344-Episode 337 Team Allen (5) Thank you (2)

 Princess Karmin of the Kingdom of Krebbur asked for a thank-you gift, and Allen politely declined.
 Both Cecil and Dogora were present at this table, and he refused without checking with them, but they didn't seem to feel anything as if it was a usual thing.

"They didn't seem to feel anything. May I ask why?"

 They didn't expect the princess to say no when she heard they were going to thank her.

(Well... I've been like this my whole life. Maybe it's because I'm always too late to help. Isn't there a king who would trade a ship for pepper?

 In my previous life, I remember that there was a king who gave me a ship just for giving him salt or pepper.
 I'm willing to accept any kind of reward.
 If it's someone as powerful as the spirit god Rosen or the dungeon master Digragni, I'm more than willing to ask.

 However, if a poor nobleman offers me a pile of gold to protect his daughter, or the Queen of Elves wants to thank me for the devastating damage to her country.
 In such a case, I'll just give you my heart.

"There are many people of Culebrew in need. I know it is important for the royal family to provide them with enough food and a place to return to."

 After saying this, Allen bowed his head again, saying that he had been rude to the royal family.

 More than a million of the people of Culebure have taken refuge in this fortress.
 The territory is crowded with people who have fled in lines from the royal capital and many others who have joined them on the way.

 The Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom has begun to provide food and other support.
 Such expenses are costly.
 You say you can't accept a gift from a country in such a situation.


 The she-beast princess was listening next to him and her voice leaked out.
 This was because Allen had acted differently than he had for the past three days.
 I think he's thinking very auspiciously to come up with such a thorough extermination strategy.


 The King joins the conversation.
 It seems that as a royal family, it is unthinkable not to thank the heroes who saved the country.

"No, I don't think we should thank him right now. It hasn't been resolved yet, and you can thank me when things settle down. I'll come back to you with a 50% increase for not getting it now.

 He smiled jokingly.
 In order not to hurt the pride of the royal family, I'll give you a reason to refuse, even if it's just a pretext.
 I'll be sure to ask for a 50% increase when we return to a truly rich country.
 Allen will make a mental note of it.

 The king seems to have agreed with him.

(Alright, now we need to go back and continue the extermination. Hmm?

 Just when I was about to leave.

 That's when I saw the shiny purple jewel on Princess Karmin's arm.

 I think it's a jewel that shines quite clearly.

"What? Oh, this way? This is the Holy Pearl of Makris."

 Princess Karmin noticed Allen's gaze.

"Huh. Are these the tears of Makris, the holy fish from the story?"

 The 'Tears of Makris' in the tale of the Proustian Empire is the name of a storybook, and is officially called the 'Holy Pearl of Makris.


 Princess Karmin was happy that Allen had taken an interest in something that the Kingdom of Crevelle could be proud of.

(Oh, the Holy Pearl of Makris that can buy a kingdom with one of these?

 Allen is aware that the Makris Pearl is one of the most expensive things in this world.
 If he remembers it from a previous life, it's probably a large diamond with a story or history or something like that.

 It seems that the land of the Kingdom of Culebule was part of a neighboring country.
 The king of the neighboring kingdom, who desperately wanted the Pearl of Makris, ceded a third of his land to the fishermen and obtained the Pearl of Makris.

 Its brilliance has become a symbol of national prestige and the royal family.
 It is also said that there is a custom among the royal family to give it to the queen as a gift from the king.

"I see. It's a beautiful jewel.

"Please come in. Please have a look at it.

 Then Princess Karmin handed the bracelet off her arm to Allen through her messenger.

"Oh! It's a beautiful purple gem. It doesn't look like a tear.

 If it's such a beautiful jewel, I can see why the kings of many countries would want it.
 I wonder how the tears of a fish could turn into such beautiful purple crystals.
 I wonder how fish tears become such beautiful purple crystals.

 Cecil loved the stories of the Proustian Empire.
 Allen was also made to read it, so he remembers almost all of its contents.

