346-Episode 339 Genie Subjugation Conference

 Allen and the beastmen are going to have a meeting to discuss the defeat of the demon gods.
 Allen looks at a simple map made of stone and wood as they sit in a square in the tent.

 Here is the outer wall near the royal capital, but just beyond the outer wall there is a temple.
 There is a temple dedicated to Aqua, the god of water, and a pillar of light extends from there.

 I've already talked with the party through the summoner of Spirit A and Merus.
 I've also told the she-beast princess that there is a demon god at the end of the pillar of light.

"So, the Hexenbiest is .......

"I'm sorry, just give me a second.



 Allen looks at the she-beast princess as if something is wrong, and then looks at Sophie, who has given up her seat to Allen.
 Apparently, he had some business to attend to with Sophie before the meeting could begin.

"I am Shea-Van-Alvahar of the Beast Kingdom of Alvahar. I'm Shea-Van-Alvahar of the Beast Kingdom of Alvahar.

 Since she was the princess of a big country, she wanted to say a few words.

"Yes. My name is Sophiarone. Please call me Sophie, like Mr. Allen."

"I see. You can call me Shea as well."

 Princess Shea said this, but she was caught by Sophie's word "Master Allen".

 The Arbahar Beast Kingdom, founded by the beastmen who left the Giaomut Empire, has adopted a class and system similar to that of the Giaomut Empire.
 The only difference is that the Kingdom of Arbajar does not have serfs, who are restricted in movement and occupation because they left the Ghiamut Empire in search of freedom.
 The only slaves are criminal slaves, and there is no hereditary system of slavery, and the children of slaves are not slaves but commoners.

 The princess is a she-beast born in the kingdom, which makes her feel strange.
 Sophie calls her "Master Allen" when she is allowed to call her by that name.
 She has been asking her home kingdom, the Arbajar Beast Kingdom, to confirm this and that about Allen.
 He is from a small country called Latash, which is located in the central continent, adjacent to the Giamut Empire to the south.
 He was a commoner in Latash Kingdom, but he was active in the war in Rosenheim and stood in the position of a general advisor.

 Sophie, who has been called the next queen, may be the one to take her place.
 In addition, the She-beast princess has told Allen that he should call her "Lady Shea" in a friendly manner.
 Originally, when calling a she-beast princess, it would have been "Your Highness, Princess Shea," but since they were going to be engaged in a joint operation, I intended to call her "Lady Shea" in a friendly manner.
 "I'm not sure if I should use "Shea.

"Shouldn't we get started?


 Allen was about to say, "What's this waiting game?" Allen is about to say, "What are we waiting for?" when Captain Lud calls out, "Let's get started.

 The she-beast princess was pondering, but she wasn't the only one who was getting defensive.
 The captain, deputy captain, and even the commanders of the various units are here, as well as some soldiers who are there to help out, but they are all overwhelmed by Allen's friends.

 I'm not going to start yet," said Crenna, eyeing the she-beast princess.
 Crenna's adamantite sword is off her shoulder and on the ground.
 Sophie is also there, and since they are going to plan a strategy together, she has not collected her weapon.

 With their overwhelming equipment, none of Allen's companions were intimidated by the beastmen or the she-beast princess.

 The beastmen took pride in the fact that they had been chosen by the Seersatz princess and had risked their lives to hunt the evil guru.
 They believe that they were chosen to be the Seersatz princess because of their talent.
 But seeing Allen's party, that pride seems to be shaken.

"So, there's a hexenbiest in the temple up ahead."

 Since Princess Shea agreed, Captain Lud proceeded with the story.
 The She-beast Princess is going to join us in defeating the Hexenbiest this time.

"Yes, sir. I've already checked the situation. There's definitely a demon god in front of the altar."

 While Allen spent five days defeating the demons, he also used Bird A's summoner to check on them and set up some nests in the temple.
 The summoner of Bird A shared with me that there is still one demon god sitting in front of the altar.
 When this meeting is over, she plans to transfer directly to the location of the Hexenbiest.

 During the past five days, I asked Captain Lud about the composition of this squad of she-beast princesses.
 According to Captain Lud, they have been working together for the past five years as the chaperone of the she-beast princess and her instructor in battle.
 The so-called caretaker became the captain of the unit led by the she-beast princess.
 Vice-Captain Rath, who was a mercenary, was selected a few years ago as the vice-captain of his own troop.
 It seems that the troop is like a private army of a she-beast princess that has grown up.

