349-Episode 342 Genie Hunting

 A huge burnt rock is half buried in the ground.
 Allen and his friends are watching the scene.

"Lady Shea!

 Vice Captain Rath noticed the presence of Princess Shea and rushed over to them.
 Not even paying attention to Vice Captain Rath's gaze, the she-beast princess looks at Allen and the others.

 The reason is that Allen and the others are still in an attacking stance.

"Did you do it?

 He's been crushed by this big rock, but he was such an enemy.
 I don't know if he's alive.
 The she-beast princess couldn't help but ask Allen, because the situation suggested that Allen would know somehow.

"I'm checking now.

 As if in reply to the Princess Shea's words, Allen replied.
 Cecil looks at the grimoire that Allen has opened.

"You didn't defeat it, did you?

"It seems so.

 There is nothing flowing in the grimoire.


 The she-beast princess wonders if there's something that only Allen and his friends can see.

I'll be sure to go here. I hope my gear doesn't get wiped out. Merle. Fire the Vulcan cannon.

 Delete the summoner from bird F, recreate it and use the awakened skill "Transmission".
 I want Bassuk's equipment, but if he has a way to regain his strength, all our work will be for naught.
 He may be lurking in the background, waiting for an opportunity to attack.

"Yes! Fire the Vulcan!"

 Merle, who was standing by in his tam-tam, unleashes another large Vulcan cannon at Basque, who has sunk into the large rock.

 The large rock melts and disappears.
 When Merle goes to the large rock, which has been almost completely destroyed by repeated shots, there is nothing there.

"Apparently, he got away.

 I can't think of anything else," Allen muttered.

"You mean he can transfer like Allen?

"Probably. Cecil. I don't know if it's a skill or an effect of the equipment, but it probably means he had a way to escape.


Bummer. My equipment and leveling up.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
 This may be the first time he's been targeted and escaped.

"Oh, I see. What are you going to do now?"

 The she-beast princess was surprised that no one was proud of her for attacking such a demon god and letting him escape as planned.

"That's right. At any rate, it seems that the altar is being used for something bad. So I'm going to destroy all the altars on this continent. Naturally, we'll also hunt down the demons on the altar as well."

"While we're at it?"

 She had been told by her brother, Prince Zeu, that common sense did not exist in Allen, but Princess Xian thought that this was as far as she could go.
 A demon is not something to be hunted incidentally.

"Lady Shea. How do we proceed?"

 Captain Rudo and Vice Captain Rath also checked on the Princess She-beast's current movements.

"Naturally, I'm going with Allen. It doesn't change the fact that we have an evil guru on the loose."

 I originally came to this continent to defeat the Evil Guru as part of the trials given to the Beast King.
 That evil guru, Gushala-Servilor, is still alive.

 In the end, he was unable to do anything in the battle against the demon god Basque.
 At this rate, we'll just be observing Allen and the others hunt the demon god.
 It doesn't look like Allen is going to talk about it, but we can't leave that fact behind.

"Yes, sir. We'll follow you wherever you go."

 Captain Lud, who had been the caretaker of the she-beast princess since she was a child, agreed.
 Vice Captain Russ seemed to agree.

 Three days had passed since then.
 Allen and the others are in Mythopai, the capital of the Republic of Carronea.

"This is ......."

 Captain Meehan is in a panic.
 The Republic of Carronea was not a very large country, but it had a flat terrain.
 Using such land, the city was built with a large and wide outer wall.
 Since the city was not designed for battles against the Demon King's army or high-ranked demonic beasts, the walls were quite low and the construction work was low, which was probably one of the factors that made it possible to make the outer walls wide.

 This is a temple dedicated to the pagan religion known as the Gushala Sect, located in a corner of the capital city of Mitopai.
 Unlike the Kingdom of Elmar and the Kingdom of Culebule, this country was founded by priests of the Gushala Sect, so it had a solid temple.

 Captain Muhan was amazed at the scenery of Mitopai, the capital city.

 It was not destroyed by roving infidels.
 It was destroyed by a campaign led by Allen right in front of him.

"Uh-oh. I'm pretty sure I killed it this time."

 The grimoire shows that he has defeated one demon god and his level is now 84.

