359-Episode 352: Gushara Match (3)

 The shape of the she-beast princess is changing.
 Her whole body is covered in hair and her beastliness is increasing.

(Oh? Is she coming? She's turning into a beast king.

 Allen uses his summoner's vision to see the transformation of the Seer Princess.

 Some special families, such as the Al-Bahar family, have a special extra skill called Beastmastery.
 Activating the skill apparently requires permission from the Beast God Garm, and it seems that permission has been granted this time.
 Prince Zeu the Beast had applied for permission to defeat Gordino in a battle against the lowest level boss of the S-class dungeon.
 At the victory party after the defeat, Prince Zeu told me that this was the first time he had applied for a permit, and that it was granted in one go.

 As for the appearance of a beastman, a beastman is not a complete beast.
 They have the ears, tail and horns of a beast, and their teeth are more developed than those of humans.
 However, the hairiness of the body varies from person to person.
 Many of them, especially females, are not so different from humans in terms of hairiness.
 Men tend to be hairy like a jungle.
 Walking on two legs is the same for fishermen.

 I heard that they "beastify" themselves and "beastify" the beastmen around them.

"Yonitsutsukuno! Gruuuuuuuuuuuhhh!

 The Princess of Sheer Beast, who has been transformed into a beast king and whose body hair has turned into that of a tiger, is leaning forward.
 Her canine teeth and claws have grown long, and she looks like she could have been a person.
 Her canine teeth and claws have grown long, and her gender is just barely discernible from her equipment.
 She remembers that the werewolf who saw the moon in a previous life looked like this.

 The she-beast princess clenched her fists and slammed them into the ground.


 A magic circle of light was created in a radius of 100 meters.

(It's still a 100 meter radius. There's more to beast-king than that.

 Prince Zeu told me there's more to beast-king than that.
 It is said that the Beast King of the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom has a skill that is one step higher than the Beast Kingization currently used by Princess Shea, and that the effect extends over a radius of one kilometer.
 It is said that an army of 10,000 can be beastified at once.
 Zew, the Beast Prince, used it to strengthen everyone around him by about one star, but the Beast King is said to strengthen them by about two stars.
 It seems that there is a good reason and power that allowed him to beat up the brave Hermios at the meeting of the Five Continents Alliance.

 The effect may be different for the Beast Prince, Beast Princess and Beast King.
 This time, he might have given permission to the Princess of Sheer Beasts because she persisted in reporting to the Beast God Garm.
 There may be some other conditions, but for now, I'll prioritize defeating Gushala.

"'Oh! Lady Shea! Guruhhhhhh!

 The three beastmen in charge of the unit rejoice.
 The three beastmen in charge of the troop rejoiced. This was the moment when the monarch, who called himself the being who would become the Beast King, was recognized by the Beast God Garm.

 With joy, I felt a floating feeling of ecstasy, as if the blood in my body was flowing backwards, as if my feelings were leaving my body.
 The power of the three of them, who had already been casting long-range attacks, assistance, and recovery spells from behind Kiel and Cecil, was increased by the beastly transformation.

 The Princess Sheer Beast also lunged at Gushala like a beast.
 Her eyes were filled with hatred for the one who had killed Captain Lud.

Haha. I'm about to run out of time.

 In the midst of this, the Spirit God Rosen opened his mouth.
 He tells me that the Spirit King's blessing is about to expire.
 It's very helpful to have a support person who tells you when your support is about to run out, but there's no time to be thankful right now.

Oh no. We're about to get wiped out. Well, we want to make sure we kill them. Tell them to get ready.

 The Beast Princess has been transformed into the Beast King, and the Spirit King's blessing is about to expire just when we need it.
 Because of Gushala's strength, I know that if her status drops by 30%, people will surely die.
 As of now, Gushala is still a high-ranking demon god, so the fight is on the very edge.

 The wards covering the building have already disappeared since the altar was destroyed.
 The vision shared by the summoners outside the temple has already returned.
 If you use your homing instinct, you will be able to escape without any problem.

 But I want to make sure to kill Gushala, the one responsible for killing millions of people.
 He's a valuable high-level demon god.
 I want to make sure I get a level up here.

"I'll fall back! "I'll fall back... Everyone, adjust your timing!"

 Allen wants us to stick around while he does.

"Yeah. Okay."

 With Crenna's agreement, Allen steps back.
 With that one word, you know what he's going to do.

 After retreating all the way back to the giant kingly Stone A summoner, Allen uses the transfer and disappears.
 He could have asked Merus for help, but it was not something he would ask Merus, who had become so strong after becoming king, to leave the front line.
 A leader must be able to handle the details.

"Not yet! Get back!

 Merus shouted as Gushala and her companions continued their battle.
 At the same time, Allen came back.

 Everyone is moving agilely, since Allen has already called out to them.

