355-Episode 348 Freya, God of Fire

"Freya, I've heard of you. Were you a god?"

 I thought it was an old woman, but when she stood up, she was a woman of about 20.
 I couldn't understand why she called herself the god of fire.
 However, I have a feeling that Freya was the name of the god who was robbed of her sacred artifacts, which I have heard many times recently.
 I look at Freya, the god of fire, quizzically, wondering what she is talking about.

"That's very rude of you. That's fine. That's right. I am the god of fire, one of the four great gods.

 Freya, the God of Fire, replies with a grin.

"What? You've changed your appearance. Why were you an old woman?"

 Apparently, she doesn't know how to speak respectfully.

"Hmm... The demons are sucking up the divine power stored in my sacred vessels. I was just saving it. But you'll see.

"Whoa! That's not good!

 Dogora shouted in reproach.
 The small fire went up in flames.
 Apparently, the old woman and the small fire had been suppressing their power to save energy.

"Hmm... This is my fire. My divine power. Freya, the god of fire, is offering you a contract.

 Since she seems to be convinced that she's the god of fire, I'll talk to her again about making a contract with herself.

"A contract?"

"Yes. It's the only way you can help your people.

"All right. Make the contract.

What? Wait a minute. Don't make your decision so quickly.

 The fire god became impatient, thinking that he might have approached a very dangerous person.
 The fire god traced Dogora's memories through the sacred artifact.

 The Fire God traces Dogora's memories through the sacred artifacts, and finds a scene where Merus warns Aren to stop making divine contracts.
 Dogora is listening to the story of the country that made a pact with the fertility god Mormor.

 Of course, he knows the story of Makris of the Proustian Empire, who became a fish in exchange for the contract.
 Nevertheless, he wants to go ahead with the contract without asking about the price of the contract.

"What? If I make a contract, I can borrow the power of the Fire God, right? I got it!

 Dogora rejoiced at the prospect of saving her friends.

"I'll lend you my power. But you'll pay for it. Dogora.

"The price?"

"Yes. A price. But is your appearance aesthetically acceptable to the people now? Would it be better to wear a mask?

 As I look at Dogora's face, I wonder if this potato face will work in the first place, before what I'm about to say.

"What are you staring at?"

No, what, I'm not asking you to turn into a fish like Aqua. I'm not asking you to become a fish like Aqua.

 The fire god has been robbed of his sacred artifacts and his divine power has been sucked out of him.
 The fire god has been robbed of his sacred artifacts and his divine power has been sucked out of him.

"So what do you want me to do?"

"It's Dogora. You say you want to be a hero?

"Yes, I do. Will you make me a hero? Hmm? Is that what a hero does for you?"

 The question arises when I say it.
 I don't think a hero is something that is given.
 But when I thought about it, I didn't know how to be one.

"Good. You will do your best to become a hero. Isn't that enough?

"Yes, it is."

 Dogora felt like it was a small matter.

"I will help you as Freya, God of Fire. I'm sure that when you become a hero, you'll see that I have the power to help you.


 I'm a little confused.
 Dogora wishes you'd tell her exactly what you want.

"You want to be a hero. I'm looking for followers. So, you and I were meant to be together in the first place.

 The purpose of life is the same for Dogora and the Fire God, and you can see it in their mouths .

"You mean a hero with the power of Freya the Fire God?"

"Yes. When your name is known to all, they will know that you have the blessings of Freya, the God of Fire. In exchange for gaining my power, you will become a pillar of humanity and live your life to gather my followers. If that's okay with you, I'll help you.

 At the age of 15, he asks you to decide how you want to live your life.
 If you sign the contract, you must live your entire life as a pillar of the fire god Freya to gather followers.
 Freya, the god of fire, seems to want followers.

"All right. If you can help me, that's fine."

 Dogora says she'll make another contract.

"No doubts. You live like a raging fire. I see. I've been waiting for you my whole life.

 Somehow, even the fact that the weapon was taken from me seems like fate.

"I'm sorry, but can you please hurry up? My friends are waiting for me.

 The demon god and his friends are still fighting.
 Don't be sad, they want you to help them quickly.

"Don't worry about that. Don't worry about that, because time stands still here.

"I see. So if we go now, we can make it?

 Then we can get there in time if we go now." He said, turning toward the gate that led into the village of Crenna.

I'm not sure. Where are we going?

"No, we need to get to the temple on the floating island. That's where we're fighting.

What do you mean? What a waste of time when your soul has just passed through the gate of my temple. This is the temple of Freya, god of fire.

"What's a 'gate'? What's a 'gate'?

 The scenery of Dogora is suddenly changing.
 As if the scenery of the old-fashioned village of Crenna was peeling away, the floors, walls, and ceilings of the temple of Greek mythology were changing.

 I had always thought that I was in the village of Crenna, but now I was inside the temple of Freya, the god of fire in the God Realm.
 It seems that Dogora was pierced to death by a sacred weapon of Freya, and her soul was carried to the temple.

