343-Episode 336 Team Allen (4) Thank you (1)

 Allen and the others met up with the Princess Sheer Beast and began to eradicate the infidels and hexenbiests.

 In the end, it took them less than three hours to destroy the oncoming enemy, and then they decided to move forward with the Princess She-beast's troops who had finished forming their ranks.

 There were about 1,500 members of the Sheer Beast Princess's troop that formed a joint front with Allen and his team.
 All of them were talented and helpful to Allen.
 Evildoers and B-ranked Hexenbiests would have no problem with the Seersatz Princess' troops.

 Numbers are power.
 In order to rescue evacuees and exterminate a large area in a short period of time, we really need manpower.
 We need to use golden beans and silver beans, and we need to create a safe zone to keep the hexenbiests away.
 They are well-trained soldiers, and they work very well.

 Allen's team and Kiel's team can put away the summoned beasts of Bird B.
 This is because Allen and Merus are able to resummon them.
 They can also use the available slots to send out fish summons to buff the she-beast princess and her troops.

 The country of Culebule is not that big.
 About two-thirds of it has been taken over by the infidels, but I've managed to eradicate about one-third of it in about three days.

 If we don't eradicate them completely, the number of infidels will increase again, but we have been giving priority to rescuing the inhabitants of the towns and villages that may still be alive, as well as the evacuees.

 The annihilation would be quicker than in the desert with Sophie or the dying Republic of Carronea with Kiel.
 There is no doubt that this small country is still in existence thanks to the perseverance of the she-beast princess and her troops.

 Next in line is Kiel's team.
 Merus gathered his troops and said, "Tomorrow, we're going to rescue the Republic of Carronea and destroy the infidels. We need men. Raise your hands if you have talent.
 Even for those without talent, they seem to be using the people in the fortress quite a bit, guiding refugees who have fled to the border, using aromatic vegetables and gold and silver beans.
 They are also doing the same to the 20,000 or so troops led by the general who came later.

"Do we really need to go?

"Of course. It is the duty of the royal family to pay tribute to those who have served. That's what Prince Zeu told me."

 Seeing Allen's clearly dissatisfied face, the she-beast princess remembered that Prince Zeu had written to her that Allen was not a respecter of the royal family.

 This is a large city that serves as a fortress, the Fortress City of Carlo, located on the border between another country and Crevelle.
 The royal family and people of Clevure arrived at the fortress city of Carlo last night without a battle to protect the people of Clevure, thanks to Allen and his men pushing up the battle lines.

 The She-beast Princess, Allen and the others were called to a large building in the center of the city.
 A scouting party came to the Princess first thing this morning to inform her of the situation.
 They wanted to thank her for everything.
 After hearing a few words of thanks, Allen thought he should get back to the front.

"This way, please."

 He was led to a room by what appeared to be an official of the royal house of Clevure.
 Upon entering, three fishermen, presumably the king, queen, and princess, are seated at a table.
 A few knights of the royal guard are standing behind them.

(Hmm? Isn't this like an audience hall? Well, the she-beast princess is there.

 There is also an audience hall in this building, but it seems that the audience is held in a slightly larger conference room.
 I guess they thought it was not a good idea to have the princess of a large country, the Princess of Shea, sit in the audience hall.

 The Kingdom of Crevelle is a small country that belongs to the Proustian Empire.
 He was being considerate of the she-beast princess, to whom he owed a debt of gratitude for saving the nation.

 He told me to sit here, and since there were only four seats, I sat down in a row with Dogora, the She-beast Princess, Allen, and Cecil.
 Dogora, Princess Sheer, Allen, and Cecil were seated in the middle of the table, with the Sheer Beast Princess and Allen, the party leader and S-rank adventurer, in the middle.
 Dogora is even more silent than Allen, and seems to be in the background.

(Did I hear that the Seer Princess wants to establish diplomatic relations with the Protean Empire? Does this mean that Prince Zeu can't wait any longer?

 As I look at the fishermen, I think about the Proustian Empire.
 I had learned about it in geography class at school, but it was very brief.

 It was really simple, because the Proustian Empire is not part of the 5 Continents Alliance.
 And it's not a continent, it's an undersea empire.

 In the east and west, the Proustian Empire controls the seabed from the continent where the Alliance is located to the continent where the Albahar Beast Kingdom is located, and in the north, it controls the seabed and the sea as far as the central continent.

 It is a fish nation that believes in Aqua, the god of water, and the only land nation that has diplomatic relations with it is the fish nation of Culebule.
 The Kingdom of Culebure was originally settled by the people of the Proustian Empire.
 The royal family of the Kingdom of Clevure is one of the dukes of the Proustian Empire, and they rule the kingdom under the direction of the Empire.
 It seems that the royal family of Krebbur is one of the dukes of the Proustian Empire, and they rule the kingdom under the direction of the Empire.
 That's why we haven't learned much about it in school.
 It's not a story from a picture book, but an actual empire, which is what I thought when I learned it.
 I didn't learn much more than the tearful "Tales of the Proustian Empire" that I read at Granvelle's house.

