353-Episode 346 Despair

 Allen has been reincarnated in a world where there are both heroes and demon kings.
 According to Kyubel, a higher demon god, Allen was also prepared by the gods to fight against the Demon Lord.

 Brave and heroic beings and the Demon Lord have been fighting in this world for thousands or tens of thousands of years.

 The heroes and the demon lords are born, grow up, and one day face each other.
 It was not such a kind world.
 In addition to the heroes and demon lords, people who have lived for tens or hundreds of thousands of years are interfering with the story of the heroes and demon lords.

 Allen sees Cubel, the primeval demon god.
 A demon god that existed long before Merus knew how to hunt brave men and heroes.
 He spends decades preparing to hunt the unborn heroes and heroes to make sure they are killed.

(You mean the ones prepared by the gods all along have been killed? There's even a higher god now. Can we retreat from this?

 Fornemeth the Mediator in Allen's line of sight is no mere god.
 He's a higher deity like Garum the beast and Mormor the fertility god.
 A deity with special power to judge the guilty gods.
 He wears jet-black darkness and is hostile as if he were looking at a sinner.
 He has gone to defeat the Demon King's army and his whereabouts have been lost, but we know that he is not an ally, whether he has been coerced or brainwashed.

You can't just run away. You're not going to let that happen.

 With those words, the large door that I had come in through closed by itself.
 As if in response to Allen's thoughts of the Mediator, Cubel replies.
 I don't know what's underneath the mask, but he seems to have answered with a smile.

"Ouch, that hurt. Hey, Cubel. I'll use the sacred weapon.

 I don't feel any respect for Cubel, who is a high ranking demon god and the chief strategist in the Demon Lord's army.
 Some demon gods don't refer to their superiors or the Demon Lord as 'sama'.

Yes. I've already gathered enough lives. Here.

 Bassuk was blown to the back of the altar, but he slowly walked to the front of the altar with a grin on his face.
 And Cubel says it's okay to use the divine weapon.

 Cubel plunges his hand into the jet-black, vindictive flames, touches the bright red, metal-like vessel floating inside, and flicks it toward Basque.
 Not being affected by gravity at all, it came fluffily to Basque, who held out his hand.
 The sacred artifacts that came from the jet-black flames of the altar turned from jet-black flames to ordinary red flames.

 When the flaming metal hit Basque's hand, it changed into the shape of a greatsword.

"So this is the Flamberg. Nice. Heal the old man. And the horse. Come here.

 Bask, the two swordsman, holds two orichalcon swords.
 He places one of the orichalcon swords on the ground and grasps the sacred weapon that has been turned into a weapon.
 It seems to be called the Divine Weapon Flamberg.

"All heal.

"Hichin. Brrr.

 The skeletal pope cast a recovery spell on Basque, who had been blown away by a powerful blow from Merus.
 And then Basque straddles the God of Mediation, who comes slowly when called and is about a size larger than a horse.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

 Merus asks Basque, who is holding a sacred object and is happy to be astride the God of Mediation.

You'll see. I'm going to be a d*mn angel. Yippee.

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
 The moment they collide in the middle, a loud sound is heard and a shockwave is generated.


 Basque smirked, and Merus showed a look of agony.
 Bask's divine weapon, the Flamberg, shattered and burned Merus's fist.
 In addition, one of the Mediator's paws plunges deep into Merus's stomach, striking a powerful blow.

 With one of his fists reduced to ashes and a blow to his stomach, Merus was blown into the wall at the entrance to the hall and crashed.
 Merus seems to have been completely outmatched by Basque, who is astride a higher deity and has a divine weapon in his hand.

"Kiel, heal Merus. Sophie, get the Spirit King's blessing!


"Yes, sir!"

 Allen gave orders in rapid succession.
 The reason why his expression is not as relaxed as usual is because Merus, who has become overwhelmingly more powerful after becoming a king, is his trump card in this situation.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

It's a tough situation.

 The Spirit God has no smile at all.

 And so, the Spirit God Rosen shakes his hips and sprinkles the 'Spirit King's Blessing' all over to raise the status.

"Whoa! You've gotten even stronger. Nice... Come with all your might. You'll be killed quickly if you don't...


