348-Episode 341 Basque Game (2)

 The demon god Basque wore two bracelets on each arm, one with a yellow gem and the other with a red gem.

 The status of this demon god Basque seems to be quite high.
 In terms of strength, he is as strong as the already transformed Raesel or Lycaolon.
 Also, I had thought that the speed at which the skills from his greatsword were activated was too fast, but it seems that he was equipped with two holy beads.
 Basque has an anklet on his foot, a pendant with a bright red jewel on his neck, and a pair of sparkling earrings in his ear.
 All of them seemed to have some kind of effect, such as increasing his status.
 He is half-naked, but even ignoring that, the ornamental items on each part of his body seem to have some kind of effect.

 I don't know if it's because he became a demon god or because he was a human S-rank adventurer, but he seems to have the best equipment in the world.

(I found an enemy with an important item. You decide to take it, even if it kills you.

 Allen wants to make sure he kills it and gets the equipment.


 As soon as Krena and Dogora's vanguard left Basque, a huge mass of flames attacked him.
 Cecil, who was equipped with Makris's Sacred Pearl and whose activation time was reduced by half, unleashed a fire spell.

 He held his arms in front of him and took a defensive posture.
 With the Spirit King's blessing, Cecil's offensive magic, which had finally reached 42,000 in intelligence, seemed to be in the range where the demon gods needed to be defended.
 After that, he continues to use several different attributes such as lightning magic and fire magic to attack Basque.

No no no! Is this the Holy Pearl? Is this the Holy Pearl?

 From the speed of Cecil's magic casting and the purple holy bead shining on his arm, I guessed how he got the Makris holy bead.

"Sophie, use spirit magic to fight back.

"I understand."

What? You're annoying from a distance. Whoa! I like elves too.

 Sophie poured all her magic power into the spirit.
 Although she is inferior to Cecil in terms of intelligence, Sophie can put in the maximum amount of magic power at once.
 And the more magic she puts in, the more powerful she becomes.

 Compared to Cecil, Sophie's attacks by manifesting spirits are not as numerous, but they are so powerful that each strike can be called a kill shot.
 Cecil and Sophie continue to attack, understanding their own characteristics.

 While Bask was being attacked, he also seemed to like Sophie's appearance.

"I won't let you. I won't let you!

 Dogora desperately tried to block the way of Basque, who was licking his tongue as he approached, but he was kicked away like a pebble.
 It's hardly a wall.
 Unlike Krena and the she-beast princess, Dogora could not dodge the enemy's attacks.
 It is also her job to use her shield to prevent the enemy from invading.
 Even so, she seems to believe that she can activate her Extra Skill and pushes forward.

 However, the dogora seems to have bought him enough time to escape by becoming a wall.

 Cecil and Sophie escape the clutches of Basque in more ways than one.

"Merus, hit me with an attribute. It's time for Dogora to go."

(This isn't an option for the long game. Bask won't be in his right mind yet.

 He's this strong without transforming.

"I know, but it's tough. Perhaps the earrings are resistant.

 Merus has been using attributions for a while now, but has been unable to change Bask's resistance.
 Merus says that some effect of the earring is blocking the attribution.
 The jewel on Basque's earring glows suspiciously every time he applies an attribute.

"Okay, okay. Master Shea, is the beast king ready yet?"

(I'm waiting.)

"What? Wait. I'm working on it.

 Princess Shea told me not to talk so easily.
 Since a while ago, Princess Shea has been trying to activate her Beastmastery, which Allen had told her that Prince Zeu could also do.

 As a beast-king, she understands the extra skill of beast-king, but she still can't get it right.

(Since Garum is also a higher deity, why not just give him the power of Beastmaster without any hesitation?

 In this world, there are sub-gods and there are gods.
 But on top of that, there are special gods called the higher gods, of which there are only a few.

 The higher gods have power that surpasses that of the four great gods: fire, earth, wind, and water.

 The gods that are worshiped by the believers and have gained a great deal of faith give them more miracles.
 Garum, the Beast God, who is said to have helped the Ghiamut Empire gain independence from the Terror Emperor a thousand years ago, is a higher deity.
 He has given the Al-Bahar family a special extra skill called Beastmastery in order to rule over the beastmen.
 It is said that all children born to the Al-Bahar family are special, with three stars, and the number of stars increases even more when they become the Beast King.

 Allen looks at the Shea Beast Princess, but something is lacking in the way of an opportunity, and it doesn't seem to be working out yet.
 However, he thinks that there is no way he can fight a long term battle against Basque with such a status difference.
 He shifts his gaze to Merus and Cecil.

"It's no use. Let's go at once. Merus, Cecil, are you ready?"