"Ho ho ho. What can you do now, ......?

 Gushala's voice choked.
 Behind Allen, there are a thousand beastmen.

 When I fought Bask, I moved him through the transition, but this time I kept him on standby for an extra attack.
 It was just a precautionary tactic.

 The effect of the magic circle created by the Beast Princess continued, and the soldiers all began to beastify at once.

"What? You! You! You're a brave lance!

 She opened a straight line between the beastmen and Gushala, and was about to use her extra skill as planned.
 As he did so, he saw Captain Lud lying in front of him in Vice Captain Rath's line of sight.

 Not moving at all, he sensed everything.
 A spear thrown with all his might was the signal for the 1000 extra skills to be fired.


(Oh, you did it!)

 The skeletal Pope, who had been attacking with priority from earlier, shouted.
 The skeletal pope, who had been attacking first, shouted.
 Looking at his grimoire, he saw that he had defeated a demon god, and his level had increased by one.
 It seems that the Skeleton Pope had become a demon god.

"If this continues, ......

 The healer was defeated, and Gushala was reduced to one.
 He must have decided that he would be killed if he continued like this.

 Then, Gushala noticed that the landscape outside was spreading out behind her.
 It seemed that the walls of the temple had been destroyed by the extra-skill attacks of a thousand beastly soldiers.

"We can escape!"

 Cecil sensed the retreat, but without being deterred, Gushala ran outside.
 Basque escaped, the Skeleton Pope was killed, and the altar was destroyed.
 He seems to have decided that if he continues like this, he too will be killed.

'Well, that's enough for today. Then what?

 As soon as his entire body was outside, something huge tried to crush his body.
 There are many sharp objects, like huge blades or drills, digging into his body.

 Allen had the summoner of Dragon A, who had been turned into a king, waiting outside.
 It means the enemy will escape.
 It means the temple will be destroyed.
 They'll use it as bait for their own escape.
 He had identified every problem he could think of, and had prepared for every possible scenario.

 This time, the summoned beast of Dragon A, which had turned into a king, succeeded in biting the fleeing Gushala.

"Orochi, the fires of hell.

You deserve the fires of hell.

 You deserve the fires of hell, Allen thinks, and you will pay for the many things that have taken your life so far.

 The summoner of Dragon A spits a powerful breath of fire from its 15 neck while sucking on it.
 The Spirit King's blessing extends over a radius of one kilometer, so Dragon A's summoner's status has also increased by 30%.

"Wait! Please wait!

 The higher demon Gushala began to beg for his life.

"Merle, the Vulcan cannon!

 Of course I'm not going to allow it.
 For a moment, I thought about squeezing as much information out of him as I could, but his status is comparable to that of Merus the King, so I can't really restrain him.
 The priority is to convert it into experience.
 Using the summoner of Bird F, I tell Merle to fire the Vulcan Cannon from a short distance away on the island.

"Fire the Vulcan cannon!"

 Meruru, who has been waiting until the very last moment, fires the Vulcan Cannon (large).

 He hits one of Dragon A's summoned beasts with a blow that scorches the neck of one of the dragon's summoned beasts, around the mouth of the one that bit Gushala.
 Dragon A's summoner recovers from the blow with a super recovery.
 Super-healing recovers one percent of its maximum strength per second, so even if it is hit by a Vulcan cannon, it will return unharmed in less than a few seconds.
 And because he's a king, his maximum health is also large.

"Well, Cecil. I need you to stop him."

 I ask Cecil to give me the blow that I've been relying on for a long time.
 I've already returned Makris's holy beads.
 I want you to give me a big one.

"You asked for it! Petit Meteor!

 I've had this feeling since Gushala jumped outside, and Cecil was already preparing to activate the Extra Skill "Petite Meteorite".

 The summoner of Dragon A, which had bitten down on Gushala with such force that it would not let her go, raised its head and set its sights on the huge boulder that was coming.

 And then, as he is biting Gushala to death, a huge rock falls from above.
 The dragon A's summoner bites him and is crushed by the red-hot rock.

I can't believe it... I can't believe it! I'm not sure what to do.

 At the point of desperation, the last thing Gushala asked for was salvation from the Demon Lord.
 But that cry was lost in the rocks.

 As one of the heads of Dragon A's summoner falls to the ground, unable to bear the weight of the large rock, the cover of Allen's grimoire begins to glow.
 The cover of Allen's grimoire glows, indicating that a new log has been created.

You've defeated a high level demon. Your level is now 91. Your health has increased by 500. Magic power increased by 800. Attack power increased by 280. Endurance has increased by 280. Speed increased by 520. Intelligence increased by 800. Luck increased by 520.

"Oh! You're up a level! You're up 5 levels!

 To Allen's delight, he was finally able to defeat the evil cult leader, Gushala-Servirol.