 Everything in his field of vision turned into the hall of the temple made of marble.
 And in the center of the hall, a fire crackled.
 The square in the village of Krena was in the center of the temple hall.

 A fire is burning directly on the floor stone of an empty temple.
 Perhaps the fire had been kindled in a dish-like vessel there.

 Then, the body of the Dogora began to burn again.
 The flames engulfed the dogora, causing it to become agitated.

 However, the agitation and surprise soon subsided.
 Not only did she feel no pain, but she also felt as if some power was rising from the bottom of her stomach.

"O Dogora, beyond limits and beyond gates. Be a pillar of strength for me and become a hero.

 With that, Freya, the God of Fire, reached out her hand to Dogora.
 I somehow knew that holding hands here was a sign of a contract.

"Yeah, let's go. Our people are waiting for us."

 There was no hesitation, no regret.
 And when he touched Freya's hand, Dogora's body glowed like a flash of light.


 The companions shouted at the charred skeleton stuck in the great sword of the divine weapon Flamberg.
 Dogora was killed by a single blow.

"Hohoho, I won't let you save him. Well, I can't help you if you're charred like that. You should burn clean too. Death Flare!

 Gushala's magic is already beyond what she can withstand, and a single blow from one of her countless flying magic attacks could kill her instantly.
 He is desperately generating Stone A summons to defend himself.

 In the midst of all this, Basque is trying to recover the sacred artifact Flamberg.
 He has activated his sword-throwing skill, so he has only one orichalcone sword at hand.
 Basque, who is astride the Mediator Fornemeth, grasps the Flamberg, which is standing on the ground.

I'm not sure what to do. You can't pull it out.

 As he approached, Bask put all his strength into the sacred weapon that was just stuck in the ground, but he couldn't pull it out.
 He felt a strange sensation as if he was becoming one with the ground.
 Then, the handle of the weapon he held began to radiate high heat.

 The heat was so high that it burned one of my hands and I jumped back in surprise.
 The Flamberg began to burn bright red with high heat.

What? This is not what it looks like? No, no, no, no, no!

 Gushala also noticed something wrong with the sacred weapon.


 And with a roar, the flames turned into a pillar of fire that reached the ceiling of the temple, raising the Dogora, which had turned into a skeleton of charcoal in the pillar of fire, off the floor stone and off the sacred artifact.

 The flesh and blood of the charred skeleton of the Dogora engulfed in flames began to revive as if rewinding time.
 Already the heart was beating again, and the eyes of the Dogora were looking at the ceiling of the temple.

 Like a phoenix enveloped in flames, the potato-faced dogora regenerates.

 His companions were all in an uproar as they watched the situation.
 His limbs, body, and hair were all restored to normal.
 Allen didn't use any of the blessings, and Kiel didn't cast any healing spells.

'What? What's going on?

 Bask doesn't know what's going on either.

"This is a contract with the gods. That man made a pact with Freya under these circumstances and took the divine weapon! Bassuk, get the weapon!

 Gushala, who understood the situation first, shouted.

I'm not sure what to say. You're talking nonsense!

 Basque did not understand Gushala's words.
 However, he could understand that the sacred artifact belonged to him.

 The flames and pillar of fire that had surrounded the dogora subsided, and the dogora descended to the floor stone on the ground.
 Then, the sacred artifact that had been lodged in her chest is completely removed.
 The large wound in her chest closes up.

"So this is the weapon. A sword. Can you turn it into an axe?"

"Yes, of course. A weapon worthy of you. You may call it Kagutsuchi.

 The weapon speaks in the voice of Freya, god of fire.
 And the greatsword turns into a greataxe.

 As Dogora grasped it, the sacred weapon flickered and Kagutsuchi was engulfed in flames.
 For some reason, it was not hot.
 Despite the fact that it was the first weapon he had ever handled, he felt a strong sense of unity and elation.

"What are you changing weapons for? That's mine. Give it back!

 Bassuk rushed in on the Mediator Fornemeth.
 He tries to crush it with both feet of the vicious Mediator.
 It's a blow from a higher deity, a powerful blow that even Merus can't withstand if he takes it in stride.

"True Slaughter Strike!

 The most powerful blow of Dogora, the king of destruction with four stars.
 I unconsciously used the word "true" in front of the skill name.
 The blow of the magic-filled divine weapon Kagutsuchi struck both of the God of Mediation's legs.

"Hee-hee! Guhin!

"Oh, no!

 The divine weapon Kagutsuchi crushes the bones of both legs of the God of Mediation.
 And with that momentum, it blew the God of Conciliation away, Basque and all.
 In the end, it was the only thing that could stop it.

 Slowly, as if in slow motion, a pillar collapsed.
 In the midst of the roar and smoke that echoed through the temple, Dogora silently watched his enemy.

 Dogora, who had become a human pillar of Freya, the god of fire, and grasped the sacred weapon Kagutsuchi, had begun her battle.