351-Episode 344 Final Questions and Answers

 Allen and his team destroyed the pillars of light that had formed on all sides of the Confederacy and the altars that produced them.
 When the fourth altar in the desert was destroyed, Allen's level reached 85, and his previously sealed kingliness skill was released.

 Five days passed as I continued to verify the details and do various things.
 It's now been about a month since I heard the distress call from Elmar's Kingdom in the palace of the Baucis Empire.

"You mean you didn't find anything after all?"

 The she-beast princess spoke to Allen, who had a difficult look on his face.

 Allen and the others are on the side of a floating island in the middle of the continent where the Allies are located, riding a Tam Tam.
 Instead of landing on the floating island, they are in a Tam-Tam (Mode Eagle) some distance away from the island with their friends and the She-beast Princess.

 The floating island was just as Allen had predicted, and the light film disappeared after destroying the four pillars of light and the altar that gave birth to them.

 The island is now empty, without any kind of warding.
 I'm having a final strategy meeting in Tam Tam.

 The entire floating island has a craggy, rocky surface, and it looks like something that a newly formed island from a volcanic eruption would have looked like in a previous life.
 It is an inorganic and barren island with no greenery and no traces of life.

 In the center of this inorganic island is a large mountain, with a temple at the top.
 The temple is the only structure on this elliptical island of about 10 kilometers in length and 8 kilometers in width.
 As the temple is built on the top of the mountain, it is quite large.

 You can see something flickering at the top of the temple, as if it were burning.
 There seems to be something on the top floor of the temple.

"Yes. Yes, there is. There was no treasure or anything."

 Allen replied regretfully to the She-beast Princess' question.

"Treasure....... No, nothing at all."

 The Seerschiedl was stunned by Allen's answer.
 Apparently, Allen was looking for the treasure in the temple.

 In fact, it only took me two days to verify the royalization, so I came to this floating island right after that.
 He continued his undercover investigation to find out how to get in and what was in the temple.

 The inside of the temple is a cave of undead and deadly demonic beasts, and it's quite dreadful.

 This was the first time Allen had been in such a bossy place other than a dungeon, so he went on a treasure hunt.
 He tried to open all the treasure chests before the boss fight, as it was the stronghold of the Demon Lord's army.
 Since Basque was wearing valuable equipment, I looked for something of that caliber in the temple, but found nothing.

 Allen was furious at the lack of etiquette in not placing treasure chests, but placing many magical beasts.
 It seems that this world does not have the concept of treasure chests for adventurers who conquer dungeons and enemy castles.

 And this information about treasure chests and enemies was obtained through Spirit A's verbal response.
 This temple has been unshared by Allen, so we can't see inside.
 Apparently, the building has an effect similar to the light film that covers the island and is not affected by Allen's skills.
 Since we couldn't use the spirit summoner to get through the wall, we allowed the bird A summoner to infiltrate the building if there was a small opening.
 It is also impossible to set up a "nest".
 Therefore, we had to listen to what the summoner saw and heard orally.

 After verification and investigation, it was decided to destroy the temple.

 There's no need to go into a temple with a hexenbiest.
 It was you who violated the etiquette first.

 However, I could not destroy the temple.
 Cecil's extra skill, "micrometeorite," with Makris's sacred bead in his hand and the Spirit King's blessing to increase his intelligence and magic power, was drowned out just before it hit the temple.

 The same goes for Merus' Thunder of Judgment.
 The overwhelming power of destruction itself was drowned out as soon as it hit something burning at the top of the temple.

 Apparently, the temple has something that drowns out magic and magical attacks, although it was able to eliminate the film of light around the island.

 According to Merus, there is a ward that contains a very strong magical power, and the only way to enter is through the entrance.

 And so, here we are.
 Here we are now, with Allen's entire party, the she-beast princess from the fight with Basque, and four of her men.

 We've made some plans and are going to infiltrate.

"I guess I'll stay here.

"Merle will stay here. If, by any chance, you can destroy the warding that protects the temple, you can attack from the outside. I'll send a signal by messenger."

 I'll shout with the summoner of bird F, and I want you to take the Vulcan cannon (large) and stand by a little distance from the temple.

"All right.

 Enter through the entrance and defeat the demon gods and the evil guru Gushala inside.
 It's a standard strategy, but it's probably the only way.
 I searched the bottom of the island to see if I could drop the whole island to the ground, but I couldn't find out what the power source was.
 I had them search the temple, but they couldn't find anything that looked like it.

Well, I guess we should get to the bottom of this. Let's start with Lady Shea.

 Allen looks at the she-beast princess.

"What should we do? It's going to be a tough fight. Apparently, there are a few demons at the top of the temple.

 The top floor was gated and Spirit A's summoner couldn't get in, but Bird A's summoner was looking through the cracks to see what was inside.
 The guru of the evil cult, Gushala, and the demon god, Basque, are also there.

"Of course I'm going. I have no other choice."

 I've been working with Allen and the others.
 Allen and the others are the ones who hunted the demons.
 More specifically, Cecil.
 He's done nothing but participate in battles.
 And if you didn't even join the fight when you found out the guru was there, then you have no future.

"It may cost you and your men your lives.

"And yet...

 The Seersucker Princess has great nobility and can command her troops well.
 But she doesn't have a heart of steel.
 She mourns the death of her subordinates and shed tears when Vice Captain Rath was dying.

