342-Episode 335 Team Allen (3)

"Allen, you made it in time, didn't you?"

 Cecil's not sure if he made it, given the circumstances.

"Yeah, Cecil. That was pretty close."

(The she-beast princess has been found.) I mean, she's releasing her extra skills all the time.

 It turns out that there are many people who have released their extra skills.
 In the case of a war with the Demon King's army, this could be a signal that the fortress is about to fall.
 Many of the extra skills have a cool time of one day, so don't use them unnecessarily.

 When an A-rank hexenbiest attacks, some of you will be released to deal with it.
 When your defenses have collapsed or you have lost your offensive skills and you feel you can't fight anymore, use extra skills in large numbers to deal with the problem.

 However, this is a fool's errand, and there are only two things to do after that: crush the fortress or abandon it.

 I think Allen was lucky enough to get there before he was crushed or abandoned.

"Oh, hey. You're getting hit with a bow. Are you sure you can get this close?"

"I'm fine. We'll have to talk to them because we can't fight together. I mean, Dogora should raise her shield to protect us."

 With that, Allen and Cecil cowered behind Dogora's shield, or rather, Dogora's shield.
 In order to make sense to the Princess of Shea, whom Prince Zeu had said he was proud of, they decided to go and say a few words.

"You're not okay!"

 Dogora complained, but he approached the she-beast princess on top of the barrier so that she could see them on top of Bird B's summoner.
 Captain Rudo stopped them, and the beastman archers drew their bows but did not seem to shoot any arrows.
 Dogora, Allen, and Cecil landed on top of the barrier.

"Who are you?"

 Captain Rudo asks the sudden arrival of these suspicious people.

"My name is Allen, I'm an S-rank adventurer. We're here to help you. I'm here to help you. I see you're the Princess Sheer and your soldiers."

 Captain Rud asks me what I am, so I tell him my title and purpose so that the Seer Princess can hear.
 I wouldn't call myself an S-rank adventurer if I didn't feel so alarmed.

"Allen? The Allen who helped your brother?"

 It seems that the she-beast princess immediately understood who he was.
 She had heard that Prince Xeeuw had been sending regular letters to the Seeress.

"Yes. This is Allen. Prince Zeu has asked me to help you."


 For a moment, the she-beast princess's face showed a reaction of rejection, but her expression quickly returned and she seemed to accept.

 Maybe the fact that she was saved by Prince Zeu is not convenient.

 Prince Zeu is a lion-beast, but Princess Xian is a tiger-beast.
 I wonder if they are half-brothers or something, because they are brother and sister, but they are of different races, and I see the difference between them and Prince Zeu, despite Princess Shea's rejection.

(No, now is not the time to think about that.)

 Prince Zeu had told me that Princess Shea was a warrior princess and that she was proud and rough.
 Because of her belligerent nature, the Gia Moot Empire is trying to capture the more mild-mannered Prince Zeu.

 When I heard about him, I thought that he might have a tendency to attack suddenly, but there was no sign of that.
 But he didn't show any sign of it, because he saw Vice Captain Rath dying in the arms of the Princess Shea.
 Her gesture was full of compassion, far removed from the image of the warrior princess she was called.

"There is a recovery potion. I'm dying, so I'll use it."

 She then took out a blessing from her storage and used it to heal the wounds of most of the beastmen and fishermen in the area of effect, including Vice Captain Rath.

 The exchange between the Princess Sheer Beast and Allen and the others is still going on, but the infidels and demonic beasts are still trying to attack the wall.

"So it's as I've heard. You're asking for help, but I don't have any. How can I thank you?"

 You say you're in no position to thank me for my help.

"Of course not. We've come to destroy these infidels."

You've been bitten. Use the spices.

 I'll use one of the spices.

"Oh, no. A miracle."

 (It looks like he was bitten, so he used the flavored vegetables.) "Oh, no." "A miracle?" (The sub-captain Rath, who had been on the verge of death, regained consciousness and saw the part of his armor that had been shattered.
 A black shadow leaves his body due to the effect of the spiced vegetables.

"Heathen? And what the hell was that?"

"Oh, don't worry, it won't be that slimy hexenbiest on the bottom half of your body now. I'll explain it to you later.

