362-Episode 355 The Apprentice

"Why do I have to do this?

"Well, you're wearing the same vestments.

"Hey, Allen. Aren't you putting me through a lot of trouble?

"No, I'm not.

"Would you look at me and say that?

 Kiel is glaring at Allen, who is trying not to laugh, like a thug.

"Uh, sir... Sir Kiel. If you move too much, you'll damage your vestments.

 Several sisters are dressing Kiel in the vestments he usually wears, and they ask him not to move too much.

"Okay, okay."

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'll do my best.

 Allen and his friends were currently in the largest building in the city of Neil in Elmar.
 Allen and his friends had arrived in Elmar three days ago.
 They reported to Priest Nikolai about what had happened.
 He told them that they had defeated the evil cult leader Gushala-Servirol.
 It was a rather murky report that the primordial demon god Cubel had been working in the dark, and that he had been collecting lives by turning people into demons.

 Priest Nicolai seemed to have decided that he would take the story further to the upper echelons of the church.
 We were told to wait here for a while, and we were told to wait in the building.
 Of course, I didn't have time for that, so I built a nest in the building where I was waiting and went to the northern part of Rosenheim to support them.
 I went on a campaign of annihilation in a style that would never let the demon lord escape, and was able to hunt down one demon god safely.
 Thanks to this, my level has risen to 92.
 It doesn't matter how many demons you hunt.
 I've heard that about 500,000 demon beasts of the Demon Lord's army have come to Rosenheim, but I think I've already destroyed most of them.

 Now that Rosenheim is over, Prince Zeu and the Ten Wise Beasts have joined in the fight against the Zauberbiest Army of the Central Continent.
 At first, the army of the Central Continent's Demon Lords was a million strong, but most of them have already been destroyed.
 There are more hatchlings born by the summoned beasts of Bug A than there are monsters.
 "We are fighting to surround them from the rear as well, because our goal is to kill every last one of them.
 In less than a few days, he will be able to hunt down all the hexenbiests that seem to be the general of the enemy army.

 In addition, Princess Shea has not yet met Prince Zeu.
 The battles in the Central Continent and Rosenheim are important, but it seems that she also has some things to do with the Kingdom of Clevure.

 In the city of Neil, there are many priests who run the Church of Elmere who have fled from the church city of Theomenia.
 While Allen and the others were sneaking out to join the war against the Demon King's army in Rosenheim, they seemed to have come to an agreement.

 There are two things that have come to a head. First, according to Priest Nikolai, who was the contact with Allen and the others, they wanted to hold a "ritual" in the city of Neil to mark the resolution of the case.
 He wants us to tell the people that the case has been resolved in front of a large crowd.
 There are many people who have been forced to leave the city and have lost their families, and he wants to give them hope.

 Secondly, with the Pope currently absent, Kiel was asked if he would become Pope.

 "No!" was Kiel's first words.
 In fact, the idea of Kiel as Pope was already in the works before Allen and his team left Neil's city and split into three teams.

 For the Ermea religion, there is a belief that the talents of monks, saints, and other restorative professions are gifts from the creator god, Ermea.
 The Church of Elmea believes that saints and sorceresses can be found in this world, where high level talents are born from low level ones, and serve as the Pope.

 Saints and daughters are not born from beastmen.
 It is said that the restorative talents given by the beast god Garm are slightly different from those given to prayer warriors and priestesses.

 Kiel has the talent of a holy king, which is beyond that of a saint.
 He defeated Gushala and saved the people from the evil one.
 However, I was not talking about making Kiel the Pope just because of his talent.

 This is what made the priests think that Kiel would definitely be the Pope.

 He delivered the skeletal frame, vestments, scepter, and crown of the Pope, which had been cleansed by a purification spell, to the Church of Elmere.
 The priests of the church were moved to tears by this small gesture, which Kiel felt was necessary to place in the tomb.
 Needless to say, many of them felt an almost religious attachment to Keel, who had mercifully saved the Pope, who had been their heart and soul.
 There were many who, seeing Kiel gently holding his belongings, fell to their knees, bowed their heads to the ground, and offered words of gratitude to Kiel.

 The titles of the Pope and the Church of Ermea are as follows.

