365-Episode 358 Floating Island

"This way, please. You can use this conference room.

"Thank you."

 Priest Nikolai was more nervous than usual.
 Allen thanked him and entered the conference room, but he wondered if this room was really used for conferences.

 Perhaps it's a room with tables and chairs for royal guests or some noble Ermea ritual.

"Oh, um... May I offer you something to eat?

You don't have to pay any attention to me.

"Well, thank you."

 Freya, the god of fire, has retreated into the Kagutsuchi, but Merus, the former first angel, remains summoned.
 He has been summoned since he was in the plaza because of the upcoming meeting with Allen and the others.

"Ah, Mr. Nicolai."

"Yes, sir."

"As for the former Gushala clergy who wish to leave the city of Neil and accompany us, please check with them if they wish to do so.

 We'll be away from the city of Neil and the land of Elmar.
 I'm not sure how often I'll be able to return, and I'm sure my relatives will be there, so I'll be sure to ask them for their wishes.

"Of course! By the way, do I have to be a former member of the Gushala Holy Church?"

 Many people have seen Freya, the God of Fire, and Merus, the former First Angel.
 Many people saw Freya, the God of Fire, and Merus, the former First Angel, with their own eyes.
 Even if you're not an ex-pagan, I'm sure you'll be flooded with applications.

"Yes. We don't have enough people who don't need our help."

"I'm sorry. Yes, that's true.

 Allen tried to refuse the visit of the Elmea cultists.
 It might be a problem if the followers of Elmea and the former paganism could not come to an agreement.
 This case started when the Church of Elmere clawed back the followers of the former pagan religion.
 We can't have a religious war on a floating island.

"We're just amateurs. But we're amateurs. If the people of the Church of Elmere would like to come, that would be great."

 Allen has never founded a new religion, including in his previous life.
 When he was a student, an old lady came to his apartment to recruit for a new religion.
 I don't know how to deal with believers, so it would be helpful if some priests from Ermea would come.
 I don't know how many we'll need, but there are more than 10,000 followers of the pagan religion alive on this continent.
 I don't know how many hands I'll need, but I'll tell them that I need a number of priests who can take care of the 10,000 people I'm aiming for.

"Okay, I understand. I'll proceed with the selection.

"There's one more thing that's important.

"How may I help you?

"As I told Nikolai-san the other day, and as I showed him earlier, it is thanks to the power of Freya-sama, the god of fire, that we were able to control the damage this time.

"Yes, yes."

 Priest Nicolai wondered what he was talking about.
 However, the Demon Lord's army is behind the evil cult leader Gushala, and they caused a great deal of damage this time.

 Freyja, the god of fire, was unmistakably instrumental in controlling the damage.
 As a result, one of Allen's friends became a pillar of humanity.

"I would like you to display a statue of Freya in the square where the coronation ceremony was held in the city of Neil. And of course, Dogora, who became a pillar of fire."


"...... Allen."

 Freya, the goddess of fire, and Dogora are listening to Allen's words through the sacred Kagutsuchi.
 It's not just that Kiel should be made a Papal Apprentice, Allen says, but that the power of one man and one pillar should be visible to show that they have contributed greatly to this success.

"Awe, sir. I'll take care of it as soon as possible."

 Priest Nicolai seemed to think that Allen's earnest words were worthy of an immediate response.
 With this, the believers of the Church of Elmere might have a little more faith in Freya, the God of Fire.
 Priest Nicolai walked out quickly.

 Allen's companions filed into the conference room and sat down.
 The She-beast Princess, Captain Lud, and Vice-Captain Rath also took their seats in the conference room as if it were a matter of course.
 The She-beast princesses were also present at the coronation.
 Since this is an important event to decide the new Pope's apprentice, it seems that they decided it would be better to show up.

 The she-beast princesses are said to be going to the fish nation of the Kingdom of Crevelle to participate in the ceremony.
 Like the Kingdom of Elmar, the ceremony will be hosted by the royal family to let the people know that the salvation from the demons and monsters is over.
 It seems that the princess of the Albaharl Beast Kingdom, an allied nation, will also participate in the ceremony.
 Apparently, she was using the magic of the transmission in Neil's city to change the schedule so that she could attend.

"So, Sophie. What's the story?"

 As soon as everyone was seated, Allen asked Sophie to talk.
 Somehow, he knew that Sophie had been doing something.
 Sophie hadn't said anything to him, so he waited for her to say something, but apparently she would tell him now.

"Yes. Sorry for the delay in reporting. It took some time to adjust."

 He said he didn't know if the story would work, so he held off on reporting it.
 And that's when I was about to explain.


 There was a knock at the conference room door.
 "I'll go," said Vice Captain Rath as he went to the door, where an elf stood alone.