 Since he had escaped in the previous battle against Basque, he prioritized defeating it without fail.
 According to Captain Muhan, the Republic of Carronea is no longer a nation.

 It was a republic, and there was even a president, but the governing body and president were already gone, and it seems that the kingdom of Karbarna to the north will absorb it in the future.

 Thanks to Cecil's extra skills, Merle's Vulcan cannon, and other long-range attacks in the capital, the city is so half destroyed that it would be better to build it from scratch.

 Even if the capital is a bit smashed up, it's okay now.
 Unlike the temples of Elmar, I was sure that the Kingdom of Karbarna would not have any attachment to this city.

 While Captain Muhan and the soldiers of the Kingdom of Karbarna were stunned, Allen and his team moved on to their next mission.

 Three days had passed since the defeat of the Demon God in the Republic of Carlonea.
 After destroying the third pillar, including the one in Elmar, Allen and his men were standing in the desert.

 Since neither Allen nor Merus were there, Sophie's team, which took the longest time, was the last to go.

"There's a demon god there, isn't there?

"Yes. King Olbers."

 Allen answered the Dark Elf King Olbers' question.
 He told the Dark Elf Elder that tomorrow they would hunt the demon gods in this desert area, and he came with his soldiers to join the battle.

 I wanted to see him actually slay the demon god, and I wanted to see Allen, the leader of the party Sophie was in.

 He was told, "So you are the man of light who can shake off the darkness," but Allen was at a loss for a response.
 At first, he answered, "I am Allen.

 King Olberth continued to stare at Aren with his army of 10,000 troops and his generals.
 And he's looking at Merus beside him.

"Well, Sophie. Blessings of the Spirit King."

"Yes. I accept.

Haha. You came out of nowhere again today.

 Rosen, the Spirit God, will give you the Spirit King's blessing while shaking his hips.

"Cecil, let's get started. Are you ready?

"Leave it to me. Petit Meteor!

 Cecil rides Bird B's summoner to make sure he has the right target.

 In the palm of Cecil's hand, there is a city called Lukoak, which is an oasis that was created in this desert area a few decades ago.
 He aimed at the temple in the city of Lukoak.
 A pillar of light is rising from the temple.

 Fire a petite meteor at it.
 Cecil's magic power was incredible, since he was equipped with Makris's Holy Pearl and Sophie had used the Spirit King's Blessing.

""Oh, no!

 The dark elves were upset and shuddered from the fact that it happened right in front of their eyes.
 The dark elves were shaken by the fact that something was happening in front of their eyes, as a huge, red-hot rock over a hundred meters high was falling from the sky.
 The rock is so huge that it will blow away the oasis, the city, and the temple.

 The city of Lukohak, the root of all evil in this desert region, is also to be wiped out.
 Dozens of days have passed, and last night I had Spirit A's summoner and Merus check for survivors in the city, but there were none.

"How's it going? Did I do it?"

 Bird B's summoner, with Cecil on board, slowly descends.

"Wait a minute. Oh, wow! I'm up a level.

I killed a demon god. Your level is now 85. Your health has increased by 100. Magic power increased by 160. Attack power increased by 56. Endurance increased by 56. Speed increased by 104. Intelligence has increased by 160. Luck has increased by 104. Seal of Kingship has been broken.

 This time, Allen's only skills were his Fish C summoning and his awakened skills, and his Bird B summoning to help him attack from a high position, but he was still eligible for the experience.

 Because it was a demon, the experience value was not a numerical value but a level increase of 1.

 In the experiment, Cecil, who was placed on Bird B's summoner, was able to gain experience by simply casting a spell.
 This is the same as Merle's story, where dwarves on golems get the experience even if they do nothing.

"It's true. I mean, you've been released as a king.

"It's true! I'm a king!

 Cecil and Crenna are as happy about Allen's skill release as if it were their own.


 As King Olbers, Princess Shea, and many others stare, Allen's party is happy about something other than defeating the demon god.
 I'm still trying to wrap my head around what's going on.

 Thus, Allen and his party had hunted down the three demon gods, let the demon god Basque escape, and destroyed the four pillars of light and the altar where they originated.