360-Episode 353 Extra Mode

"Captain Ludwig.
"No, no, no. Wake up, please.
"This isn't happening. Our captain is ......."

 A crowd of troops and soldiers were gathered around Captain Lud, who had closed his eyes and turned cold next to where the Sheer Beast Princess sat.

 It seems that each of them is giving his or her last words to the lying down Captain Lud.

 While the beastmen were talking, Allen and the others were looking at the scenery outside from the side of the wall, which had been destroyed considerably.
 A huge round rock is embedded in the desolate, rugged rock face that shows no signs of living beings.

 It's a micrometeorite, an extra skill used by Cecil.
 Even a meteorite over 100 meters long doesn't seem that big on this island, which is about 10 kilometers long and 8 kilometers wide.

"We could have killed it for sure.

 The opening of the battle was so intense that Cecil was still doubting his victory.

"It says here that you defeated a higher demon.

 Crenna and Allen read the grimoire together.

"Haha. I'm glad we defeated it. You were right on time.

 The spirit god in the form of a flying squirrel is urging Sophie to pet it, as if she's done her best.
 I understand," Sophie said as she fondled the spirit god in her chest.

"Yes. Thank you again. It was a pretty tough fight."

(Thanks to you, I've gained six levels! Now, I have to say hello to the meritorious. But first...

"Kiel. Use the God's Drop on Captain Rudo."

"Yes, of course."

 With that, Kiel walked into the crowd of beastmen.
 As Kiel approached, holding a staff with a shiny jewel on the tip, the beastmen let him pass in front of the crowd, thinking that he was going to say an Elmerean prayer.

"I'm sorry I'm a little late.


 I'm sorry I'm a little late." "Hmm?" Kiel said to the cold Captain Lud, but the she-beast princess beside him didn't know what he meant.

 Then, as if in prayer, he brought his hand close to hers and activated the Extra Skill "Divine Drop".
 A shining drop falls from the sky.
 Then, Captain Lud is filled with glowing moisture.

"This is... I am ......."

"Oh, Captain!
"He's back!
"It's a miracle. It's a miracle.

 With two rings that increase his intelligence by 5000, Kiel's intelligence is over 10,000.
 The extra skill "God's Drop" is a resuscitation skill whose success rate varies depending on the level of intelligence, and Kiel has a 100% chance of success.

"I'm sorry, but in the middle of a battle, I didn't know how many people would die, or who I would bring back to life first.

"No? Oh, yeah. I see."

 Captain Rudo had a hard time understanding, but he accepted Kiel's apology.
 If Allen dies in such a situation, he will be the first one to be brought back to life.
 If Allen dies, Merus will probably disappear as well, although this has not been verified.
 Because of this, I couldn't revive him until the end of the battle.

 The she-beast princess swallowed the words, "Faster.
 She had learned the hard way through the battle that everyone was fighting for victory.

(This is a very big deal. After all, I came here and left it to Cecil to stop me.

 Allen thinks he's gotten something bigger than orichalcone weapons, Lubanka's holy grail, and level ups.

 The status of a demon god in its transformed state or a high level demon god is quite large.
 In order to stop such demons and higher level demons, you need a very powerful attack or magic.

 The only ones with such high power were Merus's awakening skill "Lightning of Judgment" and Cecil's extra skill "Small Meteorite".
 As a result, it was Cecil's Extra Skill, "Meteorite," that had stopped the demon gods from being defeated in the Elmar Kingdom.

 But now, the man lying in front of me showed me a new possibility.

"Good work, Dogora. Can't you stand up yet?"

"Yeah, I'm not sure I can."

I didn't think that Dogora had gone beyond the first normal mode.

 [Name] Dogora.
 Age: 15
 God of Fire (Minimal) Absorbs fire attacks
 Occupation] King of Destruction
 Level 66
 Strength] 4569+5000

 [Magic] 2135
 Attack Power 4828+5000
 Endurance 4075
 Quickness 3197
 Knowledge 1973
 Luck: 3012
 Skills] King of Destruction [1], True Fullness [1], True Bombing [1], True Warriors [1], True Slaughter [2], Full Spirit [1], Axe Technique [6], Shield Technique [4
 Experience: 0 / 3 billion

Skill Level
 True Full Body 1
 1 [True Bombing] 1
 1 [Shin Muso Zan] 1
 1 [true killing blow] 2
 1 [Full Body] 1
Skill Experience
 [True Full Body] 0/100
 [True Bombing] 0/100
 [Shin Muso Zan] 0/100
 [True killing blow] 400/1000
 Full body and soul] 1757/10000

 The increase in strength and attack is the effect of the ring.

