347-Episode 340 Basque Game (1)

 The man in front of the altar was Basque, who had become an S-rank adventurer 20 years ago.

 At first glance, I thought he was an ape-beast turned demon god, but there might have been some trace of his human form.
 He is naked, but is equipped with a number of ornaments, including a necklace, bangles, and rings.

"An S-rank adventurer is an altar charm?"

 Bask is an active S-rank adventurer.

"Yeah... I love it. I didn't think I'd have to wait this long. "Wait!" What? I'm not a dog!

What the hell is that?

 He suddenly became angry as if he remembered, and shouted in a roaring voice to this hall in anger.
 He was smiling just a moment ago, but his emotions were so intense that I couldn't follow them.

 Allen recalled that the head of the Adventurer's Guild, Macallan, had told him that Basque was known as the "Shura King" and had become an S-rank adventurer twenty years before Allen because of his abilities.

 He had hunted many demonic beasts and had sought power more than anyone else.
 He also served in the war against the Demon King's army at that time, but he had a problem with his aristocratic superiors.
 Bassuk wanted to be free and refused to listen to him, and I heard that he killed thousands of soldiers in a dispute.
 He was born in the Giamut Empire. At the time, the empire had been heavily invaded by the Demon Lord's army.
 He saved many villages and towns, and the people who lived there, and became a S-rank adventurer, but he was erased from history due to the atrocities he committed while serving in the army.

 Basque's name was never mentioned in the classes at the academy where military discipline was taught.

"What the hell is this? Is this a Hexenbiest?"

 The she-beast princess seemed to be quite different from the evil being I had expected.
 I remembered that the bandits I had captured as part of my training had been like this.

"Whoa! There's a cute little girl. Why don't you come to my place? I'll take good care of you even if you're a beastman. Hee-hee.

 The Princess Sheeran's mumbled voice seemed to have reached Basque.
 She licked her tongue and looked at the lightly-armored Princess Sheer from top to bottom, as if licking her lips.


(Pervert. There's a pervert here.

 The she-beast princess feels threatened in a different way and takes an involuntary step back.

"So, what's this altar?"

 He's a pervert, but he's not very talkative.
 Allen decides to go ahead and gather information.

"What? I don't know. He said something about collecting souls. I don't know, and I'm not interested.

I knew he was collecting human souls.

 I thought they were collecting something by turning people into evil spirits, but it seems I was right.
 It turns many people into infidels and collects their souls.
 That's why they made it so that if you are bitten by a pagan, you become a pagan.
 It would be a shame to kill them.

 However, Basque seems not to have been given much information, as if it was a countermeasure against his light mouth.
 However, it seems that the total number of souls collected in the four locations is several million.
 The question is, what are they going to do with that many souls?

"So, how do I become a demon god? Tell me how to do it too, Basuku.

"Hey... You! What are you talking about?

 I couldn't help but react, wondering what the she-beast princess was talking about.
 At the tent meeting before we came here, Allen had said that we wouldn't be able to start fighting right away because of all the questions, but he said something that made me forget that.

 However, Allen's friends seemed to be different.
 They were slowly changing their positions in Allen's conversation.
 His opponent was clearly a vanguard, and his weapons were large.
 They formed a formation with distance and simultaneous attacks in mind.

 When the she-beast princess looked at Captain Lud, he gave her a small nod with a look that said, "Let's make our move.
 The battle had already begun.

"Whoa! You're interested too? Good. Demon gods are good. If you want to become a demon god too, you'll have to introduce me to Cubel.

"Do I have to ask Lord Cubel?"

"What? I'm not going to be able to do that. Just respect me!

 That's what they say about Cubel, he's creepy.
 He's a high ranking demon god, but he doesn't seem to worship him.
 He says he doesn't care about that, he wants you to worship me, his senior.

Cubel is a high ranking demon god who serves the Demon Lord.

 We have very little information on the Demon Lord's army, including Merus, so we don't know what they're doing even though we've come this far.
 According to what I heard from Merus, the Demon Lord has appeared and fought against the heroes several times in the past.
 In the end, sometimes the Demon King's army won, and sometimes the heroes won.
 When the Demon King defeated the heroes, the people were destroyed and the creator god Ermea judged that the harmony was disturbed, and the world was purged by the hands of angels.
 The story goes that the Demon Lord's army and the people will be wiped out from the world.

 Merus told me that the big difference between the war between the Demon Lord and the heroes this time is that many demon gods are participating in the Demon Lord's side.

 From Basque's story, I decided to gather more information about what they are doing and what demon gods are.

"Oh, yeah."

(That's the higher demon god dressed as a clown. I haven't seen him since then, by the way.

But I need a souvenir. How about the heads of the people behind you?

 He said he would turn me into a demon god if I asked him for the heads of Allen's friends.
 It seems you need a souvenir to ask for something.

I see. He can turn powerful people into demons. That's why Helmios kept him alive.

 The demon god Cubel is fighting Helmios but he's still alive.
 Bassuk, right in front of me, is still alive and playing the Demon God.
 It seems that he's turning powerful people into demons and using them as pawns.

"Huh... I don't know about that. You'll have to talk to him. So..."

"Well, that's enough chit-chat for now. I'm getting bored.

 Bask says the conversation's over.


Cubel will be pissed off if we play around too much. It's time to kill. Maybe we should kill the men and take the women. Allen, if you're still alive, I'll ask Cubel for you.

