341-Episode 334 Princess Shea Beast (2)

"There's a lot of commotion here."

 With that, the she-beast princess came out of the building, carried by ten buffaloes as if carrying a large portable shrine, and looked around.
 The fishermen were in an uproar, "Really? and "Twenty thousand? and "20,000? !" Confusion and despair are on their faces.

 As if to cut through the fishermen soldiers, a deer beast with magnificent horns came running up to the Princess Sheer Beast.

"Vice-Captain Rath. What's the situation?"

 The she-beast princess spoke before Vice Captain Rath came running up to her.
 In order to confirm the situation first, there is no need for a formal question and answer.

"Yes! Your Highness. According to the scouts, 20,000 hexenbiests are approaching and will soon make contact with the tail end of the line.

 The scouts, who were out of the line and watching the rear, sensed the hexenbiest's movement.
 In less than a few minutes, there will be 20,000 of these strange looking monsters rushing towards the line of fishermen.

"20,000? You're really pushing yourself hard. Does this mean that the enemy knows that we're about to run away?"

 Princess Shea grinned and flashed her canine teeth.

"Lady Shea. This is no laughing matter. Captain Rudo advises that we should retreat alone."

 Captain Rudo says we should consider retreating, and Vice Captain Russ agrees.

"I agree. If we do that, it will be the end of the royal family and the people of Crevelle that we have moved. We've abandoned the capital and fled for days.

 He said, "We've gone to great lengths to persuade the royal family to abandon the capital.
 It's not easy, but if they're this close, they can't fight or escape with just their soldiers.
 All the soldiers in the rear line were killed, the royal family of Clevure was killed, hundreds of thousands of people who had no way to defend themselves were massacred, and the Kingdom of Clevure ended today.

"It was a tough mission. "It was still a tough mission," he said. "My messenger says that the fortress city of Carlo has already been supplied with soldiers, supplies, and food. Lady Shea, you must retreat there."

 Vice Captain Rath still assured him that the safety of Princess Shea was more important.
 We're almost there, we can escape to the fortress city of Carlo where we have enough supplies and soldiers.

"All right. Tell the messenger to stick around for two days, send troops to the front, and rescue the royal family and people of Crevelle.

 Tell the She-beast Princess that we'll stick to the position two days from here and that she should come to our aid.

"I'm afraid that's a pretty tough plan. Oh, please reconsider."

 Vice Captain Rath tries to stop her, but the she-beast princess jumps on her horse and moves to the end of the line.

"It's no use. If the royal family of Creville falls, there is no future for us. That's why I told everyone to bide their time. We have alliances."

 You say escape is not an option.

"What? An alliance?"

"We just discussed the alliance between the Kingdom of Arbajar and the Kingdom of Crevelle.

"What are you doing? Your Majesty the Beast King will be angry with you again. ......"

 It can't be helped, said Vice-Captain Rath, resigning himself to the fact that it's business as usual.
 When they reached the end of the line, the Princess was surrounded by about 2000 beastmen.
 Somehow, by the expression on the Princess's face, she seemed to have understood the plan.
 Everyone was waiting for her first words.

"I'm here for my cause. Those of you who do not wish to join me on the path of supremacy may leave."

 The Seerschloss tells everyone they can run.
 It's probably going to be a pretty tough fight.
 No one even thinks about running.

 And the 2,000 beastmen that are surrounded know that.
 Only in a decisive battle does a she-beast princess say these words.
 Hundreds of soldiers died when we defeated the evil cult leader.
 We can see from the words of the Seersatz that the coming battle will require that level of commitment.
 The soldiers gripped their weapons tightly as if their lives depended on it.

"I know it's hard. "I know it's hard. The soldiers of Clevure will fight with you. Let's give it our all."

 It seems that Captain Rudo has been talking to the army of the Kingdom of Clevure.
 It seems that Culebrew has no choice but to send out a large number of soldiers.

"We'll hold them off. Magicians, build a wall. We just need to buy time. Do you understand?"


 The magicians will build a wall of over ten meters with ice and earth magic.
 This wall is not for fighting.
 It's a complex and intricate barrier to buy time.
 Most of the people in the Kingdom of Clevure are on foot.
 We need to tell them to hurry up and move on, even if it is a bit overwhelming. We need to stall the enemies coming here and buy time.

 The she-beast princess instructed them to build a wall that would prevent them from being overrun.

"You're looking good. You're here already? Archers, take your positions!"

 Not long after she gave the order, he arrived.
 The lower half of their bodies were frogs and salamanders that were a size larger than a human's, and many of their upper bodies, including their heads and the tips of their hands, were turned into Hexenbiests.

 There are some signs of humans, and they are the pagans.

 In addition, there are lizardmen and giant crabs that can move in this swampy area, and they come through the mud.
 Most of the large monsters are B-ranked, with some A-ranked mixed in.

"You don't have to kill them with your bow. Aim for the legs and eyes!

 The archer is not a vanguard, but rather a middle guard.
 Their attack power does not increase as much as the vanguard, but the beastmen seem to be different.
 With their muscular arms and pectoral muscles, they drew their bows with great speed.
 The archers turned their backs on the words of the she-beast princess and took aim with the arrows that they had urged the royal family of Creville to use last night.

