357-Episode 350: Gushara Match (1)

 With a roar, Dogora cuts down Basque in half.
 Basque falls to the ground in pieces.
 Meanwhile, Allen is looking at the grimoire.

"Not yet, Dogora. Bask is still alive."

 Bask is not dead.
 There's no log in the grimoire that says you defeated Basuk.
 This demon Bask has already escaped.
 I need a final blow.

"Ahh... ......"

 But Dogora fell to her knees.
 Since the fierce battle with Basque, Allen and Kiel had continued to heal Dogora.
 He should have been full of energy and magic, but his spirit seemed to have run out and he could not even stand.

 The flames that covered the red sacred object Kagutsuchi, which he had dropped to the ground without effort, were gone.
 The blade and hilt, which had been bright red, became like iron that had cooled.
 It is as if it has used all its power and burned up.

"I'll go.

I'm all you've got. I'll go!

 With that, Allen leaves the summoner's wall of stone A and runs.
 He's aiming for Basque, who's standing next to Dogora.
 As he runs, he looks at the grimoire with his eyes, but it's completely alive.
 He does not look at the Dogora, but runs right into it.

 Then Basque, whose body has been split apart, reacts.
 It seems he was pretending to be dead.

The new S-rank adventurer is relentless. The new S-rank adventurer is relentless. Ouch. Transfer! See you later!

(I knew it. Gushala didn't attack.

 Gushala didn't attack the Dogora next to the rolling Basque.
 He might have been looking for a way to avoid attacking Basuk who was still alive.

 Bassuk, who was pretending to be dead and watching, seemed to know that Allen was coming.
 He laughed and swore at the idea of flogging a corpse.
 Bask touched the half of his body that had been sliced open.
 Then the anklet on his leg begins to glow.
 At that moment, his upper body disappeared along with his lower body.
 It seems that he had escaped again just in time.

You've been knocked down, you're a joke. You got away! Oh! I'm pretty sure that red is the sacred bead of Rubanka.

 If you defeat him, the winner takes all the items.
 That's the unwritten rule in Allen's mind, the law of the world.
 He is angry that he has violated a law he should never have, but something glowing red catches his eye.

 It's Basque's wrist and the bracelet on his wrist.
 The wrist, which was cut off in a hasty attempt to defend itself before being sliced open by Dogora's sacred weapon, Kagutsuchi, has fallen without being caught in Basque's transition.

 On the wrist is a bangle with a bright red holy bead on it.
 You remove the bracelet from your thick arm and equip it.


 When Gushala sees that Bassuk is gone, she unleashes a flurry of magic.
 Allen and Dogora move behind the kingly stone A, using the "Homing Instinct" awakening skill.

 When he returns behind Stone A's summoner, he drapes a cloak over the nearly naked Dogora from the storage.
 A lot of dignity has been lost.
 The dogora is still alive, but its eyes are closed and it is breathing softly.
 It's not dead, but it's barely responsive.

"Welcome back. You got away, didn't you?

"Oh, uh... This one's for Crenna.

(Doesn't increase attack power or speed? But halving the cool time and increasing the power by 20% is a big deal. But halving the cooldown and increasing the power by 20% is a big deal. I've been fighting a lot of high-powered enemies lately. You'll need durability.

 Effect of Rubanka's Sacred Pearl (Bracelet)
Halve cool time.
20% increase in attack skill power
Strength +5000
Endurance +5000

 According to Merus, the effects of the holy beads are random.
 They are rare, and the effects are random.
 You can't get them, and the effects are random, so it's only challenging.

"I did it. A bright red holy bead!

"Hey, what are you doing here?"

 Crenna is jumping for joy.
 Krena jumped with joy. She quickly equipped the pearl that Allen gave her.
 Crenna is happy, but Cecil is not happy for some reason.

How long are you going to hide like that? Hurry up and come out.

(Updating equipment...)

 Currently, Allen's party and the she-beast princess's party are hiding behind the summoner of Stone A, who has been turned into a king.
 Perhaps Gushala's intelligence is too high, or perhaps her magic is too powerful to withstand.

 The summoner of the kingly stone A has become a simple fortress between Gushala and the skeletal pope.
 Thanks to the Spirit King's blessing, it won't be killed by one or two shots of Gushala's magic, but if it continues to be hit by magic, it will be drained of its strength and killed before it can use the "Convergence Bombardment" awakening skill.