 The story of the Proustian Empire can be roughly summed up as a love story that never ends.
 Makris, the crown prince of the Proustian Empire, falls in love with a village girl named Cynthia.
 Makris tells her that he loves her, but Cynthia refuses, saying that he is unworthy of her status and that he is afraid of her.
 The emperor of the empire is also opposed to the idea, and after some twists and turns, Makris and Cynthia become sworn in love with each other.
 But that's not the end of the story.
 A vicious demonic beast sealed at the bottom of the Proustian Empire comes out and tries to destroy the Empire.
 In order to protect the Empire and his beloved Cynthia, Makris asks Aqua, the God of Water, for power.
 Aqua, the God of Water, gives him the power, but on one condition.
 In exchange for the power, he asks if Makris is willing to turn into a fish.
 Makris said no, and made a contract with Aqua, the God of Water. Makris became a giant fish, and after a mortal battle, he was able to contain the terrible demonic beast again and saved the Empire and Cynthia.
 The fish-formed Makris went to Cynthia, but he didn't tell Cynthia that he had made a contract with Aqua, the god of water.

 When Cynthia saw Makris, who appeared as a giant fish, she was terrified and ran away.
 When Makris saw this, he knew that he and Cynthia would never be united again, and he shed large tears, which turned into crystals.
 These crystals are called the tears of Makris, the holy fish.
 I think the ending of the story was that the holy fish, Makris, still swims in solitude to protect the Empire of Prostia, where Cynthia was born.

 Cecil, whose eyes sparkled when he found out that Allen could read, gave me a picture book.
 He asked me to tell him what I thought of the book when I finished reading it, so I finished reading the whole thing in front of Cecil and told him what I thought.
 First of all, I don't know if there is an empire of Proustia, but this picture book is used to raise the profile of the nation.
 And the reason why this book is in the Granvelle family is that the kingdom protects the villagers and even a girl.
 This is in line with the kingdom's system of thinking of the people and saving them.
 In the end, because of their different status, they don't end up together. .......

 I remember that was all I could say.
 It seems that my impression was quite different from what I was looking for in that area.
 Cecil said, "I'm going to kill you! I remember being beaten up by Cecil.
 Allen really thought he was going to die.

 It's a sad story that brings tears to my eyes when I hear it and tears to my eyes when I hear it.

"Would you like to see it, Cecil?"

(These are the tears of Makris, Cecil's favorite holy fish.)

 I decided to show the sacred pearl of Makris to Cecil, who wanted to see it.

"What? Oh, hey!


 When Allen brought the bracelet closer to Cecil so that he could receive it, he was surprised when Cecil turned bright red and stood up.

 Princess Karmin, seeing Cecil's reddened face, looked at the king.
 When the king nodded, she judged that an agreement had been reached.

"Master Allen, you may take that one. Please take it."

"What? Can I have it?

"Yes. My country has diplomatic relations with the Prussian Empire. We don't have many, but we still have some.

 Princess Karmin told Allen that she had enough so that he wouldn't refuse them because they were valuable.
 In addition, she said that if this is the way it is, the Protean Empire will agree to give it to Allen for free.

"Well... This is a very valuable item. ......"

 Then he looks at the she-beast princess.
 He was concerned about thanking her for giving him such a valuable gift.
 Allen had indeed come to help and had saved many lives.
 But, Allen thinks, that doesn't take away from the fact that the royal family and people were protected by the dedicated fighting and many lives of the She-beast Princess and her troops.

"Hmm? There's no need to worry about it. Besides, I plan to remain on good terms with the House of Clevure. I can't take any thanks from them now."

 Then he looked at the king as if he was looking at his prey, and grinned, showing his canine teeth.


 The king is startled by the she-beast princess staring at him.
 It may not be a healthy relationship.

"And I prefer yellow. Purple doesn't suit me."

(What's wrong with the color of such a beautiful gem?)