(There's something wrong with your status. I think I'm going into extra mode.

 Allen compares his status with his Hell Mode status.

 [Name] Allen.
 Age: 15
 Occupation: Summoner
 Level 91
 Physical Strength: 3615+9000
 Magic] 5740+2200
 Attack Power 2012+17000
 Endurance 2012+5600
 Quickness 3743+15400
 Intelligence 5750+4400
 Luck] 3743+2000

 Skills] Summon <8>, Generate <8>, Combine <8>, Enhance <8>, Awaken <8>, Expand <7>, Store, Share, Fast Summon, Equivalent Exchange, Command, King, Delete, Swordsmanship <5>, Throw <3
 Experience: 0/100 trillion

Skill Level
 Summoning 8

 【Formation】 8
 Combination] 8
 Strengthening 8
 Awakening] 8

Skill experience
 Approx. 400 million / 10 billion
 Combination] Approx. 400 million/10 billion
 Strengthen] Approx. 8.5 billion / 10 billion
 Awakening] Approx. 500 million/10 billion

Summonses that can be acquired
 Beasts 】 ABCDEFGH
 Birds 】 ABCDEFG
 Grass 】 ABCDEF
 [Stone] ABCDE
 [Fish] ABCD
 [Spirit] ABC
 [Dragon] AB.
 [Angel] A

 [Insects] A7
 [Beast] A10 
 [Birds] A10
 [Grass] A10 
 10 [Stone] A10
 [Fish] A1
 [Spirit] 1 sheet of A
 [Dragon] 50 sheets of A
 1 [Angel] A1

 The 5,000 increase in strength and attack power is due to the ring.

 If you look at Dogora's status from top to bottom, you'll see a lot of strange things.

 First of all, like Sophie, who has the blessing of the spirit god Rosen, she has the blessing of the fire god Freya.
 The protection is very small.
 This may be the reason why Dogora is so exhausted that she cannot move, even though she is at full strength.

 Its level has increased by six.
 This means that he is now six levels higher than the maximum level of 60, just like Allen.
 It seems that 3 billion experience is required to reach level 67.
 The "[Extra] Full Spirit" is no longer displayed in the skill column.
 It seems to have become a normal job skill.
 However, it seems to require 100 times more time to level up than other skills.
 I can't help but wonder how much more powerful this skill will be once I get it to the next level.

 I have previously verified that the extra skill uses the extra mode skill.
 All of the information suggests that Dogora has gone from normal mode to extra mode.

 Her level is transferred from normal mode, but her skill level is back to 1.
 The four attack skills acquired in Normal Mode are still usable at level 1.
 All of them have the word "True" at the beginning of the skill name.
 Perhaps the skills have been reborn in Extra Mode.

 By the way, I remember that Basque used to use the "True What" skill a lot.
 The skill "Fighting Spirit of Status Increase" has disappeared.
 I wonder if this skill can be acquired again when the King of Destruction's occupation level increases.

(In the meantime, I should try hitting Cecil's fire magic and see what happens when he's exhausted.

 There are a lot of things I don't know and need to verify.
 I'm also curious about the effect of fire attack absorption.
 I'm also curious about the great axe next to Dogora, which was transformed from a sacred weapon.

"I'm glad I saved you the trouble of playing Basque.

"I never thought I'd get a compliment from ...... Allen."

 Dogora won the battle against Basque, the higher demon god.
 You can find a lot more information on this topic on the web.
 Although she couldn't stop him because he escaped, it meant that there was one person in the party who was able to defeat the demon god with instantaneous firepower.

 Krena has a good balance of stats, but she doesn't have any one-hit kill skills.
 In this situation, I'm glad to see someone in the vanguard with a skill that can determine victory.

 Dogora is somewhat embarrassed by Allen's praise.
 In the meantime, Merle also descends from the ceiling that Merus destroyed with the "Thunder of Judgment" skill.

"Oh, everyone seems to be okay!

"Oh, Dogora was amazing."

"Oh, Dogora's always great!"


 Merle hadn't seen the battle, but he accepted it as a matter of course.
 Dogora was always on the front line, killing his own achievements and exploits so that his friends could fight to the best of their ability.