 His eyes grow fierce as he says this.
 He seems to prefer killing each other to talking.

 Basque slowly stood up and grabbed the two large swords propped up in front of him with one hand each.
 You can tell from their glow that they are both orichalcon swords.

"It's about to begin. Don't let the atmosphere fool you."


 Allen can tell from Bask's mannerisms that he is not an ordinary person.
 Dogora replied that she understood and gripped her greataxe and shield tightly.

 Krena and the she-beast princess quickly close the distance between them.
 Dogora and Captain Lud stepped forward, a little behind the two.

 The she-beast princess seems to be quite fast.
 The status of the Fist Saints seems to be specialized in attack power and speed.

 However, while Princess Shea and Kurena were charging at him, Basque was charging at Allen.
 From earlier, it seemed that Bask was only looking at Allen.

 Basque ducked under the attacks of the She-beast Princess and Crenna, and then Basque's big sword attacked Allen.

Oh, my God! Oh, no!



 He dodged two big swords, but Basque's kick hit Allen in the side of his head.
 He blocked with his sword, but was kicked straight up.

(What kind of attack power is that? Isn't it stronger than a normal demon god?

 Allen has summoned 55 Insect A summons on three continents: the Central Continent, Rosenheim, and the Continent of the Allies.
 Thanks to this, his attack power has been lowered, but his durability is quite high.
 He receives a kick that gouges out the side of his head.

 He is blown up to the wall of the temple.

"It's okay! Sophie, the Spirit King's blessing!

"Yes, yes! Spirit God Rosen, please."

Haha. You're asking very early today.

 The Spirit God Rosen swung his hips and sprinkled the Spirit King's blessing.
 Then a rain of light fell and everyone's status increased.

 Allen's decision was quick.
 Basque's status was too high.
 The Spirit King's Blessing is a rain of light that increases the status of your companions by 30% within a radius of 100 meters.
 The Spirit King's Blessing consumes one of Sophie's magic power per second.
 If it consumes 5000 magic power, the effect lasts for 5000 seconds.

 As if to protect Allen, who was blown away, Kurena and the she-beast princess tried to accumulate damage while aiming for the sides and back.
 Then, Dogora's great axe and Captain Lud's great hammer, which had arrived a little later, swung down with the activation of their skills.

"What? What are you guys doing?

 He swung his two large swords lightly as he continued to receive the attacks of the four.
 His speed and attack power are quite high.

I thought you were heavy warriors, but you're pretty handy. It's like he's really an Asura.

 It moves like an Asura statue I've seen in a previous life, with three faces.
 She can see through the timing of the attacks of the four people with different statuses and weapons, and uses her greatsword to dexterously pass them off.

"Sword Emperor Crenna!


 Crenna and Dogora came forward.
 The she-beast princess and Captain Lud seemed to be concentrating on the attack.

"What? I don't know. I don't know! You know... "Sword Emperor" is your profession! If you're going to call yourself that... you'd better have two names of your own! Shinshura Senpu Ken!


 Basque's two large swords shone at once, and then they began to form a tornado.
 And then, just as he thought he had hit the ground, a whirlwind erupted, kicking the area around him.

 It seemed to be a peripheral attack skill.
 Both Hexenbiests and Demigods use skills.
 However, Allen wondered if they were still using the skills they used to use when they were human.

 With a shout from Allen, they all retreated backwards in a defensive posture with their weapons in front of them.


 Krena was the closest to him at the time, so she couldn't withstand the impact and was blown away.

"d*mn. Small fry!

"Okay. Now!"

 The she-beast princess shouted.


 Allen's "dodge" wasn't just a way to protect himself from a dangerous attack.
 It was a signal to launch an attack.


 Behind the Princess Sheer Beast's shout, Captain Kam's body was shimmering like a shimmering flame.
 With a shout from Captain Kam, an extra skill bow and arrow was shot out from his heavily drawn bow.

 The arrows flew at his face like flying birds.

"Oops... You can't do that. Don't make a sound.

 He said, and the momentum of the arrow stopped even though the back of his hand was pierced.
 Even with the Arch Sage's extra skill, it's not a fatal wound.

"I'm sure. I shouldn't make a sound."

 Allen mimicked Basque's voice.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure what to say.

 I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
 It was a blow equipped with two 5,000 attack power increases, which are not normally equipped.
 Thanks to the use of the Spirit King's Blessing, it was even more powerful.

 Because it was a blow from the back, the arrow penetrated quite deeply.

What do you think?

It's the way it has to be. If it doesn't hurt, it's not a fight. It's getting fun. It's getting fun! Hee hee.

 Basque grins and pulls the arrow out of the back of his head.

(Still no luck? I wonder... You're as strong as a transformed demon god. Maybe it's those bracelets.

 Bask has two red and two yellow bangles on his arms.
 They're different from the ones Cecil wears, but they look like holy beads.


"What? What are you looking at? What's so unusual about my holy beads?

 Bask reacted to Allen's gaze.

 It was, after all, the Holy Pearl.
 Basque, equipped with holy beads in both hands and many other ornaments that I've never seen before, is much stronger than a normal demon god.
 Perhaps each piece of equipment has a great effect.
 It's as strong as or stronger than the demon gods Riesel and Lycaolon when they transformed.
 Bassuk grinned, grabbed two large swords, and came at him.