 Merus's status, which was originally high, has increased tremendously, and the battle between Merus and Basque resumes after receiving Kiel's recovery magic.
 But even so, it's not quite back to square one yet.
 It's more of a fight than it was when he was blown up, but Bask, attacking with the Mediator, still seems to have the upper hand over Merus.

"Cars Fire!

 Meanwhile, Gushala, the guru of the evil gods, begins to join the fight.
 He directs his flames at Allen.
 And countless spears of flame float into the air at once.

"Master Nymph! Help me!"

 Sophie, who had used her Extra Skill and lost all her magic, had already recovered her magic.
 She pours all of her restored magic into the water spirit nymph.

"Yeah. I have to protect everyone.

 The water spirit nymph appears, wearing a coat.
 The flames attacked Allen and the others, but he created a water barrier to block them.
 However, Gushala's power seems to be far superior.
 The nymph's water barrier boils easily and is drowned out by the mass of flames.

"Rocanelle, Hayate, come on Okiyosan!


 I will send out three kingly summons that can be sent out even at the size of this temple.
 Stone A's summoner, which has tripled in size, seems to be quite cramped.
 Stone A's summoner bends its legs and can't seem to move.

(No, this is good. This is good.

 Based on the size and status of the summonses, and the fact that the nymphs' defenses were drowned out by the full power of the summonses, you can gauge Gushala's strength.

 But the purpose of Stone A's summoner is to prevent the enemy from attacking at long range.
 The summoner of stone A specializes in defending against long range attacks.
 Its aim is to create a sphere and prevent Gushala's attack magic.
 And the summoner of beast A, whose size is just barely large enough for the size and height of this temple, becomes a moving shield.
 The summoner of Stone A can be used as a non-moving shield.
 The battle resumes in a formation that utilizes summonses as defensive walls.

"The Skeleton Pope is our priority! Krena, get your extra skills!

"Got it!"

 Bask on the Mediator is not so easy, except for Merus.
 Merus is just barely holding it together.

 Gushala is wearing a robe and is dressed as a rear guard, but he seems to be very durable and difficult to attack.
 She is also quite resistant to magic, and Cecil's magic doesn't seem to have much effect on her.
 Rather, both Gushala and Basque abandon their defenses and attack.

 The formation of the vanguard and rearguard is also directed in a straightforward manner.
 While attacking, the Pope recovers Gushala and Basque.
 He decides that it is the Pope who should be defeated now.

(I didn't realize the time countdown would start from here.

 Crenna's extra skill "Breakthrough" and Sophie's "Spirit King's Blessing" both last for a period of time, where 1 second is equal to the amount of magic power you put into them.

 At the end of that time, you will be unable to use them for a day.

 The situation was hopeless, but we just barely got through it.

 The three of them, Allen, Sophie, and Cecil, could barely fight.
 While everyone is moving at once, Allen checks the effectiveness of the attacks on Gushala, Basque, and the Pope, who have already joined the battle.
 Gushala's magic is much more powerful than the demon god Raesel.
 I'm sure he's a high ranking demon god from this strength.

"Whoa... I can't let you take the role of the healer.


 Gushala and Basque began to attack as if they were standing in front of the Pope.
 Basque used his divine weapon to cleave Crenna as she closed in on the Pope.
 Crenna, who was hit by the weapon, is blown away near the entrance door.

 Dogora is also slashing at Basque, who is standing in the way of the Pope, but he does not even fight her.
 In addition to Krena, the Princess of Sheer Beast attacks with her knuckles, as do Formar and the archer commander, but they don't react at all.
 It seems that the difference in status is too great for Basque to take any damage.

The heroes of this world are not growing properly. I'm glad I advised the Demon Lord. I almost didn't make it. It's a good thing I took the opportunity to kill you.

 You say he's nothing like Bask or Helmios.
 He's trying to pick up the fight in this situation.

"How can I help you, Master Cubel?

'No, I was just thinking I'm feeling a little less desperate. You need to show me more despair, you know.

 While Allen and the others are desperately fighting, Cubel is making comical movements in front of the altar.
 And then he touches the jet-black, vindictive flames of the altar, where the sacred artifacts of Freya, the god of fire, are missing.