 Dogora was upset when Meruru said that he was always great.
 Then, looking at the bonfire with Freya, the god of fire, she remembered how she had despised herself and turned red.

"Dogora, what happened then?"

 They were getting nervous and wanted to know the story of how Basque was impaled on the Flamberg and then resurrected in a pillar of fire.

"Yeah, that."

 The beastmen were happy that Captain Lud had been revived and that Princess Shea had become a beast king.
 The beastmen were rejoicing over the revival of Captain Lud and the transformation of the she-beast princess into a beast king. It was then that Allen and the others surrounded Dogora and listened to what had happened to her.

"...... Gu Hing.


 The god of mediation, Fornemeth, who had been lying dead at the edge of the temple, came to life.

(Mmm. (Come to think of it, this guy was there too.

 All eyes were on the God of Mediation, who had left the battlefield in the middle of the battle and hadn't moved a muscle since.
 He is the higher god who judges the gods in the form of a qilin, and is the one who pushed Merus to such an extent with Basuku.
 Memories of the battle with Basque came back to them, and they all became tense.

 The beastmen are also in an uproar, wondering what is going on.
 The Sheer Beast Princess, who knew about the threat of the Mediator, took a precautionary stance, and everyone became frantic.

"Cecil and the others, stand back.

 Cecil, Sophie, Kiel, and the other rearguards moved back.
 The God of Conciliation's front kick is a threat.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing and how you're doing it.

"...... hhin.


 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

(Hmm. The Mediator is about to die. (Does defeating it raise your level?)

 Defeating a demon god raises your level by 1.
 Defeating a higher demon god raises its level by 5.

 I wonder how many levels I'll gain by stopping this dying higher god, Fornemeth the Mediator.

"You're hurt. Are you in pain?"


"Hey, Crenna!"

 Allen yelped.
 Allen yelped as Crenna slung her weapon back and stepped toward the Mediator.



 The Mediator stared silently at Crenna as she arrived.
 Allen's friends also stare at the situation.

 As the Mediator stares, Crenna touches the Mediator's broken paw.
 Both of his paws were shattered by Dogora's powerful blow.
 She couldn't even stand up.

"That hurt. I'll be right back."

 Crenna fumbled with her pack bag at her waist.
 All of Aren's companions carried enough bags to keep them out of the way during battle.
 All of Allen's companions had luggage bags that would not get in the way of the battle, and they carried a few blessings in case something went wrong in battle.
 However, the bags were empty due to the fierce battle after fierce battle.
 Noticing this, Crenna rushed over to Allen.


"Give me a blessing!"

 Crenna held out her palm.

"...... Here. But be careful."

It's an elvish elixir.

"Yeah. Thanks."

 After a moment of hesitation, he offered Krena one of his heavenly gifts.
 Crenna smiled, thanked Allen, and rushed to the Mediator.


"You're going to be okay. Allen's healing potion is amazing!"

 As the mediator stared silently, Crenna used the blessing in front of him.
 The Mediator's body was enveloped in light.
 And the crushed paw and the neck that was plunged into the bask completely recover.
 And the evil feeling that still lingered in his body seems to be completely gone.
 The murderous spirit in his eyes is also gone.

 The Mediator seems to have understood the change in his own body and the resulting recovery.
 Slowly, he stood up.
 Then he brought his head close to Crenna's.



 He gave a little snort and licked Crenna's cheek.

"Aah! That tickles. But that's good! Now you can walk."

 Crenna smiled and rejoiced at the Mediator's recovery.
 Looking at her straightforward eyes, Allen remembered the exchange where Kurena was trying to feed the young white dragon.
 There is something gentle and maternal about Crenna, and she seems to have shown it here.

"The one who saved me. What is thy name?

"What? Horse. You can talk? My name is Crenna."

 In Krena's mind, the Mediator was a horse.
 And when she was asked, she said her name.

"Crenna. I will remember your name. I am the protector of the law keepers. "Fornemeth the Mediator.

 That's all the Mediator said, and he trotted over to the destroyed temple wall.
 Then, after stepping out of the wall, he walked off into the air, where there was no ground.

"He's gone.

"Yeah, I know. But it's for the best, right?


 In the event you're not sure what to do, there are a few things you can do.
 In this way, the God of Conciliation, who had come back to life, disappeared, and Allen and his team ended up with a complete victory.