356-Episode 349 Basque Game (3)

 Formenez, the Mediator, could not kill the momentum and crashed into the temple wall.
 Basque escaped just before the collision.


 He was struck by a powerful blow from Dogora's True Killing Blow using the divine weapon Kagutsuchi.

What the hell? What the hell is going on?

 I'm not sure what to make of this.
 He has flames all over him, but he seems to be okay.
 He feels powerful, as if his entire soul is on fire.
 The Dogora glares at Basque quietly, as if ready to give up everything.

'No, sir. What are you doing, Basque? Perhaps Freya, the fire god, chose that man to be the wielder of the sacred weapon.

 The stolen artifacts have become nothing more than power-suckers for the demons.
 I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with this.

"I see. It was quite powerful, wasn't it?

 He wonders if the weapon is more powerful than when he handled it.

Freya seems to be putting a lot of power into the weapon.

 It's not like Basque's sacred weapon Flamberg, which was forced to be used.
 Freya, the god of fire, is taking the initiative in pouring her power into the weapon.

"You don't have much divine power left. It's a last ditch effort. But it's getting interesting. Yippee.

 And with that, Basque approaches the Mediator, who has been hit by Dogora's blow.


 The Mediator noticed this and raised his head to stare at Basque.

What are you doing? What the hell are you doing? Ah!

Guhyin? Guh-hee-ah!

 And Basque smirked as he plunged one hand into the Mediator's neck.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

 The God of Conciliation screamed and flailed, but he didn't care, he put all his strength into one hand and drove it in.
 Something like a blood vessel emerges from Basque's plunged wrist.
 Something like those veins traveled from his wrist to his entire body.
 It's as if the power of the Mediator is being sucked out of him.

"Go! Is this all the power I have left? It's as if it's sucking the power of the Mediator. oh! This power! I can become a high level demon god too? I did it!

 He swears that he didn't have enough strength left.
 As he swears, Bask's body changes and expands with a whirring sound.
 Basque's body changes into a more violent and vicious form, and he becomes larger than ever.
 Basque's words suggest that he has absorbed the power of the Mediator and transformed from a demon god into a higher demon god.

 Basque's expression is one of ecstasy, as if the pursuit of power is all that matters.
 It's as if all he's ever wanted was power.
 Basque smiles at the sight of Dogora in front of him.
 He thought it would be a good way to confirm his power.

"Dogora. Listen carefully.

 Kagutsuchi, the great axe that Dogora grasped, spoke to Dogora.

"What is it?"

"I have no divine power left. I've only just made a contract with you and my powers are not yet fully acclimatized.

 You blew up the Mediator, but you say you haven't fully exerted your power yet.

"I'm sorry, but you have to make it clear.

 "I'm sorry, but you'll have to explain it to me in a way that Dogora can understand.

"You have one more shot to decide. If you don't, you'll probably not be able to protect your friends.

 She said she only had one shot left to strike.
 She explains to Dogora through the divine weapon Kagutsuchi that they both have limited opportunities.

"One blow. That's enough."

 When Dogora confronts Basque to decide on a single blow, he finds that Dogora's body is full of power.
 Allen began to use his fish summoning skills on Dogora, and Kiel began to use his auxiliary magic.
 The dogora died once, and the auxiliary spell was broken.
 The Spirit King's Blessing, which the Spirit God had used, was already in effect, but the other auxiliary spells were used again.

 The magic power that had been drained by the previous skill activation has been fully recovered.

 The Stone A Summoner, a barrier to be destroyed at a great speed, is being generated by high-speed summoning.
 Allen has already instructed Sophie, Cecil and the rest of the rearguard to stop their attacks.
 Krena and the other vanguards are also waiting behind the Stone A summoner.

 Gushala's magic is too powerful for even Allen's friends who have changed jobs repeatedly to be safe.

 To prevent Gushala's attacks from reaching Dogora, I prioritize using my Absorption skill to block Gushala's magic and my Convergent Bombardment skill to repel it.

 The damage appears to be minor, as Gushala is surrounded by vindictive jet-black flames.
 And the skeletal Pope next to him recovers endlessly with his recovery magic.

 However, thanks to Allen's strategy, he is able to create a situation where there is nothing between the Dogora and the confronting Basque.

"Grandpa. Get back on the recovery and assistance.

 Basque also asked the skeletal Pope to reapply the auxiliary spells that he had lost during the long battle, such as restoring his strength and increasing his durability.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.


 Dogora seems to be waiting for it.
 It doesn't move a muscle.

"Oh? What's the matter? Are you scared? What was that about you?

"Dogora. You move too fast for me."

 D'Gora said his name again.
 Dogora knew that.
 Bassuk was much better than Dogora in every way.
 It's not easy to attack him, but he can't avoid you.

 If he could only strike once, he would have to counter-attack as his opponent attacked.
 If you are in a practical class at the school, you should take a clear upper stance that would earn you a reprimand.
 It's like declaring that you will attack with the divine weapon Kagutsuchi.
 It's a wait-and-see stance, no matter how much help Basu gives you or how long it takes to activate your skills.