 I talked a lot with the Sheer Beast Princess during the past three days.
 "How dare you conquer an S-class dungeon! That was the first thing she said at the launch of the defense line on the first night.
 When he learned of this from a letter from Prince Zeu, he tore up the letter and threw it away.

 Even though she had captured the evil guru and overcome the ordeal of the Beast King, she was not sure if she could become the Beast King.
 Princess Shea seems to have understood the value of what Prince Zew had done.
 Prince Zew got more than just the unprecedented S-class dungeon conquest.
 In order to surpass the value of his service, Princess Shea turned her attention to the Kingdom of Culebule, which was rumored to be on the verge of civil war.

 It seems that she is planning to mediate between them and establish diplomatic relations with the Proustian Empire.

 The Proustian Empire is said to be rich in marine resources.
 Seafood is not easy to come by in this world due to the sea monsters.
 It's only recently that Allen has been able to eat fish from the sea.
 The ocean floor is so rich that precious minerals, shells, pearls, coral, and other precious metals and ornaments can be obtained in large quantities.
 You can also get a talisman to protect your ship from marine monsters with the blessing of Aqua, the god of water.
 It is said to be essential if you want to fish in this world of magical beasts.
 And ultimately, you may be able to get the Holy Pearl of Makris, which costs millions of gold coins, through trade.
 Because of this, the Proustian Empire is not a member of the Alliance of Five Continents, but the countries of the world are still friendly to the Kingdom of Crevelle.

 What the Beast Prince Zeu has gained from conquering the S-class dungeon is largely a matter of honor.
 The heroes Helmios and Admiral Galala also participated in the battle, putting the prestige of the heroes of their respective continents on the line.

 Even after hearing from Prince Zeu that she had conquered the S-class dungeon, Princess Xia did not give up on her title as the King of Beasts and tried to change that fact.
 She herself had already captured the evil guru and completed the Beast King's trials.

 And he is convinced that if he succeeds in establishing diplomatic relations with the Proustian Empire, he will be able to bring more important benefits to the Arbajar Beast Kingdom than honor.

 According to Princess Shea, she has formed an alliance with the Kingdom of Crevelle as a foothold against the Proustian Empire.

 While Allen was pondering over who should become the King of Beasts, Princess Shea or Prince Zeu, a fish dish was being served at lunchtime.
 A huge herb-roasted fish was placed on the table and was brought to me in pieces.

(Wow, that looks good!

 I've been eating only meat in this world, so fish has become my favorite food.
 Since I've come all this way, I'm going to eat a lot of fish to get my money's worth.

 As Allen is showing his eagerness to eat, the she-beast princess explains the situation that is happening now.

"It's only three days away. ....... Oh, that's impossible. Princess Seerschwein, is that true?

"That's wonderful. It's true!

 The king exclaimed.
 Princess Karmin also arrived at the fortress city of Carlo after fleeing for her life from the royal capital in despair.
 When she thanked the king for her safe arrival and asked him about the current situation, he told her that they would be able to retake the capital in three days.
 For the king and princess, they are already out of danger from the infidels and monsters as soon as they arrived at the fortress city.

"Of course. If you see the power of the S-ranked adventurers appointed by the Adventurer's Guild for the first time in 20 years, you won't even have any doubts."

 The she-beast princess says she's not surprised.
 She came to Carlo's fortress city escorted by a Bug A summoner the size of a dragon.
 The king was convinced that she had that much power.

"So much? You said your name was Allen."

"Yes. I'm glad to hear that everyone in the Kingdom of Creville is safe.

(The fish was delicious.)

 However, I would like to add that it will take a few more days to complete the detailed eradication.
 I'll also explain that it will take some time to completely cleanse the country of the evildoers.
 For the time being, the royal family will be living in the fortress city of Carlo.

"You're not very rude, are you, Mr. Allen?"

 Princess Karmin was also very interested in Allen.
 I've heard that you're not a nobleman, just an adventurer, but your tone is quite polite.
 The princess seemed to think that Allen had a rougher attitude.

"Here. This is Karmin. Don't be rude to the man who saved Clevure.

"I'm sorry. But as a royal, I must thank you for this.

"Thank you?"

 Princess Karmin looks at Allen and starts to thank him.

 Allen looked at the king and nodded yes.
 Apparently, it wasn't just a thank you.

"Yes. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Oh, um..."

"Yes. Anything you want.

"I'm sorry, I can't accept your offer."


 To the surprise of the king, queen, and princess, Allen sat down, bowed his head, and refused to accept the gift.