 Even Allen, who is not interested in jewelry, thinks the Makris Pearl is beautiful.
 But the she-beast princess doesn't seem to want it.

(Bangles.) It would be nice to have a Peromus who understands the value of things like this. Are you sure you want to take this?

 Peromus, who is a merchant by profession, has appraisal skills and knows the value of items.
 Since none of Allen's members had appraisal skills, when he went to S-class dungeons, he would take the items to the appraiser in town and check the effects of the items he got.

"Please feel free to accept it. We received word the other day that the Proustian Empire is willing to support us.

 Princess Karmin wondered if she was being shy when she heard that it was worth millions of gold coins, so she told Allen about the future reconstruction.
 It seems that when she arrived the other day, she used the magic tool's communication to confirm the support of the Proustian Empire.

 The people of the Kingdom of Clevure are formerly the people of the Proustian Empire.
 The royal family are former dukes of the Proustian Empire, and are blood relatives to the emperor of the Empire.

 It seems that if there is talk of rebellion in the Kingdom of Crevelle, and even if they are skeptical, they will extend a helping hand if they are about to be destroyed.

 If we sell this sacred pearl of Makris, it will be worth several million gold coins, so we will need less support from the Proustian Empire.
 It might make the relationship with the Prussian Empire more difficult in the future, but they still prioritize thanking Allen for saving over a million people and the royal family.

"I see."

 I'm not sure if there's any reason for me to refuse," he said, staring at the ring he was wearing.
 The jewel is so big that he thinks it is not a ring but a bracelet.

(A bracelet. (If it had an ability, it would have an effect because it wouldn't wear the same equipment as the ring.

 You can only equip two rings that increase your status.
 The boss at the bottom of the S-level dungeon dropped a necklace, so I'd like to have necklaces in the future.

 With the king and the others staring at me, I immediately try to equip the bracelet, hoping that it will also have some effect.


"What can I do for you? Master Allen.

 When Allen equipped the bracelet with Makris's Sacred Pearl, he felt a clear increase in his status.
 Princess Karmin was speaking to him, but he put the grimoire in front of him and hurriedly checked his status.

"What the hell? What the hell is this? What's going on?"

 Allen's status had clearly changed.
 In addition to the increase in Allen's status, there are other effects displayed in the status column.

 Seeing the display, Allen's voice leaked out involuntarily.

 Effect of Makris's Sacred Pearl (bracelet)
Halves the activation time of attack magic.
Cool time halved
Magic power +5000
Magic +5,000 ・Intelligence +5,000

(Cool time halved? What is this? I've heard that before.

 By the way, I think I once heard that there was an item that shortens the cool time when I was at the school.
 In the end, such an item did not appear in the auction, let alone in the trade.

 If it was this holy bead that Allen had heard about on a rumor level, it was probably because it was something that was only traded between the royal family of Creville and the nations of the Kingdom and Empire.

(This one trades for millions of gold coins. If you equip two bracelets, does it lose its cool time? No, it could be reduced by a quarter! (Are extra skills also subject to the half reduction?

 In my previous life, there were times when items that I had worked so hard to collect and process over the years became trash.
 It's like when a new version of an item is released that is overwhelmingly compatible with the previous version.
 I think it's similar to what I felt at that time.
 I wanted to do everything in my power to get it, no matter what it took.

 I think this bracelet is more precious than any other item I have ever obtained.
 Now I know that this sacred pearl of Makris is far more precious than the magic recovery ring.

"Do you like it?"

"Of course I do!

 Allen replies that he won't return the ring because it's too precious and has a tremendous effect.

"So, ......."

 Princess Karmin looks at Cecil.
 I guess that means I should give it to Cecil.

(Indeed. I'd say it's for Cecil.

"Cecil, this is an amazing item."


 Then he hands the bracelet to Cecil, "Here.
 Cecil replies in a voice I've never heard before, turning red and not taking the bracelet well.
 The sacred pearl of Makris danced on both of Cecil's palms as if it was playing tricks in the air.