358-Episode 351: Gushara Match (2)

"The altar, the altar dedicated to the Demon Lord! Oh, no, no, no, no! I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

 I'll kill you!" He screams at the sight of the shattered altar.
 He then looks at Allen and the others who destroyed it and gives them an angry look.

 I wonder if a man with such an expression is the guru who has gathered millions of followers in this continent.

"I'm changing my appearance!

 The expression on his face, tainted with insanity and hatred, becomes even more grim, and the bottom of his robe swells up to reveal a horrifying figure.

 This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.
 His robes are flipped up and his face is covered with hatred and sorrow.

 The suffering of the faithful seems to have taken hold of his body.

"Let your death be an apology for the loss of the altar! Now suffer and die in agony. Evil Gardens!


 Gushala sentenced Allen and the others to death.
 And the way he moves his body seems to be different from his previous magic.
 Countless spirits of death transformed and protruded from his tattered vestments.

 Judging that this is the first time he has used magic, Allen increases the summoning of Stone A's summons and takes a defensive posture.
 Countless spirits of the dead cling to the Stone A summoner and defeat it.

(It's an automatic tracking magic that doesn't go straight.)

"I see, the power of the magic has increased, but it's still different from before.

"It seems so."

 Cecil agrees with Allen's words.
 The black flames of the altar were almost invincible.
 The damage was almost ineffective, and the magic power was inexhaustible and the skeletal pope could recover.
 The only summoned beast of Stone A that was defeated by Gushala's powerful magic was the one that had been turned into a soldier.

(Now, let's see if we can stick it out until we run out of magic.

 The best way to deal with wizards is to seal them up, or take away their magic power or something.
 I think that's all there is to it.
 Gushala, a higher-ranked demon god, did not change his avant-garde appearance even after his transformation.
 He seems to be attacking with only magic.

 I look at the spirit god to see if I can win if I stay here.

"Haha. Maybe the Spirit King's blessing won't be effective for that long.

(I knew it. I guess so.

 A lot of time has passed since I received the Spirit King's blessing right at the start of the game.
 The battle between Merus and Basque, and the battle between Dogora and Basque.
 And the defensive battle against Gushala to make sure the altar was destroyed took a hell of a lot of time.

 The Spirit King's Blessing's effect of increasing status by 30% will expire.

"Well, it looks like we don't have much time. Let's take them down together. I'll tell them the plan."

 Allen explains to everyone what to do and what their role is in this situation.

"Yeah. Okay."
"I see.
"Thank you, sir.
"Let's get this done.

 For this day, I've told them the shorter the better.
 Ideally, eye contact would be all that was needed to communicate the entire mission, no matter how complex.
 Each of his companions seemed to have a better understanding of his rotation.

"Merus. I need to get close to Gushala. I need you to be the wall."

"Mmm? Okay.

 Tell everyone to wait, and Allen will run to Gushala.

"Ho ho ho. You're finally coming out. Mmm?

 I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.
 The magic that was released was met with a direct hit by Merus who flew in front of Allen.

 At the end of Allen's reach, a large sword falls.
 There it was, an unharmed orichalcone greatsword.

 Bask leaves the three items behind and runs away.
 The Great Sword of Orichalcon, smashed in half by Kagutsuchi, the divine weapon of Dogora.
 The sacred pearl of Lubanka, which he wore on his severed wrist.
 And the last one was an orichalcon greatsword that had not been used in this battle to equip the divine weapon Flamberg.

 Basque is a two-fisted orichalcone sword wielder.
 In front of the altar, there is an orichalcon greatsword that Bask threw away.
 In order to get it, Allen ran into the front line with Merus as a wall.

(This is mine too.)

 Equipment is for the taking.
 Dogora won the battle, but there was only one person in the party who could use this greatsword.

"Crenna! The greatsword!"

 He throws the greatsword at Krenna.
 She spun around and caught the flying orichalcone sword.


 Krena's going to the front.
 Krena, Aren, and Merus are in charge of the vanguard.
 Crenna has the Rubanka Pearl and the Orichalcon Sword, so her strength and durability have increased to the point where instant death is impossible.

"Shining Vanish!

"Turn Undead!"

"Master Gale, please!

"Yes, Mom.

 Behind the three generalized Stone A summoners hid Cecil, Kiel, and a pair of Sophie and Formar.

 The three summoners in front of them repeatedly attacked, disappearing and reappearing.
 The activation time of Gushala's magic, Cecil's, Kiel's, and Sophie's magic, purification spells, and spirits, as well as their manifestation times are all different.
 They also have different cool times.

 Especially Cecil's spells have different activation times and cool times depending on their levels.
 Fully understanding this one enemy and the activation times of the three, Allen erases or summons the three Stone A summons in front of the four.

 From now on, it's a race against time.
 We have to defeat Gushala before the Spirit King's blessing wears off.
 I have to drain her strength.

