352-Episode 345 This Turmoil

 According to the story of the Seer Princess, Gushala herself was captured without resisting the Seer Princess and her troops.
 However, the being seemed to be a high ranking demon god and had overwhelming power.

 The jet-black flames surrounding the bright red dish-shaped sacred object floating above the altar looked like a wailing ghost that had sucked the life out of many.
 Since Basque was talking about collecting lives, it seems that the lives of millions of people who died in the process of creating the pillar of light are clinging to the vessel.

(It's like a vessel for collecting human lives. Let's see.

 Allen comes to a conclusion about the function of the sacred vessel.
 This time, the Demon King's army had turned many people into infidels, but when they became infidels, they were already dead as human beings.
 After turning many people into infidels, the lives of the people they obtained are collected in one place using the sacred artifacts.
 I don't know what they're going to do with the lives they've collected, but I'm guessing the Demon Lord's army is trying to do something that requires a lot of lives.

"Are you Gushala?"

 I've heard a lot about Gushala's appearance from the Seer Princess.
 I'm pretty sure the man in the robe is Gushala.

Ho ho ho. That's right. I am Gushala, the guru of the Gushala Sect. Would you like to join?

 Gushala turns to Allen and asks him to join.
 His voice is slightly high and his tone is neutral.
 I feel like I had a boss like him in a previous life.

 He asks Allen if he wants to join, as if it were a matter of course.

"No, I'm just here to beat him. But first, can you tell me what you're doing? The demons are all very tight-lipped."

 Bassuk, the only one who was not too talkative, didn't give any information about what they were doing here.

Oh. That's too bad. It's a pity you don't know why you're here. Don't you think so? Kyuubel-sama, Chief of Staff of the Demon Lord's Army.


 While Allen's friends are on alert, a man comes out of nowhere.
 He's dressed like a clown, but I've seen him before in Rosenheim.

"You've been summoned. I guess that's what I get for being a hero led by Elmere. You've come to defeat the guru, the root of all evil.

 Underneath his mask, he stares at the sacred artifacts floating on the altar and the deadly black flames writhing around them.


 A slight sense of discomfort arises at Cubel's use of the word "hero.
 I feel something like the strength of such a word, as if it was intended to be used here.

(There's one more demon god. (One more demon god has been added.) Still, even the primordial demon god has appeared.

 But there's more to think about than that.

 I thought Gushala and Bassuk would have to fight the Pope from now on, but then Cubel, a high ranking demon god and the chief strategist of the Demon King's army, came out.

 Allen is asking Merus about the composition of the main Demon Lord army.
 For Allen, who is thinking of attacking the Demon Lord's army, he needs to know what kind of demon gods are there.

 Among them, Cubel, the chief of staff of the Demon Lord army, who had once met in Rosenheim, was said to have the title of "Primordial Demon God" or something like that.
 He is said to be the first demon god to be born, and has existed since time immemorial.
 We can't tell because he wears a clown mask, but his true face may be that of an old man.


 Allen looked at Basque, who seemed to be trying to hold back the laughter that was about to break out.
 Gushala seems to be doing the same, and is chuckling.

'Well, yes. I feel sorry for you guys who are dying, so I might as well give you a little lesson.

A gift from the dead. Is he more kind than I thought?

"Are you going to give me a souvenir of your death? I'd like to have one.

 Cubel is going to tell me what's going on here.
 Knowing what's going on is a priority.
 For the first time in my life, I feel like I'm being asked for a souvenir of the underworld.

If that's what you want, so be it. First it was Basque, I think. He was. He was so violent and inquisitive about power, the humans couldn't handle him.

"Hmm? Basque?"

 For a moment, Allen wondered what he was talking about.
 It seems that this is not a story about divine artifacts or this continent.

The next one is Helmios the Brave. Elmea gave the gift of bravery to someone who was kind and had a sense of justice based on what she learned last time. But unfortunately, it didn't work out. Why do you think that is?

(Oh, so this could be... Is that what this is about?

 After hearing this much, I think I understand the meaning of the word "hero" that was conveyed a little too strongly earlier.

"His personality was insufficient for him to be fit to defeat the Demon King. Is it a result of being too kind, not inquisitive enough?"

 It seems that the story is about a person who was prepared by the creator god Elmea to fight against the demon king and the demon king's army.
 First, he gave birth to Basque, but he failed.
 The next one, Helmios, is too kind.

"You're right! You're right, Mr. Allen. He's a man who stands by the humans but continues to seek power. The one who has no interest in wealth or fame. It is very difficult for such an insane being to be born from this world, Elmea thought.

 It takes a very long time to be able to fight against a demon army or a demon king.
 A person who is not satisfied with anything, who does not stop, who does not become complacent, and who has social skills.
 Such an existence was desperately needed.
 God wanted such a person who would play the game endlessly without being satisfied.