 The jet-black flame becomes a round sphere in Cubel's hand.
 The jet-black flame is beating like a heart.

"What are you going to do, Master Cubel?

 Gushala asks.

'This should be enough to offer to the Demon Lord. You can use the rest.

 You can use the rest." As Cubel said this, the jet-black flames on the altar, which had become much smaller, surrounded Gushala.

I can't believe it. Oh! Thank you!


 At that moment, the power of Gushala's magic increased dramatically.

 The summoned beasts of Beast A and Stone A cannot withstand the attack and turn into glowing bubbles and disappear.
 It seems that they can't withstand the Spirit King's blessing to the extent that they have been transformed into soldiers.
 If we were to be hit by something like this, we'd be helpless.

 Even the commanded summoned beasts are being killed.

 Their calculations were unable to keep up with Gushala's overwhelming number of attacks.
 The black flames of Gushala's power overwhelmed Allen's summoning skills.

"No! Everyone get back!

 Allen shouted, "Get back behind the summoned beast of Stone A that turned into a king!
 As soon as he shouted this, the Stone A summoner's barrier that had been hiding the she-beast princess turned into a glowing bubble and disappeared, leaving the she-beast princess with no one to protect her.
 Gushala's magic flew without mercy to the Princess Sheer.

"Lady Shea, ha!

 Captain Lud, who had been following the Princess Sheer closely, stepped in front of her as if to protect her.
 The flames burned Captain Lud.
 The flames burned Captain Lud and he fell to his knees.

"Lud, Lud! Stay with me!

Princess. Please run away. ......

 As if trying to gather up his last words, he said only one word, and no matter how much the she-beast princess shouted, Captain Lud would not respond.
 The last thing Captain Lud saw was the face of the She-beast Princess he had seen when he was a child, when he was appointed as her caretaker.
 She seemed to have been killed by a single blow.

 The three captains risked their lives to carry the stunned She-beast Princess and the motionless Captain Lud behind the Stone A summoner.

"Hmm... Nice. Well, I'm going to go on ahead. Oh, Basque.

 It seems that Cubel will not be participating in this battle.
 Seems he's just here to collect the black flames from the altar.
 And he's got something for Bask before he leaves.

"Huh? What is it?

 Bask replies while fighting.

'I want you to kill everyone here. And don't bring anything back with you.

What? You can't? I'm sorry, but I can't help it. Kill them all, huh?

 He replied lamely, but seemed disappointed.
 There seemed to be a woman who wanted to take some of them home with her.

 Cubel's disappearing from space.

"They're targeting our rearguard!

 Looks like they changed their target when they heard we were going to kill them all.

"Red Lotus Slash!

 The flames around the Flamberg grew larger.
 The flames on the Flamberg grew larger, and he threw it as if it were a projectile.

 The Dogora, who had been fighting for a long time but had not been taken seriously, was now in a position to reach the Flamberg.

 His feet unconsciously moved forward to protect the rear guard who was being targeted.
 Without thinking, he holds up his adamantite shield in front of him.

 However, the shield melted as easily as butter or chocolate melted with a hot knife, and the momentum carried it through.

"What? Aaaaahhhh!

 For a moment, there was something shocking.
 What Dogora saw was a giant sword stuck in her chest.
 The sword easily reached his back and blew him backwards.

 Then, as if in disbelief, she looked at her burning arm and screamed.
 He tried to pull the sword out, but it was sticking into the ground at an angle with his body.
 And soon, you can't see anything.
 His eyes, his blood, all his bodily fluids are boiling.
 And with the fluids gone, Dogora's entire body begins to burn.


 Allen saw the dogora turning into charcoal.

"Chi. There's something weird going on up ahead. Hey, Gushala. The enemy healer is that blond guy. We'll get to him first.

Right. Let's kill him before he heals. Ho ho ho.

 Apparently Bask was aiming for Kiel, the healer in the rearguard, to kill all the enemies.

 The smirking Basque kicked the Mediator in the stomach and tried to pick up the Flamberg, a sacred weapon propped up on the ground.
 The corpse that was Dogora, who had been thrust with the greatsword, was devoid of any emotion.

 In order to kill them all, Basque tried to pick up the sacred weapon while looking at his next target.