364-Episode 357 Coronation (2)

 Allen asks Freya, the god of fire, if Dogora's Kagutsuchi will have the power to defeat the higher demons, depending on the number of followers praying.

 Kiel seemed to know what he was talking about.
 Dogora is not so sure.

 I've been asking Dogora about this and that for the past few days, but she seems to have used up all her prayer power.
 I was going to tell the former Kingdom of Mercia, which had been absorbed by the Baucis Empire, that it should pray again.

 Dogora, who had been turned into a pillar of humanity, needed the power of people's prayers to Freya, the god of fire.
 Their faith in Freya, the god of fire, would be reflected in the sacred artifacts that would help Dogora.
 At the provocation of Dogora, Freya used all of her divine power to defeat Basque, without thinking about the future.
 It is quite possible that Freya, the god of fire, is an impulsive and unplanned god.

 At present, she has run out of divine power, which is obtained through the faith of the people, and Allen has named her "out-of-gas Dogora".
 In order to pour gasoline into it, it must be acted upon.

 There are several reasons why so few people believe in Freya, one of the four great gods.
 First of all, the number of blacksmiths who used to believe in Freya has dwindled due to the large amount of weapons and armor produced in the dungeons.
 Many of them have lost their faith.
 Dungeon Master Digragni spends the faith he has collected like water on rewards for S-class dungeons, weapons, armor, magic tools, and dungeon expansions.

 Just because Freya is the god of fire doesn't mean that wizards also pray to her.
 Magic has its own god.
 It is called Ithilis, the god of magic.
 It is said that the geometric patterns that wizards, including Cecil the Magician King, make when they use magic are the theological letters necessary to negotiate with Isilis, the god of magic.
 The elves also pray to the fire spirits before Freya, the god of fire.

 As for thanksgiving and prayer to nature itself, the first thing that comes to mind is the fertility god Mormor, the god of bounty.
 The first thing that comes to mind is Mormor, the fertility god, who is the god of blessings. Then people think of Gaia, the god of the earth, or Aqua, the god of water, who quenches thirst.

 It is not that there are no people who pray, but the number of people who want to pray only to the god of fire has been decreasing year by year, due to the historical background of being attacked by the demon king.

 Right now, there are 5,000 believers who don't believe in Elmea and have lost their stronghold of prayer.
 There are probably more than 10,000 persecuted believers all over this continent.

 If they prayed, how much more power would they have?
 Allen asks, "To be honest, I'd like to know if it would be enough to hunt demons.

"Will 10,000 people become my followers? If that's the case, then yes, it'll take a while, but it should be powerful enough to take down the big guy.

 Freya, the god of fire, is not interested in Basque's name, but rather in the name of "Decabutu".
 Basque couldn't even remember one name, let alone two.

Seriously? (Seriously... will it be powerful enough to hunt Basuku who became a higher level demon god?

 I don't know how long it'll take, but that's pretty good news.
 The existence of a companion who can kill with a single blow against a higher demon god will broaden the range of tactics.

"Of course. Let him pray as he likes."

 "Sure. Let them pray as they wish," Allen said with a wicked look on his face.
 The cardinals and priests are puzzled as to what Kiel is talking about, but Kiel shakes his head and tells them to wait a moment.

'Oh, I see. You're a follower of mine. Hmmm.

 The voice of Freya, the God of Fire, was turned upside down with joy.

"However, Freya-sama, the God of Fire, I think it would be best if you showed yourself here.

"Mmm, why?

"Oh, Allen, you can't be serious about this. ......"

 Cecil is even more stunned.
 And while everyone is stunned, the conversation between Allen and Freya, the god of fire, continues.

"There are many things that people lack compared to the gods. I think it would be better to clarify who gave us the hand of salvation.

 There is no point in thanking the wrong person.
 Allen says we should let people know who saved us from this situation, who we owe it to, and who we need to pray to.
 Allen believes that we need to make sure that we pray with all our might, like a beast praying to a beast god.

"That's true. But you can't just show up without any conditions.

 God has his own reasons.
 Freya, the fire god, says that's why he can't come out.

 I've heard it said that if a god can easily show his power on earth, it's a world of broken harmony.
 That's why the spirit gods keep their original lion-like forms in check and remain in the form of momonga, and help only with the "blessing of the spirit king.

 This is also the reason why the gods require a contract or price to grant people's wishes.
 As a result, Makris, the crown prince of the Proustian Empire, has become a fish, and a country can only produce marmosets.

 It seems that gods can't simply appear in front of people because it might lead to the destruction of people's harmony.

"You are absolutely right, Freya. But this is a special time. Does this situation sound familiar to you? It's the Descent Festival.

"The Descent Festival. I see! This is the stairs of the Descent Festival!

