354-Episode 347 Dogora's Return

"Ugh, it's cold. Where the hell am I?"

 Dogora was freezing, walking through the dead grass, avoiding the leafless trees.
 She was alone in an unfamiliar place.
 She walked through the freezing forest, complaining.

"You said you'd return me to the village if I was in danger. The village!"

 It was quite cold for April, with dead grass and trees, but he could see some kind of structure through the trees, and it was a fence surrounding the village.

 Allen had been told by Temi, the astrologer, that Dogora would be facing a life-threatening ordeal, and that if there was any danger to Dogora, he would be sent back to the village.
 I think he was really sent away, because he made sure that he would return no matter how much trouble his friends were in.

 The gate to the village was closed, but I opened it and went inside.

"What? What is this village?"

 It looks familiar.
 It was quite dark, but the village looked familiar to Dogora.

"What the hell? Why Krenna? Allen, you're never going to let me come back!"

 The wooden gate opened to reveal the village of Crenna, where Dogora had lived from the time of her birth until her time at the academy.
 It was quite dim, but this village was definitely not Rodin Village, but Crenna Village.

 Dogora was filled with anger.
 His friends were still fighting hard against the demons, but in order to keep Dogora from returning, Allen had sent her to the village of Crenna, where he could not reach her.
 In the village of Rodan, there is a summoned beast that Allen has prepared as a guard.
 Since it was a Spirit A summoner, it could have told Allen to transfer and check on the situation, but that was not possible here.

"I'd better run to Rodan Village. Hmm? A light?"

 It was a couple of days' walk from Krena to the newly settled village of Rodan.
 With my current leg strength, I think I can run there in less than a few hours.

 I was about to leave the village I entered, but I saw a small light in the square of Krena village.
 By the way, I haven't seen anyone since I entered the village.
 Since this is a world of magical beasts, the villagers take turns to guard the village at night, but the night watchman is not there either.

 Dogora wondered if she was really in the village of Crenna, and wondered where she was now.
 Maybe he was mistaken and this was a village he had never been to before.
 Thinking that Allen might do something like that, she walked forward to check and came to a light.

"It's the village of Crenna, isn't it? Hmm? Is that the old lady? You'll catch a cold if you stay here.

 There's a familiar building at the end of the square.
 Then you notice an old woman near the lights in the square.

It's gone. The fire of straw, the fire of straw ......

 She is wearing a robe, and her red hair mixed with gray almost hides her wrinkled face.
 But he is so disconcerted that you can barely see his face.
 She did not notice when Dogora spoke to her.
 The old woman sits, her hands on the small fire, lamenting in despair.

"d*mn it. Go back to your house. Oh? I've got firewood. I've got no choice.

 I don't know where the old woman lived, but I knew I couldn't leave her like this.
 There were countless pieces of wood nearby that looked good to burn.
 The fire seemed to have grown a little larger as he roughly assembled them.
 The fire seemed to have grown a little larger. Dogora decided to sit down beside the old woman and get warm.

'Hmm? What are you? Why are you here?

 The old woman seemed to notice that Dongora was sitting next to her.

"I am Dogora."

 I don't know why she's just now realizing it, but I'll just say my name.


 He looked as if he had never heard of Dogora.
 She looks at him with her red eyes through her gray hair.
 She is very polite, and I think she is an old woman from a good family.
 But I don't know why an old woman of such a good family would be sitting by the fire in the village square.

"Yeah, I've been gone for quite a while. See, there's a blacksmith there. That's my late son."

 He told me that he left the village years ago to go to school.
 He told her that his family had moved to the neighboring village of Rodin, and that the forge was now the home of another blacksmith.

 Because I told the old woman such a personal story, everything that has happened so far comes back to me like a running lantern.

 The first person I saw that I thought was amazing was Crenna.
 She had beaten up the knight she had always admired in this square.
 Moreover, the knight she defeated was a sub-knight commander and a very strong man.
 I asked my friend Peromus to let me join him for a meal with the knights.
 At that time, I also met someone I didn't like.
 He was a dark-haired boy named Allen who was attached to the strong Krena.
 I have fond memories of picking fights with him, trying to bully him for hiding behind a strong guy who had no talent.
 I was beaten up and beaten back, but although I was frustrated, I didn't feel hatred or anything like that.
 Perhaps it was Allen's tone and attitude that made me feel that way.

 Unlike me, Allen never hated anyone.

 For some reason, all kinds of people gathered around Allen.
 Dogora thinks she's one of them.