"So that's why you called me from another world?

"That's it!

 I think I got it right again.
 Cubel gave me a firm finger.

"You've done a lot of research on the Divine Realm.

 Merus joins in on the question and answer between Cubel and Allen.
 It seems that the story is only known to the creator god Elmea and a few others.
 Cubel, the demon god, knows about it.

"Well, Mr. Merus. I caught some angels and asked them about it. They told me a lot.

 He also addresses Merus, who has lived for 100,000 years, as "you.
 It seems he tortured the angels for information about the divine realm.

"You, you!

"But, well, I didn't need to catch him, did I? Well, it's just to check on the progress of the Divine Realm.

 I caught the angel just in case, but it seems it wasn't that valuable.


I'm sure you're right. The battle between the heroes and the demon king is not new. How many times do you think something like this has happened in the hundreds of thousands of years of history?

 Kubel seems to be smiling underneath his mask as he says this.
 He says that he knows the history of the battles between the heroes and the demon lords of this world that have happened over and over again.

"So that's what you've been preparing for, this riot. How did you know that the next one would surely be born?

 Cubel said he didn't need to catch an angel to know that.
 There will always be a next Helmios.
 Maybe it'll be stronger than him.
 He said he had made preparations for a hero yet to be born.

"Allen, how long do you think it's been since this era was born?

"Hmm? I think he said ten thousand years."

 "I think you said 10,000 years," he says, looking at Merus.
 This world has been reset by the Creator God whenever harmony is broken.
 The last reset was about 10,000 years ago.

"Yeah. So... It's not in the past. It only takes 10,000 years or so for the harmony of the world to break down. It's definitely coming after Helmios.

 From what Kubel said, the creator god Elmea didn't give up on the world after 10,000 years or so.
 He has been trying to balance the world's harmony by giving birth to new heroes.

 He has been working on measures to achieve this for decades.
 Decades of creating chaos and gathering infidels all over this continent.
 Surely, there will come someone chosen by the creator god Elmea to defeat the Demon Lord.

(Does this world have a strategy book for the Demon Lord's army? That's a hell of a mode.

 What Allen has learned so far is that the Demon Lord's army has demon gods that have lived for tens or hundreds of thousands of years, and they know that heroes and heroes will appear and come to defeat the Demon Lord.

 That's why both the Demon Lord and the heroes were listed in the occupation column.
 It was a world where only the Demon King's army was given a strategy book to defeat the heroes and heroes.
 At least, Allen was only told by the creator god to live as he wished.

 Cubel said that he might send demons to the world.
 There was a reason why he had warned people in Rosenheim that demons were coming, but they never came.
 He probably didn't send the demons to Allen to prepare for this time.

"So, what are you going to do with the lives you've collected?

 It's true that they've been thinking of a plan to kill Allen for decades.
 So, I ask, what are you going to do with the lives you've collected?
 If you're going to collect them, you might as well use them afterwards, that's what I'm saying.

"This is an offering to the Demon Lord, but that's what happens after you die.

 He's going to do something with millions of lives, but he won't tell us what it is.
 That's all there is to the story, so Allen gives Merus the instructions as he shares them.

"I see. All right. Die!

 Merus uses his overwhelming status as a king to reach Kubel.
 Basque takes his greatsword and intervenes between Cubel and Merus, who quickly closes the distance.

What are you ignoring me for?

You're in my way! Get out of the way!


 He kicks Basuku, who had struggled so much, and blows him away.
 The blown-up Basque crashes straight into the wall behind the altar.

"Heh, I wonder if his power has returned?

 Cubel notices from Merus's movements that his strength is almost the same as it was when he was the first angel.

'Almost. I'm going to kill you. Cubel.

(Oh no. I'm glad I'm not a king yet.

 Now he can kick Bassuk's ass after all the trouble he went through to hunt him down.
 Allen somehow managed to find a way out of the situation with Merus at the center.

"Mmm-hmm. Well, that's a problem. This is not desperation enough.



 Cubel laughed as he watched Merus kick the overwhelmingly powerful Basque.
 He seems to be convinced of victory even in this situation.

It's a good idea to be prepared. Oh no, you're already beyond the realm of demons. That was a close one.

 As Cubel patted his chest and said that, something jet-black was created behind the altar.
 It seems as if it's connected to another space or even another dimension.


 And then I hear the sound of a horse or something kicking the ground with its hooves.
 A horse-like creature with horns and scales all over its body, covered in jet-black darkness, emerges.


"...... Mediation God

 His first thought was that it looked like a qilin he had seen in a previous life.
 As if to override Allen's thoughts, Merus muttered about the Qilin-like creature that had arrived.

"Come on, Fornemeth the Mediator. Those in front of you are guilty sinners. It's time for judgment.

 At Cubel's words, the Mediator glared at us with hatred.
 More despair was coming for Allen and the others.