"He didn't even have two names, did he?

"Yeah. I'll get two names by defeating you."

d*mn it! Really? You little shit with nothing! That sacred weapon is mine. I'll have it back! Shinshura Musouge!

 With a twisted laugh, Basque activates his attack skill, takes a step that shatters the floor stone, and then leaps at once.

 It seemed to be the strongest blow Basuku had ever used.
 Then, in the blink of an eye, he closed the distance between him and the Dogora, grasping one of the large swords in both hands and trying to twist the smaller Dogora around.

 The Dogora remained calm in this situation.
 It was able to watch Basque's thrust, which should have gone unnoticed.
 As Bassuk rushed at him in a violent mass, he put everything he had into the divine weapon he held high, Kagutsuchi.
 I felt as if all the magic power was being sucked into the sacred object.
 I feel a floating sensation as if even my life is being sucked away.
 As if it were a lie that you could not activate it until now, an intense radiance fills the sacred object.


 The moment he swung down, he uttered a single word, as if it were a matter of course.
 With all of Dogora's strength, he swung the divine weapon down.


 The moment Basque's orichalcon collided with Dogora's divine Kagutsuchi, an eardrum-shattering metallic sound rang out in the hall of the temple.
 The stone slabs on the floor were widely shattered by the shockwave that caught the collision.
 Dogora is resisting as she catches Basque's skill on her orichalcone greatsword.

"Oh! You stopped it!

 Basque did not expect to be caught.
 He was resisted with unprecedented force, and then he was pushed back by Dogora with great force.


 Dogora pushed back, step by step, with a loud voice that could be described as a shout or a shout of anger.
 The divine weapon, Kagutsuchi, burst into red flames, trying to push back Basque's blow.

"What about it? I'm Basuku, the Shura King. I'm the Shura King Basque. I'm not going to be defeated by a little shit like you!

 Basque's body, which had been transforming, changed all at once.
 It seems that Bask wasn't at his best.
 The body was changing all at once, and then Basque slowly but surely began to push.

 The divine weapon Kagutsuchi was superior to Basuku's orichalcon sword.
 However, Basuku, who had become a higher demon god and was now in full swing, had a much higher status than Dogora.

 This time, Dogora was losing power and was being pushed back.
 When Dogora's power became too much for him to control, the blade of the orichalcon touched his neck, and fresh blood flowed.

"I gave it everything I had. Freya! What about you?

What about you? I don't know.

 "Dogora speaks to the divine Kagutsuchi.

"I bet everything I have on this one blow! You'll lose if you don't give it everything you've got!

"Huh. What the hell are you talking about? Go f*ck yourself, you little shit! I can't stand it. I can't take it! Hee-hee!

 Basque's mouth twisted further as he was convinced of victory due to the overwhelming difference in status.
 Even the divine weapon Kagutsuchi couldn't catch it, and the Orichalcon's greatsword was slowly sinking into Dogora's neck.
 It looked as if the thick blood vessels around her neck were about to break, but Dogora didn't care, she was going to give Freya a good fight.

 Dogora used all her strength.
 Freya, the god of fire, wants to give it all.
 You're not serious yet, that's what I'm saying.

Oh, dear. You've picked a terrible pillar of humanity. Yes. I'm the god of fire. What's a demon god to do? ! An orichalcon can't compete with my divine weapon!

 That's when it happened.
 The color of the flames that covered the bodies of Dogora and Kagutsuchi changed from red to white.
 The temperature of the flames surrounding Dogora began to rise.
 The scene around Dogora began to change.
 The ground began to boil red.

 The stone flooring of the temple began to melt, unable to withstand the heat that covered the dogora.

 The color of the flames covering the dogoras and the sacred vessels changed further.
 It turned from white to blue, but it didn't stop and the temperature kept rising.
 The flames that covered the Dogora and the Sacred Vessel exceeded 10,000 degrees Celsius, and the stone slabs on the floor began to boil and vaporize.


 Basque, who was confronting the scorching fire of the Dogora and the divine weapon Kagutsuchi, couldn't help but shout out.
 It wasn't because the hilt of the orichalcoholic greatsword he was grasping became extremely hot.
 A change began to occur in the ultra-thick orichalcone greatsword that Basque was holding.

 Gaia, the god of the earth, created it, and the orichalcone began to melt.
 The orichalcone, known as the ore of the gods and the hardest and most durable of all orichalcon, begins to melt at the intersection of the divine weapon Kagutsuchi that Dogora holds.

"This is all the divine power I have! I've given it my all! Go! Dogora!

 Freya, the God of Fire, exerts her full power and melts the thick orichalcone greatsword in half from the center.
 It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.
 The divine weapon Kagutsuchi crashed into the shoulder of Basque's massive frame.

I'm not sure what to say. You can't do this to me!

 The situation is so bad that Basque is in a panic.
 The momentum of the hit on Basque's shoulder, the divine weapon Kagutsuchi with all its might, slashed him diagonally from the shoulder in an overzealous manner.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!"

 The roar of the Dogora echoed throughout the temple as the Basque fell to the ground in several pieces.