"Hmm? What do you want?"

"Yes, sir. I have a message for Mr. Sophiarone."

 He said, holding a letter in his hand.
 The elf goes into the meeting room and reverently hands the letter to Sophie herself.

I'm sure there are a few Elves from Rosenheim in Elmar for contact.

 The Church of Elmar is the headquarters of the worldwide Church of Elmere.
 It seems that some elves from Rosenheim are staying in this city as diplomats.
 They probably fled with the Church when the capital Theomenia burned.

 The moment Sophie sees the name on the envelope, she seems to open the letter to see what's inside.

"King Olbers has made his decision. It's settled."

(Hmm? It was a letter from King Olbers?

"King Olbers?"

"Yes. He's agreed to join the Army of Allen.

"Allen's Army? What's the Aren't Army?

 Cecil wonders what that is.
 Anyway, I'll ask Sophie what she really means.
 I think it was when we defeated the demon gods in Rukoak, an oasis city in the desert west of this continent, that we talked to King Olbers about joining.
 Since he had recommended joining, I assumed it was to join the Alliance of Five Continents.

"Yes. Allen's army. We are no longer in a position to do anything in cooperation with the 5 Continents Alliance. The threat to the Demon Lord's army is imminent."


 Allen listened to what Sophie was saying while giving her advice.
 According to Sophie's story, each country has different national interests, different races, and different situations of invasion by the Demon King's army.
 In the midst of the different situations in each country, decisions involve interests and require an international conference, so it is too late to do anything.
 The alliance of the five continents is functioning to a certain extent to fight the Demon King's army, but there are limits.

 According to Sophie's perception, Allen's power has already surpassed that of the 5 Continents Alliance.
 If that's the case, then we need an army that can move at our own discretion," she continued.

"This is just one example, but we are already in a situation where Master Allen cannot go to the Adventurer's Guild to make a deal.

 There's no time to lose, Sophie appealed in a strong tone.

"So you want to have a squad that can help you do that?

"Yes. I've been thinking about what we could do since we were in the S-class dungeon, and I took a cue from Shea.

 Something didn't feel right about the way he was acting, but he didn't have an answer.
 He said he was closer to an answer when he saw the 2,000-strong troop led by the she-beast princess.

"I see."

 The Princess Sheer Beast also says, "Certainly.

"So, with Her Majesty's permission, I've decided to add 1,000 spirit mages, 1,000 other two-star mages, and Gatoruga to Allen's army. And a few elves of general rank."

 1,000 spirit mages with two stars, 1,000 other mages with two stars such as archers, and Gatluga, the strongest of Rosenheim with three stars, will be added to Allen's army.

"And you, Gatluga?"

"Yes. Yes, sir. It's no use leaving her in Rosenheim. I'll put him in command of the Allen forces with the general.

 Gatluga, who was said to be the strongest spirit wielder in Rosenheim, will also participate.

(Oh, this could be a big help.) (The Garden of the Heavens is currently a desolate island.

 The Garden of the Heavens, which Allen told Freya, the god of fire, looks almost exactly the same as the island that was just created by volcanic activity.
 I'd like to use spirit magic to improve the land and make it habitable before I invite my former followers to the floating island.

 When Allen said that, Sophie said, "Leave it to me.

"Also, by letter, King Olbers has decided to send a thousand people, including spirit mages.

 The Dark Elf King, Olbers, has decided to send half the number of Rosenheim.
 Maybe he went to see Allen and the others defeating the demon gods in the oasis city of Lucoach to make his decision.
 Almost all of them seemed to be dark elves with two-star talents.
 The letter clearly states that the supreme command is to be given to Allen, though general-ranked dark elves will also participate.

"Will the scale continue to increase?"

 Cecil confirms the overall picture.

"More is not always better. There's a certain number that's best suited to commanding an army.

"I see."

 Rather than asking for a large number of people when we're just starting out, Sophie said, we should increase the number as needed.
 The purpose is to assist Allen in his activities.

"So, what do you want to do about the she-beast princess? Let me get this straight. It's going to be a tough fight, but it would be great if you could come."

 Having said this, Sophie recommended that the She-beast Princess join Allen's army.

(I see, the presence of beastmen will broaden our tactics.)

 Sophie says that she will ask the Seer Princess and the Beastmen to join Allen's army.
 General-rank elves and dark elves will also participate, but the troops formed by the Seer Princess many years ago have a lot of military know-how.

 They are also good at close combat and can use magic that does not rely on spirit magic.
 It's a great way to expand your tactical range, and it's also just the right size.


 She thought she was going to be asked to talk about it.
 The Princess Shea leads a 2,000-strong beastman force.

(Well, if we can get the people who joined Allen's army to change jobs, I think we can reach the S-class dungeons.