 Allen used his knowledge to the fullest to persuade Freya, the god of fire.
 In doing so, he used the "Descent Festival".
 It is said that once a year, several gods descend to the temple of Theomenia, the capital of the Church, and show their divine power from the temple on the hill to the crowds gathered down the stairs.

(Do the gods still want to attend the descent ceremony? It's a chance to gather faith.

 Allen smiled inwardly at the fact that his suggestion had been correct.
 During the Advent Festival, the creator god Elmere appears and several gods descend together.
 While there are many gods, the number of slots available for them to appear once a year is very limited.
 As far as Allen remembers, Freya, the god of fire, has not been chosen for a recent advent festival.
 He remembers that the most recent four gods to come to the festival were Aqua, the god of water, and Gaia, the god of earth.

"This time, it's the coronation of Kiel, who becomes Pope once every few decades. Freya, the fire god with deep pockets, showed her beautiful figure to the people.

 She whispers to Freya that it was a special situation and that she did not show herself easily.
 On the staircase that resembles the staircase of a temple, there is a coronation ceremony for Kiel to become the Pope's apprentice.


"And at that time, there happened to be a believer who sought the salvation of Freya-sama, the God of Fire.

"Then perhaps Lord Elmea would be convinced. But I can't save my people lightly.

"Leave such matters to the pillars of men. "Leave such things to the human pillars. Let Freya, the god of fire, show us her heart. That is all we need to move."

 "Apprentice!" "Apprentice!" Kiel complained.
 Dogora listens without thinking, thinking that she has more work to do.

'I'm sorry, Sophiarone. I got a little sleepy. Haha.

"What? Rosen-sama?"

 At that moment, the spirit god Rosen closed his eyes and decided to fall into a deep sleep in Sophie's arms.
 It seems that from here on out, you must not see or hear anything.

"So, do this, do that. It would also be helpful if you could do this.
"I see. That's not a problem. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders.
"Not as smart as you, Freya."
I see. Your name is Allen. I'll remember that.
"I'm very happy to hear that."

 Allen makes a bad face as he goes over the details.

"Oh, um... Freya-sama!

 The cardinal walks up to Allen, who is discussing the situation in front of a crowd of over 100,000 people.
 To the Cardinal, it looked like he was talking to a big axe.
 Just as he was about to speak, Freya, the god of fire, who had just finished her meeting, came out of the sacred kagutsuchi.

 In the midst of the crackling fire, a woman with long straight red hair was floating a little higher up the stairs.
 As she had discussed with Allen, she had used her divine power to maximize her appearance.
 The cardinal winced when he saw Freya, the goddess of fire, covered in sparkling fire.  
 A ripple of admiration spread through the cardinal, the priests, and the priests.

"There, mother and child.

"'Yes, yes.

I understand your suffering. My pillar will help you.

"Is it true, sir?

 Then Freya, the god of fire, wraps the mother and child in a gentle fire with little heat.
 I feel a sense of relief, as if everything has been wrapped up.

(Now, summoning Merus.)

"Are you sure you want to do this? I don't know. I'm Allen's summoner. ......

 Allen summoned the kingly and divine Merus to this spot.
 In the air, he kneels and hangs his head to Freya, the god of fire.
 It was as if the creator god, Elmea, agreed with him on this matter.
 Merus is absent-minded, and tells himself that he was only here as a summoner.

"It's Master Merus!
"How divine you look!
"So Elmere, the Creator, has not abandoned us."

 The people in the square bowed their heads in waves at the appearance of Freya, the God of Fire, and Merus, the former First Angel.
 The cardinal also kneeled with such force that his face touched the stairs in an unbalanced position in the middle of the stairs.

Freya, God of Fire, will not abandon her suffering people. Let us take you! To the Garden of the Heavens!

 Freyja, the God of Fire, says that the destination is a floating island and raises her hands to the sky.
 Freya raises her hands to the sky, and small fireballs appear all over the sky above this place.
 It's as if the heavens are shining.
 The fireballs, like the light of fireflies, slowly descend to the ground.
 People tried to touch them, but they were only warm and hardly hot.
 This is the work of Freya, the god of fire, who has suppressed the heat completely.
 Freyja, the god of fire, declared that the goal was a floating island.
 Freya's voice was absorbed into the hearts of all the people.

 People kneeled on the ground and stared at the firelight that filled the ceiling.

"Yes, yes. Thank you, Freya, god of fire. Thank you for your help.

"I understand your pain. If there are still those who suffer, then all those present may rely on my pillar.

 The voice seemed to appeal directly to the hearts of everyone in the square.
 Seeing this, the former followers of the pagan religion were so impressed that many of them began to cry.

"Thank you for pointing out the way of salvation to the people."

 Allen once again thanked Freya, the god of fire, who came back to the stairs with a little leap.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm sorry.

 Freya, the fire god, smiled and disappeared into the sacred Kagutsuchi.
 And so the coronation ceremony came to an end, with people stunned by the work of the gods.