340-Episode 333 Princess Shea Beast (1)

 A pillar of light stretched out from nowhere, changing its angle to be horizontal with the ground in the far sky, and connecting to an island floating in the sky.
 Overlapping with the pillar of light stretching up to the heavens, a line of ants is forming in the marshland when viewed from above.
 The long line continues far into the distance.

 From above, it was a procession of ants, but up close, there were many different types of ants, some with buffaloes pulling wagons, others with children on their backs.
 Their appearance is not human, and their ears are like fins.
 Their hair is blue, their faces pale, and their foreheads, cheeks, arms and legs are covered with irregular scales.
 Their hands have membranes between their fingers like waders.
 They walk on two legs and are a tribe of fishermen.
 From their appearance, they look like villagers or townspeople.
 The line of fishermen was being led by armored fishermen soldiers who were protecting the line from both ends.

 It looked like a long and narrow procession, but there were more than ten of them stretching out in a horizontal line.
 It was a huge procession that must have numbered several hundred thousand or even a million.

 They were moving toward the west as if being chased by something, as if fleeing.

 At the eastern end of the procession, at the very end of the procession, there was a group of beastmen.
 At the head of the group of beastmen, a tiger beastman wearing a conspicuous red and gold cloak was riding a horse.
 The tiger beastman is female and has the appearance of an adult who has just come of age.
 Underneath her cloak, she wears a light leather armor that is designed for movement.

 A soldier in armor carrying a large mallet is riding on a horse and talking to the tiger beast.
 The one riding alongside is a rhinoceros beastman with magnificent horns, who is about two sizes larger than the tiger beastman and can be seen even when riding on a horse.

"Master Shea. Forty-two of our troops died last night. We're going to run out of steam."

 The tiger beastman being spoken to by the rhinoceros beastman is the Princess Shea.

 From what the rhinoceros beastman said, she seems to have resumed her flight in the morning after last night's battle.
 She was asked to give a detailed account of last night's battle.
 The rhinoceros beastman is giving the Princess Shea a report on the situation.

"I see. He died for my cause. I must pay my respects.

"Of course, sir."

"Captain Lud. They often attack us day and night. Are any of you injured?"

 The she-beast princess glared at the pillar of light stretching up to the sky as if she was looking at something repulsive.

"I'm sure they're fine. I told her to come forward if she was bitten by that strange thing. Also, supplies have arrived from the royal family of Clevure."

 After talking about countermeasures against hexenbiests, Captain Lud reports on the movements of the royal family.

"Well... I told you last night. The royal family is moving fast. Well, they're burning my ass. It's no wonder."

"Yes, sir. "Yes. His Majesty the King would like to speak with you about that as well."

 The King of the Kingdom of Clevure wishes to speak to the Seelenguter.

"I see. I'll take care of the squad."

 The She-beast Princess smiled, showed her canine teeth, and kicked her horse toward the front.
 As she moved from the last row to the front, she saw a group of fishermen soldiers.
 Ahead of the soldiers, about ten large buffaloes of this world formed a line, carrying what looked like a large building the size of a house.

 From a distance, the ten buffaloes seemed to be carrying a huge portable shrine.

 When the fisherman soldiers found out that the she-beast princess had arrived, they told her that the scaffolding was this way.
 There is a protrusion that looks like a scaffold, and they want us to jump from our horses onto this building.

 The she-beast princess nimbly jumped on and opened the door to find a very old and well-dressed fisherman sitting comfortably, surrounded by his attendants.
 This man, wearing a crown, is the King of the Kingdom of Culebule.
 There are also fishermen nearby who appear to be the queen and princess, so it appears that the royal family of Culebure is traveling on a buffalo.

"Oh, thank you for coming. Your Highness, Shea. Sit here."

 The King, sitting comfortably in the center of the seat, speaks to the Princess Shea.
 I take the seat in front of the king.

"Yes. At your request. Thank you for replenishing my arrows so quickly."

 He bows to the King of the Kingdom of Crevelle and shows his respect.
 He then thanked Captain Lud for what he had heard about the royal family's replenishment of supplies.

"What? It's only natural. I heard there was a fierce battle last night."

"Yes. I lost many of my men.

"I see. Wouldn't it be better to add some more of our own soldiers to the army?

 She looked at the Seer Princess as if she wanted a "yes" answer.
 Apparently, this is what she wanted to say.

