345-Episode 338 Holy Beast and The Top God

 It's been five days since Princess Karmin, the royal family of Krebbur, gave me the Makris Pearl as a thank you.

"? Allen!"

 As soon as Krena saw Allen appear in front of her, she rushed over to him.
 It's been twelve days since we've seen each other, but he's just as excited as he was when he first came back to the village.

"Hey, long time no see."

 Since Allen shares Merus, he's always been able to keep an eye on his fellow Team Keel members.
 I've been consulting with him on anything, but it seems there's a difference between being in front of him and not being in front of him.

"We're pretty much done here.

"Looks like it."

 Kiel, the team leader, gave me a brief report on the situation.

 Kiel had defended the fortress and marched from there to the Republic of Carronea.
 This march means that the talented people also participated in the annihilation together.
 As Captain Muhan had said, some of the troops that the general had brought with him two days later also joined the extermination force later, if they had talent.

 The presence of Merus made him think about the nature of negotiation, but Kiel himself was glad that Allen was always in front of him so he could have a chance to think about it.

 As for Team Kiel, they have almost completed the eradication of the infidels and magical beasts up to Mitopai, the capital of the Republic of Karonea.

"Alright, then, let's go to the Kingdom of Clevure. Cecil and the others are waiting for us."

 I'm taking Krena and Kiel with me.
 Mels went to Sophie's place when Allen came.

 Allen's Bird A summoner's "nest" is a travel point, but whether Allen or Merus builds it, they can both use the "Nesting" skill and the "Homing Instinct" awakening skill.

 However, if one of them uses the homing instinct, that nest will not be able to use the homing instinct for a cool time of one day.

 Like a puzzle, you must make full use of the "Nesting Instinct," which allows only Allen and Merus to move to a new nest, and the "Homing Instinct," which allows you to move with your friends.

"Huh? What's wrong with your bracelet?"

 Krena flew in and immediately noticed the purple Makris holy bead bracelet shining on Cecil's arm.


 Cecil couldn't stop smiling.
 It's been like this for the past five days.
 He was moving his arms in an unnatural way that Crenna would notice.

(Well, I don't know. I'd feel the same way. I'll have to re-set the nest.

 I empathize with Cecil, though my feelings are completely different from Allen's.
 Allen's emotion is that of having miraculously obtained an item that was dropped by killing a magical beast with a 1 in 10 million chance.

"I like Cecil. I want one too~"

 Crenna muttered, and Cecil's grin became even more unbearable.
 In this world, receiving the sacred pearl of Makris seems to be the greatest joy for a woman, especially for the children of royalty and nobility.

"Didn't Crenna get a necklace the other day?"

(I mean, it's a completely Cecil-specific piece of equipment, and it doesn't make sense for Crenna to wear it.

 Krena seemed to want it, so I told her about the necklace I got as a reward from the bottom boss of the S-class dungeon.
 The Holy Pearl of Makris is an item only for those who use offensive magic.


"Well, since Merus didn't tell me. Well, since Merus didn't tell us, we'll have to collect the holy beads from now on.

No, he didn't. He didn't even ask me.

 Allen deleted the bird A summoner that he had made at this point, recreated it and rebuilt the nest, and soon Merus arrived with three members of Team Sophie.

 As soon as they arrive, Merus starts to argue with Allen.
 Allen is sharing his senses with Merus, so they are connected to each other.
 This is the same for other summonses.
 This is the same for other summonses as well. It is only a sharing, so the sharing of senses is mutual.
 What Allen sees and hears is also transmitted to Merus.

(Am I the one who insisted on opening the Extras? Holy Fish Makris. Is there another one?

 Although Merus refutes this, Allen is aware that it is the result of his own obsession.
 He has been obsessed with opening extra modes and using extra skills.

 What is the Holy Fish?
 What is the Holy Pearl?
 I've asked Merus a lot of questions.

 Beasts that have gathered a certain amount of faith and have become holy are collectively called holy beasts.
 The holy fish Makris, the holy bird Quattro, and the holy beast Lubanka are said to be the most famous ones.
 It is said that holy beads can be obtained from Quattro and Lubanka in some way.
 I don't know anything about that.
 It is said that they are famous in the reason of the gods, but Allen had no chance to know about them in his current range of activities.

"'I heard that the crown prince of the Proustian Empire became a holy fish, how is that possible?

 As he walked, he confirmed what had just occurred to him.

'Well, it's not impossible. I haven't heard the details from Aqua-sama, though.

"I see. Is there a way to make a contract with a god?"

 In the storybook, Makris talks about the contract with Aqua, the god of water, which led him to become a holy fish.

I don't think that's a good idea.

 Merus's tone changed.


 Merus says, as if to stop Allen's words.
 Then he told him that God sometimes gives trials or makes contracts with individuals or countries in response to their wishes.
 He says that you should never ask a god to do such a thing.
 They say that you should never ask God for such things, because you will often be made to pay a price instead of gaining power.

He says, "A starving nation made a pact with the fertility god Mormor, but it didn't turn out to be very advisable. You know that much, don't you?

 Mels also talks about an instance where he made a pact with a god known to everyone in this world.

"Oh, by the power of a higher deity, all the fruit in a certain country became mormo nuts.

 A deity can become a superior deity by gathering a lot of faith or by various results.
 It is said that a higher god can perform miracles that no god can.
 Mormor, the fertility god who is prayed to for fertility by many people all over the world, is a higher god.

