350-Episode 343 Kingization

"I'm sorry. King Olbers. I'll be in my village later to greet you and talk about the future, but we need to stay and check on things. Merus, send him on his way.

"I see.

 Allen will now have to verify the royalization that has finally been released.
 There's nothing wrong with being seen, but he can't be seen.
 As soon as he arrived, he had Merus drive him to the village gate.

 As you can see, the demon crushed the entire oasis with Cecil's extra skill and defeated it.

"Now then, about your membership. Please consider it carefully."

"Let's hold a meeting of the Elders. I'll give you a moment to respond."

 Sophie speaks to King Olbers just before they part.
 The future of the elves and the dark elves had been discussed at length while they were defeating the desert infidels.

 I haven't heard the details yet, but it seems that the relationship between the two races may change in the future.
 That was the vibe I got from the two of them.

 King Olberth and the Dark Elves' soldiers were sent back by Merus.
 I don't see any reason why I should stay when I'm asked to leave.
 The king's hall would have been fine, but there was no need to cause unnecessary anxiety, so I made a nest by the gate and moved there in an instant.

"Lady Cia.

"It seems that you have acquired some power. Only Allen and his friends can know. Are you an apostle of Lord Elmere or something?"

 In response to Captain Rud's question, the she-beast princess narrowed her eyes and looked at Allen.

 Each race has its own gods that they worship.
 Some are spirit gods, some are beast gods, and the miracles they perform and the principles they must follow are different for each god.

 The Shea Beast Princess, a descendant of the Alvahar family, who believes in the higher god, the Beast God Garm, has been trying to find out more about who Allen is for the past few days.

 She concluded that he might be an apostle of the creator god Elmere.
 It seems that Allen is the one who was given the power to destroy the Demon King's army, and that he has friends whose fate is linked to his.

"What did Master Garm say to you?

"He said nothing. He doesn't seem to want to help us. He lent it to Prince Zeus. Why won't he lend it to me? ......

"Oh, I see. ......

 The Al-Bahar family has special powers to control the beastmen.
 The Al-Bahar family has a special power to control the beastmen, and like the relationship between the spirit gods and the elves, the beast god Garm and the she-beast princess can be in contact.
 This is also the case with Prince Zeu.

 Some descendants, such as the Al-Bahar family, are able to communicate with the Beast God Garm.

 I say "Al-Bahar family" because the Al-Bahar Kingdom is not the only beast nation.

 The great nation is the Kingdom of Arbajar, but there are countless other beast nations on the same continent as Arbajar.
 It is only the head of a certain beastman state that forms a nation.

 In addition, the beast god Garm is not very active in the war against the Demon Lord's army.
 Therefore, the beastmen are not cooperating in the war against the Demon Lord's army.
 Prince Zeu ignored the beast god's intentions and gave priority to reason.

 When Allen heard this story, he wondered if there was still a stubbornness towards the human race even though a thousand years had passed.

 In addition, the troops of the She-Beast Princess are not here because 2000 soldiers have been sent to hunt the remnants of the pagans and hexenbiests after the Basque escaped from the Kingdom of Culebule.

"Merle. It's going to be a long one, so I need a covered one."

 While the Seer Princess and Captain Lud were talking, Kiel spoke to Merle.

 Allen's verification began.
 It was not even daylight yet, but Allen's behavior would probably continue until nightfall.
 Kiel, who thought that the verification in the desert under the blazing sun would take a long time, asked Merle to take a shade.

"Kiel, okay. Mmm! Tum-tum descends. Maud Turtle!"

 Merle uses his back and arms to assume the shape of a round turtle in Allen's "Robust Turtle Pose".
 The Tam-Tam that he has brought down is a massive mobile fortress that takes the form of a tank.
 With a Vulcan cannon attached to it, a man would feel nothing but romance.
 The carapace on its back moves to create a shaded area, so everyone, including the she-beast princesses, can observe it in the shade.