"Really? Really? Okay.

 I don't have time to go into too much detail.
 Right now, our priority is to protect this homemade fortress that is about to fall, which seems to be made by magic.
 The she-beast princess nodded and seemed to agree with the idea.

 Allen removed the summoner of bird B and summoned the summoner of bird E in the newly created slot.
 It rises far above Allen's head and activates the "Clairvoyance" awakening skill.

(Hmm. (Hmmm... he's surrounding us with everything he's got, isn't he? Or rather, they're coming from out of sight.

 They're chasing us from the ends of the earth.

 The clairvoyant can see a vast area with a radius of 100 kilometers, and it can see a lot of details.
 Apparently, there are traces of battles, and the corpses of evildoers and magical beasts are lying around.

 It seems that they have been attacked many times and have been desperately protecting the helpless people of Culebure, even though there must have been many casualties.

"Cecil, I've received a formal request for support from the Princess Sheer Beast. We will do our utmost to support you. First of all, I need you to raise the alarm for the battle. Make it a big one."

"What? Okay."

 With that, Cecil stepped forward.
 Then, he shakes himself like a shimmering flame and activates the Extra Skill "Small Meteorite".


 The range of the Extra Skill "Meteorite" is incredibly wide.
 The range of the attack is all that can be seen from the top of this 10 meter high barrier.

 A huge, red-hot rock will fall about a kilometer away.
 The purpose of this is to wipe out the coming infidels and demonic beasts.

 Many swamps and marshes will boil and evaporate.
 Then the earth is blown away, creating steam.
 The aftermath was so powerful that the space seemed to be distorted by the impact, and it reached the defensive wall in waves.
 The soldiers wobbled on their feet as they watched Cecil's extra skill, "Small Meteorite," which changed the terrain.

"Let's move on to attacking the surrounding area.

"Yeah, leave the big one. I want to use them.

"Yeah, okay.

 With that, Cecil walked over to the startled beastmen.
 The position of the magic troops was in a position where they could easily see the evildoers and monsters and cast attack magic.
 From that position, he aimed his attack magic at the infidels and monsters.

 Attack magic has different rules from attack skills like Krena's.
 According to Merus, since the gods are different, the rules of the skills are also different.

 Cecil can use magic of the four attributes of fire, ice, lightning, and light, but he can only cast 24 types of magic.
 Each spell can be cast in six different ways, just like the skill level.
 Note that the power of Krena's and Dogora's attack skills only increases as their skill levels increase.

 For example, fire spells are as follows
Fire magic level 1 "Fire" is a single attack. Its power depends on your intelligence. Takes 3 seconds to activate. It takes 3 seconds to cast, consumes 5 magic power, and has a cool time of 5 seconds.
Fire Magic Level 2 "Flame Lance" attacks multiple targets. Its power and attack range depend on your knowledge. Takes 6 seconds to activate. It takes 6 seconds to cast, consumes 20 magic, and has a cool time of 10 seconds.

Fire magic level 3 "Mega Fire" is a single attack. Its power depends on your intelligence. Takes 15 seconds to activate. It takes 15 seconds to cast, consumes 30 magic power, and has a cool time of 1 minute.
Fire Magic Level 4 "Flame Rain" attacks multiple targets. Its power and range depend on your knowledge. Takes 30 seconds to cast. It takes 30 seconds to cast, consumes 100 magic power, and has a cool time of 3 minutes.
Fire magic level 5 "Flare" attacks alone. Power depends on Intelligence. Takes 1 minute to cast. It takes 1 minute to cast, consumes 200 magic and has a cool time of 5 minutes.
Fire spell level 6 "Inferno" attacks multiple targets. Its power and range depend on your knowledge. Takes 3 minutes to cast. It takes 3 minutes to activate, consumes 500 magic power, and has a cool time of 10 minutes.

 Each time the spell level is increased, the power increases and the target of the attack changes alternately from single to multiple.

"Flame Lance.

 Countless lances of fire rain down on the infidels and demonic beasts.

"What? It's fire magic. Why are you using fire magic here?
"How can it be so powerful and so fast?

