367-Introduction of people up to Chapter 6

◎Allen (Talent: Summoner: ★★★★★★★★)
 Main character . Born in Kurena Village. In his previous life, his name was Kenichi Yamada, and he was 35 years old. He uses the only rare skill in this world, summoning.
 He was born as a peasant, became a servant of Baron Granvel, and became a guest of Viscount Granvel. He has a sweet tooth. He was named after his father Rodin by a magical beast named Albaheron.
 Dark-eyed, dark-haired, good-looking. He thinks only of evil things.
 He doesn't like to drink, and believes that gamers don't drink.
 He has a number of other sayings, but the values of his previous life are being overturned as a bandit plays the lowest level boss in a S-level dungeon.
 The party leader of the abandoned gamers. Advisor to Rosenheim. S-rank adventurer. Two names are "Summoner of the Beginning". He is the commander of Allen's army, which consists of 5,000 men of mixed race.

He is the commander of an army of 5,000 mixed races.
Crenna (Talent: Sword Emperor ★★★★★)
 A childhood friend of Allen's who lives next door. She is the same age as Allen. She has pink hair and blue eyes. She was born a serf, but became a commoner as a reward from her lord. Became an honorary baron after serving in the war in Rosenheim.
 He has a naive nature and is not very good at thinking. He shows compassion for the White Dragon and the Mediator God.

Dogora (Talent: King of Destruction ★★★★)
 Son of a blacksmith in the village of Krena. He is the same age as Allen. Potato face. Brown hair. Large in stature.
 He is an admirer of heroes, works with Allen, and is influenced by Doberg and other heroes of the world.
 Influenced by the heroes, he follows Doberg's way of life.
 He is the only one among his friends who has reached Extra Mode.
 Pillar of Freya, god of fire. His weapon is the divine weapon Kagutsuchi.

Cecil Granvel (Talent: Magic King ★★★★)
 Born in the city of Granvel. The eldest daughter of the Granvelle family. She is the same age as Allen. Light purple hair. Slightly purple hair. Crimson eyes. She's improving her fighting skills against Allen. He's one of the few people in the party who can talk back. His extra skill, Meteorite, is very powerful.

 Allen will give you the Holy Pearl of Makris.

Kiel von Karnel (Talent: Holy King ★★★★)
 The legitimate son of the Karnel family. He is skinny and blond. He is a little taller than Aren. He is slightly taller than Aren. He has stiff hair and bad eyesight.
 He fulfills the promise he made to the previous king, and becomes the head of Baron Karnel's family.
 He is called the "Golden Saint" by his friends. Apprentice to the Pope.

Sophia Lorne (nickname: Sophie) (Talent: Great Spirit Wizard ★★★★)
 Princess of Rosenheim. She is an elf with translucent white skin, long pure white hair and golden eyes. She is the only person other than a summoner to call Allen "Master Allen.
 He can only manifest as a spirit. He invents the Allen Army.

Formar (Talent: Archer King ★★★★)
 Sophie's guardian elf. A bowman. A mob. His gender is misunderstood, but he's been a man since his first appearance.
 Doesn't care about anyone but Sophie. He is quiet, but is usually beside Sophie when she is mentioned.

Merle (Talent: Demon Rock General ★★★)
 From the Baukis Empire. He has slanted eyes, brown skin, and light green hair. He is about a head shorter than Allen. Her first name is me, but she is a girl. She has a rare skill called "Demon Rock General" that only one in ten million people possess.
 She is the only one from the school with a 3-star talent, as she was unable to complete the job change quest in Chapter 4.
 He can send down mithril golems. He is the only golem user in the world with 20 holes on both sides of his magic board.
 Can strike bright and cool poses.

Sia-Van-Alvahar (Talent: Fist Saint ★★★)
 A tiger beast. Golden brown eyes. Yellow and black stripes in his hair. A woman with thin, toned muscles and shoulder-length hair. She wears light armor and her knuckles.
 She has become one of Allen's friends in order to build a beastman empire.

