attending the House of Peers, the second and third year students were required to attend a ball every now and then as a way to learn how to live in the royal castle and in noble society.

 When Thomas, who studied diligently but had a quiet personality, was looking at the ballroom instead of participating in the dance, Princess Leilana came to him.
 Allen heard this story from Tomas himself.

 King Imbuel of the Kingdom of Latash was a member of the Kingdom faction, and was hostile to the School faction.
 He had often invited Princess Leilana to the ball, hoping that she would make friends with the children of the noble academy, which produced many royalists and was attended by nobles born without talent.
 It seems that she was not interested in the ball at all, and had been participating in it with dissatisfaction since she was about 10 years old, but she seemed to have found a good rapport with the timid Tomas.

 Princess Leilana seemed to be a very tomboyish princess, and she took Tomas as her tutor because of his good grades at the noble house.

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 The King of Imbuell, Princess Leilana, Viscount Granvelle, and Thomas have already had dinner together.
 It is said that the exhausted King Imbuel said, "Of all people," when his eyes met with Viscount Granvel's.
 "I don't know what to do," Viscount Granvelle lamented as Allen consulted with him.
 "Well, he's twelve years old, he'll change his mind. Allen replied.

 However, the King of Imbuele also wanted to keep Viscount Granvel away from the school faction, and he was willing to make him a count.
 If he remains a Viscount, he will be at the mercy of the Count of Hamilton, the leader of the school faction.
 This would mean that the school faction would have overwhelming power in the faction war within the kingdom, so just making him a count of the same rank would be meaningful.

 However, there are many nobles who are more than willing to talk to King Imbuele.
 The royal family has also been informed that Allen and the others have completed the S-class dungeon.
 That is to say, many people from Granvelle, including the daughter of the Lord of Granvelle, have joined them and conquered the S-class dungeon.
 The ministers who follow King Imbuele are breathing hard, and they are saying that this is a good opportunity to get the Granver family.
 If they miss this opportunity, they will be at the mercy of the school faction.
 It seems that there is no one around King Imbuele who opposes this proposal.

 Cecil's resentment is due to his mixed feelings about the Latash royal family.

 Now that Mihai is dead, I know something.
 It seems that the royal family has been giving a hard place to the children of the school faction.
 The head of the royal family was the crown prince of the kingdom faction, and Mihai died as a result.

 It can be said that the royal family killed Mihai.

 However, in Mihai's letter, he said that some lives could be saved by going into danger.
 I am willing to do my duty as a member of House Granville.
 Therefore, I hope that no one will hold a grudge against me if I end up dying.
 I do not know if he was forced to write this letter or if he wrote it himself.
 However, if he wrote this letter of his own volition, then his hatred for the royal family would not be in line with Mihai's wishes.

 This is the story of the conflict between Tomas and Princess Leilana.
 I can't help but understand Cecil's helplessness as he chews on his fugafuqaman.

"It looks like Tomas is going to be given a talent.

"You want me to help?

"You're his big brother.

"Yeah. You're right, I'm not.

 Cecil agrees, then makes a flippant comment.
 Cecil's brother Tomas' life is on the line, so he doesn't want to oppose the idea.

 In April, it became possible to change jobs.
 It is not only those who have talent that can change jobs.
 It is also possible for those who did not have talent to add talent.

 About changing jobs and talent
(1) Those who did not have a talent can have a talent. (1) If you did not have a talent, you can get one. However, your occupation is decided from a rough lottery of roles, called the vanguard lottery, rear guard lottery, middle guard lottery, and other lottery. You cannot choose your own.
If you have a talent, you can change jobs only once. However, this also applies to (1), so those without talent can change jobs up to two times.

 When changing jobs from one talent to another, you can choose from among talents of the same or higher compatibility.

 Conditions for changing jobs
(1) You must complete a special dungeon that can be accessed by up to eight players.
(2) To change from no talent to a talent, your level must be 60.
 If you want to change your job, you must be level 60, and all skill levels of your profession must be 6.
 In order to change jobs, you need to satisfy (1) and (2).
 If you just want to enter the dungeon, you don't need to fulfill the requirements of (2).

 The difficulty level should be about 10-12 stars with 8 players in normal mode with full skill and level.
 Even then, there is a possibility of death.

 Because of this, Tomas has asked me to help him with his job change quest so that he can go with Princess Leilana, who has been attending the school since April this year, to fight against the Demon King's army.
 It seems that Tomás has his own determination.
 He wants to accompany Princess Leilana when she goes to the battlefield where her brother Mihai died three years ago.

 Tomás seems to be serious about Princess Leilana, who is five years younger than him.
 Viscount Granvelle is desperately trying to stop Tomás, his heir, from joining the battlefield, but Tomás is unlikely to change his mind.

 Viscount Granvelle and King Imbuel are at the mercy of their child.
 I guess that's what fathers are for.

(So, he's the same age as Mash.)

 I've heard that Mash, who is going to the academy this year, has successfully passed the academy exam.

"I've heard that Mash, who is planning to go to the academy this year, has successfully passed the academy exam.

 While Allen was reminiscing about Mash, Dogora told him about the Pope of Elmar.
 Cecil agrees, "Yes.

"Maybe he was killed during the execution of the guru.

 There used to be a Pope, the supreme leader of the Ermea cult, in Theomenia, but he is still missing.
 He is said to have the rare gift of being a saint, but he hasn't been found since the execution of the pagan guru.

 Because of this, I haven't been able to tell the world the details of the job change quests that will start in April and the story of Freya the Fire God's divine weapon being stolen by the Demon Lord's army.

 It seems that this was also the operation of the Demon Lord's army.

 God had ordained the Pope and was going to tell the world about it on April 1, when the dungeon for changing jobs was implemented.
 Freya, the god of fire, has been deprived of her sacred artifacts, but the world must come together as one to overcome the hardship.
 I was trying to tell the world that this job change dungeon was a hope and a test given to us by the creator god Elmea.
 This is also the reason why he wanted to execute the evil guru before the end of March.

 In January, the oracle only told us that the job change quest would begin in the Kingdom of Latash.

 Priest Nicolai told me that they are considering what to do now, as the war against the Demon King's army is going on in the north of the world.

"Well, we don't know what we're going to get, but we'll be inside the Kingdom of Creville tomorrow. Let's get some rest."



 And so, with many thoughts and feelings, Allen and the others went to sleep.