 Captain Rudo doesn't stop him, so Allen agrees, "I understand.
 It was going to be a tough fight, but if he wanted to fight, there was nothing to stop him.

"What about Dogora? Are you going? You can wait with Merle. The transfer won't work inside."

"What? What are you talking about? I'm going."

 Allen reconfirmed his intention to join Dogora.
 Because of what Temi, the astrologer, had told him the day before the attack on the bottom boss of the S-class dungeon.
 There is a high possibility that some kind of ordeal awaits Dogora.
 There is a high probability of death.

 Having destroyed the Pillars of Light so far, it was true that Lycaolon and Basque were strong enemies.
 However, I don't think that Dogora was so desperate that she would die.
 Since this was an unprecedented hunt for a demon god, there was no guarantee that he would not die, but if you ask me if it was that dangerous for Dogora, I would say that it was not.

 Allen's fish-based summoner can protect him, and Kiel also has auxiliary magic.
 And above all, Sophie, unlike Cecil, specializes in defending and restraining enemies.
 The demigods have much higher status than Allen and the others, but they are able to fight without dying instantly because of the protective power of Sophie's manifested spirits.

 However, several demon gods are currently on the top floor of the temple.
 A fierce battle like never before is expected.

 Allen thinks that the temple in front of him is the ordeal that may kill Dogora.
 Allen is not the only one who has such a premonition.
 Everyone else is looking at Dogora anxiously.

 If it became too dangerous, he would try to transfer Dogora to the village of Rodan, where Dogora's parents lived, but that would be difficult.
 The inability to set up a nest in this temple meant that once inside, there would be no way to escape.

 Since Gushala was the one who had killed millions of people, there was no choice but to not fight, but there was no reason why Dogora should not be there.

 It's true that Merus has become overwhelmingly strong after becoming a king.
 Other summoned beasts are also much stronger when they become kings.
 Even so, the people who heard Temi's prophecy together are not happy.


"Allen, I don't think it's too dangerous not to fight. It's only natural to fight with your friends.

 When he was told that he could stay with Merle, Dogora did not sound angry.
 It was just a quiet, strong resolve to fight with his friends.

 As Allen and Dogora stared at each other, they decided to leave the others to the two of them.

"All right. Let's go!"

 That's about all I have to say about the last question and answer with Dogora.
 During the last three days, I've asked each of the companions to decide whether they want to join or stay here.
 Allen is the leader, but the relationship is that of equals, not subordinates or underlings.

 With Allen's call, we rode the summoners of Bird B to the door on the first floor of the temple.
 The temple is built near the top of the mountain, but the entrance seems to be on the first floor, not the roof.

 I walked into the temple.

"It's a somber place. Turn undead!"

 This is the first time anyone other than Allen has seen the inside of the temple, so Kiel complains as he bends his nose at the strange smell.
 Then, a skeletal warrior appears out of nowhere and is defeated by a cleansing spell.

 There are no strong enemies to contend with, and the structure of the building is not labyrinthine and monotonous.
 Spirit A has already found out the way.

"Let's go inside.


"Dogora, don't be so nervous.

"I know."

 I know." Before he put his hand on the door, he called out to Dogora, who was gripping her greataxe and shield respectively.
 He lightly touched the huge door embedded with skeletons, and the door naturally opened.

 The temple was not completely enclosed, so it was easy to explore with Bird A's summoner.
 Since he is a king, he knows where everything is while running away from the magical beasts around.

 He knew that there were three of them behind this door and that there was an altar.

 At the far end of the door is the altar.
 It's much bigger than the altar we destroyed when we destroyed the four pillars of light.
 Such an altar, like a tray, has a structure that makes it easy for something to burn on top, the same as the four altars we have destroyed so far.

 What is different this time, however, is that there is a bright red-colored dish-like object floating above the altar.
 It seems to be more metallic than ceramic.

(Is that the sacred weapon of Freya, the god of fire?

 According to Merus, this is definitely a sacred object taken from Freya, the god of fire.

 Gushala is a pale skinned man in a robe over 40 years old who is worshipping the lump with his back to Aren and the others while they are already in the hall with the altar.
 According to Merus, this man is most likely a high ranking demon god.
 Only a high ranking demon god or a demon king would have a sama.

 There is a carpet between the altar and the door, and at the end of this hall, there are pillars lined up at equal intervals.
 At the end of the hall, there are pillars lined up at equal intervals. Basque is sitting with his back against the far end of the pillars.
 Two orichalcon swords are stuck in front of Basque.
 Another skeleton wearing a robe worn by a high priest of the Church of Elmere is standing next to Gushala, its expression indistinct.

 It's probably the Pope of the Church of Elmere, who has turned into a skeleton from the looks of it and from the staff he's wearing.

"Oh! You've finally arrived. Aren't you... You're late! You always keep me waiting. Hee-hee!

 Bask and Allen's eyes met.
 There's no tension in their expressions, they've been waiting for you.

"I knew you were alive. Just when I thought you had escaped, here you are."

 For now, Allen would try to provoke them.
 He knows that agitating and angering his opponent will bring him closer to victory.

That's right. But how dare you come after me so brazenly? Is that what you want?

 Bask grinned, ignoring Allen's provocation.
 Thus, Allen and the others faced the three evil gods, Gushala, Basque, and the Skeletal Pope.

 Behind Gushala, a jet-black flame burns on the altar with what appears to be a vindictive expression of grief.