Occupation of Aren and his friends
 Allen, Summoner: ★★★★★★★★

 Kurena, Sword Emperor★★★★★
 Cecil, the Magician King★★★★
 Dogora, King of Destruction★★★★
 Kiel, the Holy King★★★★
 Sophie The Great Spiritualist ★★★★
 Formal Bow King★★★★
 Merle, General of Magic Rock ★★★
 Shea, Saint of Fists ★★★

~Introduction by country
Ghiamut Empire
 A large empire occupying the northern two-thirds of the Central Continent. The population is around 600 million.
 There are four major powers in the world, and this is one of them.
 The other major powers are Rosenheim, the Baukis Empire, and the Arbahar Beast Kingdom.
 The other major powers are Rosenheim, the Bauxite Empire, and the Arbahar Beast Kingdom. 1,000 years ago, an emperor called the Emperor of Fear suppressed the other races and conquered the central continent.
 A man with the gift of heroism. A man with the gift of bravery. From the Ghiamut Empire. A young man with light blue hair who is always smiling. He is 10 years older than Allen. He is 10 years older than Allen.
 One of the members of Helmios' party, the Sacred. She is a talented thief. Formerly the leader of a band of thieves. She was captured, but was freed by becoming a member of Helmios' party.
 Talent of a saint. She worships Allen, who used to follow the First Angel.

Baucis Empire
 Located in the northwest of the Central Continent. The population is around 200 million.
 Originally the Kingdom of Baukis, it has expanded its power by repelling the invasion of the Demon King's army with the help of Dungeon Master Digragni.

 And then he absorbed the dwarf nations of other faith states, such as the Kingdom of Mercia, and established the Baucis Empire.
 It is a wealthy and powerful nation with a mercantile spirit, and is said to be trying to control the world with the power of magic tools.
 It uses a large number of giant golems and golem users, and has never let the Demon Lord's army land on its shores, but has repelled them at sea.
Pupun III-Van Baucis 
 Emperor of the Baukis Empire. He is an overweight man in his forties. The first person is "I.
Admiral Galala. 
 He wears a pirate hat. He is the highest ranking officer of the Bauxite Empire. He lost his friends and lost his mind, but was saved by Allen and his friends. He is the only person in the world with the talent of "King of Magic Rock (★★★★)".
He is the only one in the world with the talent of "Demon Rock King" (). ・Nukakai Minister of Foreign Affairs The minister who wanted the Seed of Magic (elven elixir).
Popocka Branch Chief: Chief of the S-class dungeon branch of the Adventurer's Guild.
Master Craftsman Habarak 
 A master craftsman who can forge orichalcons. Has many apprentices. He has many apprentices. He is the reason why Freya, the god of fire, found out that her sacred artifact was stolen.

Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom
 Located in the southern continent of the Baucis Empire. Southwest of the Central Continent. The population is about 300 million.
 Unlike the Bauxite Empire and Rosenheim, it occupies about two-thirds of the entire continent, but there are countless other nations besides Al-Bahar.
 They believe in the beast god Garm, and do not want to be propagated by other gods. The Beast King gave the Beast Princess the task of defeating the evil cult when they came to propagate their religion.
Muza-Van Al-Bahar, the current Beast King. Brainiac.
Prince Bek, eldest son of the current Beast King. He is planning to invade the central continent.
Prince Zeu. 
 Brainy, but cares about his people. He is loved by the beastmen. He was given the Beast King's Trials to conquer the S-class dungeon.
Hova, a hammer and hammer beast. Bear Beastmen. General. He adores Prince Zeu.