 The summoner of Stone A is placed in front of the summoner of Stone A. The summoner of Stone A is placed in front of the summoner of Stone A. The summoner of Stone A is placed in front of the summoner of Stone A. The summoner of Stone A is placed in front of the summoner of Stone A.

"Heal All".

 The counter-attack using "Convergent Bombardment" is also countered by the Skeletal Pope's recovery magic, and both Gushala and the Skeletal Pope are completely healed.

 After a certain amount of magic, the jet-black flames covering the bodies of both Gushala and the Skeleton Pope become thin and weak.
 Then, from the large altar behind them, jet-black vindictive flames envelop the two.

(The enemy's magic power is almost infinite, and its magic is so powerful that it will kill you instantly. (The enemy's magic power is almost infinite, and its magic is so powerful that it will kill you instantly. This is made possible by the altar. Oh, I see. I need to check a few more things.

 Allen decides that he hasn't checked the whole situation yet.

"Hey, Gushala."

 Allen speaks from behind the summoner of Stone A, who has become a king.

"What? What is it?

"There's no Basque and no Mediator. You're the only ones left. If you want to escape, now's the time.

Whoa! Do you think you've won? Freya's weapons seem to have exhausted their power. What more can you do?

 The Fire God Freya's divine weapon, the decisive factor in the attack, will no longer be usable.

"I see. If you don't run away, you'll die a most cruel death.

 I threaten him further.

"Hmm. Such a threat in such a situation. You must have some kind of plan. Don't think you can get one step closer to us. 

 Gushala, the higher demon god, declares his victory in a neutral voice.

(Oh, you won't make it out alive.) But, hmm. But hmmm.... But the fact remains that neither of us can make up our minds.

 The vindictive jet-black flames overflowing from the altar periodically envelop Gushala and the skeletal pope.
 It's probably because of this that he continues to cast high-powered spells without feeling exhausted at all.
 And the speed at which the spells are cast and the cool time afterwards is quite short.
 The speed at which Gushala's magic is cast overwhelms Cecil's Extra Skill "Small Meteorite" and Merus' Awakening Skill "Lightning of Judgment".



"Go back to sleep. You're nothing compared to Basque. I'll wake you when we win.


 When Allen said that, Dogora seemed to have let go of the consciousness he was barely holding on to.
 In the midst of a fierce battle with the higher demon Gushala, he fell into a deep sleep.


 Allen's friends wanted to say something, but they swallowed it all.
 He had never been defeated after Allen's declaration of victory before.
 Never before had he been cornered by such a powerful range of magic, unable to escape, and yet he looked at all of his friends and told them it was no problem.

I don't think I have enough intelligence. I need more Okiyosan.

 While everyone was staring, Allen decided on a plan.
 Quickly get 60 summons for Spirit A.
 And equip him with two rings that increase his intelligence by 5000.

"Cecil, I'm sorry, but I need to borrow the holy beads."

"What? All right. Give it back to me."

 Equip the Makris Pearl that you gave to Cecil.
 I don't equip Cecil's staff because equipping a weapon does not increase my intelligence.
 With the blessing of the Spirit King, my intelligence reached 41,000.

(Oh, so this is the world of intelligence over 40,000. I see it. I see it. Gushala! I can see everything about you!

 Never before has an intelligence been so powerful that it gives the illusion that it can see every move Gushala and the Skeleton Pope make.
 Allen continued to watch Gushala's offensive magic as she unleashed her super-powerful magic.

 Half an hour passed as he hid behind Stone A's summoner.

"Sophie. Does the Spirit King's blessing still continue?"

(About the fact that the numbers are quite random)

"Yes. I think it's still safe."

 Sophie used the Spirit King's Blessing with two rings that increase magic power by 5000.
 She said that the Spirit King's Blessing still lasts.
 The amount of magic power consumed determines how powerful it is, and for Sophie, magic power is more important than intelligence.

"What are you going to do? The magic stone is not infinite, right?

 In order for Gushala to unleash her magic at a great rate, she has already consumed 10,000 magic stones for the Stone A summoner that she regenerated.

"That's right. I'll return this to you, so prepare your magic."

"Yeah. What are we gonna do?

"Well... Theoretically, it'll take sixty-four Cursed Fires, sixteen Death Flares, and six Enemy Falls to run out of magic. The rest is ......."