He produces enough fruit to export to the whole world. Enough to reach the village of Krena.

 In order to save the people from starvation, the royal family made a contract with Mormor, the fertility god.
 However, as the price of the contract, the country can only harvest Mormo nuts.
 It seems that the fertility gods get angry if there are too many mormo nuts left over and they rot, so the kingdom exports them to the rest of the world in large quantities at low prices.

 Allen knows firsthand the consequences of this.
 As a result, the Granvelle family and the Granvelle territory had planted a large number of kamikami berries because they bear a lot of fruit, but they are no longer eaten.
 This is the red fruit that Cecil made me carry on his shoulders in the garden of the Granvelle family.
 Cecil had thrown it on the ground, saying that it was too sour to eat, but when dried, the sourness was reduced and the sweetness increased.
 They are like astringent persimmons because they cannot be eaten raw, and in the Granver domain, they were eaten dried as emergency food in winter.
 In Granver, the persimmons were dried and eaten as emergency food in winter.

(The world is a big place, isn't it?) (The world is a big place, isn't it?) I couldn't find it in the school's archives. No, it's in the picture book.

 Allen has lived his life wanting to do more and become stronger.
 I think Allen got more than he deserved from the Makris Pearl this time.
 I'm sure that there are many more things that exist that do not involve the human world, or that are in other countries that we cannot get information about unless we leave the activities of the Alliance of Five Continents.

 The invasion of Rosenheim happened while I was in school.
 The career changes that my friends won in Rosenheim.
 And the distress signal from Elmar's Kingdom that I heard after conquering the S-class dungeon.
 The holy beasts and sacred pearls that I learned about while helping the Allies.

 The wider the scope of your activities, the more information you can obtain.
 Allen was reminded of the vastness of this world.

 And there was a hint of a valuable item in a picture book that was sold in large bookstores such as the royal capital.
 Missing a valuable item may mean that you are in a state of "deadlock" as in the previous life.
 In the game of the previous life, the state of being stuck is the state of not being able to find a clue to the game as a result of overlooking an item or a quest that must be obtained or completed.

 There seems to be a point in searching for something of value among the mass of books and documents that may or may not be historical facts.

 While Allen is lost in thought, Sophie opens her mouth.

"It looks like you're making good progress there. We're not quite there yet."

 While Allen and Merus were talking, Sophie was checking the latest situation from Kiel.
 She found out that her team was far behind Allen and Kiel's team.

"No, we don't have the manpower, and the desert looks huge. No, we don't have the manpower, and the desert looks huge, so it's no wonder Sophie's team is slow.

"I see."

 Sophie had noticed the difference in the teams' response to the infidels, so it was inevitable, Allen said.

 Now all the members of the party "Abandoned Gamer" are gathered here.

 The three members of Team Allen, together with the beastmen, continued their mission to destroy the evildoers and demonic beasts.
 As a result, they retook the royal capital in three days, just as they had told the king of Culebure.

 We could have gathered the party on the next day, but we decided to do it on the 5th, considering the convenience of the other two teams.

 Thanks to your coordination, it seems that Kiel and Sophie's team will have no problem leaving the area for a day today.

"It looks like we've been waiting a long time, so come with me.

 Allen said, leading the group.
 This was the beastmen's camp, built against the large outer wall of the royal city.
 The inside of the capital is currently being warded with gold and silver beans, but the smell of decay is so strong that the beastmen can hardly stand it.

(Beastmen who believe in the higher deity, the beast god Garm?

 Not only the fertility gods, but also the beast gods, who are overwhelmingly worshipped by the beastmen, are higher deities.
 Hundreds of millions of beastmen are praying to him as if he were a monotheistic deity.
 As a result, it is said that the beast god Garm has been elevated to a higher deity.

 The beastmen who are beneficiaries of this higher deity stare at Allen and the others as they enter the camp.
 It seems that the beastmen are proud to have been born as beastmen.
 The beastmen soldiers seem to be somewhat proud of themselves.

"This way."

 The beastmen come up to us, as if they've been waiting for us.
 They seemed to have been instructed by the guide.

 Then he led me to a place where a tent had been set up and several soldiers were standing guard.

"Mister Allen and his party are here."


 The Seer Princess replies.

"Thank you all for waiting."

 Allen walked in and apologized for keeping everyone waiting.
 In the back of the room, the Sheer-Princess in light armor was sitting on a chair made of wood.
 The captain and the troop leader were seated in a U-shape with the she-beast princess, waiting for Allen and the others to arrive.

"This is Princess Sophiarone. This way, please."

 This way," said Captain Lud, guiding them to sit in front of the She-beast Princess.
 This must be the highest seat among the guests.

"Master Allen, please come this way."

 Without any hesitation, Sophie gave up her seat to Allen.
 In front of the seat, Sophie asks Allen to sit down, and he does so without saying a word.


 Sophie spoke a little louder, and the volume of her voice seemed to make it clear who was in a higher position at the party, including the she-beast princess.

 Sophie sat down next to Allen.
 Merus was not present.
 He seems to think that he should not come out unless he has to, because it might not lead to discussion.

"Let's start the meeting for the defeat of the demon god.

 Vice Captain Rath opened his mouth when all eight of Allen's men were seated.

 Thus began the meeting with the beastmen to defeat the demons.