 Allen thinks that all the members of Allen's army will be able to change jobs in the dungeon.
 This will probably have the effect of transferring half of their status, making them stronger than the 2 and 3 stars they were born with.

 The she-beast princess looked at Allen in thought.
 Joining Allen's army means that you will be working with him.
 The supreme command will not be yours, but Allen's.

"Dear Shea, if you join us, your beast throne will be ......."

 As Princess Shea was thinking about what to do, Captain Lud was worried about the throne.
 If Princess Shea works with Allen, the title of Beast King will be very far away.

"Allen. I want to unite the continent and establish a beastman empire.

"Yes, I'm aware of that.

 He spoke to Allen slowly, as if he was trying to clear his mind.
 He then spoke of his own principles and goals.
 He told Allen that his goal was to unite the countless beast nations of the Beast Continent into the Al-Bahar Beast Empire, and to become the first emperor himself.

"Can you tell me one thing? Why is Allen fighting the Demon Lord?"

(Hmm? (There's a Demon Lord in the world, right?

 I'm going to use this question to decide if I want to join.
 I'm wondering if it's meaningful to my own goals.

"Because he's the Demon Lord?"

 Allen answers immediately.

"What? Because he's the Demon Lord? Can you explain more?"

 I didn't know what he was talking about.
 The she-beast princess, along with Captain Lud and Vice-Captain Rath, raised their voices in question.

"I believe that the Demon Lord should be destroyed. I don't have an answer beyond the fact that there is a Hexenbiest and we must defeat him.

 She says she doesn't have a noble goal like the Seer Princess.

"What is it? Are you saying that orcs and goblins have built villages around your village? So you want to defeat them?"

 I don't understand, but I try to make sense of Allen's words from his background.
 It sounds as if a foreign enemy has appeared in the neighborhood and we should eliminate it.
 That's what it sounds like to me.

"Well... I guess."

 It sounds different, but it's the same thing.

"I see. So that's the High King's thinking. The Demon Lord exists, so he must be defeated. I see. I've never thought of my goals as small before."

 Princess Seer understood the principle behind Allen's actions.
 Allen is a man who was born with the idea of being a High King.
 "I used the analogy of a village, but I suppose it could be rephrased as a world.
 The High King of the world is trying to defeat the Demon King, who is trying to invade the world, by telling him not to destroy his garden.
 This is a battle for supremacy between the High King and the Demon King.

 I feel like I've found the answer to Allen's conversations with nobles, royalty, spirit gods, fire gods, and even former first angels as a matter of course.
 She wondered if the High King's side had approached the Princess Shea, who was trying to build a beastman empire, and asked her to join them.

"How may I help you, Lady Shea?"

 Captain Rudo asked the Seerschlange, who was beginning to understand, what she was going to do.

"I'm in. My army, but you can use them as Allen's hands and feet. It's not too far from my dream."

 It's a long way from becoming the beast king, but it's closer to building a beastman empire.
 His record of defeating the Demon Lord who was trying to destroy the world with the High King was too great.
 We have defeated the Demon Lord's army, which had tormented several major powers for decades.

"Thank you for your decision."

 She was talking to Allen, but Sophie thanked her.
 Captain Rudo and Captain Rath both bowed their heads, seemingly agreeing with the She-Beast Princess' decision.

"Hmm. I guess so. If that's the case, how about the fact that the floating island where we're operating doesn't have a name? Isn't that too tight?"

 Since the Seer Princess had decided to join, she thought it would be inconvenient for her future base of operations not to have a name.

"That's true. Our base needs to have a suitable name. If that's the case, I think it would be best if Master Allen decided on one."

"What? You mean I get to decide?

"Yes. Please give our base a name of your choosing.

Hmm... Well... Since it's a base of operations for crippled gamers, we can call it Cripple Island. (Oh, I thought islands and countries were more often written in katakana.

 This world uses Japanese kanji, hiragana, and katakana, but the names of countries, towns, and villages are mostly in katakana.
 It could be "Crippled Island," but we need to come up with a name for our base of operations that sounds like katakana and is uniquely us.

That's right. Our activities should never be light-hearted.

 Our activities against the Demon King's army should not be light.
 Then, naturally, one word comes to mind.

"Well, let's see. Let's make it a heavy user island.

"It's a heavy user island. That's where we'll be operating from now on."

 From now on, Allen and the others have named their base of operations the floating island "Heavy User Island".
 This is where we'll be operating with former followers of the pagan religion and an army of several thousand people.

"From now on, I'll be fighting the Demon Lord's army. This is the lineup. It'll be an all-out war."

 I feel like the she-beast princess can do anything.

"It looks like something new is about to start!

 It's going to be an army of several races under Allen.
 Allen's eyes lit up as he realized that something new was about to happen.