 Tam Tam's status changes depending on its mode.
 The Eagle has higher speed and attack power, while the Turtle has higher strength and durability, and the others are lower.

(It's good that it's an empty desert.)

 You can test the effects of specialties and awakened skills without any hesitation.
 If you ask me if I'm more reserved in grasslands or forests, Allen says that's a different story.

"I'm back.

 In the meantime, Merus returns.

"So, for now... Merus, I'm going to use the royalization."


 Allen waited for Merus to return.
 He nominated Merus for the first skill experiment.
 Since he's human-sized, he can see the change right in front of his eyes.

"King Merus!"



 The Merus changes form with a glow.

 Merus has two wings on his back, one on each side.
 They are the wings of an angel.
 With three angel wings on each side, he now has six wings.

 And then the half-naked costume is replaced by a glittering, opulent top and bottom.

"You're still the same size, aren't you?


 Merus himself confirmed the change by squeezing his hands.
 He looks like he's in his late teens, and nothing has changed, including his naturally permed brown hair.

 He moves his eyes to the grimoire to check the status.


(What? How can this be?

 (What? Like this?) There was a ridiculous number written in it.

"B? Merus, that's amazing!

 Seeing Allen's reaction, Crenna also peeked at the grimoire.

 [Type] Angel
 [Rank] A
 Class: King
 [Name] Merus
 [Physical Strength] 62000
 Magic power 62000
 Attack Power 62000
 Endurance 62000
 Quickness 62000
 Knowledge 62000
 Luck 62000

 All status 2000
 Attribute granting, Circle of Angels, Commanding
 Awakening: Thunder of Judgment

 All stats are increased by 3 times.
 This is the same as commanding, but it does not seem to be counted in the tripling of status.

 This is higher than the status of any summoner so far.

"Try striking that big rock with the thunderbolt of judgment.


 A large rock over 100 meters in diameter is sinking into the sand in the shape of a dome due to Cecil's extra skill, 'micrometeorite'.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
 A shockwave presses down on your face.

 As your status increases, the power of your awakened skills is clearly increasing.
 This seems to be the same as the status-dependent increase in power of commanding.
 The same changes are also apparent.

(After all, commanding has appeared as a special skill. (If it's the same system that can command, then Merus can't be used for further verification.

 Allen notices the notation "commanding" in the special ability.

"Come out, Orochi. I'll kingize you."

 He continues to consider the ability to king.



"It's huge. What the hell is this?

 He was swinging and training his axe, but Dogora was also surprised to see it.
 Dragon A's summoner was a 100 meter long Hydra with five heads.
 It was originally a huge summoned beast of Dragon A, but when it became a king, its length tripled to 300 meters and its neck tripled to 15.
 It is so huge that it can reach the heavens.

"What? What's this?"

"What's wrong? Allen.

 The law seems to be different from that of commanding.
 If you use commanding on a dragon A summoner that has been turned into a king, a dragon A summoner with the rank of "general" will be born.
 In addition, the commanded dragon A summoner has a special ability called "soldiering" which allows it to soldier its summoner.

 When he became a commander, his size doubled with the rank of "general" and increased by 1.5 times with the rank of "soldier".

 One question arises for Allen.

"Cecil. Merus hasn't gotten any bigger, but Orochi's gotten bigger. What's the difference?"


"Hmm. Let's check the size first. Hatch, come out. Wang-ification. What's that?

 I kinged bug A's summoner but there's no change in appearance.

 I'm going to king all the summonses for now.
 All of them share the same triple status and "commanding" skill, but their appearance seems to change in different ways.

The summons that have tripled in size are Beast A, Stone A, Fish A, and Dragon A.
The summons with gorgeous appearance are Angel A and Spirit A.
The summons that have not changed are Insect A, Bird A, and Grass A.

 The summons with no change are insects A, birds A, and grass A. There seems to be a common denominator, but I can't figure it out at the moment.