 The Pope and Cardinals are elected by the Church.
 The pope is elected by the priests up to the archbishop.
 Archbishops to priests are elected by recommendation.
 Those below are chosen by examination or appointment.

The Pope is the head of the Church of Elmere. He receives oracles from Ermea, the God of Creation.
There are several cardinals who assist the Pope.
Archbishop The head of the Church of Elmere in each country. There is only one in each major country.
There are several bishops who assist the archbishop.
There are several bishops who assist the archbishop.
There are several priests who assist the bishop. Head of a city of moderate size.
A deacon is the head of a church in a small town or village. A deacon is the head of a church in a small town or village. The deacon is responsible for ensuring that there are no irregularities in the appraisal process.
The deacon is responsible for ensuring that there is no fraud in appraisal. A priest is the head of a church in a small town or village.
Priest Apprentice A person who is a minor or has not yet been ordained a priest.

 The Pope was unanimously confirmed as Kiel.

 Kiel was in trouble, but Crenna looked at him warmly and said, "You're going to be Pope. She looked at him warmly and didn't help him.
 The rest of the group was in the same boat.

 The priests were even more impressed when I told them that I was planning to return to Karnel's territory after the battle with the Demon King's army was over.
 I learned that this miraculous young man, Kiel, has a noble mission to not only save Elmar and this continent, but also to save the people of the world from the Demon King's army.
 The priests realized that Kiel was walking the holy path pointed out to him by Elmere, and that they were just a part of that process.

 The priests, old and wrinkled and having narrowly escaped the disaster in Theo-Menia, were forced to leave the capital and were overwhelmed by despair.
 However, in the presence of Kiel, they recognized their mission and stood strong.
 It is said that many priests thought that they could not die until Kiel was made Pope.

 "I didn't mean it like that. Please listen to me for a moment! The battle between Kiel and the priests continued.

 Allen and the others were fighting against the Demon King's army in Rosenheim, but because of the situation, I left Kiel alone to talk with the wobbly priests.
 Dogora did not take part in the battle of Rosenheim.
 He was able to move around quite a bit, but he took care of himself.
 Cecil put an end to the demon gods of the Demon Lord's army in Rosenheim.

 As a result of the discussion, Kiel's position as the "Pope's Apprentice" was agreed upon.
 When Allen heard this, he somehow felt that Kiel was almost completely defeated in this important position.
 I thought that this was indeed a discussion with the heads of the Church of Elmere, who are also on par with the Empire.
 I heard that the church in the city of Karnel would be renovated in conjunction with this unheard-of position of "Papal Apprentice".

 Unlike Allen, who became an S rank adventurer for the first time in 20 years, the position of "Papal Apprentice" does not exist.
 It is a special position prepared by the Church of Elmere for Kiel, who is about to become the Pope, and is said to be on the same level as a cardinal.
 He has made an amazing rise from priest's apprentice to pope's apprentice.

 The Adventurer's Guild is necessary to protect people from magical beasts, but the Church of Elmere is the heart and soul of the people.
 Kiel is now almost at the top of that church.
 No matter how great a nation it is, if it is treated without respect, the people's hearts will be broken.
 That is what Kiel has become.
 It is said that the "apprentice" is a part of Keel's heart and can be removed at any time.

 As of today, the Elmar Nation has received a distress signal, and the complete rescue of the nation and the birth of the new Papal Apprentice, Kiel, has been announced to the world using magic tools.
 He is also the companion of Allen, an S-rank adventurer.
 It was also announced that the Church of Elmere would deal with anyone who stood in the way of Kiel's holy path.

"Isn't it a little strange? I'm going to wear a crown as an apprentice."

"No, no, no. No, no, no. The Cardinal cannot wear a crown.

 "Well, well," says the Sister who is putting on the vestments.
 The vestments that the sisters are wearing and the staffs that they are equipped with were produced by Allen and his team in the S-class dungeon.
 She usually wears them alone, but she's letting everyone else wear them so they can see her.

 Today, a new apprentice to the Pope was born, and the coronation ceremony was held.
 The crown was damaged by the beastmen's extra attack against the skeleton pope.
 This is said to be a spare crown.

 It is said that the Pope's crown will be placed on Keir, the apprentice Pope, by the Cardinal on behalf of the Pope.

