363-Episode 356 Coronation (1)

 The Keel comes up the rear stairs accompanied by the Cardinal.
 As he ascends the twenty steps to the top of the platform, the usual Keel, in his white vestments and gold embroidery, appears before over a hundred thousand people.

"Oh, so he's the new Pope.
"They say he has wiped out hundreds of thousands of demonic beasts.
"Didn't the gods forsake us?

 No one used the word "apprentice".
 Keel was slightly on edge, wondering how this had been passed on to everyone.
 The people in the city can't see the wrinkled face between his eyebrows.

 Many people here have seen Kiel suddenly descend on this city surrounded by magical beasts and save the people with his golden vestments.
 Everyone seems to be happy about the birth of a new savior.

 This platform resembles a temple in Theo-Menia.
 There is also a viewing staircase on the opposite side of the platform from the one you came up, and before the staircase Kiel kneels down to the Cardinal.

"Then bless the new Papal Apprentice, Ermea, God of Creation!


 The Cardinal placed the crown that the previous Pope had worn on the kneeling Kiel.
 The cardinal placed the crown on the kneeling Kiel.

 "Thank you!" Kiel's eyes filled with passion as the thoughts of those who had been saved reached him.

"I see. So this is how it is."

 Dogora, who had refused to strike a cool pose with all her might, was staring at the square, her buttocks slightly burnt.

 Dogora has a feeling of déjà vu about this situation.
 It was the look of the crowd that had gathered in front of the building at the entrance to the S-level dungeon.
 She thought they were all looking at Dwarves like Digragni, Merle in a cool pose, or Admiral Galala.
 It was so hard to be there, so useless.
 But now I can be here without a care in the world because I am proud to say that I have done so much.
 When I see Kiel looking at me with gratitude and envy, I simply wonder if this is the answer.
 He grinned and said that he would be more active in the future and would attract people's attention with his own power.

"So this is where it all starts, huh?

"Yes, that's right."

 Through the sacred Kagutsuchi, Dogora replied to Freya's words.
 Freya, the God of Fire, did not seem to ask him to do anything more.
 For it is through the divine object Kagutsuchi that the human pillar carries its mission in its heart.

 The cardinal goes on to explain how people should be mindful in the future.
 After five or ten minutes of this, Allen thinks it's a long story.
 So this continent thing is over.
 The next step is to change jobs, Allen thought as he began to organize what he would do next using his grimoire.
 That's when it happened.

"Elmere, the creator god, is equal to all things. So, ......"

(I got the gist of it. Roll it, please. Elmea is amazing.

 In the midst of all this, there was a man who didn't listen to the Cardinal, but rushed to the front of the staircase, dodging the guards of the priests.

"Equality is a lie. We, the Gushala Holy Church, are being persecuted!

 A mother holding her child in her arms screamed loudly in the crowded square.
 The hopeful coronation ceremony being held in the city of Neil was transformed by the screams of a mother holding her child.
 Kiel and the Cardinal look at the mother and child from the top of a papier-mâché temple on the heights of Theomenia.

"What is it?"

 Kiel doesn't know what's going on.
 Kiel doesn't know what's going on, but he stays on his knees and peers down the stairs.

"Master Kiel, help me! Please give my child enough food!

 It was the cry of a mother who had risked her life.

"What? What are you doing at a time like this? What are you doing at a time like this?

 It's an important ceremony to crown the new Pope's apprentice.
 It's a coronation ceremony for a pope who doesn't serve a term, so it only happens once every few decades.
 The cardinal calls out to the priests lined up at the bottom of the stairs.

 He seems to grab the arm of a mother holding her child in his arms and take her away from the square.
 As he is being led away, he is desperately shouting something to Kiel.

"Wait! Get your hands off your mother!"

 Kiel shouts loudly enough to be heard in the square, and stops the priest from grabbing his mother.
 And then, still wearing his shining papal crown, Kiel descends the stairs.

"Oh, the Pope is coming down!
"Has he saved this country at such a young age?"
"Pope, Pope. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ......

"He's not the Pope! I'm the Pope's apprentice!

 He was at the top of a staircase with 20 steps and looked quite small, but when he came down, people were excited and impressed.
 He also wore a crown, so he looked like the Pope.

"The Pope......"

 The mother is impressed by Kiel coming down the stairs.

"So, what's going on? So what's going on? I thought I saw you somewhere, oh, that time ......."

 When Allen shouted, "Are there any followers of the evil gods? When Allen shouted, "Do you have any followers of paganism? Kiel remembers that it was his mother who replied, "No, I'm not an evil god!

 The soldier had already let go of the arm he had grabbed, and the mother and child rushed to Kiel's side.

 When they reached the fifth step from the bottom of the stairs, the mother came running up the stairs, so they could see a wide area.
 She is grabbing the hem of Kiel's vestments and desperately pleading for something.

 Kiel decides to listen to his mother's desperate plea.

 Allen and the others go down the stairs behind Kiel and look at him.

(I see. So, in this situation, they gave priority to the followers of Elmea.

 Allen understood the situation of his mother who was desperately appealing to Kiel.
 There are many people here who have evacuated from the church city of Theomenia and neighboring villages and towns.
 There are also those who originally lived in the city of Neil.

 With the economy cut off, it seems that food rations are not being distributed sufficiently.
 It has only been a month or so since the city of Neil sent out a distress signal to the world.
 It will take a little longer for countries to come to their aid.