"Gaff! Fugga!

 The Skeletal Pope shouted in pain as he was attacked at once.
 And the first one to be defeated is the Skeleton Pope.
 His altar was destroyed and he was no longer clothed in jet-black flames, but he still seemed to be able to use recovery magic.
 Everyone understands that the healer should be the first to be defeated, even if they don't know the plan.

 We will all go after the skeletal Pope, whose face we have never seen before.
 Even the former Pope, the head of the Elmea cult who passed on the words of Elmea, the creator god, and gathered faith, does not hesitate.

 I will believe that defeating him as soon as possible will lead to the Pope's memorial service.

 We are behind the summoned beast of Stone A, the most massive of all the kings.
 Dogora is lying there, and beside her, the slain Captain Lud is quietly drawing his life away with his eyes closed.

"Wow, we should fight too ......."

"...... I agree."

 The she-beast princess was somehow not afraid when she fought the demon gods for the first time in Crevelle.
 It was because the strategy Allen had led had worked all along.
 Even when she hunted the next two monsters, she mostly just watched.

 But in this temple, there were many demon gods, and even the gods were on the enemy side.
 Captain Lud was killed by an enemy that even the First Angel Merus struggled with.

 He had been my caretaker since I was a child, and when I told him that I wanted to have my own troop at the age of ten, he accepted the position with a smile.

 His eldest brother, Prince Bek, is over 30 years old.
 His second brother, Prince Zeu, is also in his mid-twenties.
 Many of the nobles and ministers followed their older brothers.
 So did the generals.
 I don't know how far they foresaw the future of Princess Xia, but they walked with her for most of her life.
 And now her first vassal was growing cold.

 Hundreds died in the defeat of Gushala.
 Many of them young men, gathered here because they believe in their future.

 I look at the Dogora before me.
 She's in a deep sleep, breathing softly.
 His spirit is gone, but he has no complaints.
 He looks content, contented.
 This man did what he had to do.
 A battle like that should go down in history.
 And he's waiting for time to pass quietly on a battlefield like this, believing in the victory of his comrades.

"Oh, um... I'll be going."

 Captain Kam, the archer, is going to the front line.
 Even at this moment, it would leave behind the fact that the she-beast princess was hiding behind her allies against the demon gods.
 At least my men put up a good fight.
 If they were defeated, there would be less of a mark on her name.

"That would be good.
"Yes, it would."

 The captain of the auxiliary unit, Gonu, and the captain of the recovery unit, Sera, seemed to agree with Captain Kam's idea.
 We can join the battle from behind Cecil and Kiel.

 They said they would go, and they did.
 I gulped and couldn't even reply.
 What have we been fighting for?
 It would have been for me to become the first emperor to unite the multiple continents of beastmen into one empire.

"Why? Why won't Master Garm help you? Not me, you say?"

 Those born into the House of Al-Bahar possess a special skill called Beastmastery.
 The Beast Prince Zew was imbued with this power and conquered an S-class dungeon.
 He is now convinced that it is time for him to wield that power as well.

 In front of him is the evil guru and the heroes who are fighting against him, the test imposed by the Beast King.
 If he doesn't fight himself, what will he do?


"I am the one. Don't you think so?"

 I can feel it all around me.
 It's a feeling that only the Arbajar family can understand.
 It means you feel the beast-god Garm close by.

"Do you want power so badly? Do not fight against those demons.

 It spoke directly to my ears from the heavens.
 This might be the first time I've heard a voice so clearly.

 All along, he's been close but invisible.

 The voice of the god who led the beastmen to independence.

"This is the voice of the beast god Garm! We need your help!

 Since he spoke to me so clearly, I pleaded with him again to lend me strength.

Why are you fighting? I'm sure you're not the only one.

 He said that he had always told the Al-Bahar Beast Royal Family not to fight against the Demon Lord's army.
 It is said that the reason why they joined the 5 Continents Alliance and did not send troops to fight against the Demon Lord's army is because of the strong belief of the Beast God Garm.

 It seems that he decided whether or not to lend his forces based on the target of the battle.
 He said that the lowest level bosses of S-class dungeons were okay, but not the top demons of the Demon Lord's army.

"It doesn't matter if it's the Demon Lord's army or not. Peace is built by strength!

 "It doesn't matter if it's a demon lord or not.

"You've followed Zeu into a death spiral of your own accord. Can't you resist the death spiral, fate? Can't you at least help the beastmen? ......

 I feel a sense of remorse for my inability to keep the beastmen away from me at least.
 It seems that he wanted them to stay in the continent.

"What? Spiral? What are you talking about?

 I tried to ask him what he was talking about, but I couldn't.
 It's like my blood is flowing back, like my wildness is awakening.

 The she-beast princess was changing into a beastly figure.

"What is the world?

"The world, fate, is a cruel thing. ......

 Garm muttered to the transforming she-beast princess, as if hoping for something.