"What's going on? What are you thinking about? Kid.

"I'm not a kid. I'm fifteen. I just thought I was useless after all."

 I can't stop remembering.
 All my memories seem to come flooding back.

 Allen was amazing.
 After we got to know each other, we started playing knights.
 Allen has gathered his friends and is seriously trying to destroy the Demon King's army.
 Even if it is an enemy that the whole world has been trying to defeat for decades.

 Allen is amazing, but his friends are also amazing.
 Crenna, born as a sword saint, was a genius in battle.
 Cecil is a powerful magician, and Sophie can even call spirits.
 My friends are getting stronger and stronger, but I'm the only one who's left behind.

 It reminds me of Merle.
 She was just like me, only she had no more role in the party than I did.
 But Allen never gave up on Meruru, and continued to encourage her.
 He kept telling Meruru that he would get stronger.
 While conquering the S-class dungeons, Meruru's talent became amazing.
 I think it was Merle's ability to create giant golems that helped me conquer the bottom level boss.

 I'm the only one who's useless now.
 I found myself thinking that there are other useless people out there, and I began to hate myself more and more.
 He hears a distress call in Elmar's country.
 Allen immediately decides to go and help.
 Allen always helps others without hesitation.
 He never asks for thanks or to be a hero.
 He makes himself look smaller and smaller.

 In the end, he couldn't use his extra skills in the battle against the demon Lycaolon and screamed in front of everyone.
 Merus told me that I had a special talent.
 He had high hopes for this talent, but it never came into play and he was sent to the village of Crenna.

 I was the only one who could not use the extra skill.
 I desperately tried to use it.
 A monstrous demon called Bask appeared.
 A demon god called Gushala is also too strong.

 When I look at this fire, I feel like I can see everything about myself.


 The old woman's red eyes stare at Dogora, who is staring into the fire.
 It was as if she could see right through him.

"I couldn't be a hero after all. But it is what it is. I'm going back. They're fighting."

 Wiping away the tears that were threatening to flow, Dogora stood up.
 He was the only one who survived the battle with the demon, but his friends were in a desperate situation.

 They were fighting against people that Merus, who had strengthened them so much, was no match for.
 Gushala's magic has tremendous power.
 I can still fight.
 I'll fight for my people even if I know it will kill me.

"It's called Dogora. Where are you going back to?

"Oh, there's a temple on a floating island. There's a temple on a floating island where my people are fighting.

"I'm sorry, but you can't go back.

"What do you mean? What do you mean?

 I'm being rude to an old woman.

I meant what I said. You've apparently died and somehow ended up here as a soul.

"What are you talking about? What about me? My hand! My hand!

 The old woman was again hard on her, wondering what Dogora was talking about.
 As she said this, she remembered more deeply her battle with the demon god.
 The sight of the sword plunged deep into her chest, her blood boiling and her hands burning alive, came back to her mind.

 Then, Dogora's hand suddenly began to burn.

"So it is. You have the divine weapon inside you. My divine artifacts were fortunately joined to your soul. Is that how you were able to come to me?

 The old woman is alone in her conviction.

"What are you talking about? My hand? Oh, what? The fire is out."

 I don't know what the old woman is talking about.
 But the flames in Dogora's hand are gone.

"This is a memory you had before you died. You understand. You're dead.

"What's wrong with that? Oh, I'm going back. I'm going back. I'm going to save my friends, even if I have to be their wall!"

 The memories came back and Dogora accepted the fact that he was dead.
 Still, he shouted that he would return to the fight to save his friends.
 He doesn't seem to remember that he sacrificed himself to die for Kiel.

"Hmm. I don't need my life. You mean you'd risk your life?

"Yes! I'll risk everything to save you. That's what friends are for!

Hmm. What a pale little fellow. Are you okay? ......

 The old woman's resolve wavers.

"I'm 15. I'm not a kid!

You're not. Dogora. If you're willing to risk your life, be my manacle. Then I will give you power.

 And with that, the old woman stood up for the first time.
 Then she raised her face from her slumped position and looked at Dogora.

 I thought she was an old woman of almost 80, but it turned out to be a woman of 20 or so.
 She was a woman of 20 or so. She had long, red, straight hair and was looking at the dogora with red eyes.

"What? What do you mean?"

"I am Freya, God of Fire. I am Freya, god of fire. I will make a contract with you.

 Freya, the god of fire, proposed a contract to Dogora.