"Indeed. But it's such a big procession. You'll need more men to protect your people. The king's defense will be weakened. If you could move a little further forward, we'll be able to fight without worry."

 The she-beast princess replied that it was true that many of her men were dying due to the lack of support from the soldiers of the Kingdom of Clevure.
 But if we join the beastmen's troops, she said, we won't be able to protect our people or the king.
 She said that some lives might have been saved because of the danger they were taking on.

 I also tell him that the King is too far back in the line and that he should go further forward.

"Well, yes, but... But it is the king's duty to protect his people."

 The king says that the royal family should be at the back of the line to protect the people.

"That's the King of Creville. But don't worry. In three days, we'll reach the fortress city. The Beast Kingdom has already received a rescue call from our allies and troops and supplies are already on their way to the fortress city. There is nothing to worry about.

 This long procession was moving towards the fortified city, which was heavily defended.
 There was a reason why it was moving under the pillar of light.
 If it continued to move to the west, it would reach the fortress city.
 I'll tell them that we'll be there in three days and that we'll do our best.

 Then, the she-beast princess clearly emphasizes the word "alliance".

"An alliance. My country is not yet officially allied with the Kingdom of Arbajar.

"No alliance? We have shed a lot of blood for the people and the royal family of the Kingdom of Clevure because we are allies?

 The price of blood shed for the Kingdom of Clevure is not so light, said the She-beast Princess.

"No, no. Your Highness knows that we can't make alliances with other countries based on our own judgment. You know that we can't make alliances with other nations without the permission of the Empire of Protea. ......"

"It's true that I don't know much about other countries. There are many things I don't know, but the alliance of the Kingdom of Clevure does not require the approval of the Proustian Empire. I don't see that anywhere in the treaty between the two nations.

 The she-beast princess informed him that she was aware of the contents of the treaty between the Kingdom of Clevure and the Protean Empire.


"I'm sure you'll be able to help me out with the Prostia Empire.

 The She-beast Princess whispers to the King in a tone as simple as introducing a friend.

"The Prostia Empire has never had any dealings with any country other than our own. The Protean Empire is now watching us.

 He asked me not to make things worse with the Proustian Empire by forming an alliance with the Arbajar Beast Kingdom without permission or by introducing countries that have not been asked for.

"There are exceptions to every rule. Besides, don't you think they already hate you a lot? "And don't they already hate you a lot? They say you can't do business with the continent without the Kingdom of Creville. They say your kingdom is planning a rebellion. Even when I was in Elmar's country, I heard rumors about it.

"That's a conspiracy that someone has hatched! I, my country, will never betray the Proustian Empire!

 I will never betray the Proustian Empire!
 In a panic, the servants rubbed his back and gave him water to drink.

"Don't worry. I understand. This was a ruse by the followers of the evil gods. All they had to do was give us the head of the guru. They said the priests would never bring her to justice. No, that was also a plot."

 His Highness Shea's eyes became as stern as a wild animal's.
 A lot of people were killed because of the prey you let escape.
 However, the priest who said he would bring them to justice now seemed to be a member of the evil cult.

"So it's the followers of the Evil One who are attacking us now?

"I'm sure of it. The people who are attacking us are also the people of Creville, though they have changed. The King says so, but I'm sure the people of the kingdom have been very unhappy.

 The pagans had stirred up unrest in Culebure, claiming that the kingdom was planning to revolt against the Empire.
 It was a conspiracy, but I suspect that many of the people were sympathetic to the story.

 And then the gathered followers turned and attacked them.

"Oh, really? ......"

 The whole thing is a conspiracy, and I'm desperately trying to get away from the ex-Klebjerg people.
 You can see the regret on the king's face that he has been taken advantage of.

 The queen and princess sitting beside him look worried.

"Oh, um, Princess Shea."

 The princess speaks to the she-beast princess instead of the king, who has fallen silent.

"Hmm. You can call me Shea. Princess Karmin."

 You're the same princess.

"I'm sorry you've had to shed so much blood for our country. As a member of the House of Clevure, let me be sure to repay you."

 Princess Karmin's right arm glowed like a purple gem.

"Don't worry, it's up to the Beast King and His Majesty to decide on the reward. I'm in no position to take it."

 He replied with a smile, "Don't thank me, just be patient for now.

"We're under attack! The monsters are attacking again! It's a huge army!

 A huge army!