"Yeah, no problem.


 Both Merus and Cecil say they're fine.
 Allen also confirms that they're ready with the shared vision of the Bird F summoner that was waiting outside.

(Everyone is ready. Let's get started!

 The summoner of bird F shouts in a voice that can only be heard by the designated target.

"An. You still have a plan? That's interesting.

 Bask's face contorts in delight at Allen's words.

"Thunder of Judgment".

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.


 A large thunderbolt swallows the altar behind him.
 The altar melts in the super-high heat of the lightning, and is blown away by the shockwave.


 Seeing Bassuk electrocuted by the powerful blow, Allen quickly closes the distance between them.
 If you are hit by the thunderbolt of judgment, even if you don't die instantly, as was the case with the Iron Golem, there will be a moment of rigidity.
 However, only S-ranked demonic beasts, golems at the bottom of S-ranked dungeons, and demon gods can withstand Merus' awakening skill, "Lightning of Judgment," which is blessed by the Spirit King, without dying instantly.

 Since there is not much time left, the plan is carried out naturally and quickly.


 If Allen touches Bask, he will be transferred to another location with him.
 If an enemy is not touched, it cannot be moved by the "homing instinct" of Bird A's summoner.

 Allen has moved from the temple to a location one kilometer away, which is the limit for moving with an enemy.
 Bassuk, Allen's friends, and the she-beast princess and her men will move with him.

"Where? Where am I? Hmm, what's that over there?

 As soon as he was blown away, he realized.
 Basque saw nearly a thousand beastmen forming a fan-like formation about a hundred meters away from him.

 And all of their bodies were already contorted like shimmering flames.

"Follow me! Brave Lance!"

 Vice Captain Rath carried his lance and shouted.
 The second-in-command carried his spear and shouted. He threw his spear with all his might along with the name of his extra skill.

What? I'm not going to let you do that. I don't know.

 For the first time, Basque's face, which had been relaxed until now, became distorted.
 The spear pierced his chest and the tip was sticking out of his back.

 Basque thought that the attacks of a common soldier or captain would not work.
 Because of the overwhelming difference in status, even if it was a one-hit kill extra skill, the damage would be minor.

(Vice Captain Rath's attack was a hit. (Vice Captain Russ's attack was a hit, since he doused everyone with shark fin shark oil.

 This time, out of the 2,000, 1,000 or so beastmen with extra skills that could reach a long distance had been sent here to wait after Allen and the others had been transferred.

 Use the "Shark Oil" awakening skill of the Fish C summoner to increase the critical rate by 10%.

 Even if there is a difference in defense, if a critical hit is made, the power will jump up.
 Moreover, the effect of the Spirit King's blessing still lasts.
 The beastmen are being showered with the light of the Spirit King's blessing.

 Allen has also equipped them with rings that increase their attack power by 3,000 and 5,000, which he collected in the S-class dungeon.
 They are a thousand people who have been raised to a higher level.

 I've already confirmed in the battle against Raesel that if you have extra skills, you can attack demons.
 Just to be sure, I asked Cam, the leader of the archers, to attack Basque with his extra skill.
 The attack was not aimed at the back, but a strategic move for this mission.

 The 1,000 beastmen are already able to use their extra skills, which take a considerable amount of time to activate.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

 With a command from Vice Captain Russ, the beastmen unleash their respective extra skills at Basque.

(Excellent. From now on, we'll call this attack the Extra Attack. The rest is off.

"Cecil, please.

 As Bassuk withstands or deals with the rain of extra skills, I decide to give him a push.

"Let's go! Petit Meteor!

 Cecil, who had already begun preparing to activate his Extra Skill, also unleashed his "Petite Meteorite".
 Cecil, equipped with the Holy Pearl, has halved the activation time and cool time of the Extra Skill.

 A large, red-hot rock attacks Basque.
 There was no choice but to avoid it as the extra skills rained down on him.
 It is blocked with both hands, but it still tries to crush Basque, as if it cannot bear the weight.

 It's so big that it uses its homing instinct to get some distance away from the beasts.

"Fire the Vulcan Cannon!"

 A super-heated beam of light hits Basque as he desperately tries to lift the rock.
 Basuku is crushed under the huge rock.


 As he disappeared from Allen and the others' sight, the ruby on Basque's chest spontaneously shattered.
 At the same time, all the damage Basque had sustained up to this point was restored as if it had never happened.

'The ruby of life has been broken. I see. But it was fun. Now, to the temple of Gushala. I'll be waiting. Ooh!

 Despite being beaten to a pulp in the second half, Bask seemed satisfied.
 And at the word "transfer," Bask's anklet begins to glow.
 Then Bask's figure disappeared from the scene.