 The unit seems to be composed of a full-fledged knight's army.
 Perhaps it's the genius of Princess Sheer, but it seems that all the beasts are seriously participating in the troop.


 Captain Lud replied, and pondered something.
 In this circle of Allen's party, the Princess of Shea, Captain Lud, and Vice Captain Rath are all participating.

 When I told them that I was planning to rally my friends to defeat the demon gods, they said, "Well, I'll go with you.
 He thought that even if he helped in the extermination of the demons and hexenbiests in the Kingdom of Crevelle, not participating in the war against the Hexenbiests would affect the position and future of the Seer Princess.

"Is that why you're fighting with an elite group?

"Yes. Basically, there will be two parties, our party and the beastman party led by Princess Shea.

 Allen made it clear that the force was inadequate. For example, if 2,000 beastmen participated in the battle, the demon gods of Elmar would be able to destroy them in less than an hour.
 This, I must say, would be a hindrance to defeating them.

 A battle requires just the right number of men for the mission.

 If this continent falls, the Beast Kingdom may be next.
 You seem to be ready to die, but that's not the same thing as a successful mission, so I've convinced you.

 I asked the she-beast princess how many of them had talents of three stars or higher, using the sword saint and hammer saint as examples, and she told me that there were only four.
 She told me that there were only four, plus the Princess Sheerwolf, and that there were only five participants this time.

 Princess Sheerwolf, a 3-star Fist Saint
 Captain Lud, a 3-star Hammer Sage.
 Archer Sage with 3 stars, Captain Kam of the Archers
 3-star Medium, Captain Gonu of the Auxiliary Unit
 3-star priestess, captain of the recovery unit Sera

 The medium of the monkey beast Gonu, captain of the unit, is said to be able to call upon the wandering spirits of the dead to weaken enemies and strengthen allies.

 It seems to be a valuable profession that can both buff and debuff.
 A priestess seems to be a profession similar to that of a saint.

 Princess Shea the Beast is said to have been given 3,000 soldiers by the King of Beasts and ordered to defeat the evil guru.
 Since the Beast Kingdom has not participated in the war against the Demon King's army, there are many more talented people than in the Central Continent.
 Even these talents are being drained by the dangerous S-class dungeons of the Baukis Empire.
 Even so, there are not many talents with 3 or 4 stars.
 There are 2,500 1-star players, 500 2-star players, and 5 3-star players, including captains and commanders.
 About 1,000 soldiers have already died in the campaign to defeat the infidels and retreat from the royal capital of Crevelle, including one of the captains who had three stars.

 Russ, the second-in-command, is a spearman with two stars, so he will not be allowed to participate in the battle against the demon gods in the temple.
 He was quite disapproving, but I convinced him.

 Prince Zeu also told me that beastmen are born with random talents, regardless of whether they are nobles or commoners.

"Basically, I want the five of you, including you, to work together on Lady Sia's plan.

 Four beastmen joined the party this time, but I told the beastmen that the five of them should work as one party.
 The decision was made that two vanguards, one middle guard, one assistant, and one healer would be just right in terms of composition.

"So you're saying we should split up the party completely?

"Yes. Let's make some decisions about how our parties will move.

 We'll have a common understanding of how to fight.
 Allen had already seen the movements of the She-beast princess and her captain, knowing that the She-beast princess would probably follow him.
 He has seen the movements of the she-beast princess and her captain.


 Captain Rudo and Vice-Captain Rath listened in silence.
 Allen's strategy seems obvious and quite sophisticated.

 It's perfect both as a party unit and as an individual vanguard, middle guard, or rear guard perspective.
 I'm going to talk about where to pull back and which moves are the starting points.
 We already know the movements of the five beastmen, what they can do and what they cannot do.

 This is a feat that can only be accomplished if we already have this mission in mind during the five-day joint operation to defeat the infidels and hexenbiests.

 Allen said that he would have to spend at least 10 years in battle to understand what he was doing, but I wondered what he was thinking about when he lived his life at such a young age.

"Was he some kind of hero?"

 Princess Shea seems to have come to the same conclusion.

"By the way, can you turn into a beast king, Princess Shea?

"I've never been able to.

"I understand. I'd appreciate it if you could.