 The magic troops were suddenly shaken by Cecil's addition.
 They lost their concentration and mistook the geometric symbols of the activation conditions, which should not have been wrong, and some of the magic effects even dissipated.

 I know that both the pagans and the hexenbiests approaching us now have a high resistance to fire.
 So I used ice magic to freeze them, and lightning magic, which is their weak point, as a means of stopping them.

 However, Cecil's fire magic, ignoring their resistance, turned the pagans and magical beasts into charcoal at once.
 However, Cecil's fire magic, ignoring their resistance, was turning them into ashes.

 I think they may be "cleaning" them.
 This woman called Cecil is burning up the evildoers, including the ones who are frozen and in the way, because she wants them to come at her.

 She's burning them to the ground, leaving space for them to come at her, and telling her to come at them harder.

"That's a lot of obstacles. Flare.


 A huge flame is created above the palm of my hand.
 The target is the complex of ice and rock in front of the barrier where Cecil stands.

 These were placed around the perimeter of the barrier by the magic troops to slow them down.
 Cecil blows them up with fire magic as an obstacle to the attack.

 By destroying them so easily, the magic troops learn what they are capable of.
 It is common knowledge that rocks and ice created by magic can only be destroyed by magic with more intelligence than that.

 A single blow of magic blew away the obstacle that the magic troops had worked together to create.
 I wonder how much magic power Cecil had put into it.

 Cecil is equipped with two rings that increase his intelligence by 5000.
 He also has a weapon that increases his intelligence by 8,000, which he obtained by killing an iron golem called the Mystic Staff.
 Thanks to this, I have a little less than 25,000 intelligence.
 Cecil's intelligence alone surpasses even Merus.

 Their magic troops have only 3,000 to 5,000 intelligence, even with their equipment.

 A magic unit consists of about 100 people.
 They are divided into groups of 5 to 10, and they make up for the destruction of magical beasts that they failed to defeat with range magic.
 Cecil is the only one who can do it.

 The spearmen were fighting desperately, but in a matter of minutes, there were no more infidels or magical beasts within a few dozen meters of the barrier.

 Cecil's entry into the battle left the magic troops and the spear troops standing still.

"Soon, more monsters will come from the right and left. Can you divide us into two groups?"

 Cecil instructs his troop leader as he unleashes his magic.

"Yes, of course.

 He says that he is enough in the front.
 The captain of the magic troop simply replies.
 The spearmen seem to be divided into left and right as well.

"Magic and spears split up? Dogora takes the right. I'll go to the left."

"Oh, are you sure it's just Cecil in front?"

 We'll take a strategy that includes the right and left hand hexenbiests that will be coming soon.

"Yeah, no problem. Right, Orochi."

'Yeah, no problem. "Yeah, no problem.

"'Oh, no problem, Orochi.


 After checking the situation, I put away the summoner of bird E and brought out the summoner of dragon A in the form of a Hydra with five heads.
 The beastmen and the soldiers of Crevelle trembled as they looked up at the figure that reached 100 meters in length.

 Its five huge long necks split in three directions, spitting flames to annihilate the infidels and demonic beasts.
 The summoned beasts of Bug A spread out over a wide area, protecting the people from the enemies that were heading towards the people of Clevure.
 It seems that some of the infidels and demonic beasts ignored Allen and the others and headed towards the people of Clevure.

"That doesn't seem to be a problem.

(I think so.)

"Is that so?"

 Allen thought he was talking to himself, but the she-beast princess replied.
 I guess this is the power of an S-ranked adventurer and his companions who allowed your brother to conquer an S-class dungeon.

"Yes. Yes, I think it won't take that long to destroy them. After the battle in this fortress is over, we will move forward to expand the area of destruction. Please consider what you will do at that time."

 Allen talks about after the annihilation.
 It probably won't take more than half a day to hunt at this pace.

"All right. Captain Rood, second-in-command Rath, form two squads."

"Yes, sir!"

 Allen told her to think about it during the annihilation, but the she-beast princess decided immediately.
 Some of them would go to escort the people of Qurebule, while the rest of the beastmen would follow Allen and his men.
 In this way, Allen and the others were able to join up with the she-beast princess and her beastman troops.