 I'll leave what I don't know as it is and proceed with the verification.
 As expected, a kingized summoner can command a summoner of the same lineage.
 There are three summonses in total that can be commanded by a kingized summoner.
 It seems that the commanded Summoner can command as many Summoners as it wants.

 The commanding is released when the summoner is 100 kilometers away from the kingized summoner.
 The commander is released when he is 10 kilometers away from the commanded summoner.

 Beast A, Stone A, Fish A, and Dragon A all become 3 times larger when they are king, 2 times larger when they are commanded, and 1.5 times larger when they are commanded.
 Status seems to be uniformly tripled for kings, doubled for commanders, and multiplied by 1.5 for soldiers.

"Mister Allen. It looks like it has a cool time of one hour.



 Merus puts lightning in his hands and calls out to Allen.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

 After further verification, it seems that the cool time is reduced to three hours for commanded summons and six hours for soldiered summons.

 As the sun sets, Allen looks at Bug A's summoner.

"Is it possible that he's trying to keep his appearance the same to avoid being defeated?

"What? What do you mean?"

 Cecil replies to Allen's thoughts.

"I think the way we fight is going to change. The central continent and Rosenheim can change the war situation just by sending a single hatch."

 Now, in front of Allen's eyes, the summoner of Insect A, who has been transformed into a king, uses his special skill, the "King's Table," to produce a parent hatch every hour.

 Then, the summoner of Bug A, who had become a king, produced 100 child hatchlings, and each parent hatchling produced 100 child hatchlings each time it was produced by the King's Table.
 Thanks to this, in less than a day, a thousand child hatchlings were born.

 The status of a child hatchling increases by 1.5 times to nearly 10,000 when it becomes a soldier.
 With this, it would not take many days to build a large army of 10,000 child hatchlings.
 At the moment, I'm adding more and more to see if the number limit is infinite, but so far it seems to be fine.

 Right now, Allen has more than 50 summoner slots allocated to Bug A's summoner.
 This is because in a war where numbers are important, the summoners of Bug A are specialized for war.
 The effect of the summoning needle, which can be used to summon magical beasts, is also significant.

 In the future, a single summoner of Bug A will be able to create an army of 10,000.
 It will probably overwhelm even A-rank hexenbiests.
 Allen expects to be able to handle the war without having to keep dozens of Bug A summoners in his grimoire holder.

 I was surprised by Merus's status, but the fact that he won't need to keep dozens of Bug A summons in his grimoire holder every time a war breaks out is also quite significant.

"So you're saying that they're trying to avoid differentiating themselves and prevent the hatch from getting hit?"

 Cecil had arrived at the answer.

 If the summoner of bug A that gave birth to the parent hatch is killed, the parent hatch will also disappear.
 If the summoner of bug A that gave birth to the child hatch or the parent hatch is killed, the parent hatch and child hatch will also disappear.

 If an army of 10,000 is destroyed by a summoner of worm A, it will disappear.
 If the Demon King's army finds out about this, they might give top priority to defeating it.

"Probably so. That being said, it is possible that they will infiltrate the enemy camp and build a nest, which is why they haven't changed the size of the sparrows.

 Avian summoners, not just Bird A summoners, often infiltrate enemy territory.
 This is probably to prevent them from being targeted by being too large or conspicuous.

 Since the size of avian summoners does not change even when they are transformed into kings, in order to command avian summoners, Allen needs to make them larger by commanding them.

"So why doesn't Solarin's appearance change?

"Maybe it's because there's no point in changing it.

 The summoner of Grass A, which has grown arms and legs into a kingly, breast-stretching bean, has not changed its appearance.

"That's right."

 I'm sure you're right," Cecil said, patting the kingly Grass A summoner as it asserted itself.
 Apparently, there really was no reason to change its appearance.

 After a few days of verification, I found out that the maximum number of child hatches is 10,000.
 The parent hatchlings can have as many as they want.

 Thus proceeded the verification of the new kingship skill that Allen had acquired.
 With the verification completed, Allen and his friends headed for the floating island.