 From the way he said it, it seems that he has never succeeded.
 He doesn't seem to say he can't.

 While Allen and the others are fighting against the evil goddess Gushala, the battle against the Demon King's army in the central continent, Rosenheim, and the seas around the Baucis Empire is now at its climax.
 There would be no time to call in the Sacred Party led by Hermios the Brave or the Ten Wise Beasts led by Prince Zeu from the other continents.
 Admiral Galala will be difficult as well.

"You'll just have to get used to it. I just can't compete with them. If we can't work together, we'll have to retreat. Worst case scenario, we destroy the temple."

 Every temple will include King's Landing.
 At least the castle will be wiped out.


 Cecil, sitting on the other side of Allen's Sophie, says it's time to go.

"It's just the worst."

"It's only the worst," he said, "because Cecil's power with the Macris Pearl is going to bring down King's Landing.

 Temples are set up near the capital so that the king can make his royal authority known to the people.
 Beyond the temple, there is a port town and then the sea.
 At the bottom of the ocean lies the Proustian Empire.
 While praying to Aqua, the god of water, we bow to the Proustian Empire.

"I know, I know.

(No, the temple is probably more powerful than that.)

"If I can't do it, I'll run, and you can help me decide what to do.

 If it seems impossible, I'll run away.
 This time, since it was a joint operation with the party led by the she-beast princess, I gave a longer explanation of what would happen if we lost or were no match for them.

 At first, the beastmen wondered if he was going to think about what would happen if they were not defeated, but Allen's party was very serious about this strategy.

 They would carry out the mission without getting anyone killed.
 They know it's harder than risking their lives.

"The worst that could happen is a melee between demons and beastmen."

"Of course. I don't mind. We're all ready for it."

 I'll get the she-beast princess' permission for the operation.

 We spent more than an hour discussing the details of the mission.
 And so, Allen and the others headed to the Temple of the Pillars of Light with the She-beast Princess' party to hunt for the Demon God.

"Let's go. Second-in-command Russ. I'll leave the rest to you."


 As soon as Vice-Captain Russ replied strongly, the She-beast Princess also boarded Bird B's summoner and moved toward the temple.

 She moved in front of the temple, which was located just beyond the royal city.
 As a backup, I've also registered a "nest" in front of the demon gods as a transfer destination, but I often have to talk to them.
 It is important to gather information.

 There is a statue of Aqua, the god of water, at the entrance to the temple, but it is missing its head.
 It has been cut off with a sharp object.
 Her head has fallen to the ground expressionlessly and is split in two.

 The first floor of the building is elevated, and the stairs lead up into the building.
 The structure of the temple has been confirmed by the royal family of Krebbur.
 It was only a simple drawing, but it was recorded in the grimoire.

 You will soon reach the hall.
 The temple is a simple structure, as it serves only as a ritual to worship the gods.

 In the center is a pillar of light emanating from the altar.
 This altar is the same as the one in the Theomenian temple of Elmar.


 Allen and the others only caught a glimpse of the altar.
 They only glanced at the altar as a man sat hunched over in front of them.
 He had been sitting there for the past five days, almost motionless.
 I focused all my attention on him.

 Two large swords are propped up on the marble floor in front of me.

 A half-naked man with short, dull reddish-brown hair and bulging muscles.
 Completely avant-garde style, Allen decides.

"You're late. I thought you'd never come to me. Are you Allen?

 There's a pause in his tone, he thinks.
 He reacts to Allen and the others' arrival.
 He seems to already know who Allen is.

"Yes, but are you the demon god who guards this altar?"

I thought you were the type of beast that became a demon god. Hmm? But what's this feeling?

 Allen thought that this demon god was an ape or gorilla beast turned demon god.
 From the look of Bird A's summoner, it looked like a beast.
 However, there was something strange about the conversation.

 The demon god reacted more to Allen's words.
 He turns his smirking face to Allen, but his eyes are auburn without whites, which looks eerie.

'You. Young people these days don't know how to talk to their seniors. Well, that goes for me, too. You need to be punished for this. Hee-hee.

 He professes to be the type of person who does not use honorifics, but says he will punish him.
 He seems to have a very joking personality, but he doesn't seem to be angry.

"Senior? Is that you?"

"Yes. When I was human, I was known as Basque the Shura King. Do you know that, Allen?

 He then turned his auburn eyes without whites to Allen and smirked.