Lazo, halberd, spear division. Beastman of the Rhinoceros.
Senu - Ten Beasts of the Dagger and Double-edged Sword Division. Beastman of the Leopard.
Hui - Beast of Restoration Magic Beast of the Goat
Beastmen of attack magic Beastman of the Rat
Lepe Beast of Aid Beast of the fox. A raconteur. A fox beastman.
Temi, a diviner. Beast of squirrel. Astrologer.
The squirrel beastman.
Sarah, a beastman rescued by Allen.
    Called to the Baukis Empire as an S-class dungeon taker.
A rhinoceros beastmaster.
...rhinoceros beastman. Hammer Saint. Captain.
Deer Beast. Spearman. Vice captain. The extra skill "Brave Lance" is cool.
Cam. Beast of a red panda. Archer Saint. Captain of the archers.
Gonu, a gorilla beast. Psychic medium. Auxiliary unit commander.

Serra, beastman of the sheep. Priestess. Captain of the Restoration Unit.

 It is located in the northeast of the Central Continent. It has a population of around 18 million.
 Three million people died in last year's war with the Demon King's army.
 A year later, it has yet to recover.
 It is an elven country, but it has a history of war with dark elves on the world tree about 5000 years ago.
Lenore Tir, Queen of the Elves. Appears to be in her twenties. Sophie's mother. 500 years old.
Lord Commander Sigur.
Luchidraal, the Great General.
Gatoruga, the Spirit Master. The most powerful man in Rosenheim.

History of the Elves and Dark Elves
8,000 years ago Fable, the source spirit, was born.
5,000 years ago Rosen, the source spirit, was born (also the birth of Digragni)
3,000 years ago Birth of the Priestess of the Beginning
2000 years ago Dark Elves moved to Fabulese
1,500 years ago Razeel is born.
1200 years ago Olbers is born.
1150 years ago Lazer disappears.
800 years ago Inauguration of King Olbers
500 years ago Lenoir Tir is born and a truce is signed.

Inauguration of Queen Lenoir Tire 300 years ago. Restoration of diplomatic relations

Allied Powers
 Located in the southeast of the Central Continent. It has a population of about 200 million.
 It has a population of about 200 million, and is home to the Church of Elmar and the Dark Elves.
0 Elmar Kingdom
 The headquarters of the Elmere religion. It was originally part of the Ghiamut Empire, but escaped the terror of the Empire and established a religious state on the continent of the Allies. Capital: Theomenia. City of Neil.
The city of Nir. z Priest Nikolai, the point of contact for negotiations with Allen and the others.
Fabulase, home of the Dark Elves.
King Olbers, High Dark Elf. High Dark Elf.
. 0 Kingdom of Clevure
 Fish Nation. A vassal state of the Proustian Empire.
Kingdom of Karbarna. Southern tip of the Confederacy. Includes the fortress city of Kulmay.
Independent from the Kingdom of Karbarna. Capital city: Mitopai.

Kingdom of Latash
 An inland nation located in the south-central part of the Central Continent. A small country with a population of about 20 million.
 It is a small country with a population of about 20 million. It has a history of independence, absorption, and subordination.
 It has a history of independence, absorption, and subjugation, and is afraid of the Ghiamut Empire.
Imbwer von Latash
 King of the Kingdom of Latash. He is in his early thirties. He is a handsome man who wears his hair all back as seen in foreign dramas in his previous life. His father, a royalist, lost a political battle and failed to become the king. His father, a royalist, lost a political battle and did not become the king, but he gained the support of the great nobles and became the Dauphin, the current king. He does not have a good relationship with Allen or Viscount Granvelle.
Leilana von Latash 
 Princess. Axe and spearman. She is a good friend of Thomas. Same age as Mash.

 A man with the gift of the sword. Hero of the kingdom. A peasant from the kingdom of Latash. One eye. About 70 years old.
 He joined Helmios' party and conquered the S-class dungeon with him.
 He is said to have an eye due to the curse of a demon god.