 Rosenheim has also provided food aid, but not enough to fill everyone's stomachs, and the Queen has told me that the second and third rounds of food aid are just beginning.

 But that's just the beginning, and it's an ongoing problem for mothers whose children are growing thin from lack of rations.

 When Allen looked at the Cardinal, the Cardinal looked uncomfortable.
 Apparently, he was aware of the situation.

 We have a good amount of food thanks to the support from Rosenheim, but we have reduced the amount of food for future rationing plans.
 Each country was exhausted, and there was no guarantee of future support.
 And the low rations were given priority to the followers of the Ermea cult.
 As a result, the rationing for the followers of the evil Gushala religion, which started this whole thing, has been postponed or reduced considerably.

"Please, please help us. Please help me, at least with my child!

 The mother's child seemed to be thinner than when he had seen her about a month ago, begging with his head on the stairs.
 It reminded Kiel of the emaciated cheeks and arms of his younger sisters and servants when he first entered the school, before he met Allen and the others.

 When Kiel saw them, he slowly looked at the square.
 Then he shouted out loud.

"Is there anyone else? Is there anyone who wants to be saved? Are there any people of the Holy Church of Gushala?

 Then, in a single compartment, people raised their hands in fear.
 It seems that all the followers of the evil gods have been gathered in one place.
 There seemed to be at least 5,000 believers in one place, all looking very distressed.
 Kiel wonders how many there are.
 If there were only a few hundred, he could have decided to take them to the city of Karnel, but with this many, I doubt it.

 Allen and the others did everything they could to save them.
 Thanks to them, there were many believers who didn't turn into monsters called infidels.

 Kiel looks at Allen.
 There's no way that the assets he entrusted to Allen could provide food for 5,000 people.
 Should he tell the Cardinal to increase the ration?
 But Kiel looks as if he doesn't think any of this will help, and neither does Allen.

 Because faith and people's thoughts are complicated.
 Elmar's Kingdom, the Kingdom of Culebure, and the Kingdom of Karvarna were all affected by the Demon King's army.
 And it has been announced that the evil guru Gushala was a member of the Demon Lord's army.

 How many countries are willing to save the followers of the evil gods who believed in it?

 While Allen is trying to figure out what the right thing to do is, his mother is also making a desperate plea to Kiel.
 Apparently, not only food, but also access to churches for the injured is restricted.
 The conflict of faith seems to be growing now.
 The result is a life-threatening petition to the Papal Apostle in front of a crowd of over 100,000 people.

 Those who have raised their hands look at him with pleading eyes, asking for his help.
 Others look at you with a stern look.

"Mr. Allen."

"Hmm? What is it?

"Why don't you take him in? We have the island.


 Sophie calls out to you.
 That island is that floating island that I was planning to use later for the plan to destroy the Demon Lord's headquarters.
 I've already been in touch with Admiral Galala, and he's agreed to send a few Dwarves to help me.

"Yes. I'm sure that island will be enough to live on.

"Are you sure you're up for this?

"Of course. We'll need manpower for that. Please give me some time later.

 Sophie was quite shocked when she heard about Allen's plan to destroy the headquarters of the Demon King's army.
 "She was mumbling, "We've got a vehicle that can cover the whole world.

(Huh? Isn't that the right answer? I'm constantly being saved by my friends.

 An impoverished devotee of the evil gods, a floating island, an exhausted Dogora, and Freya, the fire god who wants devotees.

 The pieces all fit together to form a picture in Allen's mind.
 And then we see Sophie, who has begun to move on her own initiative, and Dogora, who has shown great success at the last moment.
 I think it was my friends who helped me in this case of the evil gods.

"Well... I see. Then there's only one thing to do, right?"

"Yes. I'll be counting on you.

 As Allen's thoughts settled, Sophie stepped back, leaving everything to Allen.
 Sophie's suggestion of letting them live on the island made Allen realize a possibility.
 The impoverished and persecuted infidels.
 If there were 5,000 here, there were probably more than 10,000 across this continent.
 The pagan followers stretched from four points on this continent where the pillars went up.

 That island could house tens of thousands of people.

 I'll figure out the best solution from here.
 There's only one person to talk to.
 Allen walks toward the Dogora behind him.
 The Dogora looks at him quizzically, but it's not the Dogora he wants.

"Lady Freya."

 In a whisper, Allen speaks reverently to Kagutsuchi, the sacred artifact on Dogora's back.
 After burning Dogora's buttocks, the Kagutsuchi had cooled down completely, and its redness had disappeared, leaving it the color of perfect iron.
 The divine power, the divine power of the gods, is not enough to make the divine weapon Kagutsuchi heat up.

"Hmm? What do you want?

 He seemed to have responded to Allen's words.
 Freya, the God of Fire, is said to be in the Temple of the Gods in the Divine Realm.
 She seems to be able to use the divine weapon Kagutsuchi as a communication device.

"If there were 10,000 followers, how powerful would the divine weapon Kagutsuchi be?"

"Oh, come on. Hey, hey, hey, hey!"

 Kiel understood Allen's blown-up suggestion.

'Huh? What do you mean by that?

 Freya, the fire god, had no idea what he was talking about.

"It seems that there are many people here who seek salvation without a god to pray to.

That's true?

 Allen's face grew worse by the second.
 Then he whispered a suggestion to Freya, the god of fire.