 The arrows were aimed at the eyes and feet of the evildoers and magical beasts that were closing the distance at once, and the arrows were released.

The arrow pierced the eye and went straight through.

 The arrow pierced through the eye, destroyed the brain, and thrust into the back of the head.
 It pierced the knee of his leg and the infidels screamed.
 The momentum of the attack is quickly lost as they lose their vision and are shot in the leg.

"Magicians! Attack with ice or lightning. Don't make the mistake of using fire!


 All of the troops here are talented.

 I'll instruct the wizards to use ice or lightning magic on the infidels and monsters covered all over with slimy mucous membranes.
 Use ice magic to freeze their feet and block their movement.
 The evildoers and monsters act as barriers, slowing them down even more.
 Because there are too many enemies, I don't plan on destroying them in the first place.

 The lightning attribute is the weakness of the pagans and magical beasts in this area, and fire magic is highly resistant to it.
 While blocking their movements with ice magic, let the B and A rank hexenbiests attack their weak attributes.

 The strategy is to keep them off the walls, but they are outnumbered.
 The enemy is bigger and more numerous than us.
 They march forward, trampling over the stuck infidels and Hexenbiests.

 I responded with bows and arrows and magic, but within tens of minutes, it became impossible to respond without using long-handled weapons such as spears.

"There are too many of them.

 He said as he looked at the infidels and magical beasts that were already trying to overcome the barrier.

 As I said this, I looked behind me and saw that the people of Culebure were still within sight.
 Since we were moving mostly on foot, I thought of retreating, but there was not much point.

 In the middle of the battle, a fox beastman came from behind, looking desperate.

"Hmm? What's up? It's Captain Lei."

 Vice Captain Rath asked the scout commander Ray to report what had happened.

"Yes! Report, sir. 20,000 more troops are approaching from the right and left flanks of the main camp. We're getting surrounded!

"What the hell!"

 I was informed that we were about to be surrounded by evildoers and hexenbiests in a U-shape.
 When he looked at the Princess, she was already fighting with her fists.

"We're outnumbered. We're outnumbered. I guess I'll just have to run."

 I look behind me and see that there are still many people.
 If we're surrounded, there's nothing we can do.
 For a moment, the she-beast princess thought of the people of Crevelle.

 All at once, the frog-bodied evildoers showed enough leg strength to overcome the barrier.
 Dozens and dozens of them flew at her, and one of them closed in on the she-beast princess.

"Look out! Your Highness! Haha!

 Vice Captain Russ quickly pushed the Princess Sheer-beast away.
 Vice Captain Russ takes her place and is bitten severely from shoulder to chest by the evildoer.

 The pagan's head was too big for a human-sized mouth.
 Then, with a grin, he crushes the armor-clad Vice Captain Russ from shoulder to chest.

"Sub-Captain Russ! You, you!

 Captain Rudo's body shook like a shimmering flame.
 Then, he crushed the head of the evildoer with the mallet he was holding and advanced further.
 With a single blow, he slaughtered the evildoers who had jumped up at once.

 The evildoers were freed, but Vice Captain Rath lost his strength and fell to his knees.

"Oh, get out of here! All troops, listen up! This troop is being surrounded by tens of thousands of demonic beasts. Take Lady Shea and retreat to the fortress!

 "Lady Shea, make a decision!

"Master Shea, make your decision!"

 Captain Rudo seems to agree with Vice-Captain Russ.

"I died so that Lady Shea could be the first emperor."

 Vice-Captain Rath, who was being held by the Seer Princess, was already unfocused.
 He would be surrounded by hexenbiests and would die with mud all over his body.
 However, he muttered to himself with no effort that his life had not been a mistake.

 Vice Captain Rath was seriously injured, but the Seelenguter-Princess would not call for a recovery team.

"Oh, I see. Then at least... I'll do it myself. ......"

 Vice Captain Rath has been bitten by an infidel.
 I knew I couldn't save him.

 The she-beast princess pulls out a dagger from her waist as Captain Rudo shouts for her to run further.
 Looks like we're going to make it easy on Vice Captain Rath.


 That's when it happened.
 Something huge appeared in the sky, blocking the light.
 A screeching sound like metal clashing echoed throughout the area.


 The beastmen look up to the sky at the huge shadow.

"It's a monster!
"What the hell is that?
"It's the end of the world. ......

 Despair spreads among the beastmen and the soldiers of Clevieur.
 I've been risking my life to fight for the Beast Princess and the Kingdom of Clevure, but this despair is making me forget all that.

"What the hell are these people? I never thought I'd have to go through such an ordeal. Temi, have you skipped your divination?"

 There are bees as big as dragons in the sky.
 There are over a thousand of them filling the sky.
 They seem to have come from the direction of the people of Culebure, whom they were trying to save.

 The astrologer Temi had not said anything like that when he himself went to the Allied continent.
 As the Princess Shea complained, the gryphon in the middle of the bees slowly approached the Princess.