 Allen then explained the maximum number of shots for all other attack magic.
 He starts talking about the first spell he'll use after being bathed in black flames from the altar, the actions he'll take before releasing each spell, and the order in which he'll cast them.
 In the midst of all this, Allen continues to watch Gushala and the skeletal Pope with all the summons of Stone A that they have shared.

"What? What's that?"

 Cecil knew what he wanted to do after hearing that much.

"By the way, the Skeleton Pope heals all 20 times. But the 'random numbers' are so bad that it's pretty hard to create the best situation."

 Allen has been watching to see when Gushala and the Skeletal Pope will be bathed in the jet black flames from the altar.
 From there, he analyzes the order in which they release their multiple attack spells.

 Even when I played the game in a previous life, there were few enemies that behaved exactly the same.
 There is a certain range of attacks and a certain range of damage.
 These unpredictable numbers are called "random numbers".

 Allen had been analyzing and planning the timing of his attack in a situation where even a single miscalculation, an attack by Stone A's summoner, or a hit by Gushala's vicious attack magic would wipe out Allen and his team.
 In this extreme situation, Allen had become the Kenichi of his previous life.

 There are many gamer terms from his previous life that he has never used before.
 To be single-minded, to create certainty.

"It's all about timing.

 Mels understood Allen's words.

"That's right. That's how we all do it."

 When the others had a better understanding of what Allen wanted, he gave them a bad look and told them his plan.

"Ho ho ho. My power is unlimited. This altar, given to me by Lord Cubel, has unlimited power. How long will you stand there in fear?

 He's making the same challenge he's made many times before.

"Shut up! I'll kill you all!"

 Allen takes the challenge.
 If you're going to provoke me, you might as well do it.
 Gushala's face contorts in ecstasy as she realizes that she has no choice.

(Oh? This move is... Next is Enemy Fall? Fool, you've cast a great spell in this situation. (Theoretically, this is the best solution.)

 This move of sticking out your hands and opening your legs a half-step is definitely the Enemy Fall attack spell.
 Allen raises his right hand as a signal.
 Then Cecil begins to cast an attack spell.
 Five seconds later, she raises her left hand.
 This time Sophie began to pour all her magic power into the water nymph.
 She then had Merus, who had shared it with her, begin preparing to activate the "Thunder of Judgment" awakening skill.

 She adjusted the activation time of all her friends and the activation time of Gushala's attack magic.

Enemy Fall!

 A powerful gravity spell strikes Stone A's summoners.
 I've already dealt with a sufficient number of them because of their expected power.

I'll have to adjust mine.

"Converging bombardment."


 Gushala is hit with the "Converging Bombardment" awakening skill of the three Stone A summons that have become generals.
 The timing is after the Skeletal Pope has applied 20 heal-alls.
 The Skeletal Pope will not be able to activate recovery spells with the same effect unless he receives the jet-black flame from the altar.

"Cecil, Sophie, now!"


 Cecil activates his level 6 ice spell.
 It took longer for him to activate it than Sophie, so he was the first one to get ready to activate it.

"Nymph-sama, please."

 The water spirit manifests and shoots a giant ball of water at Gushala.
 Cecil's and Sophie's attacks were blended together to attack Gushala, just like when they fought the demon Lycaolon.

(You can only shoot Cars Fire, right? And all the jet-black flames it gave me should be exhausted. (Well, I guess he's never fought like this before.

 If Gushala has risen as a high ranking demon god, how much has he risked his life in battle?
 Allen feels that he is far from an expert in a hundred battles.

"Hmm... You're so clever. Carsfire!

 At that moment, Carsfire, the weakest of Gushala's magic, canceled out the magic of Cecil and Sophie, and slowly swallowed them up in a struggle.
 As they were being pushed further and further away, Allen ordered them to deliver the coup de grace.

"Now! Merus!"

"Ah, the Thunder of Judgment!

 Merus's awakened skill, "Thunder of Judgment," passed through the roof of the temple and rained down on the altar.
 At this time, Gushala was in the middle of a spell, and the power of the spell was so strong that it could not be prevented.
 And he could not increase the power of the jet-black flames because they were just about to run out.
 The power of Gushala's "Cursed Fire" is also absorbed by the "Absorption" technique of Stone A's summoner.

 With Gushala helpless, the thunder of judgment strikes the altar.

 Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

"That's ridiculous. My altar is .......

 Gushala and the skeletal Pope were blown away, and I could see exactly what had happened.
 The altar was blown to pieces.