 They say that the birth of a new Papal Apprentice and a ritual in the Neil town square will be the hope of the people of the city of Neil.

 It is said that there is no historical record of anyone other than the Pope wearing the crown, but currently, it is almost always the title of Pope.
 Allen thinks that there is even a theory that he is the only one who insists on being an apprentice.

"Your brother is so cool!"

"Yes, it is."

 Kiel's sister, Nina, is also in this dressing room.
 Nina, Kiel's sister, is in the dressing room, as are the servants of the Carnell family.

 Nina is the same age as Allen's younger brother, Mash, and has been attending the Royal Academy of Nobility in the capital since this year.
 She has taken a leave of absence from the noble house and brought Nina along with her caretaker servants.

 When I told her that today was Kiel's big day, she replied, "Yes! She replied with two words.

 He said that it was time to go, and that the Cardinal would be crowning him on a papier-mâché platform in the center of the city.
 After that, he asked me to say a few words for the many people gathered in the square, but I said I couldn't do that, so the cardinal would do the final closing.

 While everyone was looking at him with glittering eyes as if he were someone else, Kiel was taken away.

 Originally, this coronation would have been held on the steps of the Theomenian temple.
 Many people would look up and celebrate the birth of the new Pope, but this time it would be held on a wooden structure.
 Apparently, in major cities such as the city of Neil, there are sets associated with the temple of the church city of Theomenia and the stairs leading to the temple.
 I think this is also a set of upholstery for some kind of ritual.

 Allen and the others were allowed to go up and watch from a corner, so they decided to watch the coronation of Kiel.

"That's a lot of people!"

 Merle's eyes lit up when he saw the crowd of over 100,000 people.
 We built a simple 20-step staircase, and Allen, Nina, and the servants are on a large platform at the top of the stairs.
 The she-beast princesses also came to see the event, along with Captain Lud and Vice-Captain Russ.

(Hmm? Merle?

 No one is standing in the middle of the platform yet.
 Allen and the others are in the corner waiting for Kiel to come.

 Merle, who has been waiting, is somehow being pulled forward by the crowd.

"Hey, shouldn't someone stop him?"

 Dogora was just about to ask him if he wanted to go through with the ritual.


 Merle started to strike a cool pose.
 There's a crowd.
 It seems that Merle thought it was an opportunity to strike a cool pose.
 He shows the crowd what he's been working on.

 As we waited to see if the new Papal Apprentice that the crowd had been waiting for would finally appear before us, a small dwarf came out.

 It was a small dwarf, and it looked even smaller because it had about 20 steps.
 The little Merle is doing his best to make sure his pose is cool.

(Looks like we're almost there.)

 Keel is about to come up from the back, and the coronation is about to begin.

"Hey, Dogora, since you're here, why don't you come out in front of everyone?

"What? What do you mean?

"No, if you want to be a hero, you have to sell your face."

"No, if you want to be a hero, you have to sell your face.

 Some analysis has been done on Dogora, who became a human pillar of Freya, the god of fire.
 Allen knows that it's not a bad thing to stand in front of everyone here.

"Oh, yes, it is! There are so many people here. We have to go! Come forward, Dogora!

 Then Freya, the god of fire, reacted strongly through Kagutsuchi.
 Dogora should step forward and strike a cool pose.

"No, wait. That's not what I'm aiming for."

 I haven't decided what kind of hero I'm aiming for, but I can assure you that this is not it.

"What do you mean? You're my man-pole. Just get out of here!

"Whoa! What are you doing?

 I'm not sure what to do.
 Freya, the god of fire, seems to have regained some of her strength.
 And Dogora's ass, which was supposed to be able to absorb fire attacks, started to burn.
 Apparently, Freya's meddling was something else.
 The dogora jumped on the table with heat and pain.

"Oh, um... I think it's time to start the ritual."

 Priest Nicolai says awkwardly to Allen and the others who are making noise in the corner.
 Merle, too, seems to have been gently caught by the priests and forced into a corner.

(Oh, it's Kiel.)

 Then, Kiel is led by the cardinal to the top of the stairs, where Allen and the others are.
 Thus, the coronation of Kiel is about to begin.