0 Granver Domain
 Head of the Granvelle family. Purple hair. Eyes like a hawk. Raised from baron to viscount on Allen's advice and by offering mithril mining rights. He made Allen a guest of the viscount's house.
Brother of Thomas Cecil. The next head of the family. No talent. He meets Princess Leilana at a ball.
Sebas-Chan, steward of House Granvelle.
Zenov, Knight Commander. He's a talented swordsman. He has been fighting the Demon King's army for 10 years.

Baron Karnel's Domain
 The Barony of Karnel was once a royal domain due to the misdeeds of the previous Viscount Karnel, but thanks to Kiel, it became a barony.
 A blond-haired girl. A blonde girl. She adores her brother Kiel. Returned to the Karnel family as a noble.

0 Settlement Village (Rodan Village)
 Aren's summoned beasts have been helping to cultivate this village for over two years.
 It is twice the size of the village of Crenna. The village is bordered by a large river, and there is a water pond outside.
 Allen's father. He is 20 years older than Allen. He has brown hair and a wild face. He is the leader of the peasants, and became a commoner after working as a boa hunter. He is currently settling a new village as its chief.

 Allen's mother. 18 years older than Allen. She has brown hair and green eyes.
 Allen's younger brother. Three years younger than Allen. Brown hair, green eyes. Talented spearman. Named after a magical beast named Madergarsh.
 Allen's younger sister. Seven years younger than Allen. Brown hair and green eyes. She was not born a priestess, but was given the gift of monkhood by the spirit gods. She was named after a precious herb called Murase flower.
Gerda, Krena's father. Gorilla-like appearance and physique.

~And others...
God, etc.
Elmea, God of Creation.
 He is worshiped in this other world. He sometimes responds to Allen's complaints.
Mormor, the fertility god. The origin of the fruit of Mormo.
Freya, god of fire. 
 One of the four great gods. God of fire. She has long, red hair. Intuitive and respects those who respect her. Has few followers. The first person is called "Wara".
Gaia, God of the Earth. One of the four great gods. God of the earth. Rude.
One of the four great gods. He controls the wind. Paceful.

Aqua, god of water. One of the four great gods. Goddess of water. Cool beauty.
Ithilis, god of magic. God of magic.
Rosen, god of spirits. God of spirits.
Garum, god of beasts. Believed in by the Beast Kingdom. Gives some kind of power to the beast kingdom.
Fornemeth the Mediator. 
 A sub-god. A higher god who lost his power and became a sub-god. Has the form of a horse with horns and scales.
 Female voice. First person is me.
First Angel Merus. Defeated by Kyubel in the invasion of the Demon King's army. He is currently the summoned beast of Aren. He is currently a summoned beast of Aren. He has become lazy due to being overworked by Elmere, the God of Creation.
Lupt, the second angel, was promoted to the first angel when Merus disappeared. Female.

Holy Beast
Makris, fish.
Rubanka, beast.
Quattro. Bird.

◎Dungeon Master
 ◎Digragni: An adamantite golem. Has a good sense of humor. He spends a great deal of his faith on the expansion of S-class dungeons and rewards.

Adventurer's Guild
 An organization of adventurers around the world.
 They investigate and kill magical beasts.

 The organization consists of the head office, administrative divisions, branches, and sub-branches.
 The order of precedence is: General Manager, Deputy General Manager, General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Branch Manager, Deputy Branch Manager, and Director.
McCarran, General Manager. He made Allen an S-rank adventurer.

The Demon Lord's Army (those currently known to be alive)
Kyuubel, higher demon god. General Staff. Primordial Demon. Dressed as a clown. Also wears a mask. Former first angel.
Basque Upper demon god. Two swords. Former S-rank adventurer with good equipment. Two names: "Shura-Oh".
Ramon Hamon. 
 High level demon. He's in charge of the Central Continent's army. General. Recently joined the Demon Lord Army. He has four limbs and two faces, one male and one female.
Vildiga, higher demon god. Holy worm. He is in charge of the Dwarven continent. Great general. He has the appearance of a beetle with a metallic glow, and his words seem stiff.